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Thread: Endometriosis and Pregnancy

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    Hi Blackbird/Caz,

    What a story. So freaky considering I only looked up ECCA today.

    Your story is very similar to my wife's. Endo on both ovaries. You give us hope and looks like we'll definitely see him in a few months if she can't get pregnant instead of seeing our current specialist.

    Our current specialist worried me a little when he said even if she does get pregnant, we will then have to worry about the possibility of a ectopic pregnancy.

    Thanks once again for your great story and good luck in less than 3 months!!

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    Try not to worry too much about the possibility of an ectopic. Jim checked my tubes while he was doing everything else and gave them a clean out. He explained that there was a risk but that it wasn't all that likely in my case and then sent me for a scan at 6 weeks to double check - all fine with a little heartbeat (not much else to see at that point!). Fingers and toes crossed for you...

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    My wife is getting pain on her left side again but this cycle it's not as bad. Thanks once again for your advice and we'll see Jim in Dec if we are still unsuccessful.

    Good luck and have fun in 2 1/2 months! You guys sound like you'll make great parents.



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    Hi there,

    I was diagnosed with endo about 3 years ago when large endometrioma ruptured, I got very sick and when they did surgery they found it was all through my repo organs, uretha and my ovaries were twisted and stuck to my bowel.

    I was also diagnosed with PCOS mid this year, quite a bad case, my ovaries were covered with what looked like hundreds of cysts.

    Miraculously right now I am pregnant. I am waiting to see if it is a viable pregnancy due to the pain I"m getting (which i"m just hoping is from the scars from the surgery). I wasn't trying and it just happened, but it took it's sure time to happen.

    My insides were really badly scared, and as well as the PCOS, I tell you, if I could possibly get pregnant with all of this going on inside, anyone with either condition can.

    Ectopic pregnancy is in the back of my head constantly, Im getting a scan tomorrow to find out for sure that it's okay. It is a risk with endo, but my doctor seems to think it's still not common even in endo sufferers.

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    Yep endo and PCOS doesn't make conception an easy process, but it is of luck

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    Default Endo + Pregnancy Advice

    I hope that there is someone here that can give me some advice from there own experience.

    Only 2 months ago I was diagnosed with having Endo in both Ovaries with possible intestine involvement. This was devastating especially when the Dr told me that I may have difficulties becoming pregnant later on, and that most likely I will require IVF.
    Having come to terms with this I decided my best option was to go ahead with operation to remove the endometriomas hopefully reducing any further damage. Not to mention that they could return and that I would have a higher rate of getting ovarian cancer. I booked the operation for 30th October.

    Yesterday I found out that i am 8 weeks pregnant - ironically conception date was estimated to be the same day that I had the appointment with this doctor! After being told by the doctor that it is almost impossible to become pregnant with Endo this was quite a shock for both of us and was very unplanned.

    Is this a miracle? What are the chances that I will be able to become pregnant again? What if the Endo is so bad that I can not become pregnant at all? Has anyone had a similar situation please I need your advice?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hi Tara, another great story. I really do hope your scan went well today.

    Hi Ricoandquesa, the great stories keep coming. The only advice I can give is, from the perspective of a couple that is yet to become successful, there are lots of people who'd love to be in your position...being pregnant. Enjoy what you have now as things may change positively after you give birth...from what the specialist has told us anyway.

    I won't deny that I'm really envious of people like you guys. I really admire people like lil_chookie who replied earlier in this thread. I know there may be many who read this thread who have been unsucessful but it's people like lil_chookie that I strive to be. Eventhough she has been unsuccessful for a while, she still is strong enough to provide words of support. I'm trying to get baby step at a time...

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    Hi there well i'm also an endo sufferer and only found out in april this year. Mine is at stage 4 severe endo on one side of my ovaries and tubes. We have been trying for the last 2 years to fall pg and with no sucess. I feel also envious of people that fall pg, and at the moment about 6 people have announced that they are pg and it's very hard to cope.. but with my h2b beside me i'm finding it easier and with all the good stories that i read on here about the sucess of people falling pg with endo it keeps my hopes up! noisuf i hope things go well with you and your wife and you have a little miracle soon.
    ricoandquesa i hope that all goes well with you and congratulations enjoy your miracle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by virgobabe
    I feel also envious of people that fall pg, and at the moment about 6 people have announced that they are pg and it's very hard to cope.. but with my h2b beside me i'm finding it easier and with all the good stories that i read on here about the sucess of people falling pg with endo it keeps my hopes up!
    I know what you mean there v/babe. Im due for surgery on Nov 1 but the dr. has given me a less than 1% chance of conceiving naturally and as much as 25% on IVF - not too hopeful at this stage so all the positive stories are a help.

    Congratualtions ricoandquesa...........take whatever you can get. I'd give my right arm for one baby . Please don't concern yourself with the 2nd one at this stage !! I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy and thank you for giving other endo suffers some hope.

    J's G

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    Thanks for the well wishes Virgobabe. I can empathise with you and hope in the world that it is not ironic to the point where people like us who want children can't have children.

    Virgobabe, Joel's girl, with all the hope in this thread, I'm sure I will hear good news from you both...

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    Joels Girl.. don't stress to much hun about pregnancy issues at the moment. Your operation is very important, and focus mainly on that. Then once that is over and done with, you can think about 'babies'... So Dr Coops has said 25 per cent chance with IVF. So if you do need IVF, you might need a few goes at it. 25 per cent is better than nothing, and it is good you know your odds before you even start TTC. Take care of yourself and get this op done. You will be fine...

    Leis xx

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    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd provide an update since everyone has been so warm and helpful to date.

    We are still not successful in our journey to become parents. I even started to use this program called hormonal forecaster to predict ovulation. It sounds monotonous but at least my wife and have a laugh when I bring out the laptop.

    We did have a massive fight though when I was honest with her that I get really jealous when I see pregnant women. Didn't go down too well but we got over it and moved on.

    She has been experiencing more pain during ovulation which does not bode well as her endometriosis may be back.

    We have our first appointment to see Dr Jim Tsaltas next week, transferred from our previous specialist. I hope he is as good as everyone says he is. I have this list of questions to ask him.

    He sounds like someone we can see throughout our endeavour to conceive. Endometriosis/Fertility/IVF. I just hope he won't push IVF too quickly!?

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    hi noisuf,
    My husband and I have been trying for a second child for 18 months now. I have had endo for most of our married life (12 years) and like you, my husband has been so supportive. I have had two laps now, my last one just 6 weeks ago, done by Dr Jim Tsaltas and we just had our follow up appointment today........he is fantastic - professional, caring, experienced and knowledgable.

    I was told today that my endo was removed during my lap operation, but there is a good possibility that I have adenomyosis - I have an enlarged uterus and something about some thickening of its wall - anyway...... we were advised that the next 3 months are the optimal time for conception but after soooooo long trying, I have little hope, plus 2 very good friends of mine have just miscarriaged so I am feeling a little more than low right now.

    I wanted to write to let you know you that the support you are giving your wife is wonderful - she is a lucky lady to have you.

    I know what you mean about seeing pregnant women - they all seem to be everywhere and I sometimes cannot handle it........although most days I know I am sooooo lucky to have my little 4 year old son who is gentle, funny and happy. I am also lucky to have a wonderful, supportive and loving husband.

    best of luck to you.

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    Hi Runnermum,

    I do hope you get pregnant soon, whether it be within the 3 months or not. This forum is so full of people who obviously make great parents because they want to become parents. I just hope their kids aren't too spoilt...

    You are right though, having a son must help. Only last night, I saw this guy who I use to go motobike riding with and his wife is 6 months pregnant. You know, I felt good afterwards, my wife will try everything to have a child of our own.

    We will see next week............

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    Hey there Noisuf,

    It sounds like you've had quite a journey, and one ahead.

    I posted a while ago and actually forgot I posted here. After having problem after problem during this pregnancy, I'm still pregnant and baby is going well.

    What I neglected to mention my last post here was that I was on a drug called Metformin when I conceived. I didn't take this to conceive as I wasn't even trying, but I was prescribed it to help with the PCOS. I had virtually no female hormones and dominant male hormones, and this most definately helped to even it out, which is why I got pregnant in the end I guess.

    Now, with my endo, I had 3 surgeries over 4 years...the first was very extensive and got rid of all the endo at the time. That was when it was discovered I had it in my organs, not just reproductive area. And half of one of my ovaries was actually taken out. The other two, one which included open surgery, where to remove ruptured endomentriomas. I had fibroids and scarring from the last surgery which was done by a bodgy surgeon as an emergency in a public hospital.

    So eventually I had success with getting pregnant, depsite the fact i hadn't cycled for a long time prior. But when I look at the process there was much surgery and drugs along the way.

    I really hope who you see will explore every option for you...and dont' underestimate how hard and sensitive this journey can be on both of you, so stick together

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    We went to see Dr Tsaltas yesterday. You could imagine me going in with all these questions and the stats on my wife's period and ovulation since the beginning of the year!!

    He was great. He spent a bit of time explaining what position we're in and was generous in spending time answering my questions.

    This is where we stand... Since we have been trying for over half a year now with no success, he believes another laproscopy is the best way to go. My wife is going to get a blood test on 22nd day of cycle to make sure she is ovulating (he said he would be surprised if she wasn't due to quite regular periods). I am also going to have a semen analysis eventhough I have a 3 year old assessment (yes, even before my wife was diagnosed with endo, I was paranoid I couldn't have children).

    He also said to book in for the laproscopy so laproscopy #2 for early March.

    I was quite amazed to find out position and time of day DOESN'T matter and it takes 36 hours for the little critters to reach the egg. Also, after a laproscopy, 50% of the time the couples conceive naturally within 1/2 year. It looks like we will then look at IVF after that...he says age is on our side (I'm 28 and she is 27) but leaving it too late could also be detrimental to our chances.

    Which by the way, he says are 90% to 95% at seeing my wife have a baby bump ONE day whether it be natural or IVF...

    Tara, I'm glad to hear you are doing well and you didn't have an ectopic... Your story is a great inspiration and today, I'm feeling good. No need to feel jealous of women who are pregnant anymore...we'll get there one day...

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    Great to hear about you and your wife going in to see how all stands, I'm in the tww for the last time before i go back to see the doc to see what we can do about it! but hopefully i wont need to but I'm not holdidng my breath. Good luck with everything I'm sure everything will end up fine.

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    a small update from me. tests for ovulation and semen analysis have all come back ok. if we don't succeed this cycle or next, it's laproscopy #2 in early march.

    it's so good to heard success stories like joel's girl...keeps us all positive!

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