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Thread: Migraines each AF

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    Question Migraines each AF

    Hi girls...just wondering...does anyone else out there suffer migraines each time they get their period? I've suffered migraines almost every month since I was about 11 (except while pregnant and breastfeeding)... I've tried all sorts of things to help them but I just can't seem to find anything that works... Asked all sorts of doctors, herbalists, natropaths etc still without any results.

    Does anyone have any hints or tricks to get rid of that nasty 'monthly migraine'???

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    Interestingly migraines are 3 times more common in women than men, probably becuase
    they can be caused by the oestrogen and progesterone fluctuations (and hence can be linked to your cycle I guess)

    It seems weird that this would be the sole cause though as I would have thought they would happen in PG if it were.

    My mum got them for years are TTOM. For years until she figured out that at TTOM she was also eating and drinking different things that didn't help (chocolate and oranges for her)
    Are you eating any of the classic trigger foods at that time of the month? red wine, chocolate, MSG, peanut butter...there are lists you can google..

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    Hmmm...I don't THINK I eat anything different at TTOM (hehe, took me a bit to work that out!) but I should take note to see if I do. I did notice this month though that I do spend a lot of nights up later just before TTOM which may have something to do with it - my migraines do feel like that 'tired headache' type feel sometimes. I think I might have to keep a diary of my food.

    PS I don't drink wine, rarely have chocolate or peanut butter and very rarely get take-away food (not sure if MSG is in other food?)... I'll have to find some lists! Thanks!

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    This is defintitely me.

    My GP has just put me on to Cafergot, which is a hormone based thing to increase estrogen levels. I am meant to take 2 on the onset of the migraine, and then 1 half hourly up to the maximum of 6. I have just had AF arrive but I think I was too late in taking the tablets as I actually thought I was heat stressed at first so was just trying to take panadol and keep cool.

    I was told it is the sudden drop of estrogen/progesterone that causes the Migraines. I too never suffered while pregnant. I will try the tablets again next month and if still no good then my GP is putting me onto Imigrain as I have done all the other stuff already like, not taking the pill, missing periods, having my pill changed to higher/lower dosages etc etc.

    I have been getting migraines with AF for at least 12/13 years.


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    Wow Kathryn, it's great to hear I'm not the only one!! Sorry to hear that you get them also though!!! It is so horrible and almost debilitating...

    I too have tried different doses of the pill etc and while a lower dose helped a bit it didn't completely stop the migraines. I would be VERY interested to hear how you go on the Cafergot...please let me know next month if you can. If it works for you then perhaps I'll ask about it for myself too!!!

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    i too am a AF migrane sufferer. I also can get them just before i O, just after i O just before AF and just after AF- anytime I have a temp rise or temp drop- I get them!!!! So somethimes up to 4 a month!!! Once again never got them when i was pg with my twins or b/feeding, but did get them last pg when i m/c!
    I have been getting them since i was 13 as well. They have got delibitating over the years that i have tried heaps of different things to help. I find that a treatment works a while for me and then my body gets used to it and i have to try something else instead. I have been to an endocronolgist, nurologist, physio, chiro, osteo, natropath etc and they said i will be stuck with them until i go through menopause as its my hormones!

    - my migranes start with the muscles in my neck and shoulders tightening to the point that they knot so a massage a day or so before AF and O helped heaps- either get DH to massage it or i was even going to osteopath for treatment and that helped heaps as well

    - did natropathy for a while to stop the sudden drops in temps and that helped for a while as well

    -no juices- esp orange juice - a big difference made when i went off store bought juices

    - No MSG in food- trigger esp at vulnerable times of the month!

    I tried imigrin but found that it didn't stop the migrane from coming- just stopped it getting worse- but didn't help the pain that i allready had!
    best med for me when i have to keep going! - 4 Panfen plus and two panedine and if still bad in four hours then double the panedine and another four panafen plus!
    when i can knock myself out i go for panadine forte and the nuronfen forte
    My chemist worked out my drug combo for me so i am not just self prescribing.

    HTH girls and if you guys have anything that you do that works- please share!!!!!

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    Raises hand - doesn't it suck?!?!

    I was on an oestrogen only pill and that got mine down to oneish a month. Cutting out oranges all together also helped.

    the cafergot sounds very interesting, I'll be keepng an eye on this I think.

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    ME TOO! I get migraines as soon as AF arrives, and i lasts until AF goes, but the last few months it has hung around for a week AFTER AF aswell.

    Grrrrr. So I pop lots of pills (lots) as a preventative, I take Imigran and go to bed with a fan on me and a cool cloth on my forhead. I also lay my arm over my head, the pressure of my arm makes the pain a bit less.

    God, they are awful arent they. I always vomit with mine, and usually vomit up the painkillers too.

    I guess all you can do is sleep, sleep, and sleep.

    Good luck hun, you are not alone xx

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    Thanks girls! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one... I've never found anyone else who has had them before! It would be nice to know there could be an 'easy fix' for them but it doesn't sound likely...

    Yeah I always try to sleep (not easy with my little non-sleeping man) with a cold pack on my head & put pressure on my temples &/or top of my nose/eyes and always have to be in a dark room/house when I'm awake...

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    Definitely no sleep with 3 boys here. I just have to keep plodding through it. Cause I am on the pill I do try to time it so I get AF on a weekend that way my husband is home if I need too sleep. I have had a headache every day of this AF so far, but we have had extremely hot weather of late too which isn't helping.


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    How's everyone going with the migraines each AF? Any wonder cures yet??

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    Hey Sherie!

    Ive had this very problem too since i was in year 7 (so i guess around when AF arrived).
    I get them a week before AF is due. I never got any whatsoever when pregnant with DS but this pregnancy i got one at week 3 and 7 (a week before AF wouldve been due).
    My migrains are quite fierce and are called Migrain with Aura (I get the blury vision, half body goes numb, i have gibberish speach-what i say and think are 2 different things and i get a severe headache).
    Doctors have tried everything with me, from estrogen tablets to migrain medication. Nothing seems to work. Up until this pregnancy i thought the only cure was to be pregnant! But now this is not the case for me. I know they are hormonal related but would love to find a way to get rid of them as they are absolute hell and are dibilitating when theyre here.

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    Well after 2 mths i can say that the Cafergot has done nothing. I was pretty ill on the cafergot last month, and I thankgod that my husband was home on afternoon shift so I could get past the ill feeling. I looked up side affects and it said that you need to lay down in a dark place for 2 hrs after cafergot. I can't do that with 3 boys to chase after !!!

    Side affects were numbness and nausea both of which I had.

    I haven't been back to the GP yet to start Imigrain.


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    don't hold your breath about Imigrin working- i tried it and it did nothing
    it stopped it getting worse, but didn't make it any better
    what about osteopath or other natual therapies?

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    i know imigrain worked for me 10 years ago when I actually referred to a neurosurgeon about the migraines, who then made me realise it was linked to AF. He gave me enough for 2 nasal squirts as it was $70 a pop at that time.

    I have since investigated the costs, and it hasn't got a hell of alot cheaper, so there is no way I will probably be able to afford imigrain long term anyway.

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