thread: Dealing with challenging behaviour

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    *bump* we've had so many new people join in lately, I thought I'd bumpity bump this post to see if anyone else would like to let us know how you deal with your child's challenging behaviour.

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    One thing that has stuck in my head from all the reading we do on kids is the 'I would like' instead of the 'I want'. When ever Miss M says 'I want' I always get her to say 'I would like X please mummy'. I just sounds so much more polite (especially in a toy store!). We don't smack either (although I have once and was so shocked and dissapointed in myself I cried for hours - never again) - I've always said to my DH you don't smack adults when they don't listen/do things you don't want them to do so why would you do it to an innocent child who depends on you for everything. We also have the 3 warnings in our house and then we go to the corner (we don't have to go there very often). When Miss M goes there she just goes OK and walks there - I'm hoping she's thinking about her actions but probably not at 2 - but at least she understands the consequences if she dosn't do as she is asked.