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    hey i am currently on the implannon. Does anyone know if you are still getting your periods does it still work???? I was thinking about going to the dr but i know it is a common side affect but i would be very happy to think it IS still working lol

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    I had it in for nearly 3 years and bled quite a lot on it and didn't get pregnant. If you are worried I would see your Dr.

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    Absence of your period while using Implanon is only in 25% of cases.
    And even then, it can be gone for a few months and come back a few months etc.
    But yes it does still work - progestin only contraceptives change the cervical mucus and make the utrerus unsuitable for implantation. Some people just have the luck of the draw and get no period to go with

    If you're worried do a HPT or see your doctor, but i think you'll be fine

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    As long as you can feel the implant there is no problem. I had two, on the first I didn't get my period at all, second time around it came every two months or so.

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    i have had mine for almost 3 years now (due to be replaced in august this year)
    to start with i had no period for about 3 months then i got one every 2nd month up till about 2 months ago now i think it could be starting to wear off as i am getting a period every single month and they are different like before i had any contraceptive of any sort, i have a dr appointment tomorrow to discuss it cause i really dont want anymore

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