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Thread: IVF after ectopic pregnancy

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    hey again. Yeah well thats right, they dont know, no one really knows what will happen next time we go. But then i think, if i dont try i will never know. I was that affraid and i guess it only happend 3 months ago, so its still very much on my mind. We are meant to try again in Dec with IVF, but if im not ready by then , it will have to wait. Im not going against my gutt feeling, i have learned to trust that more then any doctor now, after what happend. I will worry all the way thru if i do get pregnant, i know i will. lol
    So sad about your situation, makes me want to meet you just to give you a cuddle. Its horrible hey...? When are you going to try again?

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    I totally understand about not trusting doctors. Both times with me, I virtually went to the GP and said, I think I might have an ectopic. I think he thought I was crazy the second time, but I was right. I started bleeding and was praying so hard that it would be a natural miscarriage. I have found counseling really helpful. Maybe you could try that. Most IVF clinics provide counseling if you are doing a cycle.
    I've jsut had another cycle fail, but I will keep trying. Thanks for the hug!
    There have been lots of people I know and on BB who have had one ectopic and have had no problem with getting pregnant again. Hopefully your road will be smooth sailing from now.
    one for you!!

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    Yeah tell me about it, when i started having beelding with mine i was about 6 weeks, and then i started having pains a lot of it on rhs down the bottom of the tummy, and i told then something wasnt right, but yeah like your self, i pretty much got told not to worry, cos i had a cyst too on my ovary and they thought that was causing it, but it wasnt dangerous, but i knew it was more then that. I have been to the hospital 4 times, in the emergency cos the pain would be that bad, then they would just say its was ok and sent me home with some pills. Till ofcourse it got to the point that i didnt eat, sleep or move for about 10 days, they finally admited me again and tried to see what was going on, but by this stage it has already ruptured inside of me, and i had so much internal beeding and clots. They told me if that was left even for one more day, my life was on the line. can you believe it, thats why im so so affraid of going there again. But yeah i have heard of ppl too that have had ectopic and gone thru the next one just fine. So just got to keep trying. I am going to see my gyne in 2 weeks, and i will be demanding that he has a look inside and tells me the state my gutt is in now, cos if its still not recovered 100% down there im not going to try yet. But if all ok, we were thinking to try again end of dec, but we will see, if i dont feel 100000% ready im not going. Never again against my own instict, honest to god, just trust your own gutt, it will never let you down, you just know and only you when things are right and when they are not.
    Hope it all goes ok for you too this round. When are you trying again?

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    It is scary I know, which is why when we are trying naturally, inbetween IVF etc I always do feel nervous too that i will experience another ectopic. And my first ectopic was not diagnosed until about a week after i had been told i had had a miscarriage, and been given a curette.... then the pain didnt stop, so back to hospital I went, only to find the ordeal wasn't over.
    It's natural for us to be cautious, but with close monitoring things can normally be avoided down the track.

    Just remember too, most people dont have recurrent miscarriages...I have medical issues which have caused mine, we have now discovered. So hopefully that will not be the case for you.

    Hang in there x

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    Default Hey again

    Well its just unreal, far out, your story is exactly like mine. I complained, nothing was done, and finally they told me too that I was about to miscarry, nothing happened, had a courette, nothing happened, had a metotrexate injection too, and that did nothing, until **** hit the roof with the lot of it. good god!
    whats your real name if you dont mind telling me? I just feel i have so much in common with you. None of my friends have been thru this and noone really can know what im going thru appart from someone thats been thru it themselves. here is my email address if you want to write an email, just in case you want your name private from here.
    Its [email protected]

    Thanks heaps

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