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thread: Larger Families - September~February '06

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    Larger Families - September~February '06

    If there are any details you would like changed or added to this list could you please email any of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum:-

    Sarah_H - [email protected]
    Ambah - [email protected]
    Jillian - [email protected]
    Kathryn – [email protected]

    And we will endeavour to update your details ASAP. We find this works best as often information posted in the thread itself can be lost or unseen.


    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Dee (Our 7th Heaven)
    State: Queensland, Central Highlands
    Children: Brianna 9, Makayla 7, Allanah 3, Melissa 11 months and #5 is due on the 16th June 2006
    Pets: one cat and one goldfish
    Interests: scrapbooking, web surfing, sipping a shardy with friends
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Jan (penty)
    State: Vic
    Children: Jesse 11, Bryson 7, Caleb 5, Lachlan 2
    Pets: Tonka (cat) Shaggy(dog)
    Interests: scrapbooking, reading, photography, my kids, food especially savoury nibblies!!!
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name : Jo (Jo_gee)
    State : WA
    Children : Jessica (almost 11omg!!), Emily (8), Olivia (6), Samuel (newborn)
    Pets : arrrghhh to many!!! Bella the pekingese dog, cats Muffy and Sausage, 3 goldfish, 2 guinea pigs, 2 ducks, 5 chooks and 9 chicks!
    Interests : Reading, drawing, decorating, movies.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Kristi (Kristi14)
    State: WA
    Children: Ebonee (5), Lucca (4), Sapphire (2), Briella (6 1/2 months), Baby due Feb 2006
    Pets: No pets in this house.........................yet
    Interests: Scrapbooking
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Lisa (hishersandours)
    State: S.A.
    Children: Michael (14), Matthew (13), Timothy (11), bubs due c/s 17th Jan 06
    Pets: Roxy - Rotti, Taze - German Shep, Skitz - Cat, Dee - tiel birdie
    Interests: Reading, internet, my kids, my animals, swimming......
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Michelle (mitch4now)
    State: Kilmore VIC
    Children: Jordan (10), Joshua (5), Jemma (2) Jessica (7mths)
    Pets: Samoyd dog Koby and Tabby cat Ruby
    Interests: scrapbooking, BB, shopping, ebay, kids.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Nat (mum5boyz)
    State: Victoria
    Children: Matthew (14), Joshua (12), Zachary (10), Christian (8), Jacob (brand spanking new!)
    Pets: Cassie the pussy cat
    Interests: do I have time for them now?? BellyBelly, playing canasta, tenpin bowling, I forget what else
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Suzie
    State: Tasmania
    Children: Catherine 7, Jessica 6, Emily 3, Dominic 5 months
    Pets: Amble (red heeler x lab) Wobbles (sheffield pup) and Esme, our adopted cat that wanders to our house to be fed.
    Interests: reading books,cooking,internet surfing,looking for a bigger house....
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Tiff (Tiggy)
    State: country NSW
    Children: Imogen & Madeline (9), AJ (9) Lily (7), Mal (7) (I foster both the boys), Ivy & Noah (newborn)
    Pets: Linus and nelson (dogs) Milo, Mintie, Vegemite (cats) Lollipop & Lemon (budgies) fish and various uninvited rodents (we live in the country)
    Interests: scrapbooking, BB, shopping, kids, Photography
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Trish
    State: NSW
    Children: Joel (13), Brandon (10), Noah (nearly 3), Tehya (4months)
    Pets: Mark (oh sorry, thats my DP)
    Interests: Scrapbooking, photography, chatting on BB, shopping.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Vanita (mumofbundlezofjoy)
    State: insane, oops Victoria
    Children: Tahlia & Lakeisha (6), Rianna (18 months), Dion (newborn)
    Interests: scrapbooking, chatting on BB, Reading
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Yvette
    State: Victoria
    Children: Lola (12), Ruth (8), Angus (15months), Asha & Lauren (24/8/05)
    Pets: Coco the chocolate Burmese kitten, Charly the cream Burmese cat & Spook the Eclectus parrot
    Interests: Internet, tv/movies, reading, pets, eating chocolate, dreaming of having our own house, music, very long showers
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Michele Crocker
    State: Central Coast, NSW
    Children: Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and baby girl due in November
    Pets: One Budgie named tweety
    Interests: Reading, Crosswords, sports and my family
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: Jess (bellasmum)
    State: Vic
    Children: Jack 9, Kate 6, Tim 4 nearly 5, Elizabeth 3 , Isabella 9 months and expecting baby number 6 in June(maybe?)
    Pets: Dog- Molly, Cats- Bubbles and Angel
    Interests: My children and I LOVE WORKING ON CARS
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Name: julie (jullyn06)
    State: vic
    Children: nathan 13 natasha 12 jarred 7 william 6 charlie 4 bub 6 due may 2006
    Pets: 5 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats
    Interests: horse riding, netball, camping with the kids,

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Over here now girls

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    Oct 2004
    NW Tasmania

    thanks ambah!!
    well Tiff thanks for the thoughts,but i guess i dont really get a choice in the status of us,i mean i could let him stay and basicall use me for everything and go and do stuff behind my back or i can stand up for myself,and find someone who will treat me right....
    i am so happy for people like you who have good relationships though,because mine never work out that way...
    Maybe im just picking the wrong guys lol

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Susie- good luck with everything, sometimes I think it does come down to respecting your self and choosing what is best for you. You can't let people walk all over you and make you miserable forever. It is so hard to find the right guy! Who knows if there is such a thing! We have our ups and downs too, just like most people, I guess in the end it does depend on how you are treated as to what you decide. This is prob the best decision for you and your kids.

    I have boundaries on totally unacceptable behaviour and if it got to that I would be doing what you are now, thankfully for us it has never got that bad but we both know what will happen in certain circumstances and we can decide from there how we will behave Iguess. I couldn't live with DH if I knew he had cheated and visa versa, and we both know that.

    Wee Jessica's bday is tomorrow, I am waiting for her to wakeup so I can go to the shops and get stuff (paper, cards, batteries etc).

    Have a good day everyone

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    tiggy Guest

    I hope you find a man who will treat you with kindness and respect, you certainly deserve it.

    Michelle, Happy birthing day! Wish Jessica a big happy birthday from me! :happybday:

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Thanks Tiff, I will do that. We let her open my sister's present today was pretty funny cos she took the paper off and threw the present away, well it was only clothes so what do you expect. I am going to go set up her present soon, and wrap it otherwise she will just open it and see a box, she won't know what it is. She is getting the fisher price learning door, and twin dollies in a pram. She is going to love those babies.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Cheers mcihelle

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    Mar 2005
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    Hello girls...

    bit of bad news I'm afraid....have had a blighted ovum and had to have a curette on wed night. I am fine now, but baby no.5 is no longer....

    who knows where we will go from here, but atleast things went ok and i have my health and my four absolutely beautiful boys, who i love with all my heart and soul...they were absolutely crushed as I was 11 weeks..

    Susie...Remember to take care of YOU, there is so much better out there and nobody deserves to be treated like [email protected]#$. I wish you all the very best in whatever you do! You go girl!

    jan xx

    ps happy birthday Jessica

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    hishersandours Guest

    Hi girls,

    Jan, I am so so sorry to hear about bubs......hugssssssss

    Suzie, it must have been a rough time for you...Cheating is such a hard issue to overcome...Well done for being strong and making that choice as hard as what that would have been for you...hugssssss to you...I hope everything turns out for you......

    Michelle, hows things with you? I hope Jessica had a fantastic birthday.....

    As for me, everything is the same ole same ole, which is nice.....Tuesday I have my 19 wk scan and find out what bubs is, but that's about it......The boys are all healthy and looking forward to the Royal Adelaide Show......All I think of is ack!!! $$$$$$$$$$$.....

    Have a great weekend girls......Catch up with you all soon......

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    Kilmore Vic

    Jan I am so so sorry to hear that, I had the exact same thing happen to me bt my 2nd and 3rd and also got to 11wks, it is tough that's for sure. I hope you get some rest and take some time out to recover and get yourself feeling ok again. I got pg again 6mths after that and things worked out fine for us, hope the same for you guys!

    Lisa- glad to hear things are going well. Are you going to tell us what you are having? LOL I am such a sticky beak ! The show doesn't sound fun to me either but I bet the kids are looking forward to it. Which reminds me the Royal Melb show is coming up too in Sept, I don't think we'll be going, maybe when our kids are a little older! Arron doesn't like crowds much sooo, we did take Jordan a few times when she was little but now there are 4 it is very expensive. Plus 2 bdays are in Sept and grand finals for sport + AFL. We went one Grand final day and even though our team wsan't playing in the final, Arron whinged all the way around, and had to look for TV's to check the score. Wouldn't bother doin that again.

    Jessica's bday went really well and I am sad but happy you know what I mean, she is our last so it is bitter sweet They big party is on Sunday the 11th and we are starting to hear about who is coming. So far I know coming are 35 ad + 18kids, not are 17 ad + 13 kids, so that leaves about 35 ad + 6kids unaccounted for. That's not too bad. That means no more than 70 adults in total and 24 kiddies.

    Sounds sorta big though, and we are very short on cash lol, I will have to dip into the redraw as I have $1 a day till my next pay, and no meat to cook LOL.

    Have a good Fathers day tomorrow and hope the Dad's get some cool pressies.

    hello to all you busy girls who haven't been in much lately and hope you get time to catch up soon.

    Cheers mcihelle

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    hishersandours Guest

    Michelle, of course I'm sharing what bubs is.....I will be tooo excited not to......WOW at the birthday party coming up for you...They can be really expensive and hard on the purse/wallet as well...If most are friends and family, maybe ask everyone to bring a plate of something.....You have a hell of a crowd coming if everyone shows up!!!!!

    You have a busy Sept coming up in Melb.....The grand final, the Melb Show, it's all happening.....I didn't take the boys to the Adelaide show until they were older, it's a pain taking them when they are young......If I had a dollar for everytime the back of my heels were hit by a stroller or pram I'd be loaded by now......


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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Yeah Lisa Sept is huge here in Melb, unless you don't watch footy or go to the show. LOL

    We also have what seems like a million family bdays in Sept, so it begins to add up that's for sure. My cousin turns 18 this yr and I don't usually buy anything but for their special bdays I do so there's another $50.

    AAARGH, roll on October LOL

    Good luck with the scan, hope you get to find out
    CHeers michelle

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    hishersandours Guest

    Hi girls,

    Suzie, how's things going with you? I was like you BTW I always ended up with the wrong guy, I married the wrong guy in the end, I put up with all the crap for 11 yrs and then walked out...I'm 38 now and I'm with a man that treats me like a queen, so it just proves you can find the RIGHT one..

    Michelle, how did Jessica's HUGE birthday bash go?? How many turned up in the end? I had my scan and we are having a boy. We wanted a girl so badly, but alas we are having a boy...Now when DP and his boys and my boys get together plus baby, that will be 7 boys to one girl ( me)...The main thing is the baby is healthy.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.......

    hugsssss xx

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    tiggy Guest


    Congratulations on having a healthy baby boy. You certainly ARE outnumbered!!

    I'm having my morph scan on Wednesday, hoping there is at least one little boy in there. David so wants a boy and even though we have AJ and Mal, they are not his and William isn't with us anymore. I guess though that what ever they are and I am leaning towards two girls today, it doesn't really matter as long as they come out healthy.

    Michelle, hope September hasn't been too overwhelming.

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Hi gang. Here's an update to my details:

    Name: Yvette
    State: Victoria
    Children: Lola (12), Ruth (8), Angus (15months), Asha & Lauren 24/8/05
    Pets: Coco the chocolate Burmese kitten, Charly the cream Burmese cat & Spook the Eclectus parrot
    Interests: Internet, tv/movies, reading, pets, eating chocolate, dreaming of having our own house, music, very long showers

    Note that I've removed having babies from my interests, he he. I think this will be enough now.

    Suzie, I missed what happened sorry, but wish you all the best. I've had some dodgy ex husbands myself.

    Michelle, hi there, O seems like ages since I caught up with you. Hope Jessica had a lovely birthday.

    Jan, I'm so sorry for your loss. Big hugs for you.

    Lisa, woo hoo on your healthy boy. Maybe you can borrow a girl sometime (I've got lots, lol).

    Tiggy how did your scan go?

    Well we're officially a family of 7 now, & maybe soon I'll meet my stepdaughter. DH is planning to go to Sydney in the Christmas holidays & see her.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Yay Yvette, welcome back, and are you sure abut being done, you could be an 8 or 9 or maybe 10 family! lOL Hope things are settling down and your girls are feeding well. And that you get a break and a shower sometimes.

    Well done Lisa on your baby boy! Oh well destuiny has it as a boy, hope they look after their poor mum! You best get lots of girl pets!

    Tiff- good luck for your scan and hope you do get a boy, that would be lovely....but what will be will be!

    Party was good, only had 41 adults and about 19 kids though, so annoying cos of course I had to cater for about 80 all up just in case people just turned up. I had Arrons uncle ring on the party morn to tell me 5 of them were coming and only 2 of them turned up, they drove an hr stayed an hr and drove home cos they brought their dog with them and had to take her home. WTF would you do that for? I had some great people help in the kitchen and no one went home hungry so that's the main thing. She got some lovely pressies and was the belle of the ball, walking around smiling giggling and entertaining her guests, everyone thinks she is absolutely gorgeous and they are right. She was exhausted though!

    Anyway i should be leaving to go to mum's but haven'y even dressed the kids yet cos I am on here.LOL PRIORITIES!

    Hope everyone else is doing ok! Thinking of you Suzy.

    Cheers Michelle

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    crockerclan Guest


    I am new here, can I join up.

    NAME : Michele Crocker
    STATE: Central Coast, NSW
    CHILDREN : 4 with Number 5 due in November
    PETS : One Budgie named tweety
    INTERESTS : Reading, Crosswords, sports and my family

    I have three boys and a girl. The ages range from 11 to 3

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and baby girl due in November

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Michele, welcome to BellyBelly! :wave:

    I have added your details to the front page

    Feel free to join up with the girls in the Belly Buddies - Due in November discussion thread as well!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    Welcome Michele. How's your pregnancy going? How nice to be having another girl.

    Michelle, sounds like that was a hell of a party.

    Mess city around here. I've had the house tidy a few times since the twins were born, but Angus can trash it in 10 minutes flat. I have to say this age is the messiest.

    I have a very lazy way of giving him lunch which doesn't help. He doesn't like to sit in his high chair for finger food, too boring for him and for me too, so I make his sandwich & drink, & give him a piece at a time & a sip of drink every time he comes up to me. He eats it really well, but I do end up with bits of sandwich all over the house, mashed into the carpet etc, & have to check through the toy baskets too.

    Breaky & dinner are tidier, he'll eat off a spoon without too much drama, & just needs hosing off & the high chair wiped down afterwards. The cats sit under the high chair to eat all the dropped bits.

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