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thread: Long Term Assisted Conception Nov 2007 #2

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    Oh no Lou. That is not fair.

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    slyder Guest

    Lou, I have nothing of particular use to say. I just hope you are going OK and you really enjoy your trip back home.

    BG, congrats. And all the very best.

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    another little BW update

    have just spent a bit over half hour on the phone with BW (for the first time it was actually a voice chat instead of a cyber chat!) and she's asked me to update everyone on the status of her embryo's

    as of today, she has two blasties on ice - some of the others MIGHT be frozen tomorrow, but she's not sure of how many, if any....

    she's in pretty good spirits (provided i didn't make her laugh - which was very difficult!) and thinking she may be allowed home tomorrow - but is still on the drip to rehydrate her, so really not sure. her ovary scan today showed that her ovaries were still extremely enlarged (around 9cm x 9cm x 6cm each) and are touching across the front of her uterus - so very ouchie i'm sure!! she'll give more detail when she gets back to BB but i thought i'd do this update for you...

    Lou - she asked that i pass on how sorry she is for your failed cycle hun

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    Sep 2006

    Oh wow busy afternoon

    Lou - So sorry hun, like i said no one more deserving and im really sorry this wasn't it!

    BG - Congrats on transfer hun, so exited for you and the little one on board snuggling in tight

    Hi Ann - Glad to see you doing great and popping to say hi, and i completely understand what you mean about the support, and must admit ive very glad this thread picked up. I just dont feel positive enough about IVF tp be posting in the other thread i dont have enough optimism at the moment and this is my perfect safety net of support i need right now

    Well had BT this morning and provera hasn't worked so started FSH tonight 200 this time so hopefully a little more action and scan next Fri.

    Thanks guys


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    Aug 2006

    thank you everyone - i kept thinking to myself i think this result is easier to deal with sometimes as ive delt with it many times- yes im upset but nothing like i have been over the last 5 years with IVF. i guess maybe the thought of seeing my mum is a few weeks helps. just waiting for af now and since i havent had on since Aug i have no idea how im going to be feeling when i get it. im hoping she visits now befor the flight!!

    Glad o hear that BW is getting closer to coming home and that she has two perfect blasties on ice - when i ohss last my ovaries measured 12cm each so i know the pain that she is feeling.

    BG congreats for getting into the TWW i will be watching with all my best sticky vibes at the ready lo9l

    Shannon - thank you again for your words hun - im sorry that the provera hasnt worked for you but at least you are still able to move forward with the FSH GL

    Ann - not long for you now - so nice to see you popping more.

    Sushee - i guess when you fall off you just dust yourself off and get back on hey? Have you got a BFP hiding in one of thoes pressies in your AV? lol i wish is was that easy - 'here love i bought you a PG for Christmas' !Great news on your forsties by the way - what a lovely surprise.

    Slyder - thanks

    Hollie thanks for the messages - looks like we will be seeing each other in Feb!!looking forward to that too

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    Lou - Just wanted to send some love & hugs your way - Didn't make the phone last night - But am going to try you today before FIL & BIL get here for a visit.

    Shannon - Sorry to hear about the provera, thats just crappy - Its such revolting stuff, you can almost put up with it if its serving a purpose, but when it doesn't, thats just nasty
    Hoping you get some better results with the FSH xxx

    Ann - Whats happening with all of your 6's??!!!!

    Me - Well, the anti inflammatry's that the Dr has put me on are working - That with my fake tan () is making my legs look almost normal again! He! He!
    Am feeling better, too so thats great!
    Have a bit of an exciting day today - DH's younger brother (15yrs) is coming for a visit - He lives about 3hrs away in a country town - He got a call from the CC Mariners (soccer!) - and they want to give him a trial - How exciting for him!!!
    So, am taking him off to that this afternoon - Its absolutely pouring rain, so hopefully it will ease a little.
    (All very non TTC, but anyhoo!!!)

    Big Hi to everyone else I've missed this morning xxx

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    Dec 2006
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    and a bit more BW news...

    just got an SMS from BW - she has another 5 embies on ice! so 7 in total. she's a lot happier now than she was for sure! doesn't look like she'll be allowed home today though...

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    ann Guest

    Only 5 more sleeps for me!(FET 6/12)
    Hopefully we'll have something to transfer.
    It's funny though in all the other cycles I have been excited and looking forward to the transfer. This time I suppose with all the other disappointments we have had, I'm not excited at all (a bit annoyed that I have to take 2 days off work).
    Any way I suppose you dont get anywhere by sitting on your bum!

    Luv Ann

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    Dec 2006
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    some more from BW...

    i get about six hours off ther drip today. Hopefully off it completely tomorrow. I'm guesswing out some time on Tuesday. Have had quite a bit more pain last night and this morning. When you consider the weight loss, it's probably my poor ovaries heading back to the right place.

    i feel so much calmer about the whole process now - i have every confidence that our bub is in the freezer right now... Pain has settled and i've been for a little wander. will as the doctor to let me out next time i see her, but i think she wants me off the drip for a whole day before she lets me out... And the thougts on pain can be entirely different dependion on the when the last dose of pain meds was!
    She has another blood test tomorrow morning, and says she has a rather interesting set of bruises from the injections... i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is home soon - i'm sure it's been a very long and uncomfortable week for her since her EPU last Sunday...

    for me - well, i'm pretty cruisey at the moment - was really uncomfy up to and including ET day, but started the crinone that night - i'm not sure if it's the crinone, the reduced stress, or the added rest - but i'm feeling pretty ok - a little blah in the tummy, but i was kinda expecting that - the trigger shot does it to me every time! but pain wise - well, nothing substancial - a few little ovarian twinges but nothing too stressful. my fears of developing OHSS have pretty much gone over the weekend, which is great - i know if "Emmett" sticks, there is still a chance of it developing, but for right now, all is good

    My DH starts a new job tomorrow - he will be working "away" permanently - 10 days on 4 off - but totally negotiable. His boss is an old friend who has been asking him to work for him for the past year, and the "ball is in our court" to dictate what he will and won't do. Boss has friends who've been through IVF, so is really understanding about what it entails - and DH is now more than doubling his income (well, he earns more in a week than we both were in a fortnight) - so there will be a lot less financial strain on us - YAY!!!

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    Hi Guys

    BG - Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better and more positive this week, just kick back and relax as miuch as is possible during the TWW, what date is your BT? Oh also congrats on Dh for the fabulous new job!

    BW - Glad to hear your feeling better and 7 embys on ice is fantastic! Rest up and hope your feeling better really soon!

    Ann - How exciting only a few days left b4 FET! sending lots of sticky vibes your way

    Holly- Those leg and their lumps! Thank goodness for fake tan Hope DH's brother did well!! Are you still taking Anonias tonics? Maybe a honeymoon baby?

    Lou - How are you holding up hun? Holiday home sounds fantastic, will be great and hopefully very relaxing

    Hi TL - Is this your last week?

    Well 2 lots of FSH down, and am actually starting to feel fabulous! The dr said considering how low all my hormone levels were she wasn't surprised how negative, tired and blah ive been feeling. And with the FSH kicking in im feeling a lot better today! Yay i hate PCOS!!

    Starting to get some twinges in my ovaries and some CM already so hopefully we will have more than 3 eggs this time. Last time we had very little symptoms of ovulation so i knew it wasn't working so great. Oh well just glad im feeling more me again! And DH is grateful too

    Have a great weekend ladies.

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    Apr 2007
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    BG - good news all around

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    Dec 2006
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    sounds great Shannon! won't be long now before it's al systems go for you!

    well, i'm thinking i'm not feeling as great as i thought a while back - the heat here is driving me insane!! normally, i have a fan going on a hot day, and just keep it dark to keep the rooms cooler - and i don't worry too much about the heat. today i had to ditch the clothes i was wearing just to put summer jim jams on, and have had a couple of "so hot and dizzy i've almost passed out" moments. DH has been a gem - when i got bad earlier, i was forced into 20 minutes of bed rest - with a cool cloth to help chill me out a little! i think i may have overdone things last night - late night out for my brother's birthday - but i hung out inside with the "quiet" lot, so i thought i was doing ok - did start to get a bit of a headache so came home by 11 - then spent the next two hours so angry at DH for being drunk and snoring so i couldn't sleep - and breathing alcohol fumes on me - so i had a hissy and went to sleep in the other room! these bloody hormones are fantabulous aren't they??

    today has been a fairly lazy day - sms'ing BW now that she has a phone charger so she can stay in touch with the world - and supervising DH trying to put the christmas tree together - he's not BAD, he's just not used to doing stuff like that! he had fun helping put the santa train together to go round the tree though - he sat in the middle of it playing like a 10 year old! if you knew what my hubby looked like (over six foot, broad, heavy set - and with a very big thick red beard - almost scary looking for most when they first meet him) - you'd know why it was so very amusing for me to see him like that!

    oh well - he's gone to do some shopping, so i might wander over and "tweak" the tree a bit before he comes back...

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    Sep 2006

    LOL BG I had one of those hissy fits the other night! Making DH & I sleep in the spare bed after seeing some dirt on the sheets i went a little insane made us both go have showers and the sleep in the spare room. DH just shook his head at me I agree HORMONES!!

    Oh and Rest and look after yourself!!!

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    Apr 2007
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    Lol Shannon that sounds like me for the past few weeks This is my last week and I think DH will be glad when I am sane again in the new role

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    Dec 2006
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    have had a couple of messages from BW - she didn't get a great nights sleep last night, so is very tired. AF arrived today, so she's received a bit of relief just from that - last time she had OHSS, it was a turning point for her - so looking the same this time! she is off the drip at the moment, and all going well, it will be completely removed around lunch time and she'll be home tomorrow. she is drinking like a fish to make sure she stays hydrated so that they'll let her out in the morning!

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    Sep 2006

    Good Morning

    Just saying Hi!

    BW - Hope you get to go home today!!!

    BG- How are you holding up in the TWW?

    Ann - 2 sleeps left hun! Thinking of you!

    Big Hi to Holly, Mel, Lou !

    Not much happening here, 4 injections down and we see the FS on Friday for our scan. Starting to feel a little uncomfy in the ovaries which is hopefully a good sign something is happening!

    Have a great day!


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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Shannon great news

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    Wow, I can't believe all the news in here! I have been offline for over a week as we moved house and finally have the internet back on as of today! I can tell you, it's been a long 10 or so days without it! lol
    Lou, I am so sorry about your BFN. Please get in touch if you want to chat. We really should get together at some stage since we aren't that far away from each other. Maybe it can be a new year resolution!! How exciting your trip is so close now. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.
    BG, completely pretzeled over here for your BFP. Good to hear that you have some frosties there for down the track. Will be anxiously waiting your good news.
    BW, what a time you have had! Before going offline, I knew that you were concerned about your e2 levels and now I come back to find you have been in hospital!! It's good to hear that you're home now and recovering. 7 blasties is a great result too.
    Ann, not long to go now... good luck for transfer this week!
    No news from me really. Have been so flat out at work and moving house that I haven't had time to think about anything else. I feel like I will be ready to go through with a FET cycle in Jan or early Feb. The break has definitely done me the world of good and I will be better prepared to deal with whatever the cycle throws at me.

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