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Thread: how many eggs should fertilise?

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    Default how many eggs should fertilise?

    Hello all,
    I'm kind of in shock. We went to Melbourne yesterday for our first ET, and found out that only 5 of the 12 eggs that were harvested on Thurs, made it to embryos. For some reason had it in my mind that it would be more than that, and I cant help thinking that I must have been doing something wrong during the stim cycle that reduced the egg quality. The whole ET thing overwhelmed me and so i did not ask the FS any questions - I'll give her a call tomorrow, but in the mean time does anyone know what the 'ave' fert rate should be using ICSI and any suggestions on what I should to improve quality if we have to go round again.


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    Hi farmgirl,

    I don't know what the actual rates are, or even if there are any. I'm sure you must be feeling pretty stressed right now, but honestly 5 embies is good! you have 5 chances of having a baby. That's how I look at it.

    To give you an idea of other people, here are my figures:

    12 eggs - 4 embies
    8 eggs - 1 embie

    I hope this makes you feel better. good luck!

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    Hi RH76,
    Thanks for the support and sharing. I hope that the IUI works for you.

    know that I should be happy just to get at this stage. My fingers are crossed that the four left go into storage ok and then we at least have a second chance if we need it. I just think that the emotional side of it is just getting too much at the moment - I had a crazy notion that it would just all go really smoothly, even though rationally I know that it is not the way it goes. I'm sure after a warm bath and sleep I'll feel better and more rational!
    Thanks again

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    I only got 2 of 11, and they were low grade, so 5 is great!!! All the best for a successful transfer.

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    I had friend only end up with 3 ... yeh, she was shocked too !!

    But, they conceived from their 1st round (a massive shock again, BUT yeh a beautiful & wonderful shock !!) ... And 9mths later their healthy little girl named "HOPE" arrived.

    Sending you lots of positive thoughts

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    My clinic states that somewhere between 50-75% of eggs should fertilise.

    My first cycle, we had 26 eggs, but only 21 were mature, with ICSI, 15 fertilised.

    My second cycle, 32 eggs, 30 mature, 20 fertilised. I don't recall the reasons with the first cycle, but with the second one, they told me that the eggs that weren't fertilised weren't good enough - they described them as "grainy".

    5 from 12 isn't necessarily bad - it could be that some of the eggs that were collected weren't mature enough, or weren't good quality like those that weren't used for me.

    I would suggest that it's certainly worth asking your clinic about the reasons for the lower fertilisation rate, and perhaps find out if they think that ICSI might overcome this in the future. Although, it's not a foregone conclusion that you will need to do this again - you have an embryo trasnsferred, you have some that will hopefully go into storage - it could very well be all that you need. Good luck!


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    HI I had 26 follicles and only got 15 eggs out of that. 11 fertilised but then only 8 survived to the transfer stage so one fresh and 7 frozen.... You can expect to lose some each step of the way - it happens the same way naturally - not every egg fertilises....

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    Hi Farmgirl,

    I had 15 eggs collected but only 3 fertilised with ICSI. And out of those 3 only 1 made it to transfer, so I had none to freeze. I was also very disappointed but it was our 1st cycle (have EPU for 2nd cycle this Wednesday) and we have male factor infertility so possibly will always have low fertilisation rates.

    Wishing you all the best with your transfer

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    Nine eggs collected here, six fertilised but only four made it to blastocyst. One transferred to become our baby (due in May) and three frozen.

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    Hi Farmgirls,

    5 is great - please don't be dissappointed with that.
    I did 4 stim cylces and had donor eggs twice my personal stats are.
    1st go - 3 eggs 2 fert and made it to blasties.
    2nd go - 5 eggs all fert, but only 3made it to transfer.
    3rd go- 6 eggs all but one fert but only 2made it to transfer blasties.
    My donor 6yrs younger than i. Got 7 eggs 5 fert , 4 made it.
    I had ICSI with all, there really is not rule to it all - as the scientist said to me - they can do their best and the rest is up to nature.
    Good luck with it all and hope to hear a BFP announcement from you soon.

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    Hi Farmgirl. Its very difficult especially for your first IVF because you really dont know what to expect, and sometimes i think expectations are really hard to have for everything ivf. You never know whats going to happen!!! many you are going to respond to many fertilise...and then how many blasts....
    First time round we got, 11 eggs and ended up with 2 blasts. One miscarriage and 1 x failed FET.
    Second time round, we got 12 eggs and ended up with 3 great blasts (i am biased!!) Two embies transferred and nowing having twins. The other one is in freezer waiting waiting.
    I remember the FS and scientist saying to me (first time round) that its fantastic to get one good blast, and even more so to get even one into the freezer. So they were just as excited as me this time round to end up with 3. Remember its quality, not quantity and even one embryo can turn into a baby
    Good luck farmgirl, i hope you get a nice sticky little embie.

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    my first IVF cycle I had:
    18 eggs
    7 fertilised
    1 to transfer... none to freeze.

    I'm assuming this was fine as if i went ahead with my 2nd cycle the FS said he wouldn't have changed anything!

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    Thanks everyone, your posts have helped to keep me sane. I just spoke to my FS about it who said that it was a good result, eggs ok, but just a lower than ave fert rate due to DH poor sperm quality - even though we used ICSI.

    happymel and sarah h - good luck with your pg - hope it all goes well
    Lissie - good luck with the donor embies
    LJ - good luck with your second cycle and hope all goes well at the EPU tomorrow
    Babybliss - good luck with your next IVC/ICSI cycle too
    To everyone that I've missed - thanks heaps and good luck too

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