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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Nov 2007 #4

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    Heavy spotting and cramping has started. Least I know, right?

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    Dec 2006
    Gippsland Vic

    Thanks girls,
    BW I really don't know what would be worse, I'm feeling pretty ordinary at the moment. Glad they have controlled things for you (a bit). Good luck with trigger and EPU, I hope they can get you to transfer, but only if it's safe??
    Baby Bliss, sorry hun, what a horrible emotional journey this can be...
    Tiggerlinda, I bet you feel good, best wishes for a happier stress freeor at least less workplace hope it helps the TTC
    Dusty thanks!!! I have saved your info and will be taking that on Monday, I am armed with another valuable snippet...
    Wannababy, have a great FET cycle wishing you the best of luck.

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    Jan 2007

    blackduckie - sorry to hear about the cancelled cycle, I completely know what you mean about it being a shock and not being talked about, the same thing happened with me. (((HUGS)))

    Kell - I really hope that you are wrong, I have everything crossed for you.

    No update from me, waiting for our appointment with our embryologist on 10th Dec to discuss how IVM works, and then we start again in Jan/Feb depending on when AF arrives. I've been trying to not think about ttc at all, distracting myself with cooking and christmas and anything else I can think of, but I'm getting really frustrated over everything.

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Kell - Maybe hun but I would call the clinic
    BW - GL here is hoping for a good outcome
    WB- GL for the FET

    Thanks everyone for the congrats on the job I do feel better now

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    Dec 2006
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    hi ladies (and slyder)

    pam - i'm so sorry things haven't worked out for you this time hun - make the most of those nice ripe follies though hun - there's nothing to say you can't catch the eggie on your own...

    i feel a little guilty posting this after your news this morning, but thought i would update everyone on my progress:
    right ovary - 28 follies, 1 at 15mm, 1 at 14mm, 10 between 10 and 13mm
    left ovary - 31 follies, 1 at 15mm, 10 between 10 and 13mm

    stress levels were shocking - i've seen what BW is going through, had no E2 levels to run a comparison to... very scared little vegemite - and the prospect of potentially waiting til after 6 to hear from the clinic...

    thankfully, it only took about 4 hours for them to get back to me! E2 levels are only 2629! woo hoo - EPU is slated for Tuesday - trigger on sunday night (at 11.30pm) woo hoo!!

    to everyone else, a huge hi - sorry for the lack of personals

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    Dec 2006
    Gippsland Vic

    BG congrats. Sounds like lots of snow babies with those numbers. Don't feel guilty, I wish you the best of luck, you know my situation a baby would be fantastic news for me but if it does'nt happen I will be very sad; but will survive. Unfortunately age is against us (me and DH) wish we had got on to it sooner!!!!
    Look forward to hearing great results over the next few days. Hugs to you and DH and heaps of good luck.
    Thanks BecD!!! Don't feel so alone when someone can relate. Good luck for the new year.

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    Oct 2007
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    Hi everyone.

    So much has happened to people since yesterday. I'm feeling all sorts of emotions for the news I heard in this thread today.

    Pam I'm so sorry to hear your news. I can hear the shock you're feeling in your words. It was completely unexpected. Please take care of yourself, and make sure you and DH look after each other :hugs: You can be straight and down the line with your FS. You need to be. Tell him you would like to talk the straight facts through with him in detail, and you can ask him all the questions you've written here in your earlier post. I'm thinking of you heaps, hun. Many hugs.

    Kell hun, I feel for you. I know we all do. It's an absolute nightmare having to wait and you just want to know what's going on and have an answer either way. Make sure you have an outlet for that frustration - I've always found cooking and believe it or not housework to be an excellent venting forum ...and we are always always here for you to vent the frustration of waiting if you need :hugs: Are you on crinone or pregnyl at all? My thoughts are with you lots and lots xo

    BW oh, Butterfly Warrior, you are exactly that. Hang in there, and we know you are continuing to keep fighting despite your body's protestations. I have every hope and wish that you get through the next couple of days without serious problems. Please be well

    Dusty I can't say anything, love, just offer you many, many cyber hugs :hugs: You make sure you absolutely do what you need to do to look after yourself and DH first, ahead of dealing with the rest of your family. xo

    Kate Welcome to BB, Kate. I'm really sorry to hear about your cycle. I can imagine the grief makes the need to keep moving on and forward with the next step incredibly important. Please take care of yourself. Your health is the most important thing, so that you are in the best position possible for the next time. I really hope the wait goes as quick as possible - Christmas and a holiday are excellent distractions for making time at least stop standing still

    TL Go you! Resigning is hard, and now you're ready for the next step and a new start. Perhaps this will be the new start that signals everything ready and in place for success in TTC xo

    Wannababy what a great start! FET soon! Full steam ahead!

    BG brilliant news! The stress of not knowing how your body is responding to now must be a killer - there's so many ladies and partners going through that right now. E2 is under control - brilliant!! Very happy for you and I hope the next few days go smoothly for you

    Peta Congratulations on the fantastic news that you're all set to start, hun. We're hoping for a BFP for you to usher in the new year! What a great thought! xo

    I have to go to the Eye & Ear hospital in Melbourne tonight - I've had a terribly awful blocked ear for all of this week (been ignoring it with all the other IVF and IL and wedding stuff happening) and now the tinnitis is extreme and it's driving me bonkers after 6 days, plus I think the ear is getting infected as it's become very painful. My GP has advised me to go there - apparently they will suction it to unblock it at the hospital and that should relieve it. Will probably have to wait for a few hours first. Can't do things in halves - must have other stupid and annoying crises going on with everything else...

    Received confirmation today that EPU will be on Monday for me - I trigger tomorrow night - will know what time in the afternoon. Feeling very bloated and feel like I'm waddling around with tennis-ball-size ovaries. Very excited - one step at a time yet, though. Best to be calm and not expect to much... trying to, at least.

    I'm so proud of the strength of everyone here. It makes me want to just get on and deal with whatever happens next when I see how people are managing and dealing with things that have happened to them. You are all very special, brave people, and you inspire me.

    Many hugs,

    Miss C

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    timnik77 Guest

    Miss C - congratulations on the good numbers there, I wish you the best of luck
    BW - Wowzers you do have a hard time of it all, but that it all goes well for you and EPU is a breeze.
    TL - What an exciting time for you preparing for your new job - good luck with it all and hopefully it will be a welcome distraction for you.
    KateY01 - Welcome, sorry its only my first cycle so I have no advice to offer you about back-to-back stims.
    Babybliss - sorry to hear the witch is coming, thinking of you.
    Blackduckies - I feel as though we were in the same situation (sort of) they didn't really do any bts or measuring of levels for me either. I went in on the Friday and follies were all growing as they should be (100 puregon) then the following Monday another scan shows they had vanished! No one (even FS, seemed to be able to give me a good reason why). They upped my puregon to 250 and let me go for 8 days then another scan and I had a good number of follies growing back. It's all very stressful and I am not one to hassle the clinic all the time for information but if you feel as though you are not getting the right amout of information - call them. Thinking of you
    Briggsy's Girls - that's great numbers - good luck.

    I had my EPU this morning at the crack of dawn, all went well (I think). They got 5 eggs but not sure of the quality yet. The lab will ring tomorrow to let me know how many fertilise (we are doing ICSI) and what quality they are. The lab technician said they give it to you straight as to how they are going they don't fluff around to preserve your feelings. I like that, my FS is a bit the same. Would rather know the cold hard facts even if it's bad news. So for now a waiting game, we are trying to grow them to blasties but just have to wait and hear how they go first. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I feel as though friends and family listen to all my babble but aren't really interested whereas here it is genuine interest and support and I really appreciate that.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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    timnik77 Guest

    Oh one thing I forgot to ask about. I am on the crinone as of tomorrow, any nasty side effects that I should expect??

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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm still reading everything you've all got to say and know where you're all at, it's just with work and other stuff outside work and modding when I get home, it's not leaving much time to put together a detailed personals post.

    So just let me say good luck to everyone in their respective cycles and lots of supportive thoughts to those of you who have had crappy news the past couple of days.

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    slyder Guest

    Nik, well done on the eggs and GL with fertilisation. As for the crinone, in DW's case the effects seemed to be cumulative, so towards the end of the TWW she has a heap of pregnancy symptoms and a few mood issues. As it's a progesterone supplement it does tend to mimic early preg. symptoms so try not to read too much into how your body is behaving.

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    Hi Guys

    Wow i go away for a few days and so much has happened!

    BD- Oh hun and i am so sorry about your canx cycle I hope your FS has some answers

    BW - Good luck with EPU on Sun, look after yourself and i will have everything crossed.

    Dusty & Baby - So sorry things didn't work out this time, i hope you get your answers and the next roll of the dice goes your way as you both deserve!

    Kate - Welcome! As for back to back cycles i tried a stim cycle and FET back to back and it was cancelled because my body didn't want to respond, sometimes as hard as it is you just need to give your body time to recover

    TL - Congrat on the new job hun it sounds fantastic!!

    BG - Great Follie numbers!! Good luck with EPU

    As for me worste birthday yesterday, was in meeting in syd all day yesterday came down with a cold the night before and then my flight got delayed by 5 hours last night. Finally hit the front door step at 1130pm! And off sick today with this awful cold

    Apart from that last dose of provera tonight so should be starting FSH early next week! Yay


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    just wanted to ask
    i am over due for af and have been very bloated for the past week not sure if that is a preg sign or af sign on her way ??????

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    Sep 2007
    QLD, Australia

    Could be either I'm afraid. I was very bloated in early pregnancy, but I also get very bloated before AF is due. Blame hormones either way. If AF is late then I'd do a HPT, best of luck!

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    Nov 2007
    Casula, NSW


    Hi everybody,
    I've been reading your posts and replies in this forum for some time now and thought, I'd really like to join in as I'm experiencing what some of you are also. I've been TTC for nearly 3 years now. DP and I have had all the tests etc., and we both check out fine, so at this stage of the game it's unexplained infertility. My FS has placed me on clomid CD1-7 & Premarin CD7-14. On my 1st cycle of Clomid I produced 2 follicles & bloods indicated I ovulated on CD15 - however, no pregnancy. I'm now on my 2nd cycle of clomid 6 DPO. I'm already feeling slight cramping - which is usually normal for me about a week out from AF, so I'm not that hopeful.
    My FS only wants me to have 3 cycles using clomid and then suggests something else, such as injections and artificial insemination or IVF. I don't really know how I feel about any of this. The whole thing gets me so depressed and teary when I think about it.

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Welcome, lynros
    The ladies and gent here are wonderfully supportive, knowledgeable and understanding of what you've been through and what you're going through now.
    The waiting and the unknowns (i.e. unknowns of why infertility is occurring for you and DP, and the unknowns of what your symptoms mean) are so frustrating and a real mental challenge, aren't they?
    We're here for you if you need
    All the best with this cycle on Clomid.

    Hey Nicole
    I hope you're recovering well from EPU and that you're receiving good, good news about fertilisation from your clinic today. Thinking of you, and hope you're doing ok with the wait.

    Thinking of everyone lots today and sending you all lots of love and support

    I heard from my clinic this afternoon - I trigger at 1.30am tonight. Late EPU which is due to happen around midday Monday. Think I'll have to set the alarm tonight for 1.25am. My ovaries feel like grapefruits and are aching constantly, but all is well.

    Miss C

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    Oct 2007
    Sydney .... well south-west anyway

    Hi Everyone .... wow I cant believe the posts in here in what has happened

    Dusty & BB- I am so sorry to hear the news ... I know that words can only do so much right now but I can only offer and a vent whenever you need it ...

    BD - i am so so sorry to hear it was cancelled .... nothing could ever make you prepared for that ..... sending your way ....

    BW - wow EPU hun !! Good luck with it all and I hope that it all goes to plan for you ... definitely have my for you that it all works out tomorrow ...

    BG - good luck with the EPU hun ... hope to see some more positive news ..

    wannababy - here is hoping everything goes to plan and you can start off the new year with some positive news ....

    Shan - how is that cold doing - dont you love the constant weather change which is how most of us are ending up sick, happy belated birthday and hope the rest of the weekend is kinder to you !! Good luck for the FSH stage ....

    TL - i think the new job sounds like exactly what you need sweetie with less stress - it is amazing what a change will make, as they say a change is as good as a holiday ... so your start date isnt too far away and at least the stress & pressure is gone now that you have resigned ... good luck for the new chapter in work !

    Miss C - how are those ears hun, you certainly know how to do things by the way of multitasking dont you hun !! Good news about your EPU and yep we are twins I am going in for mine on Monday as well ... yay !! bout time I say ... but you need to make sure you look after yourself hun ,.... you need to rest that poor body of yours .. I hear you on the grapefruits though, I had an emotional night last with DH breaking down cause of the side effects, the headaches etc everything (which in comparison to what everyone else is going through is nothing) but my ovaries feel like melons lol ....

    Lynros - welcome to the group. Feeling teary and emotional is something we all feel in here on numerous occassions so you have the best support network here. Im sorry to hear about the unexplained fertility but hopefully even if the clomid isnt an option, you have the IVF and the support of the wonderful girls in here to take you through the emotional and physical journey ... I had 2 cycles on clomid but because we have my cycle issues as well as MI to consider, we ended up straight onto IVF with the increased chance we will undergo ICSI on Monday ...

    Kate101 - welcome, this is my 1st cycle so have no help for you on back to back but hope all goes well for you ...

    Well I had my b/t and u/s this morning and we have approx 14 follies on the R ovary with the largest measuring 21mm, and the rest all between 16mm-20mm, and on the L ovary we have approx 8 follies with the largest measuring 25mm, and the rest are all around 17mm-22mm so our numbers are good and we trigger tonight at 7pm for an EPU Monday morning at 7am ... I feel bad for posting my news when everyone is having such a hard, emotional rollercoaster ... but I happy that we are finally at EPU and have some big follies .... no more lucrin yay which hopefully means no more headaches !!!! I am pinching myself we are at this stage really ... starting to get nervous - wont be able to sleep sunday night ....

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    timnik77 Guest

    Just a quick post to let you know, from the five eggs they retrieved yesterday there was 4 good ones and overnight 3 fertilised. Not sure if that is really very good numbers but I am having 2 put back in on Wednesday so I guess that's all I need! Bit of pain last night about 4am but took some panadol and a heat pack back to bed with me and all is good today. Good luck to Miss C and Melsta for your EPU on Monday!!

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