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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ February 2006 #2

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    Sorry I don't have time for personals but Starbright to answer your question yup I did all the time.
    My first Stim was a failure but had one embie put back in -
    Then did another Stim and +.
    After that I had 7 frozens and did all those and got a + on the last one of that batch.
    With Eliza's Stim I had 4 consect months (inc Stim) she was my 3 FET all back to back months but only transfering 1 embie at a time. My doctor had always done it that way for me...unless I said finances were tight for Stims

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    Hi Everyone......

    Sorry i haven't been on for a few days...have been busy busy busy. I didn't even get a chance to turn the computer on yesterday, which is a first in probably 12 months. Usually i sit here and post whilst having my breaky (which i'm doing now) and it stays on all day and i sneak on everytime i walk past, but the last few days i haven't even had a chance. Not to mention after we close the shop and i want to get on, DH decides he wants to play his cricket game and end up here for the next few hours......

    I won't do any personals today, i've just be reading back the last few pages and so much is happening I just can't keep up. I must get back into my routine of breaky and BB, so that i can get on top of it all.....

    I'm off to have a massage this arvo. My kineseologist suggested i have one to remove the toxins from my body. I'm a bit nervous coz i've never had one before as pressure on my back really hurts, but the kinesiologist says that it hurts so much because of the toxins and that I HAVE to have one. So i'm taking the plunge. I know you will all be this girl crazy. Massage is fantastic and so relaxing.....well I'll find out this arvo.

    It is DH and my 3yr anniversary tomorrow (yes, we married on Valentines Day....this way he can't forget LOL) so we are hoping to go out for a nice dinner. A knew restaurant opened in town 2 weeks ago and one of my friends husband is the head chef (excellent cook), so we went to book in there, but they are closing (stupid thing to do in a small town), so not sure where we are going to go. I left that up to DH. No doubt he may even put me in the car and drive me over to Albury and take me to Maccas or KFC. Soooo something that he would do. But i love him, so that makes it okay.....

    Wednesday i'm off to have the BETA. Don't think it will be positive, but will have to wait and see. Bleeding still happening (48 days now), so if it is neg, then hopefully they will put me in for a D&C to clear me out so we can start again.

    Nothing else from me at this stage. Love to you all and fingers crossed for some BFP in here soon.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi everyone

    Good to hear from you Shan, your Valentines day sounds like it will be romantic. I must confess, I am the one who forgot our anniversary last year, I booked a business trip that day and remembered it when I got to the airport, DH was quite amused.

    Satrbright I hope you are feeling better, you weren't stretching the friendship, in fact the more you all write the more I find it easier to deal with the millions of emotions that I seem to have each day as I always know I am not alone, strange isn't it?

    I had my first day at work post lap and it was awful. I have been bleeding really heavily with AF and had cramps. Then I found out my uni had wiped out all my advanced standing units from my previous attempt at a degree and the poor young guy I sit next to asked me if me uni course wasn't going well and I burst into tears and started sobbing LOL he will never ask me how I am again.

    I think I need a lie down tonight. I am getting all stressed waiting for DH's second SA to come back, not that it will get worse, but it confirms it all and makes it final doesn't it. I guess uni getting mucked up will give me more time to concentrate on making a baby, but it was also my escape plan that I had going in the background if I dont ever get pg.

    This is hard isn't it

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    ozziemum Guest


    thank you so much for you wonderullly warm welcome. I will try and get in here a little more over the next couple of days

    Thank you to all who responded to my questions

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    sararms Guest


    Oh Jane!!

    Yes I've had days like that, when everything just seems absolutely overwhelming. you just cry for ages without really knowing why you're crying. This Assisted Conception is massive. It's a massive massive thing that takes over everything, so of course you will have days when you just want to stop, cry, feel sorry for yourself, get your head around things. ONe way I used to pull myself up at times like that was to say, yes, this test (or whatever) just confirms the miserable situation I am in, but the sooner we get the good/bad result, the sooner these people can get me pregnant.

    About the heavy bleeding, I have very heavy periods and used to get really miserable and low with it. I know you are bleeding for different reasons, but have you tried iron supplements. I take iron regularly and i find i don't suffer so bad when I bleed anymore.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. go have a massage and a big peice of cake!!

    As for me still cramping, still waiting for day 21 to start injecting!!! Boring I know

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    Hi guys just poppig in to say hello. Jane sorry you've been having a rough time
    Starbright I know it sucks to feel kicked when your down, just remember we are all here for you.
    Love to all

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    Patient-Rose Guest


    Hi Everyone,

    I am back from my girls weekend. Lots of shopping, eating and we even had a win at the casino! Lots of fun except for a big drama on the last night when one of my friends who is 7 months pregnant with a very wanted child (4 years TTC and 1 miscarriage) and she woke up in the middle of the night with agonising pains in the her stomach. She thought she was going into labour and panicked big time. We took her to the hospital and thank God the baby is okay and she is not in premature labour, we were all so scared for her. Instead the doctor says she has a kidney infection. I rang her this afternoon and she is feeling much better, they have put her on antibiotics and she can go home tomorrow.

    As for me, I've had a heavy, bloated, sore stomach all weekend. It kind of feels like I've done too many sit ups or something, and I seriously look pregnant, thank goodness preggas looking tops are trendy! Sometimes though it is really painful to take a deep breath and I often feel a little nauseas and just all round yukky. I think I may have been a little overstimulated, do these sound like the results of that to anyone else? I should probabaly ring my clinic but I have been eating and sleeping well so I didn't want to appear to melodramatic, but I am worried this isn't a good environment for my embies. Four days to go 'til all is revealed.

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    Rose - being a little 'overstimulated' is a sign of pregnancy - not that I want to get your hopes up falsely -so is bloating - Sushee can tell you all about it. It seems OHSS gets worse if you are pregnant.

    As long as you don't have too much pain - the breathing difficulty you need to watch but if you are peeing and eating /drinking it should be okay but I would still give clinic a call.Goodness we pay them enough for a little reassurance and advice.

    Don't worry about it not being a good environment - embies are usually okay safe and snug - its mum you need to take of.

    Shez- thinking of you and your family's 2nd loss - hope you have some very good news for them in a few days.

    Jane & Starbright - so sorry to hear you are going through too a difficult time too.

    Nola - wonderful news from you =D>

    Meredith - thinking of you - BB is a great place to be telling all our stories and sharing our worries. Hope the op sorts it all out

    Leis- thinking of you and [-o< for your op in 10 days - positive vibes

    Goodluck to all in tww

    "~♥~ DD Charlotte Rose 1/9/04 26wks ~♥~"

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    Patient-Rose Guest


    Trish, thanks so much for you post, it made me feel much better and I rang the clinic as you suggested and they said pretty much the same things as you including keeping an eye on the breathing thing.

    Happy Valentines day everyone :smt055. As a trade off for letting DH stay home and watch the cricket he is cooking me a romantic dinner

    However I think he may redeem himself tomorrow which is my birthday. I have a feeling he has something up his sleeve!

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    I don't want to get your hopes up either, but the only symptom I got when this last cycle succeeded was the bloated, heavy feeling I got from about 11dpo.

    Are you on progesterone pessaries? Only coz I was told that the 'bloating' can be caused by the progesterone supplements. When your embryo implants, it starts producing it's own progesterone. So, in conjunction with the pessaries, your P4 levels go through the roof, and you get a 'progesterone belly'.

    As an example, P4 levels at 16 dpo are usually around 90-110, mine were 1000+! When I called my clinic to complain that I was actually having trouble breathing, eating, sleeping, they immediately suspected that I was pg!

    I came in for a BT and to check my levels, in case I was hyperstimming, as these symptoms are aggravated by being pg, and can be quite dangerous. Luckily I wasn't hyperstimming, but I was most definitely pg. Not all women get the bloating, but I know of me and Shazz (babydreams) who got this as a symptom.

    Good luck, Rose. When is your beta?



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    Patient-Rose Guest


    Hi Sushee,

    Okay you guys have got to stop getting my hopes up or DH is going to ban me from this forum I'm afraid you are talking to an eternal opptimist who every month tries really hard not to get her hopes up but damn it all those silly hopes just sneak on up there all by themselves anyway, through cramps and insomnia and every other PMT sympton known to man.... then DH was left to pick up the pieces when dear old AF arrived, and mind you she had to be in full flow for me to stop hoping. But hey, it's been four years, DH should be used to it by now! He is such a prophet of doom in comparison, we do compliment each other well. Thankfully he's a patient prophet of doom.

    I am on pregnyl injections and my last injection was on Sunday. I was a little bit bloated after my ET but nothing too major and then the first two injections didn't seem to effect me at all, but then after the Thursday injection I woke up on Friday with the bloating and pain, which was day 7. Now I'm day 12 and still feel like I've done 100 sit ups. My beta is on Friday. My period is ofificially due tomorrow which is my birthday. [-o< I'm too scared to do a pregnancy test though, so Firday is the day.

    I also started getting cramps this afternoon, they feel sadly familiar to period pain cramps so that perhaps will keep my hopes in check somewhat! :smt021

    Thanks for much for your feed back.

    By the way, shock of all horrors there is a lovely smell emanating from the kitchen, from which I have been banned, in fact I'm not allowed out of the study at this point....perhaps DH will come through with the romantic dinner after all! :hbeat:

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    Blue Sky Guest


    :happybday: for tomorrow Rose!
    Hope you get a belated BFP present on Friday!!

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    \/ Happy Birthday tomorrow Rose

    Trish and Sararms - thanks for the kind words

    I am feeling much better today although still dark with that University, the whole problem was that they ripped my comfortable delusional dream I had of studying and having babies away from me. As you would all know that isn't the best thing to have to face. As DH said, things happen for a reason.

    Meredith - how are you healing after your lap? Hope all the kitty cats are going well.

    Well DH and I had a romantic evening, we had an appointment with a financial advisor that went until 7.00pm so it was too late to get dinner anywhere on the way home as they were all booked out. We have re-scheduled valentines day to Friday which we have decided suits us better LOL

    I hope everyone else is well, I am getting worse at the personals, but promise to try harder next time as it is so close to bedtime now

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    Happy Birthday Rose!!!! :happybday:
    Do you have any plans for your birthday???

    P.S. We're almost birthday buds - mine's tomorrow!!

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    Patient-Rose Guest


    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. And happy birthday for tomorrow Didge!

    DH came through with flying colours, not only was the dinner he cooked last night a great success (he even put cancles on the table!) but my pressie this morning was a big surprise, something I'd been pestering him for last year but forgot all about it. An ipod nano - I'm stoked, have been fiddling around with it all morning.

    For all of you going through tough times at the momen, Jane, Starbright and Shez - I hope you are feeling strong today. We are all strong, brave and wonderful women to be going through what we are and we are all well deserving of a few days hiding under our doonas feeling like we never want to surface again. Somehow the human spirit prevails though and we do emerge, stronger and braver and more wondeful than ever. 8-[

    Meredith - I love hearing about your cat stories, it's so great that you are a vet. What a cool job. We are mum and dad to a VERY spoiled cat called Pheobe. She is 9 years old and a great little friend in need.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rose!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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    Hi girls xoxo
    Well I POAS this morning and got BFN but AF still not here so will not fall completely apart until BT results this afternoon [-o<
    :happybday: Rose!!

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    ann Guest


    Hi Girls, I'm back,

    Had a break from TTC and Belly Bely for a while (Yes I know I'm naughty).
    Well waiting for AF to show up to start another FET, last thursday I POAS and got a BFP (Presice) a few days later not believing it I POAS (Clear Blue), BFN, and today POAS( First Response) a faint BFP, so I went down the road to make an appointment with DR's (Couldn't get in until tomorrow) and by the time I came back 45 mins later the line had completerly vanished just a shadow where the second pink line was.


    I rang the First Response helpline and the woman said the result was inconclusive, and she is sending out another test.

    My first test I did (Presice) is still a BFP, but now I am still unsure, I am not a patient person as many of you may remember.

    Any ideas??????

    For your info:
    My cycles are 32 days, was due last Thurs 9/2
    on 28 Jan had a bit of bleeding, IVF nurse said maybe I had O'd then, but I'm still uncertain

    Luv Ann

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