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Thread: LTTTC & Assisted Conception ~ January/ February 2006

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    Bambi Guest


    Thanks Jane. Might look into it.

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    Starbright - good luck for Wednesday hunny :luck: I hope everything goes to plan.

    Sararms - I'm glad to hear your HSG was pain-free and looks good.

    Suzy - :hugs: for you ... I am so sorry to hear about your BFN's.

    Mrs Mac - how did you go at the clinic today?

    Jane - well done on losing 3kgs =D> I should follow your example LOL.

    Bambi - I know it's scary, but I think it might put your mind at rest to have a check-up from your GP or gyno. I hope everything's OK.

    Well, I'm up to CD20 on my second cycle of Clomid, and no sign that I've O'd yet ](*,) I have a referral for a CD21 blood test tomorrow, and then an appt with my gynae next Monday. DH has to have a repeat sperm analysis this week, which he's not fussed on, but it doing grudgingly. I told him to stop whinging ... at least he gets an orgasm out of his .. my HSG wasn't that much fun lol.

    I'm so disappointed that I don't seem to have ovulated this cycle. Apart from DH's swimmer problems, I really thought that the Clomid has sorted out the problems at my end, but it appears not

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    hopefully your BT finds that you're just about to O and you and DH manage to catch that little egg. Did you O on the first round of Clomid?


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    hi everyone. Congrats Skyelar and Magic!! Here's to plenty of us following in your footsteps real soon.
    Transfer for me tomorrow..wish me luck!! Does anyone know when they start thawing the snow bubs?? I am petrified I am going to get a phone call telling me none survived!! HELP!!

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    Hello ladies!!

    Mrs Mac - Not good to hear the bleeding is sill there. How did the appoiment go? Congrats on the 50 posts, I made it to 100 and didn't even notice!!

    Bambi - Try not to be scared & worried ( I know it's hard), might be best to go to the dr's and find out whats going on.

    Janee - Sorry about the dreaded call. I totally understand your feelings about where your at with the IVF decision. I don't think there is an easy answer unfortunately. Have a wonderful wedding anniversary, a bit of husband & wife time away is sometimes just perfect and helps things that haven't seemed clear, alot clearer.

    Starbright - Welcome Back!!

    Suzy - Sorry about the BFN.

    sk - Welcome, you'll find lot's of support & kindness from the lovely ladies on here.

    Hello there ~Jane~ (I like it!!) and big congrats on the 3kgs!!! So you should feel proud of yourself, you go girl!!

    Cherie - Hopefully the BT will show you have O'd It's so frustrating when we think our bodies have started functioning how we want them too & then they go back to their old ways. LOL @ "at least he gets an orgasm out of his" !!!! I believe I have used that line with my dh before!!!

    Everyone else hope you are well.

    I had a lovely weekend with my dh. It's amazing how a bit of a swim & some lovely walks can make you feel a million dollars. CD 9 for me already today, after such a short tiny af I feel like I have cheated somehow!!! Lot's of lovin for my man coming up!!!


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    Shez - depends on clinic and timing - sometimes the morning of transfer or day before - so that they get transfered on the right day - that means if they are day 3 embryos - you will be 3dp ovulation at transfer - or some clinics like to see if they divide overnight.

    How many snowbubs do you have ?

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    Wow ~Jane~ losing 3kg is great!! Congratulations. Can you send some of that weight loss stuff to me too??? I have been trying the weight loss thing again (gym, food diary etc) and just seem to be stuck on EXACTLY the same weight. DH says my muscle mass is increasing and not to worry so it is off the the gym today to get measured. Here's hoping something has changed

    CD 10 so the OPK is in use to see what is happening with my poor confused body. Here's hoping.

    Good luck to everyone. One day I'll get better at the personals but I swear I have pg head without the pg!!

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    Hey Trish.. thanks for the reply.. BTW I love watching your ticker move along in PG LTTC!! I have 5 snowies and the transfer is tomorrow afternoon. DH doesn't know if he will be able to make it before I go in so I'm scared if none thaw and they tell me when I get there that I will be by myself!!

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    Shezbelle - Hope everything goes wonderfully tomorrow.

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    starbright Guest


    Thanks Guys... I am going to need it tomorrow!

    Shezabelle, I always had a feeling you and I were going to go round the same time again! We both had our cycles cancelled pretty much the same time and not tomorrow we both have our transfers! Wishing you all the luck in the world!! Hope we both have some great news in a couple of weeks!

    Ladies, I need to vent... I really shouldn't be getting so worked up the day before transfer BUT my brotherinlaw called me today and told me if I was ready to be an Aunt again! His wife is pregnant!! They just started trying!! I was sooo happy for them...UNTIL they said, cmon we have to go together!! We want out kids to grow up together!! Your turn is just around the corner!! I can not tell you how this broke my heart!! Are people really this insensitive!?!?!?!!? They have known what I have been going through for over 3 years and it's like they choose to be ignorant!!

    To top it off, I had my 2 sisterinlaws and motherinlaw ringing me to know if i'm ok!!! can you believe that!! Of course I told them I was happy as I wouldn't want them to think I have ill feelings toward her cause I don't.. I just think they could have handled it better.

    I haven't stopped crying..still am actually... I just don't know if I can handle another let down... ESPECIALLY NOW!!

    My DH just does not understand and I need to calm down... but what if this cycle doesn't work?? I want to stay positive but I am scared. I want to pretend tomorrow isn't a big deal but how?

    Anyway, I need to get some rest.... and with all your blessings.. tomorrow is the new beginning I have longed for... fingers crossed!


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    Goodluck Starbright - it can be so hard - maybe he was trying to be 'encouraging' but is clueless about being sensitive doing it.

    The SIL /mother too - they might think you have a problem and want to check how your are. Sometimes people mean well but it makes things worse.
    It hurts yes and we are here for you to vent anytime.

    Do they actually know how close you are to FET ?

    Cross the bridge when you come to it and take each day as it comes the next 2 ww will be very difficult as it is with all the recent events in the picture. Be positive and say a positive mantra .

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    Blue Sky Guest


    Starbright - I hope all goes well tomorrow. I suggest that you take a big breath and try to relax (easier said than done I know!).
    It might pay to cut your family some slack - they haven't walked in your shoes and would not know how hard it is for you, although it sounds as though they have tried their best to be understanding and supportive. They perhaps just dont know exactly how. I have had my own mother make insensitive comments, believe me I know it hurts (eg. "I just had to look at a guy & I fell pg", and "you didnt get your problems from me" and other such pearlers.) But deep down I know that she was trying - she just doesnt know what to say or how to say it. To me it sounded as though your BIL was trying to buck you up.
    Fingers crossed that it does work out sweetie. Your turn IS around the corner petal, lets just hope that tomorrow is your corner!

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    sararms Guest


    Hello ladies

    Well to add insult to injury Dr tells me uterus looks fine on HSG but fallopian tubes have a blockage!! that knocked me sideways. I absolutely didn't expect that. It means pregnancy naturally will probably never happen combined with hubby's problem.

    Doc says it has absolutely no impact on the success of the IVF which I suppose is good news but I arrogantly walked around for the last 9 months thinking the burden was with my husband.

    Firt jab March the second then! so Im concentrating on getting my mind and body ready to go for it, because I'm honestly not sure I'll be doing it again.

    Sorry for the auto-rant but I'll be back to do personals when I've calmed down and can be positive!! Rrraaaaaagh!!!

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    starbright Guest


    Baby~amore` & Blue Sky, this particular BIL & SIL have always been in competition with DH and me. For the last few years they have said and done some stuff to offend us. She of all people should know how sensitive this whole infertility is as she has ENDO and a lap a month after my 2nd one. They never told us they have been trying for months, I guess if they did I could have been abit more prepared. As you can tell we are are not close to tweedledee and tweedledum.

    The whole family knew about our last cycle and we found noone supported and comforted us so we haven't told them about todays. We would much prefer to do things that is going to make us happy this time round and if theres great news...we will tell them after 3 months.

    sararms, get it all out of your system! It is unfortunate that there is blockage but I have known someone that had it with one missing ovary and she still fell pregnant so try and stay positive..

    Yes, I know I should practice what I preach! lol

    Feeling much better today, especially watching a clip called "empty arms" Leis had put up. It was like years and years of holding back tears all came out last night. I cried so hard I thought I was going to throw up. It was right on the mark in every way.

    I am now ready for what God brings my way!


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    oh Ladies I sorry to hear a few of you are having a tough time at the moment - I just wanted to encourage you to stick to those that understand the situation and the related all your friends in here. People have the best intentions and they just dont realise. My girlfriend fell pregnant within 4 weeks of coming off the pill and she means well when she tells me I will love being a mum and how wonderful it is bla bla bla......she knows how long we've been ttc and about my probs.....I just feel like slapping her sometimes.....she woudn't even know what CM is or BBT.

    I'd like to share something with you that I read the other day about how your conscious mind makes up 12% of your brain and your subconscious makes up 88%...this is why some say it makes sense to tell yourself poitive things all the time ('pray') so that your body believes in what you are telling it (I will o, the IUI will take and the sperms will fertilise the ovum).....….one article read 'because trying to conceive can be stressful and highly emotional, if you can at least stop yourself from being self critical then that is one less stress to cope with. Be good to yourself. Nurture yourself, just as you are preparing to nurture another.
    And remember the mind is a powerful tool and it can be used to create a positive fertile space within you ...'

    Its helped and reminded me to try and stay more positive. Worth a try I guess.

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    Starbright - I have a friend who does a similar thing. The four of us plan to go on an overseas holiday next year and when we get back is when they will start ttc. She has said to me and you can be pg then and our children will grow up together!! Yeah, that is how it is going to happen, I just put my order in. Have you not been around for the last 5 years!!! It's funny because she can be so supportive sometimes & then come out with comments like that. What can we do do? All we can do is pick ourselves up when these things get us down and move on to the next day with positive thoughts & hope that our babies will be in our arms very soon. Empty Arms was just beautiful, I am glad you had a cry. Really wish some tears had of fallen for me. I just won't let myself cry about the big stuff in my life but I'll cry about stupid things like dh not picking up his dirty clothes off the floor (mind you this is when my hormones are running crazy!!!).

    Sk - that is true about the concious & subconcious. We have to stay positive as in the long run it will help!!

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    Hi Girls....Wow so much has been said since last time I was on. Didn't get a chance to jump on yesterday so bare with me......

    Cherie - Hi there....the clinic went okay...i'll let you know down a bit further in this post....hope you're doing well...LOL at hubby getting an orgasm. I might use this on mine next time.

    Jane - Wow.....3kgs. Thats fantastic. Last year I lost 16kg, but since I've been on the clomid i've stacked on 10kg in the last few months. Not Happy Jan(e). I just have to keep trying to get it all to come off again. Easier said than done though hey....

    Sushee -'s things going with you...

    Shez - I have everything possible crossed for you today. Good luck and preying you've got a sticka....

    lil_chookie - I'll explain about the appointment below and congrats to you on your 100th post....good luck with catching that eggie.....

    Suzy - How are you going...i've been thinking about you. Hope you are okay.....

    Michelle - whats going on with you. It must be getting close to start DTD....DH is right in that you may not be showing a weight loss on the scales due to muscle mass increasing. My little tip is to take measurements once a week and even if the scales show no change, the measurements should because even though muscle weighs more than fat, it takes up less room so you should be shrinking.....fingers crossed...

    Starbright - i know exactly how you feel re your BIL. My brother and SIL did the same to me except none of us have any kids and they know that we've been trying for 4 years and everything else and they just came out with a 'guess what you're going to be an aunty'. Trust me, it takes a long time to come to terms with it. They are about 17 or so weeks now and she is just starting to show and i still can't handle seeing them as it's a constant reminder, so i have just tried to stay away from them as much as possible so i can get my head around it. Plus i've stopped telling my family where i am at and whats going on. Just 2 close friends, so i have at least someone to talk to (other than all you girls in here though) I know they are trying to understand what i'm going through, but it's hard coz they aren't going through it. I'm starting to be okay with it now, but it's going to take a long time before i can be there for them like they want me to. But at the moment i need to concentrate on me. Good luck for today. I'll be thinking about you......

    Sararms - if it's not one thing it's another hey....i'm so sorry to hear about the blockage. I guess that this is one reason that they invented IVF in the first place. Keep your chin up. It's not all over yet.....

    sk - Welcome ...... this will be interesting when it comes to personals, as we are both Shan.LOL...I'll stick to sk if you don't mind. I get confused enough as it is...You are so right about your conscious and subconscious thoughts and thats why this forum is so wonderful because no matter how bad or down you feel, you can simply vent your frustrations, get them out of your system and have all the wonderful ladies come back to you with such positive thoughts. I'd be lost now without BB....

    Everyone else - hello to you all...xoxoxox

    Me - Wow i've written a novel already. Well the appointment was a bit suprising. I went in expecting to have to get a D&C or something, but it turns out that the bleeding (which by the way had nearly gone until they did the internal) was due to a cyst on my ovary, which has in turn gone away by itself (thank god) and that the heavier bleeding that started on the 18th Jan was actually an early period (last cycle only ended up being 23 days).

    So now i am on CD15. I had a 15mm follie on Monday so should be due to ovulate any day now. Have some OPK's. Yesterday there was no line, but this morning a really feint line, so it could happen really soon. I'll do another one this arvo.....

    The girls at the clinic think that it could be a dud round because i haven't had any clomid and my lining is really thick that they don't think it could sustain a pg...., but i figure that if there's a follie there, then it's worth a shot. They are looking at putting me on Metformin due to the clomid affecting my weight, so that will be interesting.....i'll find out today if they want me to take it.

    I have to go and have a BETA done on the 15th (unless AF arrives before that) and if it's positive, then YAY for me, but if it's negative then they will bring on AF and get me going on Clomid once again so that they know exactly where i am within my cycle...

    If anyone could give me any info on Metformin, that would be great.

    Thats about the extent of it anyway....hope you are all having a good day.

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    janee Guest


    OK, I'm going to try personals goes....

    Cherie - hope things are going well for you

    Jane - I think people somtimes get us mixed up, but well done on the weight loss.... I've been on holidays and I think I may need to go on a diet too now.

    sushee - hope all is well with you. Did your clan go back to school today aswell?

    Shez - good luck. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Lil chookie, Michelle, Starbright, Suzy, Sararms, sk, Tam and Mrs Mac and Baby amore, and anyone else Ive forgotten, hope you are all OK.

    My DS went back to school today, yr 1..he was fine, I came home and cried. I guess it really hit me that he's growing up so fast....and still being on holidays, I think the empty nest syndrome hit me... I had hoped there would be another baby to take care of by now, but of course there isn't....

    Advice please, Perth girls..... any of you been to a naturopath or Chinese herbalist. DH and I are thinking of doing it, as well as the traditional stuff...just don't know.... can you recommend anyone. I rang one lady, and she wanted to start pushing vitamin supplements on us without even seeing her, put me off a bit!

    Anyway, hope are all having a good day.



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