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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait - March/April 09

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    Jan 2005

    Kittycat, I do think your concern has some ground, prog peaks at Day21 and 23 is not high at all. I remember when I first start seeing Acupuncturist and she asked me to test D21 prog, mine was 30 and she said its on the lower side. Also early AF is a sign of lack of prog support for luteral phase. Definitely check with your FS and don't give up. Best of luck!

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    Aug 2008
    sunny Cairns

    5th IUI, looks like BFN (again)

    thanks Cuddlepie.

    i do believe that i have a problem with my progesterone. i have also heard my FS talk about the luteal phase and length, yet he still won't give me anymore drugs.
    when i asked the nurse who was organising the IUI he told her that too much progestone can also be a contraceptive........what the????

    i think if i do get my AF early, as i feel like i am...i am going to loose my cool a bit and go a bit POSTAL!!!! at the FS office. i think the problem is because i have had a DD naturally that he dosen't see i have that much of a problem. well i am coming up to 3 years of TTC. that's definatly a problem too me.


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    Thumbs down Woe is me

    Well girls I am definitely out, AF arrived today. I knew I wasn't pregnant as I only had a few of the symptoms that I had with my last FET (that turned out to be chemical pregnancy) No sore bbs or anything like that just a whole lot of cramping (different to AF). I had the same old cramping and back pain I get with AF over the last day and now I don't see any point in going for a bt as I know what the answer is thats why I never bothered to POAS either. I have been obsessing over lack of symptoms for days now and although its been distracting I just feel ****ed off about the whole thing (so understand about the going POSTAL bit Kittykat!). This is my 2nd FET and 3rd transfer ? if there is nothing wrong with me and the embryos were grade 1 why didn't they take? Sorry to be so "why me?" but I know you gals will understand, and I certainly understand that most of you have been through a lot more than me.

    I am worried about doing another stim cycle because of my MS, the neurologist I see wasn't keen for me to do another stim cycle because he thinks it will make my MS symptoms worse. But what other choice do I have? If I do what are the odds of putting in 2 embryos vs just 1?

    Do you think I should pursue tests regarding failing to implant? I have a family history of autoimmune (my Mum had Rheumatoid arthritis and I have an Aunt with Lupus) and I have been reading that this can sometimes cause issues.

    Anyhow hope the rest of you are well.


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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    So SORRY Buggirl that this month wasnt your turn - its so frustrating isnt it. But hang in there and you will get there soon. Sounds like you need some answers and getting some tests done sounds like a good idea if you can.
    Thinking of you and all the best for down the track.

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    Apr 2009

    Buggirl and Pollyanna - I'm sorry about the BFN's. I was also BFN this month. I've cheered up a bit already and I've started an antagonist cycle (back to back stim cycles)

    Buggirl - I agree with you - the whole immune system issue is an area I don't think they really understand but it seems to be important. I have a lot of immune related disease in my family too (pernicious anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes ... the list goes on). You can't help wondering if its connected. I get good egg numbers, good fertilisation rates, good grade embryos/blastocysts and then nothing.

    Laniwantsababy - That is such great news. It helps give me inspiration to keep trying.

    Also - a big thanks to everyone. You really helped me get through the disappointment last week and it is really nice being able to talk to people who actually understand.

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    Aug 2008
    sunny Cairns

    buggirl, i totally feel the same as you. i don't know what to do next. i find it hard to accept that there is nothing that can be done. my FS never asks me to do any further testing, and i have good embryos/ no frag and then nothing.

    my FS seems to feel it will happen, but he dosen't feel my impatience. (just turned 36!)
    he knows i have had a daugther naturally, and so he just dosen't seem to give me all the necessary drugs that everyone else uses each month.
    i have problems ovulating, and i do believe i need to follow on with prog support.

    how do you tell the doc's and nurses how to do there job? they should be the one's advising and giving us all the options.
    as i am in cairns i have no other options in the way of FS.
    i do need to be stronger with him and tell him what i want to try....

    asm now. i have had AF symptoms since monday (CD20). my AF is never later then 26, usually starting around 23-24. i have had a DD and never experienced what they call implantaion pains. so i am just waiting for AF to come so i can get on with another new cycle.


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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Bridget - so sorry to hear AF arrived Hope you can move forward soon

    Kitty- Same with you, I really hope AF arrives for you soon so you can move onto the next stage. Its funny how we all know our bodies so well. Geez you have short cycles mine are more like 35.

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    barney Guest

    thinking of you all and hope to see you all getting your bfp very soon
    to thoses who did not get your bfp im very sorry

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    Jan 2008

    bugirl:so sorry BFN, big hugs 4 u
    bridget: big hugs 4 u too, nasty af. x
    kittycat: hope you get answers soon

    big hugs for all in TWW, pray for some BFP in here soon. your time will come. xx

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    buggirl- so sorry...and it's OK to be 'why me', I certainly feel that way about the things I have been through and the fact I am still not pregnant. It's understandable and I am really sorry it didnt happen for you this time

    kittykat, sorry it looks like AF is going to arrive for you also. I pray you can have success very soon

    afm- well, I too am waiting for AF. By my calculations I am now 14dpo, still negative HPT
    and DH and I still wrestling with whether to immediately resume IVF, or try naturally for another cycle. I think I am ready to be a bit more proactive than that, given my situation.

    good luck to the others in here waiting

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    Oct 2008
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    Hi girls,
    just had a read through to catch up where you all are. We do always think of you in here, even though our lives have taken a different turn at this point and there is so much more to worry about now being pregnant, than when we were just trying. Some of you will remember me from being in here a couple of months back. I just wanted to say, I know your pain and frustration.

    I also know the giving up and consoling with a block of chocolate (ok, 2!) when I thought AF was arriving and I turned out pregnant, so don't give up hope, do your POAS and bloods, you just never know. We only know our bodies so well, but with all these drugs, they trick us sometimes.

    Kittycat, I'm really feeling for you and wish you could find a way through with Dr Bob without having to lose your cool. Totally understandable, I'm really surprised about the lack of support you are getting (in terms of drugs that you want). My friend's cycle was 42 days and he got her on drugs to sort that out and she got preg straight away no extra help. IVF and IUI is a relatively young science and they don't have all the answers yet, so try everything. Goodluck.

    Just so you don't envy the pg girls too much, oh dear, it's not all beer and skittles. I don't even know form one second to the next whether I am still pregnant or not and tests are few and far between. Noone likes morning sickness, but at least it is some ways comforting to know you are sick for a reason. I went cold turkey off all the supports last week and now there is no swollen bbs or anything from pessaries or other drugs and I'm losing weight. At least I stil have an insatiable appetite that this tapeworm gives me!

    All the best and thinking of you and all your trials. Hope you have answers and can move forward soon.

    BTW, Congratulations to the girls who have their BFPs. fantastic news and look forward to meeting you in the other thread when you are ready.

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    Murph- thanks for dropping in. I know how stressful being pregnant is also, having been through stressful first trimester stages, and that anxious time of the 12WW!.... nevertheless...i want to get back there so much! I really hope all is progressing along OK for you.

    kittykat- just wanted to add, that you may have read my other thread where i have been diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome...an autoimmune problem. Farmgirl also has this, and they found it to be the reason why her embryos weren't implanting. For me , it is the reason for my losses. Dont be shy when it comes to asking about tests. I truly wish I had been screened when we first began IVF....i would be pregnant now if that had happened.

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    Apr 2008

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sooo saorry i have been MIA - felt i was coping better when just lurking!

    Buggirl and polyanna - so sorry your out this month, i think chocolate is definately the way to go!!! Take care.

    Loops hope your coping and not going to insane!

    Hello to everyone in the insane 2WW!!

    Well AFM.... I'm (if ovulation is EPU?) then i'm 13dpo and (if transfer is day 1?) i'm 9days post day5 transfer...... I'm so bad and POAS this am and there is def a faint 2nd line within 5min ... oh my god do you think this might be it - i have never had a second line before in my life.... i have had no symptoms all along except last 2 days increased clear watery cm, intermittent cramping and last night noticed my BB are sore if i pinch them! DH is annoyed i tested and is trying not to get to excited and so am i!Thanks for listening!


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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    Bella- oh goodness...that's exciting!! i have my fingers crossed for you

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Smithy - Thanks for dropping in and your wishes. Hope everything is going well for you

    JBM - thanks for your support. Hope to see you back in here soon

    Possums - GL with everything. I hope AF isnt coming. Its hard isnt it, we can't really afford to go into IVF right now if this IUI doesnt work. So I just praying so hard that it has worked. Thinking of you.

    Murph - thanks for popping in. Hope everything continues to go well with your pregnancy

    Bella- I really hope this is it for you. Sound promising, I will have my fingers firmly crossed for you.

    AFM - Im at 9dpo and have had a few interesting things happening. But not getting my hopes up in case it is the hormones again. Ive had a lot more kind of stomach pains this time around, Ive had weird pimples on my legs (very strange), still have sore BB's and fair bit of muceous. I just hope AF isnt arriving early but who really knows. Have to hang in there until BT I suppose on the 16th. It really is TWW madness.

    Hope everyone else is coping ok in here
    My thoughts are with everyone xo

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    Mar 2009

    Howdy all,

    Welcome to all the newies! Congrats to the Lani! Yey - great Easter Bunny present!

    The POAS debate is an interesting one - sounds good Bella - I always POAS as I couldn't stand to find out the dreaded news on the phone - especially receiving the call at work...and especially since I never get AF before beta test so would always be thinking if it worked - atleast a POAS warns me/prepares me!!! I buy them off ebay - nice and cheap and reliable! And it is always in the back of my mind that a faint positive could be from the trigger - mind you yet to see one yet!

    So my update - got a BFN negative on Friday and am still waiting for AF to come properly - so weird as normally it comes with vengence and is full on - not sure why it isn't coming properly and basically not at all! And not much crinone coming out - maybe I'm blocked up!!! So no natural FET this month as cycle all over place - bring on May

    Good luck to others in 2ww and those who are cycling!

    Happy Easter - may it bring lots of 'buns' in ovens and lots of 'eggs'!

    P.S - Not sure which thread it was - can't keep track! - but someone asked me how FS was monitoring diminished ovarian reserve?? It is done through blood tests at ovulation time. I've had two tests so far in 12 months to monitor it - it is low but not critically low yet. Antagonist cyle way to go though - I have 5 days on clomid then 10 or more days on gonal at 375ml and then 3 antagonist shots/ one trigger then pick up! Always average 10 eggs at pick up and normally 6 fertilise through ICSI and transfer two and 4 normally make it to freeze!!

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    Aug 2008
    sunny Cairns

    Happy Easter, LEt's hope it really is a GOOD FRIday!!! for some of us....

    pollyanna75..hope you get your proper AF soon. there's nothing worse then waiting for it to come, when most of the time you don't want it to show!

    Loops12...good luck with your TWW. Your symptoms look promising, but it is hard to know when you are on all the diferent drugs. GL for the 16th!!

    Possums..Thanks for the advice. I spoke to the nurse yesterday and told her my concerns. I am getting a list together of all my concerns and problems!! (it's long!!)
    I think there is something going on that we don't know about, and wish like you that we had found it years ago.

    bella55...GL with your faint line. I am holding off until sunday to do mine! i have a rule that i only use my first morning's pee, and i am usually busting and forget. So that get's me out of doing it early..hahaha i have had 1 second line in my life, 2004. DD i now realise was a total miracle. i think i did 10 test's before i would believe it then (TTC 2yrs then)

    Murph01..good to hear from you, and to know it's all going well. i do think the support is great at BOB's place, don't get me wrong. But when you have secondary fertility you seem to get put into a different group. i had fertility problems with my daugther, and concieved her nat after 2 yrs and 1 xlap for endo. this timeis so much worse and i just don't fell like bob wants to try everything. i will just start hounding him, he might just get sick of me and want me to be UTD!!!! thanks for the support.

    Buggirl..so sorry that you are out this month.

    ASF..well i have had AF back and stomach cramps since monday! yes 5 days and nothing. not even a spot! (Sorry TMI) so the nurse yesterday said to hang in over the weekend. if AF does show i will be back on the drugs for another try next cycle. if nothing shows by sunday i am using my only POAS!!!
    sorry if i missed anyone out!!

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    Thanks Kittycat and other friends in here

    Ive had a bit of a teary today as even though AF hasnt arrived it feels as though she now just around the corner. But this afternoon Im trying to think positively because I still have a few days to go before test time and am now hoping maybe its pg pains. Although I have a head ache too and that is generally not a good sign for me. Any idea's if it is too early for pg to register yet - im at CD20 and 10dpo?

    GL to everyone and Happy Easter.

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