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Thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread Jan/Feb 2008

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    Ems, my thoughts are with you … all sounds way too familiar!

    I have a weird question … we had our transfer on sat so we are 5 days post transfer and I had my 3rd pregnal this morning and have absolutely no symptom what so ever except for my bowel movements … they are getting looser by the day.. hehe weird. Is it a symptom of the pregnal or could it be (dare I say) a pregnancy??? I always thought you became constipated….

    7 more days till D-DAY!

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    waiting1 Guest

    Default Emma 83

    Oh NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry lovely !
    I dont think I read your posts properly - when you said you were venting I thought you were just having a hard time Ididn't realise that ridiculous AF was coming. Stupid thing. I hope you are ok. I so wanted this to be a BFP for you !
    None of this seems right or fair to be honest. Im in a fouly today and your news that AF arrived made it worse. It will be our time soon. Don't worry !
    I dont think Im pregnant either. I just feel like I am sick in teh stomach.. and I did poas today -nothing. Im 8dpo today so I think I can still logically say its too early - but where is that damn second line. I feel so hung today. there was a day I could drink 10 glasses of wine no problem but I felt drunk after 4. We were at a beautiful french restaurant so the food was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful but boy did I have a headache when I went to go to sleep. I also had some sort of digestive that tasted like petrol. hope my potentially growing embbie liked that. It was from 1972 the year of my birth so I felt it needed to be consumed. Oh well at least if its BFN I haven't changed my whole life around for another negative. I just wish that my tummy would stop feeling empty and sick. my bbs are no different. Maybe Im just hung over but Ive had this for a few days.
    Who knows. Im sick of it and cranky x

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    Default Waiting1

    Hi love,
    That's OK mate, to be perfectly honest I really didn't feel like going into anything in too much detail yesterday. Everytime I thought too much about it I'd end up crying.
    Called the clinic this afternoon to explain that I didn't go in for my PG blood test this morning because AF had arrived and that I ws ready to go again with the Clomid tomorrow and they told me I had to come in for a blood test if I wanted to resume Clomid as apparently they can't give the go ahead until they have a negative blood test in front of them - I didn't realize that, so headed down an hour ago to have that sorted.

    Please don't lose hope yet, it is unlikely a PG would show up yet - besides, I thought you promised not to test until 10DPO? Sneaky! Not that I can talk, I have been known to test 3 times in one day. ha ha! I have made myself a promise not to test again unless I am 12dpo. We'll see how we go with that one

    Well I'm off to start on dinner. Hope you have a great night, and more for you!


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    RH76 Guest

    Default Nasty SIL

    Hi all,

    Sorry for being MIA, and heaps of apologies for not catching up with the thread yet, but I am so upset and fuming and don't know where else to let it out.

    I'm still in the TWW, Friday is BT, fingers crossed but not feeling terribly hopeful. Anyway, I've had some terrible news, my parents live OS and my dad's been taken really seriously ill. I am so worried and devastated. I'm flying over this weekend going to see him. Fingers crossed.

    On top of this my nasty SIL has just sent me a very rude sms, not even going into it. She's such a nasty piece of work. I cannot stand her. Rant over. Sorry.

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    RH76 Guest


    Emma83 - I am so sorry about your BFN. It does sound all too familiar. I really am so sorry. It is really crap. REALLY CRAP. :hugs: I hope you are feeling a bit better now and are drinking some seriously good wine.

    W1 - Don't worry about the wine, you're not the only one who has a few glasses in the TWW! It's such a stressful time and I agree that it's probably better to relax with a few glasses than deprive yourself and feel totally crap.

    To everyone else - welcome to the TWW, that it goes quickly for you all.

    For the record, I don't feel pg either. What is going on this month???? Going to bed early to watch some mindless tv.


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    hi all you wonderful ladies...
    have not been active for past few days as nothing was really happening. after my previous FET cycle was cancelled due to poor lining, i have been maintaining a low profile.
    As of today, i have started my progestrone tablets (inserting) and Gestone inj (to be taken today in the evening). At the same time, my Progynova (Estrogen tablet) continues.. (I thought Progynova would end once Progestrone starts :-)

    Also, I was given to understand that i would require to take 3 more Gestone injection during the course of the cycle. Anyone who has taken Gestone injection during their FET cycle ??

    I am yet to get an exact date of ET. Normally, how many days after one starts the Progestrone tablets will be the ET? Today is my 15th day into the cycle. It would be nice to know approx on what day of your cycle was the ET.

    Sorry, tooo many queries.. but would really appreciate replies..

    Good luck and God Bless all

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    farmgirl - Ive charted and temped since I started TTC, didnt temp this month but still keeping track of medication and symptoms - Im a sucker for punishment.
    emma- We pretty much do the same thing, if people ask us about baby stuff, I ask them do they really want to know! The ones that care say yes and others have said no lol, so we only tell those that actually care. I hate hiding it from people, it's a part of who I am at the moment, whether I like it or not.
    RH - Hope you are okay hon, my thoughts are with your family xxx

    A new symptom to join the rest of you - ridiculously sore (.)(.)

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    Hello all - this time from overcast central vic - did not quiet make it all the way to Melb yet . Am staying the next 5 nites away from home so have my little esky with crinone in it so it makes it to melb in ok condition (I am begining to hate that esky). Staying with SIL so will have to explain why putting stuff in her fridge tonight. They know we are doing IVF but not where we are up to in the cycle, but as she is a nurse, I'm guessing she will figure it out so am preparing the subsequent conversation in my head. She and her DH have been good, but their first dd who is 19 months is still recovering from cancer (although there is still a little tumer which they are trying to work out what it is) so i struggle to know how much to share with them as I figure they have enough on their plates without us adding to it.

    emma83 - bugger! it's not fair. and for this new cycle. I second the idea of some good wine.

    RH76 - sorry to hear about your dad being sick. i hope that good luck comes in threes for you - a BFP, your dad on the improve once you get there, and your SIL having a mobile inserted where the sun dont shine .

    wannababy - sorry I cant help you either with your questions - good luck though

    waiting1 - finger crossed that feeling like crap does not last for long, unless it is replaced with morning sickness. I'm feeling hungry all the time too, and wonder if it is just a side effect of something?

    to everyone - for this cycle or the next.

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    waiting1 Guest


    Hi All

    Farmgirl hopefully the 5 days away will make the waiting a bit easier. It can't be a side effect for me as I have had 2 compeltely natural unmedicated cycles.... maybe its my fat cells mutiplying instead.

    Salt everything you say is logical - but i hate this ! I think your signs are much more positive. No way at 3dpo its your AF. These are pregnancy signs hon !

    Ems - are you still around love after AF? Keep us up to date on your next try !!!

    Bubwishes - sorry, Im doing a natural one and I feel very churny in the tummy but I cant assist you with anything helpful.

    RH76 - I'm so sorry to hear that your dad is sick too ! I hope everything is ok ! Our thoughts are sooo with you !!!

    Wannababy - best of luck with this cycle !

    Bec - Sore bbs are a good sign too. I wish my bbs were sore ! When I had my stim cycle and my only fresh one - I know how my boobs felt quite large and firm - and I am ASSUMING that is how they will be when I am actually preg. But I haven't felt that since ! whcih worries me.

    As for whinging me.....

    My other 2ww's didn't seem to take this long. Im 9dpo and dont feel pregnant which really upsets me. i know the whole positive thoughts thing is what is required here but I just want to know what those cells are doing in there and if they are implanting why I am not feeling anything that signals the fact to me..... Today I just feel like if this isn't it can I keep doing this agonising wait......surely having a baby shouldnt be this hard ! Anyway back to work. sorry to put my MOOD onto all of you. DH has gone away for a couple of days for work whcih may just in fact save our relationship and this 2ww I am being a right royal pain in the behind. I can feel myself being narky and awful but can't stop it. I feel like if Im negative about this FET it will make a BFN easier - but it really doesn't does it.
    Hope you are all doing better then me....

    and just to tell you I was going to test (poas) again on weekend - but no point - if its BFN that is what it is and given AF always arrives before BT which is on 31 so around 28 29 it should come if its coming ahhh that is 5 more agonising days.... sorry about this whine.... just cranky....

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    Hi ladies,

    sorry it has been almost a week since last checked in, my DH took me away for a little break so I wouldn't sit at home and worry about every little cramp and niggle.
    He is a great guy.

    RH76....Well not long now, tomorrow is our big day. This TWW is even more painful than all the injections. Best wishes to you. Hope it is a big fat postive.... I hope that your dad is on the mend, I am sorry to hear that he is unwell.

    Salprincess: I too feel crampy and have a sore back but that could also be a good sign. Crinone can make you feel crampy, but also they are early signs of a bub taking hold not just an AF..

    I know that it can be hard to remain positive and everyday I find myself going to the bathroom to see if AF has arrived. This IVF makes you do and say silly things..I blame it on all the hormones!!!!!

    Farmgirl, I too had my crinone in an esky while we were camping over the past few days. Have crinone will travel...

    Wannababy, sorry I can't help with your queries.

    This is my 5th cycle and I am trying to remain positive that when the clinic calls tomorrow after the blood test it will be BTP... Then I will have the nervous first trimester wait as I have had 2 miscarriages.... 3rd time lucky...

    Best wishes to everyone...

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    babydreams I am so nervous for you BUT if you got to BT date then it looks good for you ! I have never made it to a BT date. I am sick of waiting. I seem to be obsessing more tonight with DH away as he is not here to roll his eyes at some of my ridiculousness.......

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    Hi There Farmgirl77,

    Yes it is very hard when my partner is away most of the time. But he has gone for two job interviews and I am hoping and wishing he wins one so that he will back here home with me. It's been 3 years he has been in this job and he enjoys it. But we aren't young anymore and he is realising this.

    Anyway today was a really bad day, I couldn't stop eating, not sure what's going on. No sore boobs or sore back, feel bloated, I look 5 months pregnant. I caught a glimpse in the mirror at work and I thought OH MY GOD...I really need to go on a diet ASAP. So starting Gym on Monday, just light weights nothing to strenuous as you never know what's happening inside. So next week is my 2nd week TTW. I am due on the 1st Feb. I hope AF doesn't arrive. If it doesn't there is always next month.

    I hope everythings works out in Melbourne.

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    RH76 Guest


    Hi everyone,

    Finally, the last night of the TWW. Babydreams, how are you doing? Good luck for tomorrow!

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for my dad. I am still shocked about what has happened and am not hungry at all, and am shaking quite a lot. I'd already be over there if it wasn't for the BT tomorrow. Can't wait to fly out on Sat. I've hardly slept at all, so of course am getting cranky at DH. Poor DH, he does have to put up with a lot.

    I don't feel pg at all, I've had a bit of cramping but I think that's just a sign of AF on her way. But, at least like some people have said, if it's another BFN, it's one step closer to trying again. On that note, how long should you leave it between cycles? DH wants to start this all over again asap, but I think I should give my body a break for a month. I've always had a break before, but we've been at this for over 3 years, and are desperate for a baby! Familiar, hey?!

    CG66 - try not to over do it at the gym! I'm sure you look great. I hope you get a BFP soon and a few extra kilos is the most that you ever have to worry about. The main thing is to be healthy and happy. Good luck for your DH in his job search

    Waiting1 - I know exactly how you feel, preparing yourself for a BFN so if it does happen, it will soften the blow. Been there, done that (am actually doing it myself now!), but the horrid thing is, it never does soften the blow does it? It feels like you've been run over by a large semi trailer and one of the wheels is still crushing you, in the heart. that's how I always feel. Anyway, positive thoughts and all that! How's the movie watching going? Watched anything else this week?

    Saltprincess - hang on in there, early days. But you are entitled to feel grumpy, it's crap what we all have to go through.

    Farmgirl - loved the comment about my sister in law and a mobile phone! you are so right, she's a bad tempered bully, who has been left to get away with it for far too long. I'm ignoring her, but it still upsets me. I'm so sorry to hear about your niece, terrible. I hope she pulls through. I'm sure your SIL will understand if you want to talk to her about ivf. sometimes talking to others about their problems helps take our mind off ours, IYKWIM! It might help her to chat about your problems? Ask her if she wants to talk about it, you never know, she might be glad of it.

    BecD - your symptoms sound very promising! YAY! I also charted like crazy but not this cycle. I like your comments about other people! I'm amazed that people even say 'no'!

    Wannababy - I'm sorry but I don't have any answers for you. Good luck!

    Emma83 - I hope you're OK.

    Bubwishes - you don't necessarily get symptoms, so don't worry too much about that. Keep positive

    I hope I haven't missed anyone. Thanks again to all of you for your support about my dad. It really means a lot.

    One more sleep to go - that's if I can sleep tonight. I'm am sooo nervous, please, please, please let it be a bfp.

    to all.


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    waiting1 Guest


    Rh76 no movie watching this week just been working hard to take my mind off it but tonight the cramps are really bad like I want to be sick but not close to vomitting. Wierd - i bet its something going wrong.
    I just wanted to say about how long to leave it - provided you ovulate and have some frozen you dont have to - Ive done one each month for the last 3 that is one fresh and this is my second frozen... once af comes the body virtually recovers. It might take a little longer to ovulate (mine did as my ovaries were so sore after the 26 follicles) ie normally i o on day 14 or 15 but didn't until day 20 or 21 after stim cycle.
    All depends on your body and how regular you are and how sore you are is what my FS says. Im currently on unmedicated fets so its just like trying naturally.

    Ohh I feel awful these cramps are hurting. Quick cup of tea then to bed I think.

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    RH76 Guest


    Waiting1 - Thanks for the advice on cycles. This time they had to change an ICSI to IUI as I only had 2 or maybe 3 follies. So I didn't have the OPU, so I can probably go straight onto another cycle. This one was a flare cycle and obviously my body did not respond well, so maybe FS will put me back onto the down-reg.

    I'm sorry that you're feeling so sick. I hope you got a good nights sleep. Try to stay positive, maybe it's your little embie growing! you never know.

    I am so nervous about today, the worst is waiting for the dreaded phone call. At least I'll be busy, I have a shopping list of things to pick up for my trip to see my parents.


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    Hello and good morning to all,
    Can only do a quick post this morning - and then I'll be off line till Tues - as we are in Melb and I'll be away from a 'puter.

    Am feeling very normal this morning - apart from the fact that i'm drinking decaf! Spent a great evening with my niece - she is very sweet and has a face that will let her get away with anything! Watch out world once she is older. She looks so well and normal it is so hard to belive that she still has a tumour inside her. But fingers crossed the drs will sort it out. We got some good news that all our other embies (4 of them) were good enough to freeze - so i'm taking that as the postive from this cycle even if we dont get a bfp - at least we have another chance (or two or so). I'm kinda looking forward to a natural fet compared to this cycle!

    RH76 - good luck today, lots of and safe traveling, and hope that your dad is going to be ok - I'm sure having you there will help him alot.

    waiting1 - hope you are feeling better this morning

    cg66 - i know how you feel, but i'm sure that you are being hard on yourself. take it easy in the gym - get someone there to help you so you dont overdo it by accident

    babydreams - good luck and lots of

    saltprincess - thanks for your good wishes, and hope that you are feeling a bit better today, and you will make it to bt day, sanity intact

    Hope that everyone has a great long weekend with at least some time to relax and have some fun. to everyone

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    Well I've been and given the blood and now it is the awful wait for the phone call..
    Once I woke during the night, I found it hard to get back to sleep, my tummy is craming but the nurse reassured me that crinone causes similar cramps as an AF..I have been telling myself that everyday over the past two weeks but as today is the day, I am nervous.

    RH76 I hope that you also get the news we all want...Wishing you a safe trip.

    Cg66,, I too look 4 months pregnant. My Dr advised not to let your body temp rise too much, esp in early stages. I get grumpy at clothes not fitting but my DH informs me that I'll be needing to buy maternity clothes soon and will be of the IVF hormones so it doesn't matter if the tummy is a little large as it will be growing even bigger. Now that's positive for you. Iam just greatful that the fashions at the moment have tunics and swing tops.

    waiting1, I know what you mean about obsessing!!

    Have to go...

    Wishing all a great weekend and

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    Red face

    Hi girls!

    Just need to vent a little. As much as DH is wonderful and supportive, he just sometimes doesn?t understand.

    I am 6 days post transfer, and I feel nothing? absolutely nothing!!! I just wish I had some sort of symptom or even felt just the slightest like AF was coming ? I keep reading about everyone feeling something and nothing is happening with me. We have been trying for 2 ? years now with no luck ? not even a miscarriage.

    I?m peeved?. Nothing like feeling sorry for yourself!

    Have a great weekend!

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