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Thread: x 2 embryo V x 1 blastocyst transfer....input please!

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    Default x 2 embryo V x 1 blastocyst transfer....input please!

    Went to see my FS today for a scan as we are about to do a thaw cycle. DH & said we would like to do transfer 2 embryos to maximise our chances. My FS does not recommended transferrring more than 1, especially in someone my age (30) as he views me as being young in IVF terms. He said to go away and think about doing a blastocyst instead but he will go with whatever we decide. I guess my concerns are that we have 7 frozen embryos and we will have to thaw them all to get the blastocyst and would could possibly end up with nothing.

    I know only we can decide what to do but DH & I are both stuck in the middle here (grrrrrr it would be easier if one of us felt stronger about a particular direction!!) I am just interested in any input you may have for me!

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    hun, this is a really personal decision. i know a lot of IVF clinics are dead set against transferring more than one embryo at a time, but mine is happy to do it - and i'm only 27, so age really isn't a huge factor in some FS eyes...

    fwiw though, the increase in pregnancy from a double transfer is less than 5%. i can't remember exactly what the odds are, but i know the increase in success for a cycle based on transferring two is so minimal, that i wouldn't use that as a factor in deciding. i guess you have to look at it from a "step back" type of view.

    IF you transfer two, and you have no success you'll run out of embies sooner (i'm not wishing that on you, just playing devil's advocate) - transferring one means that, if there is some change that can be made to your protocol to help with sticking, you get to experiment more often before another stim cycle

    IF you transfer two - are you ready for a multiple birth and the additional risks and responsibilities. multiple pregnancies are generally higher risk for m/c or complication, higher chance of prem birth etc...

    it really is a personal decision. we agreed to go with two emby transfer after many hours of discussing all of the above, as well as how we'd cope physically, emotionally, and financially long term if we popped out two at once.

    hoping you can make a decision that you're both comfy with


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    Hey Lil chook
    yes my FS pretty much reiterated what BG said, the chances of success with 2 transfered isnt that much greater, they also said they transfer only embies not blasties and they have the highest success rate in the country. The risks of multiples is pretty scary as you can end up with more than 2 even if you only transfer 2, that was my big deciding factor. Saying all that im sure you have a gut feeling about what to do and if you have i would go with that. Good luck with what ever you decide

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    Lil Chookie, some stats that may help... For single embryo transfers in a woman under 35, a day 3 embryo has a success rate of around 20%. If you go to blast, the success rate increases to 42%. However, there is always the risk that they won't make it. My FS is one of those dead set against transferring two, but he's a big fan of blastocyst culture and has quite emphatically stated to me on a number of occasions that if an embryo can't get to blast it was never going to work anyway. He also says the same thing about embryos surviving thaw - if they don't defrost, they were never going to work... Doesn't make it much easier when you're the one getting to transfer and finding that there's nothing to transfer in the end... Happened on my last FET.

    As the others have said, it's an intensely personal decision. For me, even if my FS would allow it, we'd never transfer two as my health conditions make the thought of twins incredibly daunting.

    Try to trust your FS, they are the ones with the experience and the knowledge.


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    scooby - my gut is definately saying the same thing, it is my head that is sitting on the fence!!

    My FS does not like to transfer 2 in those under 35. He told me today that soon this may not be possible for anyone, I am not sure if it is just my clinic or all clinics.

    I really like my FS, I know he knows what he is talking about. But he always like to emphasis my age and that I am quite young in IVF terms. This may well be true but I didn't reach the point at 30 and decide it's time to have a baby, I have been at this since my early 20's, so I actually feel very old in TTC terms. I think I am the oldest female I know without children!!

    Thank you for the responses

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    I am 36 and scheduled to have a FET next Friday. I am with SIVF and they are against double transfer but if you insist they will do two, while they discourage it ultimately it is your decision. I think you'll find this is general and not clinic specific mostly because of the associated risks involved.

    FYI - also SIVF have very strict protocol and only work with blasts which is reflected in their success figures.

    Good luck

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