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thread: Anyone had a premmie ?

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    kirsty Guest

    Great to read your story Suzie. I can so relate to the not so peaceful nites. My premmie is now 27mths (should be 25mths) & he is only just starting to sleep better through the nite time. I can hardly wait for him to do it on a more regular basis, though he is getting better & better at it all the time. I still freak out sometimes that something has gone wrong when he sleeps really well & either DH or I go & check on him.

    Hope all goes well for your next arrival. We are about to TTC #3 in a little under a month now & am getting very excited (& scared) at the prospect.

    Tracey ~ I too have got all sorts of souvenirs from when James was a teenie weenie. Little hats & singlets that wouldn't look out of place on a doll. They are just the cutest thing & are a constant reminder of how far he has come.

    Hope all babies are doing well & giving their mums & dads all the smiles & best memories for years to come.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    What lovely storys onelittleone and Suzie.

    Like you Suzie i have had sleepless nights up to 2 months ago and now she sleeps fine the odd night she wakes but nothing but to cover her over or put her back in bed.
    Last time we weighed her she was 12 kilos that was about a month ago. also I have trouble with her eating she will not eat all her dinner and only likes to snack in the day even if i make her lunch.

    The funny thing is I am pg with number two and scared it will be a big baby after having such a small one the first time. But i can not wait to sort out all the old clothes and see how small she was as looking at her now you would not believe she was that small.

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    kirsty Guest

    Great to read your story onelittleone. My premmie is a bit the other way & is on the tall side (was 47cm when he was born 8wks early) so he looks older than what he is!! But is a fussy eater atm so is starting to thin out quite a bit.

    Hope all are well.

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    Senior Moderator

    Nov 2004

    My little one, Alex, was born at 35 weeks and weighed 1.9 kilos (4lbs 2oz). He was in 000000 (yes they do exist in hospital and speciality shops) for about three weeks before he grew into 00000. I now look at him (he's 18 months old) and wonder how he was ever so small!

    He is still on the small side, and susceptible to infections (hospitalised three times since birth, with pneumonia, gastroenteritis and concussion) and is still below the 3rd percentile for weight.

    But he is happy and relatively healthy, and considering we both almost died, we are very lucky to be here.

    I'll tell my whole story another time when I've got more time.


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    kirsty Guest

    Divvy great to read your story about your son Alex. Hope his health is on the improve. Hard to imagine how tiny they really were isn't it. I'm hearing you on the 000000 size clothes. James was in them for about 2wks before he grew too long & had to upgrade to 00000 with lots of spare room around the tummy!!

    I look forward to reading the rest of your story.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    Premmie Twins

    Hi there,
    Just wanted to introduce myself. My twins were born at 31 weeks, but my son had stopped growing at 29 weeks. Their birth weights were 1402(son) and 1800g (daughter). They had a 10% and 20 % chance of survival. My son was rushed to the Children's Hopsital NICU with HMD and all other complications resulting in the fact that everything had stopped developing after 29 weeks. My daughter stayed in special care in the same hospital as I was at.

    Well after several surgeries, and many ups and downs they will be two next week. My son is huge! He is now about 14kg and on the 90% for growth. My daughter is about 12kg and is normal for weight. Not bad seens they wore out their prem clothes.

    It took them unitl they were about 18months old before they even got on the growth charts and now they are nearly off them the other end .

    Just wanted to give assurance to others that even thought their kids may be small now, they can still catch up. The Docs believe that my son will end up being around 6ft 6 from the tests they did. When he was born his beanie baby was bigger than him.

    So miracles do happen, and I am now a non believe of statistics for survival. But I guess they have to prepare you for the worse.

    Take care

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    kirsty Guest

    Great to hear that your babies are doing so well now Odette. I think premmies really are little fighters & you should never underestimate what they are capable of achieving. Hope you & they enjoy their 2nd birthdays soon.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    That is good to hear that they are doing so well Odette.
    Hope they have a lovely 2nd Birthday.

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    EllysMum Guest

    Ladies, it is so lovely to hear so many different experiences, its amazing how many little bits from each story has similarities to our family's.

    At one and a half (20mths/18mths) Elly seems smaller and lighter than others around her age, and took her own sweet time in walking alone, not just cruising furniture and stepping between her parents. She eats finger food and of course loves sweet things.

    I think what I've been getting around to saying is that she's still a little small, can be picky with her food, walks, and talks all the time, more regularly with clearer English words, and sings with hand movements.

    What I have always found interesting is that for many people she seems behind her peers, yet I see so many times that she seems older in understanding things than her corrected or chronological age peers and has done some things ahead of her peers. Its an odd mixture, yet I am confident that Elly is growing and developing just fine. I hope that each of your little ones brings as much joy to you as mine does for me.
    Tracy (Ellys Mum)

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories.

    Both of my babies were induced due to gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia (with my son, it only showed up in really high uric acid levels and blood pressure was fine!!). Cairenn was born at 38 weeks and Liam at 36w 3 days - not as early as some of your children!!

    I was born premature myself - I don't know the reason why other than mum went into premature labour the day after she finished work! I was born at 28 weeks and weighed in at 2lb 1oz!! I was in NICU for a month or two (??) and have had no side effects which I reckon is pretty good for a baby born almost 31 years ago!!

    Anyway, best wishes to you all, I expect that my new baby will be born early too as I already have high blood pressure!

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    kirsty Guest

    Kelli here's wishing you all the best for a safe birth of your next child.
    And you are certainly living proof that just because you are prem doesn't mean things won't work out for the best.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Aug 2003

    Hey kirsty, was just reading this thread, Ashlea was born at the W'bool hospital! They are brilliant up there, my friend had a premie there (my god daughter) and the staff were wonderful!

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    kirsty Guest

    Although James was actually born in Melbourne we spent a couple of weeks at Warrnambool with him & have to agree that the staff are fantastic. We had a second experience with them in March last year when we lost our second son, Alex, at 18w5d & again we couldn't fault them. As a result of this when we are PG again we will be receiving our antenatal care from an OB there & delivering the baby there if all goes to plan.

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    tiggy Guest


    I have had four babies, all of who have ended up in the NICU for various reasons.

    My twins (who are now almost 9) were born by caesarean at 35 weeks because my waters broke and one of the twin's arms prolapsed out of my cervix. It was a bit of an emergency and very scary.

    They were both small and sick when they were born and I had a PPH too. I held Maddy for the first time when she was 3 days old and it was the best moment of my life.
    I didn't get to hold Immy for another 2 days after that as she had a collapsed lung and was attached to all the tubes and wires. They both stayed in the NICU for two weeks and we finally got the all clear on day 16. (I'd had two days rooming in). I thought the whole thing was pretty scary and I must admit it took me a long time to get over their birth. They are so well and healthy now. The midwives and doctors were lovely and patient with us the whole time.

    My third daughter Lily was also born by caesar at 37 weeks but it was elective due to high BP. When she was born it was amazing! She weighed in at just over 4kgs which was about the size of the twins combined!! She looked enormous! She was breathing up though and so they put her into the NICU with oxygen...not for long though! After she broke two headboxes and a rebreather mask, she was deemed well enough to come into the room with me.
    I went home with her on day 3 but on day five had to take her back because she had caught bronchiolitis from the twins and had to go back on oxygen for another week. She is also very well now and hasn't looked back at all from her shakey start.

    My last little baby, William, alot of you will already know his story from the m/c and loss group but he was born vaginally at full term. He was very ill right from the start and on day three it was discovered that he had critical aortic valve stenosis and also a mitral valve defect.

    I hated the NICU staff and for the first time felt that my baby was not my own. I thought the twins were covered in wiring but compared to Will, it was nothing. There was no where to sit, I was uncomfortable and the staff kept telling me that his illness was my fault. I had to have an emergency laparotomy following Will's birth because my uterus ruptured in second stage when his head was on view. I lost about 3 and a half litres of blood, I felt awful and I was so worried about William. They kept telling me that they were understaffed and underpayed and kept telling David and I that they couldn't possibly look after William with all the other premmie babies that were in there.
    The doctors and NICU nurses almost died when they found that he had a heart abnormality. They had been so one eyed about his birth that they didn't look for anything else until one doctor went off and another came on. He looked at Will with new eyes and did a cardiac u/s. So on day three they did a mad transfer down to Westmead Hospital to try to correct his condition. Well, if I thought it was bad before, it got a whole lot worse down there. The first nurse was an absolute cow, the neonatologist had read the notes and came to us with the same story, I had effectively killed my baby when my uterus had ruptured (like that was my choice). That NICU was very busy and they used to put those folding doors around William and I so the other parents couldn't see us. It was isolating and horrible.
    William was dying and we had to make quick decisions. He was in a coma but his body was shutting down so fast, it was so sad. We called everyone in and the nurse who was with us on that terrible day was the kindest, most beautiful person. In the end the neonatologist was quite good too. He stayed with us while we held William and said goodbye. The social worker was just lovely too.

    If we are so lucky to have another baby, he or she will be born at around the 36 week mark and will have to go straight to the NICU for all the tests that WIlliam should have had. I'm dreading it but the midwives who were present at Will's birth have said that they will come to the NICU with me before the new baby is born so that I can deal with my issues regarding Will's birth.

    All my experiences have taught me to never take anything for granted, ever. I appreciate my girls everyday and I know that I am very lucky also to be here to watch them grow up.

    Sorry that this is so long and a mixed bag of good and bad but that's our story.

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    OMG Tiggy, what a rought trot you and you DH have had. How very rude of the Dr's and nurses to say that it was your fault, if htat were the case then it is just as much their faults if not more as they are the medical professionals and shouldn't have let it go that far. Poo to them.

    I hope that your new baby comes into the world with out any problems at all, afterall, it's the very least you guys and bub deserve.

    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Tiggy you have had it awful.
    The doctors were so rude to you.

    I'm so sorry that you lost William.

    I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will be pg again soon and get better treatment next time.

    I would like to ask you a few questions about your last labour if that is okay.
    Could you please email me [email protected]
    If that is okay with you.

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    kirsty Guest

    Tiff sweetie I'm not sure what to say. I knew you had had a hard time with William's birth but I didn't realise there were so many other difficult things going on as well. Staff that are hard to deal with & rude make the whole experience that much harder, we were very lucky in that all the staff that we dealt with were lovely. Very rude of them to suggest that you ruptured your uterus to do your son any harm...............Do these people have no tact or understanding at all?????

    Lovely to read your experiences about it all though & hope that any future experiences you may have with NICU staff are a damn sight more inspiring.

    Thinking of you loads after reading this & sending you & your family huge take care.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Hiya guys well heres my story I had a bloody show at 33 weeks, OB said hang on as long as poss, Cervix fully effaced. 2 days later waters broke. Went in to hosp, nothing happened for 5 hrs. Put up the drip, coz they wanted them delivered before theatre closed for the day. 2 1/2hrs later twin 1 born, 6 minutes later twin 2, quick photo then off to SCU. Luckily for me I was fine, so after a shower I followed. They were in isolettes, but no tubes, no oxygen. I held them for the first time 4hrs later. I was expressing ( my first colosrum express was 12 mls!!) and they were getting the tube down their throats and fed that way. They weren't my babies, and the thing that upsets me the most was my MIL and everyone followed them in and saw them being weighed etc, whilst I was sitting in the labour ward by myself! They stayed in Hospital for 3 weeks. Coz I had no problems I was home in 3 days. I cried non stop. I couldn't believe I had to leave them there by themselves. They weighed 2115, 2110 4lb 10 oz, 4lb 11oz they didn't have any problems except feeding. I was so proud of myself that after 2 days they were fully fed on my expressions, with no added formula. Then started the coming in every morning with my little esky of expressed milk, I actually set my alarm and got up at 2am to express every night. I would sit by their cots until dinner time, then go home and have dinner with DH then we would both come back in til midnight. They had their skin on skin contact at each feed, but just lapped at the milk on the nipple like little kittens. they actually sounded like little kittens too, no such thing as a cry!! I never felt so alone, useless. They weren't my babies, they were the hospitals and I felt I had to ask permission to touch them, it sucked. Finally the day before xmas eve we got to take them home. I couldn't wait to get to know my babies, finally I felt they were mine, I couldn't beleive I could do what I wanted with them. They wore 0000 but needed 00000, but there wasn't 00000 around when they were born ( 6yrs ago) they had caught up by the time they were 8 mths. They both breast fed til 14 months.

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