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Thread: "Grabbing" Abdo Pains

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    Hi everyone again - i have been reading my "what to expect when you're expecting" book (maybe I should say manual!!) and apparently what I'm experiencing is normal and I don't really have to worry (I'll check with doctor anyway) but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing them. If I roll over or get up quickly either from lying down or standing up, i feel like I have a sharp muscle strain in the sides of my abdomen - I'm pretty sure it's just muscles and ligaments stretching, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it? It's quite a sharp grabbing pain (also in the "manual") that lasts for a few seconds and intensifies if I cough and then goes away. I have had a u/s etc since this happened and everything is fine, so I'm not really worried. Just need a little reassurance I guess!!
    Anyone else had this?

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    Yes I'm with you on that one, I find when I get off the toilet, lounge, out of bed, etc, I tend to get the pain, I've been supporting my belly when I get up and find it helps. I had similar pain in my last to pregnancies and the midwifes have said it's to do with the body stretching and not being supported with the extra weight. I found it went away as I got further along, I'd mention it at your next check up they might suggest a belly bra or something similar that may help!
    Hope all goes well and that nasty pain disappears.

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    Hi, I'm 34 wks pg and remember having those pains in the first trimester. Every time I reached up or moved suddenly I would get a pulling ligament pain, it really hurt and freaked me out! I was told it's just everthing stretching and preparing for the baby, as long as there's no bleeding don't worry. Hang in there, the pain will go away....

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