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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #1 - 2009

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    hi ladies thought id pop in!

    got a raging headache and cant believe i slept in until midday!!!! i got sent home agin from my clinical placement last nite my heart rate was 120 while sitting and bp was high again, its sooooo annoying!

    i cried all the way home, stress i think, i just wish i was showing and felt movement im terrified my baby has died and cant get in until the 29th and i cant take time off next week. i dont want my dreams shattered again but i just have had this eerie feeling since wednesday.

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    barney Guest

    thinking of all you beautiful pregnant girls,i hope you all have a nice weekend..
    im hopeing be joining you all in april some time ooohhhh i hope so ..lol..

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    i hope so too smithy!!! i'm on the bottom of the EDD list and need compnay! lol.

    i hope you are very very wrong 21. for you

    kelly D - congrats on the second trimester. that's great and now the fun begins??

    jen - i'm hearing you about concentrating on work. i've really found my head elsewhere these days... (usually on my pillow or wishing it was there).

    oh BG, i'm sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. not sure if it makes you feel better but i don't think babies come out like the guys from Monty Python portrayed ( you know where she's washing up and they just slide out onto the floor) lol.

    twomums - i read your post iwth my heart in my throat, i'm so relieved for you it all worked out. but you probably didn't need such a dramatic scare to find out.

    murph - thanks for doing the list.

    nixon - i like your way of thinking. staying postive can only be 1000 times better than worry, anxiety and negativity! and you ARE very fortunate and you DO deserve all this wonderfulness.

    hi nicole S, kaydee, and all the other girls on this thread.

    AFM: we were able to get away early yesterday and took advantage of the weather to go camping. it was sooooo nice to just get out and clear our heads. do some fishing and spend time with just my wonderful DH. we came home this arvo cos of rain but i was pretty exhausted... a 2 hour sleep was the order of the day but i needed it. Have been feeling pretty queasy the last few days and have had a headache. Still cramping and sometimes it feels like i've pulled a muscle in my stomach with all the stretching and carrying on down there.


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    Feb 2009

    21, I hear you on the headache front. Oh my god. When will they ever stop. I have had a perpetual headache for 5 weeks now. It is excrutiating, and I am just so tired of it that last night I just burst into tears. I'm not normally the crying type, so it was a bit of a shock.

    In the beginning I was avoiding taking panadol as much as I could, but I don't know whether they've become worse, or my tolerance is weakening, but I had to take 6 yesterday + 2 panadeine. I can barely move around. I don't have another OB appt for 2 weeks, so I guess I'll just have to hope they go away. Is this a 'phase'? I've even started getting blurry vision. Foul foul foul.

    However, on a more exciting note, I think I felt the beans move last night!!!!! I was lying in bed (in the dark, with a cold compress - ha and trying to drift off to sleep, when all of a sudden I got a 'whooshy' feeling kind of like bubbles/gurgle across my lower abdomen. I lay there for a couple of seconds before I realised what it might be!

    Do you lovely ladies think it might have been the twins having a bit of a roll around??

    Anyhow, enough whingeing from me. Hope you're all well, and having lovely relaxing weekends.


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    Dec 2006
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    jen i first felt Gremlin at 9.5 weeks - i thought it was way too early but it has been consistent since then so i know it was her - freaky! so yeah, it's highly likely to be your beans you felt last night, esp if you were nice and relaxed and still at the time

    for those with headaches - eremember your centre of balance changes when pg and it messes with your spinal allignment - get yourself checked by a chiro or osteo - i have had soooooo much relief via my chiro through this pregnancy!

    AFM - will do a proper update later but just thought i'd cry out a little woo hoo! i'm 34weeks today!

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    Jul 2006

    Hi lovely ladies

    Just thought I would pop in and say . I have been checking up you all from time to time, and I just wanted to wish everyone in here lots of luck for upcoming tests and scans etc.

    I won't go into too much detail, but after extensive bleeding, I was booked in for a D&C with a much nicer ob than we had before. It was traumatic but I am glad that it is finally over with. Now we can try to move forward. I am really hoping that I will be back in here soon to announce our BFP! All finger crossing and prayers from everyone are accepted!

    Take care all.

    PS I found my headaches in the first trimester were due dehydration. Try drinking a sports drink as the panadol and codiene can just make your more dehydrated. But be careful, not all sports drinks are suitable during pregnancy!
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    Nov 2007
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    Hi Girls

    Just popped in to say hi after my 3 hr sleep this afternoon. I get so tired on the weekend.

    Also wanted to check out the change in my Avi, I've now got a belly (on the Avi only not yet in real life), although went and bought a Belly Band today so I can wear some of my clothes again and not be slopping around in strechy pants forever.

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    Oct 2008
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    Hi everyone,
    just a quick one from me.
    BG - thanks for the heads up on the EDD list, (had no idea so hopefully you saved me a bollocking haha). I'll carry it over on the next thread but I was thinking of doing a weekly update so I guess not.

    With all this talk of headaches, I wanted to tell you all that I am the water nazi. My answer for everything is "have you been drinking enough water?'". sometimes the simplest things are overlooked and at the moment we need so much. I have serious issues with dehydration and the only head aches or eye blurriness I ever get is due to dehydration. the girls I worked with in an office once used to scare me, popping serious pain pills while drinking Coke and coffee, working in airconditioning...aghhhh...drink water.

    I've got a headache though, from being out in the sun at the markets and not drinking enough..., now I am drinking and playing catch up and feeling very silly.

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    May 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi girls

    I thought I was subscribed to this thread, but hadn't received anything in my inbox and therefore just assumed that it was very quiet in here. Boy, was I wrong! I've just spent a pleasant half hour trying to catch up.

    Megan - A huge congrats, your little boy is amazing.

    21 - I sure hope you feel better soon and start enjoying your pregnancy.

    Hey KellyD, and congrats on the 12 week marke, it isv ery exciting!

    BG - well done on the 34 week mark! Not long to go.

    Jen - sorry to hear about your headache, but great news about the possible movement from the twins, that is amazing.

    Hi to everyone else, I"m short of time due to an exam today, to all.

    AFM: I feel really well, lots more energy in the 2nd trimester so have started walking a lot more (from Central to work (Randwick) - about 7km) plus walking the dog, plus a swim once a week. Nasty headache just in the morning - feel that my neck may be out - is it safe to have a massage??????

    Otherwise, feeling very anxious to feel some movement! Haven't felt anything as yet.
    Love to all.

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    Mar 2007

    Morning ladies.....

    21, hang in there I hope the headaches are gone for you and there is nothing wrong with feeling the way to do....until bubs is born I'm sure we all have days like you have been feeling no matter how far along we are

    Jen, sure could have been movement!! I didn't feel June Bug till 20 weeks but cause you have two little ones in there you could have felt your very first movements

    Grub, you are very brave to be camping while PG. My poor DH loves camping but I'm not a great outdoors sort of gal!!
    How you are feeling at the moment is very normal. I always felt like a had a stitch at the beginning...just wait to you feel a foot in your rib cage!!

    Kelly, congrats on hitting the 2nd Trimester ....I found that once I hit 13 weeks the time fly's until 20 so I hope it is the same for you....BTW nice new Avi

    Neptune, wish I had your energy ATM!!
    Movement is different for everyone one and as I said above I didn't feel anything until 20 weeks , BG 9 weeks and it also depends on where the placenta is lying so hang in there and am sure bubs will move for you when you least expect it!
    Best of luck for your exam today.

    Murph, best advise...bring on the water simple cure for any headache.

    BG, congrats on hitting 34 weeks I can't wait till Wednesday when my ticker is the same!!

    Smithy and Chez, hope to see you both back in here really soon

    AFM, had our first Ante-Natal class over the weekend and watched the most dated birthing video
    It was really nice to meet some couples who were are the same sort of stage in their first pregnancy and have a laugh.
    Not much else doing seeing OB on Friday and baby Shower on Sunday so that should be a heap of fun.
    June Bug is kicking strong esp at 3.30am!! I think this is glimpse in to things to come.

    Anyway sorry for the long post and wish you all a great Monday.

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    Oct 2008

    Good afternoon girls,

    Hope you all had a good weekend.

    KellyD - Im glad Im not the only one spending most of my time sleeping on the weekends, lol. Love your new Avi & Congrats on starting your 2nd trimester

    Jen - How exciting to feel your bubs moving! I cant wait until that happens. Hope your headaches have gotten better.

    BG - WOW, 34 weeks. Not long to go now!

    Twomums - What a scary experience for you both. Glad you were able to see the heartbeat. Its an amazing experience. Take care.

    Grub - camping and getting away from it all sounded good! Glad you had a good time. I too feel like I have pulled a muscle in my tummy at times so glad Im not the only one experiencing it! I keep thinking, as long as I dont see any blood, all is ok.

    21 - I know its hard not to think of the negatives, but try not to. Im sure all is ok. Hope this week flies by and before you know it, the 29th will be here so you can get some reassurance. Hang in there.

    Murph - I dont drink enough water so will make an effort to do so

    Nicole - Glad you met some nice people in your class. How exciting about your upcoming baby shower. Hope you get some lovely things

    to everyone else.

    AFM, not much happening. Am 9 weeks today Time has FLOWN since my 6 week scan when I saw our bubs heartbeat. I hope the next 3 weeks fly by too. I have my first OB appointment next Monday so am looking forward to that and seeing the babies heartbeat again.

    Take care,

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    hi girls,

    hope everyone has started the week off well. missmagpie i'm the same, no blood = good. even if i'm getting some very strange sensations in my belly et al. ;0 i'm so glad to hear that time does keep moving and the last 3 wks have flown for you! wish they'd hurry up for us!!!

    nicole s - sounds like you are getting to the fun part... well apart from the video maybe. that's good you've met some other couples, i'm really looking forward to those classes. i can see my DH will be very amusing... he'll take it very seriously, study hard, and know everything you're meant to which he will then apply very aptly to the birthing room ... til i scream at him!! heeheee. he's a ''researcher'' in that everything he does is carefully thought through and understood before he mades a decision.. but in an adorable way. lol.

    hey nixon - i had the same trouble a little while back and had to keep resubscribing to threads. but it seems to be better now... hey, kudos for you for being so active. i was walking 4-5km in the mornings last week till it came in rain. so i'll have to get on the treadmill. and i know the pool is calling my name, ugh, but cold, rainy weather just doesn't inspire me to swim lol. glad to hear the energy has returned tho! hope bubs rattle your bones soon.

    i'm with you murph - i drink water like it's going out of fashion... i have a 2litre bottle at work which i refill at least 3-4 times a day. have another large bottle i carry around the house with me. i find i tend to sip without even thinking, beats biting my nails.

    kellyd - what's a belly band? is it one of those things you wear over your pants when you can't do them up and it looks like another top coming down??? where did you get your band? i'm so completely clueless when it comes to pregnancy and babies and what's involved. Our youngest extended family member is only 5 yrs younger than me, so no ''helping out with the kids'' when i was growing up! lol.

    hi chez - our paths haven't crossed yet i don't think but i'm more than happy to throw you lots of fingers crossing that you are back here soon.

    BG - by the time you're ready to pop i'll only be 12 wks!! i'm hoping the next 6 wks fly... are you??

    jen - moving beans.... that's is so super exciting!!!

    hi to all the other girls on here and those lurking

    AFM: nearly made it an entire work day without fizzing. feel pretty tired at the moment but am just going to stay up til 8/8.30pm then go to bed. DH is on shift this week so he gets home at 11pm and gets up 8.30am while i leave for work at 8.30am and go to bed by 9pm not much else to report, tired, slight nausea, sore BBs have arrived but disappointingly haven't grown a darn inch!! i'm a smallish 12B so i was looking forward to having boobies for awhile... tho i'm sure that'lll wear off pretty quick once i get a set of proper knockers. i think that's what Dh is most looking forward to, lol. Men!

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    BG - by the time you're ready to pop i'll only be 12 wks!! i'm hoping the next 6 wks fly... are you??
    yes and no! i can't wait to meet my little girl (and to bond with her properly) but i'm also petrified of not being ready. i'm such an organised person for most things, but having had so much time off work with the ms and now being in so much pain with my pelvis, i'm just not ready yet!

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    New thread time folks!
    You can find it HERE.

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