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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC ~ August 2005

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    Oct 2004
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    Sush I wish I could tell you that you worry less, but I am afraid, that I haven't. Each step of the way there is a new worry. I read posts from gilrs that have not had a loss or trouble TTC and they are so carefree. I wish I was too.

    But I think it comes with the territoty of having fertility problems. This TTC period resulting in the pg was so time consuming with so much effort and emotion put in to it, that every little thing, feeling, frightens me that perhaps it will not stay. Then each wait till the scan becomes so long, until I can see them and know that they are ok. I am hoping that I will stress less but somehow I don't think so until they are in my arms.

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    Sorry but it doesn't! I know I always thought the same thing, once we got pg everything would be fine. But no I'm even more neurotic too than before! I'm hoping after our 13 week scan I'll feel a bit better but who knows?

    Don't worry Sush, we're here for you! :hugs:

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    Tam you hit the nail on the head there!

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    I echo everything that Tam said earlier...sadly it never gets any easier.

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    Ok, I know I'm not that far in yet, but oh I'd have to agree with Tam too.

    Amy, LMAO about out-farting DH. We ate some home-made soup Sunday night which we probably shouldn't have, as I thought it smelt a tad funny (had been in fridge for 1 day), but DH said it smelt fine. Well, gees, the 2 of us were almost knocking each other out with our own farts, let alone each others. Then I just can't believe the stupidity of him, but DH ate some more of that same soup on Tue & has had food poisoning since midnight Tue. Mind u, he was well enough to drive an hour or so to buy a car, selective sickness I say. The A.H. GP nurse said it will last for 2-3 days & the gastro will last up to 5 days, but we leave for NZ Sun morning, so he better be better by then.

    Sush, I've been getting constipation, but have also heard that others get the opposite. I was having 1 of those "doubt" days shortly after my 2nd BT & still have them on & off, there is always that feelin in the back of ur mind. So you & I both have scans on 31/8 & Trish has a BT, I'm sure we'll all hear the news we want. What time is ur scan, I think mine is 11:45am, I wish it was tomorrow though.

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    Dr won't confirm time or date of scan until after my next BT. The nurse at the clinic thinks that maybe he will want to do it at his rooms instead of at the clinic, depending on my P4 and HCG levels, and room availability. Unfortunately, this would mean that I won't be able to do it until I see him on the 2nd Sept (how will I wait that long?) when I'll be 7 weeks, 5 days!

    But before I panic and start hyperventilating, I shall do the BT on the 23rd and see what happens. I also can be quite persuasive - or a pest, depending on your perspective - so may try to angle an early u/s rather than have to wait.

    I'll be hanging out for your scan photos, Shell!

    Thanks Amy and Tam for letting me know that I'm not the only paraniod obsessive out there. I guess you're right, Tam, after all the AC we go through, it would be abnormal not to be tense and worried about every litle thing.

    It makes me feel heaps better, thank you!


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    Just locking this thread girls


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