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Thread: Successful pregnancy after Blighted Ovum?

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    I have 2 healthy children, a boy 16 and a girl 9! I am 35..

    On December 10, 2009 I had a D&C due to a blighted ovum, I was 13 1/2 weeks

    I still cannot make sense of it, I was already beginning to show! I would lay awake at night and talk to my belly, so many plans and dreams all gone! The love you already feel!

    No one around me including my husband seems to understand it!

    My husband has no children of his own, this was to be his first! He wants to try again right away, I am terrified! and his lack of emotion with this loss is not to encouraging.

    He says everything happens for a reason and we will have a baby.

    I barely held it together with this tragedy and I do not think I could go through it again, it was such a complete shock! I never even heard of a blighted ovum until I was told I have one.

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    Oh Mom........
    I can feel the pain you feel.....only because I have felt it too - I think we all have in this thread.
    I was so happy to be having my first scan, so excited to see my baby...and those words "something is not right here" will haunt me forever.

    Your fears and feelings are so justified after what you have just been through, and I know my DH didn't understand the grief I felt. He was very much like yours, just wanted to try again. He didn't realize how much that pregnancy was part of me and that loss was like losing a part of myself. I was terrified when we started trying, but here we are now with our girl, so I can never say it wasn't worth the pain.

    If you need to grieve, then give yourself the time to grieve. But as you can see from this thread, the next time you will get the beautiful babe you long for.

    Lots of hugs
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    I am really glad to have found this thread and just joined the site so I could post on here.

    I had a chemical pregnancy in July of last year and got pregnant again straight away.

    We were really excited and even had a scan at about eight weeks when the dr told me it was all fine (although he could not see a heartbeat!)

    In October at about 11 weeks we drove to the nearest big hospital for our scan (about 3hours away) only to be told the sac was empty - it was a blighted ovum. I had a d and c straight away and was told to wait a couple of cycles before trying again.

    It took about a week longer than normal for my period to come back and then my cycle had changed but I have just found out I am preggers again after only really trying for one month!

    I am almost afraid to get excited until I see a heartbeat and am trying to keep a lid on all my plans until I know this bean is sticky!!

    It has given me great hope to read everyone's success stories so thanks heaps for posting!

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    Default Worried

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but felt like i needed some support from other women who had been through the same thing. I had a healthy pregnancy that ended in a healthy baby boy in 2006. After 2 years of trying we found out we were pregnant again in October 2008. I had early ultrasounds b/c I was considered high risk after complications with my son. I thought i was around 4 weeks, my dr informed me that there was a sack but no baby. He said it may be too early and sent me home. The next two weeks went the same way and on the last visit I was told that it was not a viable pregnancy due to blighted ovum. I ended up having a d & c and bleeding for 2 months. I just found out that I am pregnant again and both my husband and I are scared to death that this will happen a second time.

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    Oh Vyramey
    You are certainly only feeling what's so normal at this point, and I have stood in your same shoes.
    I'm sure reading this thread you can see that many women have gone on to have very successful pregnancies after their previous B.O.

    For me, I was petrefied out of my mind up until I had a dating scan which was normal and showed a heartbeat. Then I was still scared leading up to the 12 week scan because of course there was more chance for something to be wrong. Then I was anxious leading up to the 20 week, I guess because it is still an opportunity for them to find something wrong. I had a 34 week scan just because I wanted it...... And finally at 34 weeks I let myself truely believe that everything was ok and my bub was healthy.

    So very very normal for you to be feeling what you are. Hang in there until the first scan and you will see that this pregnancy is very different.
    What's the old saying... Lightning doesn't strike twice!

    Hang in there.....sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes
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    Default blighted ovum

    i had 3 blighted ovums last year and i'm pregnant again and so scared i think its going to happen again x please help

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    Default Possible blighted ovum

    So thankful to find this thread.

    DH and I have undergone our 2nd IVF attempt recently and suspected it was ectopic early on because I had a couple of bleeds early on and I had a lot of muscle aches and pains and after the bleeds I was still showing positive readings on HPT's and BT's. Ive also had very low progesterone. At my 1st ultrasound which we had at 5.5 weeks because of suspected ectopic there was something in the uterus about the correct size but there was no heartbeat. Obviously it was probably a bit early for a heartbeat but Ive had no other pregnancy signs and right now AF is just about due and Ive got feelings - strong signs that AF is coming. The 2nd bleed I had was also very clotty and heavy (sorry if TMI). So now Im really thinking this could be blighted ovum. Still a chance it might not be but it is good to read that people have been able to get pregnant pretty soon after a blighted ovum.

    So thank you everyone for sharing your stories. It is also great that we can all have support for any losses etc and we can help each other to cope.
    Good luck to everyone on their journey's with children!

    Ive just had another blood test so that might shed some more light and I will be having another ultrasound in about 2 weeks time. Only time will tell I guess and I just have to hang in there. Any encouragement would be appreciated.
    Once again GL everyone!

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