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Thread: Abdo pain - should I go see OB?

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    Default Abdo pain - should I go see OB?

    Alan - you may be able to help me here.

    I woke up with what felt like a severe BH pain, lasted about 30 seconds. So, got up, went to the loo and got back into bed.

    I've now been sitting up in bed with constant pain in my tummy for an hour. I thought it was wind pain, but burping /passing wind hasn't relieved it. Hurts even more to touch, especially to the left of my belly button.

    Could I have a hernia (am still doing light weight training)? Its not BH as it doesn't let up, its constant, walking around doesn't relieve it either...

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    I would call your OB, constant pain is not what BH feels like. Worth checking out for your peace of mind.

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    How are you doing now, Roquen? Did you see a doctor?

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    Hi, thanks for the messages. I got in to see my ob this morning. I'd kept notes of the pain, where it was, times etc as I knew once I took a panadol it would be hard to tell him. Baby is doing great, I'm feeling like I've been in a boxing match :-) Still have a lot of pain, he said he couldn't find a hernia - but it still could be that, or some really bad cramping. So, I can really walk around as it hurts to much, so have cancelled my clients for today and tomorrow and am resting up. He said if it was severe ab cramping, it might take 3 or 4 days to settle down. Oh the joys :-) its all worth it though!

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