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Thread: Pains in the breasts!!!

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    frankie Guest

    Exclamation Pains in the breasts!!!

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a new mummy and i'm in my second trimester at 23 weeks and have started getting pains in my breasts I dont know whether its my milk ducts but its only lasts about 10 secs at a time.

    Does anyone else get this and is it normal?

    I have recently started getting pain during intercourse(embarrasing i know) with my partner is this also normal?

    any input would be gladly taken


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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    I get a slight itchy/stingy pain in my nipples, and ive noticed if i squeeze or put pressure on my boobs a small drop of collustrum will come out, maybe its your collustrum coming through??
    Not too sure about DTD, i have noticed some positions feels like he is hitting something, or i just cant do them any more coz i get a bit tired too quickly. Havent really had pain, maybe you should try diff positions??

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    frankie Guest


    Hey thanks heaps,

    I dont have leakages yet but i do have crusty nipples as some people call it. it feels like a stinging ache in my breasts.

    I think its more of a slight discomfort during DTD, like you said as if he's pushing something. I too get tired real easy, even if I dont do much work!

    Thanks for the reply

    P.S. whats DTD?

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    DTD = doing the deed
    When are you due??

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    frankie Guest


    Cool Thanks

    Im due April 30 08,

    When are you due?

    How many bubs do you have?

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    Im due April 21st its my first bub! I really cant wait!! You should come join all us april ladies Belly Buddies April 16-30
    Welcome to bellybelly btw

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    frankie Guest


    congrats on your new bub,

    My partner and I are really happy. we found out its a boy!

    Did you find out the sex?

    Thanks for the invite i'll join the club for sure

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    Hi Frankie, can't really help with the sore boobies issue unfortunately - I wouldnt' really know what you're going through because I'm not as far along as you!

    Just thought I would suggest that I have read the most comfortable position for DTD would be both of you on your side with him behind you, and that way he's not able to go in as far and thus it shouldn't be as painful for you...

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    frankie Guest


    hey thanks for the input guys, i'll try that position u said serendipty. thanks its much eaasier asking u guys than my doc!!!!

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