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    Default Pimples gone wild

    I'm almost 16 weeks and pretty much from about 6 or so weeks onwards i've had pimples around my mouth and on my chin.
    Last week I counted 11 but i'd say i'm closer to 15 now and had two new ones pop up this morning.
    I only used to get maybe 1 when AF was due but that was all so people are really noticing it.
    I asked OB and he said not much I can do about it as it's hormonal but this is ridiculous. I look like i've hit puberty!!
    I just use a face wash in the shower at night and apply QV repair cream a few times a day, nothing else.

    Any tips on what might help????

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    No tips here, but I know exactly what you are going through. I was the same, only about one a month for that "special time" and now with this pregnancy, bammo.. all over my forehead.. its a never ending battle.
    I just make sure that I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. And if they are too red of a morning, cover with make up.
    Not much help, but wanted to let you know that you weren't alone..

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    Oh I feel for you, I had the worst break out early in my pg too - like you around my mouth, chin and cheeks, and worse on my back! I wanted to die. I tried expensive pimple creams, dr prescribed topical anti-biotics, pro-activ, drinking loads of water and nothing worked.

    You're hormones are just going crazy and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Thankfully my skin cleared up at about 20 weeks, the pimples just suddenly stopped! Hopefully you will be the same. I'm now 28 weeks and my skin is great. Just get a good concealer and ride the storm luv....

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    I have a friend who was the same, forehead and back were the worst for her. Sorry I have no tips for you. Hormones are a bugger huh!

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    Its a never ending battle and has been since around 8 weeks for me.

    Like everyone else I keep up a daily routine (of telling myself in the mirror that its not forever) as well as cleanse etc.

    Again I'm not much help - I pick mine so it would be hypocritical of me to recommend just toughing it out AND DO NOT PICK. but I'm guessing really thats all you can do.

    On the plus side my nails are stronger then ever..... there must be a good side as well as a downside to those raging hormones!!

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    I don't have any advice, but I so hear you!!!! I never got to many, and they were always only little ones that went away really quick... now I have big sore red ones, on my cheeks of all places, and also some on my chin. So annoying (and yes it would be hypocritical of me to say don't pick!)!!!

    Guess we just have to tough these things out (unless someone has a miracle cure...?!?!?! Someone? ANYONE!?!?!). Hope mine go away, though I am doubting that they will...

    I'd be interested to know whether is has to do with having a girl or boy... I'm having a little princess.

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    I'm 12 weeks at the mo and I have pinples on the face, back and chest and i've been using teatree oil to dry them out and then Rosehip oil to stop seems to work for me...just make sure you only use a small amount on the end of an ear bud.

    Hope this helps

    Let me know how you go

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    I have pimples/acne on my forehead, they're not too bad...but still annoying

    I find the young solutions spot stuff is really good.....dries them out more than anything....

    maybe try and keep ur hair of ur face when you can and change pillow case, towels, face wahsers more freguently to reduce/decrease bacteria and oil. (not saying ur dirty)

    hope this helps....i'm sure it will clear up soon!

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    Just wanted to advise you all to be very careful putting 100% tea tree oil on your skin - you should really only use a diluted product. It can be very drying to the skin and some people are allergic.

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    I've had terrible skin right from the beginning of the pg. For the first trimester I had heaps of zits on my forehead, chin and around in my hairline. Almost as if on queue when the 2nd trimester hit my face started to clear up and the zits moved to my back My back has been particularly gross so I've had to find clothes that will hide it. I'm due to hit the 3rd trimester next weekend so I'm hoping that it all clears up then - and so far things are looking good with no new zits just the old ones healing

    I hope you can find something to help you but hopefully as the pg progesses things will sort themselves out. You're definitely not alone

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    Default YUp

    BEST STUFF every my skin is crapo as well..

    go to a beauty salon that sells dermalogica.. $$ but WORTH it. and goes a long way..

    Get i think its called skin clearning .. ask the ladies there is a serum as well as a facial cleanser!!

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