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Thread: MOnitor Baby's Heart!!

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    Default MOnitor Baby's Heart!!


    Yesterday i went to have an ultrasound and they found that the baby is small i'm actually on 33 weeks and he is 1.8 kilos my Obst called me to say that the baby is in good health but we have to monitor the heart i was so in shock that i just heard him talking about the "placenta too small" and that i have to monitor the heart every 2 days!!!!

    Do you think it's baaaaaaaad!!!!!

    But he said that if it was bad he would have to deliver the baby now! and we just have to wait another 2 wks to have another ultrasound!
    I'm scared! what if the baby have to come earlier and he is still in breach position!
    i wanted to have a natural delivery! what if! i have to get a cesarienne!!!!!

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    1.8 kg doesn't sound too small - it's average for about 31 weeks, right? so doesn't sound like your baby is measuring too far behind. And remember that weight from ultrasound is notoriously inaccurate. Make sure they are looking for other indications of problems and not just sending you into a panic based on the size they have calculated for the baby.
    It sounds like your doctor is concerned about the possibility of intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR) which basically means a small baby. In severe cases, it can mean early delivery - expecially if they think the placenta is not functioning as it should to support the baby's growth (they should be measuring the size of pockets of amniotic fluid during your scans to monitor placental health). But there can be lots of other reasons for a small baby.
    Try not to worry too much yet - it sounds like your baby is doing OK and they just want to monitor you as a precaution to make sure bubs is fine. If they do decide they want to deliver your baby early - you are far enough along that your baby should be fine. Good luck!

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    Default thanx

    Thank you for your precious advice yeah cos yesterday when i went to the hospital, the mid wife who check everything and told me not to worry as my hubby and I are small ppl, and of course i won't have an elephant!!!! LOL
    she was very funny, and straight away she said that the baby is doing fine.
    and you know what the Doc who did the ultrasound yeah he was not that talkative, he just did the measurement and then said ohhh the baby is small for now it's alarming!
    I'm doing okay! I try not to think about all these, and lucky for me we were joking as at the beginning of the pregnancy i did lot of shopping and bought some clothes which are too small, cos i didn't know which size to buy! And before we were joking about the fact baby will be using it only one day, and now i am sure he will be using them for some weeks to come :P


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