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Thread: no more kicks...but rolls?

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    Default no more kicks...but rolls?

    hi all

    Just wondering if anyone else has had the same movements as me....bub has been moving all over the place which i love! But they aren't necessarily kicks or poke like they feel as if baby is rolling and more of a pushing feel across my belly....

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    yey, I am getting lots of rolls and more stonger movements that show the baby has more weight behind it. I do get some kicks but more pushing like it is running out of room. I have drs appoint on Thurs so am hoping it is head down and stays that way.
    I am going to miss the kicks once bubs is out. This will be our last.

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    yep - getting exactly the same thing and i love the sensation of it.

    we had a scan last week and bubs was head down in anterior position so looking good so far. I'm 30 weeks and 6 days.

    I also love seeing the movement from the outside also. WHen all of a sudden you can see something poking through like a little foot stretching out - very cute. DH loves it too.

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