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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the Third Trimester

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    Jul 2008


    Swollen feet (Only when working, from standing)
    Muscular Back pain
    Braxton hicks
    Dry skin
    pigging on food

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    Sep 2008

    well im 27wks atm and from that list here is what i have been having since about 24 wks!!! before that was constant morning sickness and tiredness and fainting.

    Not being able to lay on back or tummy
    Can't walk long distances
    Sore Hips
    Calf Cramps
    Right hand side rib pain
    Back Pain
    Round ligament pains (esp after resting)
    Frequent toilet visits
    Belly button gone flat or popped
    Braxton Hicks
    Nasal congestion
    Dry Skin
    Bleeding Gums
    Memory Loss
    Lower abdominal cramps
    Bum Pain
    Itchyness all over
    Incredible thirst
    Still feeling full from night befores meal

    added to that list is...

    Severly LOW blood pressure
    joint pains (ankles, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders...wrists are OK for now)
    high abdominal pain (like muscles at top of Abs are burning ALL the time, it feels like im in a constant 'sit-up' its that kind of muscle burning)
    Tension Headaches

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    CathieW Guest

    I'm 34 weeks and carrying twins.
    I'm just really, really, really uncomfortable with arms and legs sticking out everywhere day and night.

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    Dec 2007
    Werribee, Vic

    Has anyone mentioned the snoring.... My DH tells me that i have got really bad

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    Oct 2007
    Moved from The Nthn Beaches to Nth Shore of Sydney and now resides on the Central Coast.

    I have the same! Really bad heart burn, nothing works to stop it & nausea again.... I have 5 weeks left but I am not sure if i'll make it. LOL. I am also having sleeping probs. I think my hips are getting sore from the extra weight & they ache when I am sleeping.

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    Mar 2008
    Australia, Brisbane

    I hear you about the sleeping liss_jay.

    It takes me about 10 mins to get out of bed everytime I need to go to the loo (5 times a night ) Its just so painful, my hips and pelvis ache something shocking! Its been like this for about 2 months now, but its gotten to the point where Im pretty much on bed rest! I think I might have that SPD ( Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) oh well lets just hope im in the %5 of women who go into labor on their due date

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    Feb 2005

    My hair changes colour!!!

    Happened with DS in the 3rd tri too. I am naturally a dark blonde, but in my 3rd tri my hair turns dark brown like REALLY dark, but only on my head, eye brows and underarms. My leg hair is still super blonde so you cannot see it. From memory DS was at least 3 months old before my hair went back to it's normal colour.

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    May 2008
    Sydney, Australia

    Nasty calf cramps in the middle of the night!!! They are so excruciating and my leg just locks up with toes pointed, that i have to try to stand up and pull toes back. As a consequence of this, my calves feels like I have pulled muscles.

    Back ache, sore tight abdomen just to name a few.

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    Oct 2007
    Inner West, Sydney

    yes my biggest thing is my calf muscles in the night, wake up in pain from cramping! ob said to take some magnesium if it gets worse

    and extremely weak but have discovered my iron levels are low so on tablets for that

    that's really it at the moment....

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    Jan 2009
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    I lost some pigment in my skin in some patches...My OB told me it would come back after DS was born ( of course I didn't believe him ) But sure enough it did!! and another thing I also got was skin tags (only little ones) 2 under my arm and one on the inner part of my thigh, they have never gone away though...gosh I sound like a right treat

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    Jan 2011

    35 weeks tomorrow and so far I've had:

    Swollen Hands
    Swollen Feet
    Not being able to lay on back because it makes me feel tight and slightly breathless. It also makes my feet tingle.
    Colostrum from nipples - though this started second trimester
    Can't walk long distances
    Can't stand for a long time without getting sore lower back and balls of feet
    Lots of pressure in my groin and pelvis when I walk or stand
    Sore groin
    Sore sciatic area - tailbone and dimples on either side of my bottom/spine
    Stitches in side and lower belly
    Increased body temperature felt especially at night
    Fluid Retention - puffy face, hands, fingers and feet
    Frequent toilet visits
    Belly button gone flat / partially popped
    Braxton Hicks
    Blood in nasal mucous
    Dry Skin
    Dry scalp and hair
    Restless feet and ankles at night
    Bleeding Gums
    Memory Loss
    Lower abdominal cramps
    Bum Pain
    Irritable and easily emotional
    Red blotchy palms of hands and feet

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    Mar 2008
    North Northcote

    ...I grow teeth. I kid you not

    three pregnancies to third trimester = 3 new teeth hahahaha!

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    Jun 2013

    I'm going through at least half of these symptoms. I try to minimize them through what I eat and do light exercise or short walks
    Swelling: I like to juice fresh fruits and veggies. Strawberries, Kale, spinach are just some of the natural anti-inflammatory foods
    For aches and pains I like to eat cherries, it works better than taking pain killers and is completely safe.
    Sleeplessness I eat almonds, cherries, and or walnuts. They increase your melatonin and relax your body so you are in a better sleep mode.
    NEPTUNE, you complained of leg cramps. I've had those so bad in each of my pregnancies at night it's horrible. I told my doctor about them and he said it was lack of calcium. So I started eating a yogurt before bed and sometimes took a calcium supplement and it almost completely cured my leg cramps.

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    Aug 2009
    Western Australia, SOR

    Vaginal pain and vaginal swelling!

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    Dec 2007

    This is my list

    Back pains
    swollen legs
    Pin and needles in arms and hands when trying to sleep
    bad wind
    Strange dreams very strange dreams
    always uncomfortable when sitting
    restless legs
    cant walk long distance
    very tired
    smellier then normal
    leaking boobs
    cant lay on stomach or back
    ligment pain

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