thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the Third Trimester

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    Silvi Guest

    I am suffering from a handfull...but the wrost would have to be

    Calf Cramps - And thier painful at that...
    Restless Legs - If I don't go to the bathroom my legs are sore and very restless
    Tiredness - Need a nana nap during the day
    Nausea - 31wks and still feeling sick
    Very Sore Nipples - Very sore...

    Other than that...enjoying the pregnancy...

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    skorpy Guest

    Hi everyone ,im new here. I have lots of symptoms.

    Swollen ankles
    Stitch in my right side
    Cramp in Calve
    Cravings for Fruit and i have to eat Chocolate during the night
    Rib bruising from kicking baby
    Groin pain in the morning when getting out of bed
    Get uncomfortable quick,lying down is only way i am comfortable
    Cant walk too far
    Itchy Nipples
    Braxton Hicks are uncomfortable accompenied with menstrual period type pains
    Lots of discharge
    Trouble holding urine,specially when laughing or coughing

    I also have Rh Negative blood group which means i have to have an Anti-D injection and also being tested again for Gestational Diabetes as i had it with my second pregnancy,but not my first. This is my third pregnancy and i am just coming up too 30 weeks on wednesday.I am quite big,so i think its another big baby

    Anyway,im looking forward to meeting you all and chatting until the big day comes

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    skorpy Guest

    Anyone else have this symptom...

    when i put my hand over my stomach,i sometimes feel this pulsating movment almost like the baby is breathing. Anyone know what this is? havent felt it before.

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    Registered User

    Jul 2004

    Anyone else have this symptom...

    when i put my hand over my stomach,i sometimes feel this pulsating movment almost like the baby is breathing. Anyone know what this is? havent felt it before.
    I have something like this! I can see it too, my belly moves up and down like im breathing, but its not me, its bub. I thought it could be just bub floating up and down in the waters...?

    This pregnancy has been quite different from Lily's. Not so many symptoms! Just a little bit of rib pain, the occasional hip pain and loads and loads of painful braxton hicks. Heartburn has gone up a notch though but not as bad as last time. Feeling like i have more energy, but it's probably me nesting coz i keep cleaning the house over and over again!

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    Jan 2006

    So far in T3 I've had:

    Swollen Fingers
    Higher Blood Pressure (but still very normal)
    Can't walk long distances
    Reflux/very slight nausea
    Back Pain/starting the return of Sciatica
    Nasal congestion (but it is winter - probably just a cold)
    Memory Loss

    Also I'm very easily distracted by the kicking baby and am seriously peed off about "not looking pregnant" (yup, the hormones are back in force)! I can still lie comfortably on my back, although I try to avoid that, and can lie on my tummy too when I have to. All this by 30w!

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    Registered User

    Feb 2006
    Blackburn, Melbourne

    I've had really sore knuckles for the last 10 days or so, almost arthritic. My naturopath thinks it could be that my organs are not keeping up with filtering stuff from both me and DS at this late stage and so deposits are being left in joints. She thinks it will disappear when he's born.

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    Nov 2005

    Varicose veins for me *doh*
    Muscle pain under my tum
    Less acne (Yay)

    Actually I mostly feel less tired and better than throughout the whole rest of the pregnancy. *touch wood* LOL

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    confusedegg Guest

    RYN: When you say you get nasal congestion. Do you get build up of mucus in the nose that feels like going down back of throat and your hocking up.

    Black bird is your ticker reading correctly, your going over time almost 43 weeks.. holy crap! if you are.. you poor possum.
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    creativity Guest

    I've had this too. I thought it was bubs hiccoughing.

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    My worst symptoms would be:

    * constipation
    * haemmorroids
    * reflux/heartburn
    * exhaustion
    * insomnia
    * very emotional
    * upper back pain
    * "Tightness" in pelvic area when standing.

    The back pain's weird, as my boobs are still quite sore (I used to be an F-cup before my reduction, and now my boobs are DD - my back's as sore as it was during the F-cup days!)

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    MandaGurl Guest

    HI, i'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I think it's like gas bubbles in my chest, it's kind of like gurgelling or fluttering in my chest and then i tend to burp alot. It starts from my stomach and goes through my ribs and chest it's a wierd feeling. I've never had it before so i assume it's from being pregnant....does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Could it be heartburn?

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Hi, I'm about a week of the 3T, but I had that bubbling and gurgling feeling just the other day. I think it is an excessive amount of gas, because I was quite ill, and sorry tmi, but had action at both ends and was very gassy, and had a lot of trouble eating. I also felt very stretched and tight like my tummy was full of gas and pushing my uterus out.

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    May 2007
    Bulleen, Victoria

    I've been very tired but I'm also having trouble sleeping (that's annoying). I'm experiencing shortness of breath and pelvic pressure. I'm also a little congested and have started snoring. They're really my only symptoms though. I feel I've been quite lucky.

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    Sandy036 Guest

    Let me see now, where to begin!! I have had most of those on the list with all 3 pregnancies.... LOL. Guess I am normal after all.... With this preg I found that I didn't have the Hyper Emmesis(severe vomitting & hospitilisation) was lucky enough to just get the morning sickness - if you can be lucky to get it.. hehe. I had also in the first few weeks with this one swollen hands, face, feet and tiredness -- extreme tiredness. Maybe the gestational diabetes had something to do with that part. Had it with this and last preg. (GD). This one I couldn't sleep in my bed had to sit up and sleep due to pelvic pain and pins & needles. So my lounge see's more of me at night that my Breasts were tender in the early days also. Oh and colostasis with this and last preg. Itchy skin drives me mad... Oh well I guess not long now and I won't have to complain much more.... Its all worth it in the end when you get to look at the little round face that causes so much for nine months....LOL Enjoy it I say. Safe deliveries girls

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    RYN: When you say you get nasal congestion. Do you get build up of mucus in the nose that feels like going down back of throat and your hocking up.
    confusedegg:I have that too. Oh gosh its terrible!
    I get heartburn, a little bit of nausea, restless everything at any time of the day, pins and needles, what feels like could be carpal tunnel, and just recently, the feeling like i can't breathe, or breathe deep enough when I'm lying on my leftside - its so scary, so I roll over and seems to work... Also the feeling of claustrophobia. I also feel like I'm more fat than pregnant and think that ppl can't notice this basketball size belly as housing a baby and see me as a heavily overweight woman (and maybe a little bit of low self esteem happening there)

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    Jun 2007
    Mitcham, Vic

    This thread is marvellous- finally, some people to sympathise!
    Let me see, what have I got?
    shortness of breath ("pregnancy induced asthma", and no, I'd never heard of that either)
    trouble with continence, esp after sneezing/laughing/coughing. Pelvic floor exercises, shmelvic floor exercises
    very very frequent toilet visits.
    insomnia. I hate insomnia
    itchy nipples! WTF?!? What's going on there?
    a tiny bit of reflux, but not much
    Oh, and burping. v. embarrassing
    I feel smellier than normal. probably tmi...
    constipation, although a lot of that is due to my iron supplements, and since I bought prunes it seems to have gone.
    Trouble sitting, as the baby seems to resent that and will kick me until I get up. This leads to sore feet, as I have to stand/walk around till he/she stops it.
    That'll do. It's good to whinge. Thanks for having this thread!

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    Nov 2006

    Right, my turn to add to this since today is my due date and I'm fed up with being in the third trimester! Does that make me in the fourth trimester tomorrow???

    indigestion so bad I've had to take Ranitidine for 2 months and still get it
    can't pee properly as half way through bubs squishes everything shut and gives me shooting pain, have to sit there for 5 mins to finish
    pitting oedema in my shins which doesn't go down with rest or elevation or at night
    sleeping in 2-3 hr blocks due to going to the loo so often - now sooooo tired
    restless legs due to the swelling which means I can't get comfy at night and have been eating panadol every night for a week to get any sleep

    Can you tell I'm fed up?????