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Thread: Sharp pains on your cervix

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    Default Sharp pains on your cervix

    So, what are they? What's happening exactly?

    I get these sudden sharp pains on the inside and I'm assuming it's on my cervix. It's like a sharp pinch and it hurts (oh, so much more in store ). I'm guessing it's bubba moving down? Is it my cervix softening maybe too?

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    Hi Ren
    Yes it could be your cervix. Baby pinching/headbutting it.
    It could be baby playing with one of your nerves
    It could also be your pubic bone feeling the effects of relaxin.

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    So still clueless huh?

    Thanks Alan... I do often get sacrum pain at the same time so I'm sure bubba is headbutting me downwards. Didn't realise such a sharp pain could be pubic pain, but with the sacrum pain that could be it.

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    My baby likes to bounce on my cervix. I assume that is what the pain is. I am hoping it is moving down and stretching it too, but I dunno. I definately feel more 'pressure' when I have been using the fitball. I guess it is a waiting game

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    i have also been getting this for weeks but as my bub is breech was thinking it must be something else but not sure.

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