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Thread: Maxi dress for a wedding?....

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    Yay Tan! I'm dying to get a maxi dress!

    The great thing about them, is that if you bling them up with some jewellery and heels, they look quite dressy, then if you keep jewellery to a minimum, have your hair a bit messier and chuck some thongs on, they're perfect for heading down the street for a coffee!

    I'm so in love with dresses and skirts this summer, I'm going to try and get away with not wearing ANY pants! Can't wait to see how you scrub up!

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    Yep, love the look of maxi dresses... but most plunge down too low for my liking. If I could find one that kinda went straight across rather down low in a V I'd be thrilled! Looking forward to seeing your pics Tan! I just know you're gonna look gorgeous Will you have it in time for the BB Chrissy meet?

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    This one is straight across Bath, and has wide straps so I can wear a maternity bra under it! Not sure if I will be going to the meet up yet. I lost track of the thread and have no idea when/where it is, might go hunt it down now!

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    Woo hoo Tan, I love the maxi dresses! I'm a shorty too and I was a bit worried that it would look silly on me, did you get heels?? I'm gonna go try one on I think!

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