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Thread: Clomid for LPD #2

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    Waiting to hear (and now a little worried). Is everything OK Deb????? Please pop in and let us know when you get the chance.

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    Deb, how did it go? Little worried now. Let us know as soon as you get the chance.

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    Oh I am so sorry everyone.
    I got back late yesterday and then had the book club girls here last night and I have justgot back from a school excursion.

    Egbert is thriving!!!! Nice strong heartbeat, lots ofgood movement - everything is looking just beautiful. George thinks all of the pully heavy feelings I am feeling is just ligament stretches and of course my awful gaseous problem.... Girls I tell you it's really BAD!!!
    I am dashing in and out - so sorry but I will come back and talk to you all tomorrow. Finn's birthday today and I am about to cook apple pie (his favourite) for dinner.

    Thankyou for caring so much - I really feel close to you all.

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    kirsty Guest


    So very glad things went well with your scan Deb!!

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    Glad you checked in Deb, I was starting to worry a little too.

    Congrats on another great scan!!

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    Hi everyone,
    What a busy thread this is, clomid is popular.
    Sorry, have been MIA, very tired and busy. Not even my ticker is updated? So glad everything went well for you today Deb, My god, time is going so quickly.
    Thanks Debbie for asking about me, I'm ok, a little over ttc, starting to even wonder whether I want anymore kids? Been doing alot of thinking lately, don't really know what I want. Confused with a few things at the moment but I'll sort it out no doubt. I think ovulation happened yesterday but according to my temps, it hasn't happened? Temps have been a little low since m/c, don't know what's going on there. Trouble is, I'm not really bding much so will be hard to fall pregnant??? My cycles have gone weird as well. I have been ovulating around day 13/14 and having a lp of 13 days. Almost perfect? I thought I had LP problems, but maybe they have sorted themselves out. I guess clomid is not the answer for me now. Will try to catch up with you all soon. Good luck to all of us, lets see some +++++

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    Hi Everyone.

    Just thought i'd pop in while i have a minute.

    Am having a really, really bad week this week. Won't bore you with the details, you know how it is. Basically clomid did nothing and AF is in town. Spotting started at the usual time so it hasn't even improved my prog. levels obviously which is what i'm most disappointed about.

    Also the stupid pathology lab didn't check my prog levels when they did my cd21 bloods??!! Um, hello, isn't that what a day 21 test is for??!! My gyno wanted to check a few other things too, not sure something about testosterone or something but it came back all clear anyway, and they told him he 'coded it wrong'. Anyway they were going to do it that day (they still had my blood - ew). He told me he'd only ring me with the results if they were other than what we'd expected. I haven't heard from him so can only assume they were about the same - low. So i've started my second clomid round, first pill last night. He has increased my dose to 50mg of course.

    TMI warning *** This is the thing though, I started spotting (and i mean quite regular, medium flow kinda spotting, sorry) on tuesday but am as yet to have full on AF type red blood kinda stuff happening at which time I would call that cd1. He said to me on Thursday (cd26 in my book) to start clomid that day. I told him I hadn't gotten AF "properly" yet and he said but you are bleeding? I said yes and he said that was OK.

    So he's put cd1 on my chart (don't know if you guys do the clomid charts for your docs??) as being Tuesday when the spotting started, which means last cycle was only 24 days with an LP of 9 or 10. My concern is that if i have my cd21 blood test done it might not be accurate because it will be a few days out - or in theory will it mean that because I started the clomid earlier I will o earlier and therefore it won't matter?? I'm so confused....

    He has also ordered a sperm count for my DH which worries me. We've concieved twice no problems so I would be surprised if there were a problem there but it just seems like everytime I start looking I find bad news. He's also thinking that if the clomid doesn't work I could have a blocked tube. Again I am wondering how likely that is considering that we've always fallen prg quite easily in the past. God, I just don't know anymore.

    My friend is seeing an FS/ob, Dr Martin Sacks, who has done a lot of work in the area of unexplained fertility and recurrent m/c (not that I "fit" that category) and was at St Marg's in London for 2 or 3 years. He has a great reputation. My friend has just conceived with his help on her second IVF cycle. She's sussed out for me that he sees patients in the city (where I work) and i am considering getting a second opinion from him - what do you girls think??

    I am terrified of this cycle because I will be finding out if it "worked" probably a few days before my little angel's EDD. I am dreading that day already naturally and i don't know how I am going to cope with a double blow.

    I am just so sick of all this fear and sadness....

    Anyway girls, I'd better be off. Hope you are all well, it's been a bit quiet in here this week.

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    Willow, I'm sorry you are having such a crap time. Things for me have been pretty rough lately, too. Getting a lot of crap from work at the moment, which is just making the whole process more difficult.

    I seem to recall that you live in a similarish area to me... who is your current specialist? It seems my DH has finally realised just how unhelpful our current guy is and is agreeing with me on needing a new one. Progress at last!


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    Hey BW, sorry to hear you are having a crap time too. It just never ends does it? Saw my best friend today who's prg with twins. Was awful. She is in a really bad way because her husband doesn't want to have twins (they already have 2 year old twins and this twin prg is the result of a lab mix up during her embie transfer) and he is making her life a misery.

    I am currently seeing Dr Laurence Boshell. He is the dr who did the lap surgery on my ovary and I originally saw him as a public outpatient at the clinic at Nepean Hospital. I got really sick of never getting to see him (always ended up with a registrar), having to wait up to 2 hours at appts (surrounded by prg women too which is always fun) and having to wait weeks and weeks to get in for an appt so I switched and started seeing him at his private practice.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm unhappy with my current gyno, I guess I'm just looking for a miracle anywhere I might find one! I am going to stick with my Dr this cycle for sure and then maybe get a second opinion, can't hurt.

    Who are you currently seeing?

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    Hiya lovelies, time to lock this one & keep on chatting over [url=]here[/url]

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