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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I just wrote an epic and lost it #-o I have this button on my mouse on the side and I accidentally pressed it and everything went... but it seems to have done that before because I lost a post earlier too.... :-k


    Pete's BBQ is at a park nearby with a huge playground & near the river in Brissy.... its great we've been there heaps with friends over the years for birthdays because its not a well known park. So its just a meet there & bring a plate of finger food party...

    Don't worry girls about not responding to everyones post all the time! I'm sure we all understand when you aren't able to timewise

    We were given a high chair that is fully plastic and attaches to any chair you may have, so its on top of another dining room chair and straps on in a few places...we can't wait to use it & a few friends toddler have used it already, its great you can hose it off & it means they get used to sitting at the table with us, atm she's still in her rocker at the table watching us lol...

    Ambah - =D> on getting your house clean!! I'm still working on mine lol

    I hear you about bf.... Thats great Yvette that its going so well!! I think I probably would still do it if Matilda didn't settle so much better without it... and I still bf her twice a day. But I found it to be exhausting... I would finish and be so tired that I felt like I'd just run a marathon and couldn't do anything else...

    Anyway...thats all from me now! I hope you all have a great nights sleep!!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Tootie - I think you hit the nail on the head when you said
    I think the physical and emotional exhaustion does play a part in your ability to BF.
    as well as what you said about everything being so overwhelming... That would be my exact reasoning for why I couldn't stick with BFing. Thankyou for putting it into those words, cause its just made it easier for me to explain, should anyone ever ask me....

    Hi there dd!! How are you and Shynelle doing??

    Goodluck with your dinner and dishes Susan

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Ambah- well done on the cleaning. I was just not motivated today, did bare minimum and didn't even bring the washing in. My favourite saying is "I'll fire up tomorrow!" not that it always happens.

    Silvermoon- I lol at the nappys and baby stuff on the table. Arron gets so sick of clean washing in all different places around the house, but by the time I wash it, fold it and stack it I am too tired to put it away. Agian "TOMORROW!"

    Marcia- I had a great budget but lately Arron has had no work and so I can't take any money from his business, which means that I only have centrelink payments to pay everything. I discovered I actually paid the phone bill twice, clever aren't I. That was pregnancy brain last month. At least I have credit, but I could've done with the money.

    Christy - Pete's party sounds great. I am starting to wish we hadn't decided to have the party, I'm too tired, but too late. Where abouts in Brissy are you, my sister lives in Wooloowin, I visited her earlier in the year, so have heard some suburb names.

    Welcome Pee- the bleeding thng doesn't sound great to me. I had a bleed after my 3rd preg, there was no left over placenta, but I had a raw spot inside my uterus and had to take antibiotics to heal it, it wasn't nice. I agree you really should look into it.

    I often wake up cold and sweaty in the night, is that hormones? I was wondering why it was happening. I am back taking the pill too so maybe that could have something to do with it. Arron is getting the snip, but not just yet, so I am doing the job again. Want to make sure we don't fall in with a 5th child as we just couldn't cope with any more.

    I went to the health centre for the 4 week check and the HC sister was all concerned about the flat spot on Jessicas left back side of her head. She always turns her head to that side and the head is out of shape at the moment. I remember Jemma had the same thing. She told me a heap of ways to try get her to turn the other way but Jessica is so cheeky, no matter what I do she turns back to the left side. Jemma's isn't a problem now so I guess I will keep trying but not be too concerned. She likes to have her head that side.

    Hi dd- I sent you an email, hope you get it.

    Goodnight all, sorry if I missed anyone.

    Oh welcome Yvette, I did miss you. So many messages you start to lose track.

    Goodnight again Michelle

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    Jun 2003

    It is great to see so many new faces Heres hoping you don't get sick of my grumbles LOL

    Pee - I hope your Doc has some answers for you tomorrow. After my c-section with Jack I had no abnormal bleeding but with Asha it seemed to last for ages and if I did too much it got worse!!! All is fine again now and I am still waiting for AF to arrive properly ... I have had occassional days of bleeding but nothing prolonged!

    I hear you all on the cleaning!!! I am waiting until Emma & Jack have flown out tomorrow before I think about it LOL ... might even get on top of the washing, until they get back!

    Yvette - welcome to you I am sure you will get the hang of it eventually, we all had to start somewhere!

    Christy - YAY for getting more sleep and I hope you have a great time with your friends at the party! Happy Birthday to Pete! Ryan's 32nd birthday is next Wednesday ... he isn't looking forward to it!

    Ambah - Well done on getting your house clean ... do you want to come and do mine LOL I will pay you

    Michelle - I am sure your party will go off without a hitch ... we are thinking about having a New Years party this year ... will see how we go (Emma & Jack will be away with their Dad).

    Susan - We eat in the lounge room a lot too ... I should sit at the table with the kids more often!!! Don't have a high chair for Asha yet but we are thinking about getting one that straps on to a chair so she can sit at the table too

    Tootie - I had an elective c-section this time after an emergency c-section with Jack but mostly because they told me Asha would be about the same size as Jack if not bigger and boy did they get it wrong. So this time not only did I have to recover from a c-section but I also had to deal with the emotional side of things ... wishing I had tried a VBAC first etc... Also with a second c-section they cut out all the scar tissue from the previous c-section so it is like a mini tummy tuck (I did tell them they could have take more out LOL) I was also 6 years older this time around so I guess that came in to it as well.

    Marcia - Glad to hear that Hudson is feeling a little better, it is not nice when they are sick! Hope you have a great time out with your DH on Saturday ... isn't he sweet bringing you flowers!!

    Asha is doing really well She doesnít sleep much during the day but she does sleep from about 7.30pm until 5.30am so I canít really complain too much. She has also sorted out her feeding so she now has 5 feeds a day and I am much happier about it. She has a breast feed when she wakes up and then has her first 180ml bottle at around 8.30am then has a sleep, has her next bottle at around 12.30/1.00 and has another sleep. Has her 3rd 180ml bottle at 4.30ish and then has her bath at around 5.30 and then play time and cuddles with everyone and then I feed her at around 7.00 (if she can wait that long) and then she goes to bed for the night Hopefully it stays that way once I go back to work.
    We took Emma & Jack to Shark Tale today and it was a good movie!!! Then we went out for lunch as Asha was at child care today (I have to pay even if she isnít there so she went!).

    Sorry if I have missed anyone but it is getting busy in here now. Not long and some of us will be moving on Ö time seems to be flying! Asha will be 4 months on the 18th October Ö almost time to have the next lot of injections, guess I had better make the appointment!

    Time to get some sleep Ö have a great day tomorrow, talk to you all then Ö


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Speaking of, I haven't got good ol AF yet....hmmm?? I've been bottle feeding more than bf for over 3 weeks now.... oh well I won't complain! LMAO! I had the worst periods and I can't imagine going through that with Matilda... in fact I still remember the last one I had...lol

    Kelly its great to get someone elses opinion on the 2nd time c-section as I have been thinking about it heaps lately... I can't imagine going through the same thing twice....

    Asha sounds like she is doing great, hows the reflux thing?? I have found MAtilda vomits after every bf but doesn't after the formula, and she's starting to get uncomfortable again, arching her back, not eating well, screaming again....hmmm.... maybe she's gained enough weight to up her dose again... back to the Dr!!!

    Well... fingers crossed but I think we may have set up a pattern!!! Last night she went to bed at 6.30pm (we can't keep her up any later!) and fed again at 11pm and then at 4.30am and woke up at 7.15am!!! JOY!!! I can handle this, I really can, I fed her at 11 and DH fed her at 4.30 and we both think that getting up only once is a huge breakthrough!! YAY!

    Its great to have so many of us in here now!! So much happens! I hope you all are having a great day!

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    Vicsta Guest

    Hi Everyone!!!

    Its been a while since I've last posted (probably when I was pregnant).... although I do remember posting somewhere my birth story. I just received an email from Christy and thought that I had lurked in the background for too long and to make the forum even busier I might start posting regularly. My little man (Bailey) will be 4 months on the 19th October...only one day difference than Matilda! I love motherhood.....as each day is different. Sometimes it can be challenging; but we all grow through those time. I really shouldn't complain, after reading many of your posts, I think I have it on easy street. Bailey normally feeds 3 - 4 hourly during the day (bottlefed). We normally feed him his last feed @ 7:30pm /8:00pm. He goes down @ 9pm and then I don't normally hear from him until 6/6:30am. The other morning it was 7:30am. The only thing I am concerned about is that he is only staying up normally for 1 hour as he starts to get grissly. Hopefully that will extend with time as I just love playing with him.

    Well enough of my epic post. Can't wait to get to know everyone (again!) and watch our little ones grow.



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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    YAY!! Thanks Vicki!! I didn't mean to shame you into it LOL!!! I just noticed you were on and thought I'd say "Hi!" But good to see you!! Bailey sounds fantastic! I can't wait to hear more on how things are going!

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    spiddles Guest

    Looks like this will be my home for the next few months....time certianly flies...Hi to everyone I have never chatted to before. Look forward to tallking to you and sharing experiences!!

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    Pietta Guest

    Welcome Spiddles and I am awfully glad that you have come in here too as I would have missed hearing about Liam. I check out his site regularly and his Mr Men outfit is too cute!! I love his blue eyes.

    Update on me and Ryley- Doc and CHN said Ryley is doing ever so well. Except he has gone from 4.3 kgs to 5.3 in 2.5 weeks. the nurse thinks maybe he is eating too much, so we have to stick with 120ml and if he complains and wont settle then try with some more. When we took his clothes an nappy off to get weighed the nurse put him back in the blanket to keep warm and he piddled all in the blanket and coz it was a bunny rug it didnt soak in just kind of formed a pool of piddle that he was laying in- GROSS!! I cleaned him up and was about to get him dressed and he then power chucked all over himself- GROSS again!! so i cleaned him again and dressed him and then he power chucked again and I said- i think i should go home now huh!! #-o
    It was terrible!! I gave him a wash when he got home and he is better now. In regard to me I am off to get an u/s done coz the doc thinks something could be wrong. I will ring soon to find out when i can get it done. I also still have some carpal tunnels in my hands so that needs to be fixed too!! eek.. I wish i could fast forward 3 months and have life back to normal with my body!!

    Quick question- does anyone else's bubba fall asleep whilst having a feed or just after? As much as i try feed play sleep he just wont stay awake and he is a solid sleeper. Nothing wakes him. I tried music, me talking to him, putting the light on etc... nothing but a big snore (which is cute though!!) I am only worried coz i dont want this feed-sleep pattern to emerge.

    I hope everyone is well!

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    Marcia Guest

    Pee- Have to say that Hudson didn't really do much playing in between his feeding and sleeping (and crying lol) until just recently. Just really in the last 2 weeks he has finally started the feed play sleep routine. I know they say to do it from early on, the CH nurse told us to at 4 weeks, but he truely just wasn't interested until now. Having said that, I have just fed him and tried to play, but he fell asleep in his bouncer, so I've put him back to bed lol!

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    Marcia Guest

    oops, also meant to say that he also fell asleep during feeds right up until recently. I used to have to wake him up about 3 or 4 times to get him to finish his bottle.

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    Marcia Guest

    Ok, and having said THAT, he has just woken up with a big cry that had me running in there cos I thought something was really wrong, and then given me a big grin as if to say 'Hey! It's not sleep time, it's play time!' lol.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    PHEW!!! WHAT an afternoon!!!!
    Christy and I went on another pram push (with my cousin Mara and her baby girl Tahlia), and we hadn't even walked 500m when my pram must have rolled over a tack and the whole tyre went flat!! :mad:
    So then I thought, what a smart girl I am for bringing the tyre pump, but no sooner had I pumped it up then it went flat again!
    So our mission for the afternoon changed... we went looking for a bikeshop.... And so we journeyed through the city looking for one, and Christy had to put Matilda in the pouch and push my pram one-handed, while I pushed Aidyn who was in Matildas pram....I have to thank you again Christy, cause I dont know what I would have done if I was on my own!!!!
    anyway we eventually found a bikeshop, and while we waited for it to be fixed we let the babies roll around on some blankets (except for Aidyn who was fast asleep... I think he found Matildas pram to be very comfy, LOL!)
    Anyway, I just pray that doesnt happen again in a hurry, especially if I'm on my own, as the wheel rim would be likely to get wrecked if I left Aidyn in it whilst pushing it along.

    Anyway, sorry for that epic!! I will come back and reply to everyone posts after Aidyn is in bed!!!

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    Marcia Guest

    OMG Ambah. I never even thought of that happening and Hudsons jogger has pump up tyres too. I wonder if the tyre repair kits that you get for bike tyres would work as a temporary fix? Might have to check out the one DH has and get one to keep with the jogger if it looks like it would work as like you said, it would stuff the rim if you pushed it around too long like that.

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    Melinda Guest

    OMG @ Ryley peeing and then power-spewing! LOL Oh, and did you have carpal tunnel syndrome whilst you were PG? I got it whilst PG due to the large amount of fluid I was retaining and I found that it didn't start to go away until 4w post-birth and it was a slow process IYKWIM. My hands pretty much feel normal now though. I'm just wondering if you're still retaining a bit of fluid which may be causing it?? Sorry...just thinking out loud!! I hope everything goes well with your u/s scan matey.

    About the sleeping during feeds - yep, Jacob has done that too. We have tried implementing a sleep/feed/play routine from quite early on and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I basically just go with whatever he wants to do as I don't really like to wake him to play if he doesn't want to as it would just result in him getting cranky. During the night he just gets settled right away and he's used to that so we don't have any probs there which is good. When we do the play thing, once his movements get a bit jerky or he yawns or lets out a little grizzle, then I stop the play time and start to settle him for sleep.

    Ambah - spewing about the tyre!! I have a friend who has a pram with those pneumatic tyres and she bought a spare one that she takes with her everywhere as she had exactly the same thing happen, in which case the tyre pump does nothing!!! So maybe you might want to think about getting a spare one too to avoid that happening again?! It's good that Christy was with you....I know if it happened to me I'd be in a hell of a state as well LOL!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all,
    what an adventure Ambah and Christy had. I need some adventures, although not quite that dramatic thanks. I cant wait till the weather is nice enough to go out walking. It's all very well to hve a pump isn't it but you also need a repair kit complete with glue and patches.

    My cousin took her 1 and 4 yr olds to the city, got on an escaltor with her pram. (which is not allowed). consequently the wheel got caught in the escalator, with her ds in the pram, she was screaming for saomeone to help her and someone did, but the problem was she now had a 3 wheeled pram. So she wheeled it somehow through melbourne to Myer where she proceeded to tell the shop assistant she wanted a pram, she wanted it assembled and she wanted them to dispose of the 3 wheeled pram. I think the shop assisstant was a littl afraid of her as she was a littl crazy. They did everything she said with a smile. I was roflmao when she told me, it could only happen to her!
    Welcome Spiddles, it's much the same here as in the last forum except heaps busier. And welcome vicki, I think i remember reading your story.

    Mostly jessica falls asleep during her feed which is why mostly she only drinks 80 ml. Ryley reminds me of my 3rd, Jemma Pee as she had the same sort of appetite and along with that she was a sleeping machine, probably because of that.

    Jessica does have quite a bit of awake time though, usually about 1 hr after every few feeds she wakes and has a little play and a chuck and a laugh.
    She is so good at going into bed awake, I am proud of her and we had last feed last night at 8.40 and was up at 4.30 am. So we are getting there.

    Goodnight, sorry if I missed anyone, my head is elsewhere, the accountant has me triple checking the books as if we put in what we have givven him we are sure to be audited, not a good idea. I think I stuffed up my BAS reporting by including info which shouldn't have been there. GRRRRR! I hate GST!

    See ya
    Cheers Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL at the adventure today!! DH got home before me and said didn't you leave to go at 2.30??? LMAO! I got home and said "Where's my dinner?" (Pleasantville reference...)

    I'm so tired now though!! It was a big arvo and then caught the train home & AGAIN no one would move out of my way so I had to shove people out of the entrance of the train to get the pram through [-X ... but it was funny too because I just pushed the pram straight into the people who were blocking the doorway and just looking around for someone else to do something... oh well.... I was tired and thats my excuse & I'm sticking to it, it may have worked better if Matilda was screaming instead of sleeping!!! (amazing...) I put her in the pram on her belly and she went to sleep within 5 minutes!! WOW!!!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Welcome Spiddles and Vicsta!!! (wow! I am finding it hard to keep track now! and all in the space of a week or so!!)

    LOL Pee, sometimes I used to feed Aidyn just to get him to sleep!!!! I think its good that Ryley is a solid sleeper though... IMO it is always good when they sleep well!! I found that as Aidyn got older he stopped the 'feed-sleep' routine and now he generally feeds after waking, then plays...
    I can't believe Ryley and the peeing, then double power spewing!!! That it pretty bad, LOL!!! The worst I have had is Aidyn peeing on me, then straight after doing a projectile poo straight onto me!! (he was on the changetable at the time)

    Christy - I can't believe those rude people would not move over for the pram!!! GRRRRR!!! I have had that on the ferry a couple of times too, as there is only one designated place for people with prams, and sometimes other people just sit there like stunned mullets ignoring the big sign next to them that tell them to vacate for people with prams, GRRRR!!

    Michelle - LMAO about your cousin and the pram!!! (although I think it was pretty dangerous to take it on the escalator with her ds in it!!)

    Kelly - bet your house will be quiet with the older kids gone!! But I'm sure you will enjoy it!
    How about we swap, I go over to yours and clean up, and you can come here and finish mine up for me!! Cause when I say I 'cleaned' that only meant that I did the dishes and vacuuming and strightening things up a bit. There is still a whole bathtub full of clothes that needs to be taken care of!! LOL

    Ok, thats it from me for now... I have to go sterilise and make a bottle for Aidyns nightfeed.

    Hope everyone gets some good sleep tonight!!

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