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thread: 1 month - 3 months, August '05 #2

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Good Afternoon All!

    I'm having a day at home today. It feels kinda strange 'cos we're out almost every day at appointments and various other things. I don't quite know what to do with myself! I really should study and clean the house, but I can't seem to muster the motivation. I am more interested in hanging out with Hannah. I bought a really great book yesterday called "Baby's First Skills" - it's a Miriam Stoppard one, and it takes you through all the developmental milestones and has a whole list of games to play with your baby from newborn up that will enhance their development at each stage. When I'm out tomorrow I am going to print out a few photos of mine and Tim's faces, the dogs and cat and get them laminated to put up for Hannah in her cot and maybe make them into a board book for her. There are heaps of really good ideas in there. It has heaps of physical exercises that babies enjoy when they're at the right stage. Hannah and I have been having fun trying them out today, and she laughed for the first time! It was so cute! She has gurgled and giggled and made happy noises before, but this was a full on belly laugh. It has made my day I can tell you!

    Gemma - We're feeling much better now thanks! I think it was Dee who recommended the kick n whirl carnival originally? I went out and got one for Hannah and she loves it too. She has now worked out that she can get it to work by touching the whirly things with her hands. As for dressing her, at home she pretty much lives in wondersuits and jumpsuits. They are just so practical. Whenever we go out I dress her up. More for my benefit than hers I think! She has some really cute clothes and I want to make sure she gets to wear them all before she grows out of them!

    Jo - Yay Erykah! Way to go on the sleeping! Enjoy your trip.

    Brooke - Love all the smileys I tend to overuse exclaimation marks instead. Hope Maya slept well!

    Hayseed - Sorry you've been having such a rough time. I'm glad the mastitis is getting sorted out. It must have been horrible. Not so good news about the pain on your right side. I had a gallstone scare like that during pg. Hopefully it's nothing serious and the pain will go away on its own. I think they do keyhole surgery for gallstones? Hopefully it won't come to that though...

    Rachel - How's the feeding going now? I had the same supply prob when I got af a couple of weeks ago. Poor Hannah was most unimpressed. My supply seems to be back where it was now though...hope all is well for you!

    Heather - The sleeping sounds like heaven!!!!

    Well, Hannah and I will be moving to the next forum soon! i can't believe she is nearly three months! Where did all that time go??

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    Nov 2004

    Brooke, your night sounds heavenly to me.

    Try mine...
    feed 11pm down at 12
    up at 1am down at 2
    up at 3 down at 4
    up at 5 off to sleep on top of me by 5.30
    up at 7
    and still not asleep.
    He is exhausted and so am I! Have tried to go for a walk, that didn't work either. These drops don't seem to be helping him.
    so signing out from Insanity Central.

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    Sep 2004
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    Heys guys

    Brooke - just had a good look at your new photo site and it is so beautiful. Its funny how much you feel you know the BB friends and the photos make it so much easier. I just wish we could all meet up. I know what you mean about it just hitting you that you have a baby, i really do sometimes have to pinch myself that hendrix is ours!!

    Well we have really had an amazing week of 7hour to 9.5hour sleeps. Im loving it, but am holding my breathe for when it will change.

    Anyway spending the night with mike as with him being away last night.

    Will catch up tomorrow

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    Hi Everyone

    Deb - I am so sorry to hear about your nights with your little boy not sleeping! I really feel for you as I know how hard it is to function on no sleep.....I really hope that things get better for you soon!

    Hayseed - oh my god! You poor thing...I am glad that the mastitis has cleared up - it is awful isn't it? I had it in week 3 and am really careful with lumps and any sight of a red mark! I hope that you are feeling better soon

    Brooke - I love your website! Your little girl looks sooooo much like her daddy! She is a little princess....Finlay has a permanent lipstick mark on his cheeks from me kissing him - so I know what you mean about kissing our bubbies to death!!
    I also can't remember what you said I need to do with the photos on my website....sorry.... #-o

    Juliette - I hope that your DH sorts out the work situation adn that this isn't causing you too much stress.... 8-[ WOW - at you guys owning your own home outright! We have the most horrendous mortgage....

    Heather - Woo Hoo on the sleep!! Good on little Hendrix!

    Jo - I hope that you get some more sleep soon too - I think that you are away ATM so I hope that you are having a restful time..

    Hi Bec!

    Hi Gemma!

    Well - I probably shouldn't even talk about this as I may jinx myself......but Finlay has slept through the night for 2 nights now!!!!! I just can't believe it and I thought that it would NEVER happen! He now sleeps from about 6pm-just before 6am!!!! I feel sane again!!

    We are getting loads of smiles now too and he changes every day. He must be nearly 6 kilos now so he is eating really well and growing in all of the right spots!

    Still no AF for me?? I am on the mini pill - should I have it by now? Do all of you girls have it back???

    Hope that you are all well (and not too sleep deprived!)

    Talk soon


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    Jun 2004

    Hi girls,

    thanks for your words of sympathy. The mastitis is under control. Boob still sore and a little reddish but nowhere near as painful as it was. A few more days of Thomas drinking off it and the penicillin and it should be right. Gall bladder....hmmmm not so sure of.

    Saw the GP today (6 week check up) and filled him in on my last few days as he was not my admitting dr and hadn't caught up on the fact I was in hospital (he was a bit sad too, 'cause he said he would have come to visit!!) Anyway, he told me that after my ultrasound on Friday, we would review results and see what course to take. If I had gallstones, and I want the symtoms and pain to stop, then the only option is to remove the gall bladder via keyhole surgery (as a couple of you girls have rightly said). Otherwise I have to put up with the pain. However, pain gets so bad that I need peth injections, so........

    But, results may come back showing that there are no gallstones, so it may be just a nerve thing or referred pain from the boob or something else entirely which we will have to figure out.

    I asked him whether removing the gall bladder was absolutely necessary as you are born with it, surely you need it for something. He said that they no longer blast gallstones as that can be worse than having the stones int he first place as the fragments can get in the bile duct and he said that there is no such thing as dissolving gallstones (big ones are cholesterole based and will reduce with medication but will return; small gall stones are calcium formed and will not reduce with any medication). He also mentioned that we are born with appendix but don't really need them (can't argue with that; had mine removed).

    Interestingly, he also mentioned that gall bladder problems affect women more than men and generally when they loose a large amount of weight - hence why a lot of new mums have gall bladder problems (also women who were very overweight and have been dieting). The midwives had already mentioned to me that they see a lot of newly delivered mums (around the 5 - 10 weeks mark) present with gall bladder problems, thought they didn't know why.

    So I guess I wait and see what the u/s says, but I'm not keen on another op...if I need one, I think I'll wait till I HAVE to go!!!

    Slept most of today - still feel a bit rank. But 100% better than Saturday.

    Off to the OB tomorrow for our 6 week check up. he hasn't seen me since I was 36 weeks pg as he took off overseas just before my c-section and had to get a collegue to do it for him. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see Thomas after everything that we have been through together! I can't wait for him to meet my baby!

    Megan, in answer to AF arriving, I don't have her yet, but did have a tinge of blood the past 2 days. Thought I might be getting it, but nothing yet. Maybe next month??? I honestly thought I wouldn't get a period for about 4- 6 months because I was breastfeeding. Didn't realise it might come sooner.

    Brooke - awwww, poor Maya with her needles. Thomas is coming up for his in 2 weeks and DH has already said he is not going to come as he couldn't stand him cyring. What about me!!

    Who had the b&w professional photos done?? I just purchased our baby photos taken at the hosptial and got a complimentary b&w mum and baby sitting. We are going next week. And I like the photos that I saw (sorry, who is it???) that I am keen to copy them (ie have Thomas in the nude). hope that's ok?

    Hi to all. Sounds like we are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to sleeping; some all night, others not much at all. Thomas is in the middle. Mainly sleeps for 4 hr blcoks still so at least I'm only getting up once in the dead of night.

    Well, must push off. hope all are well.


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    Nov 2004


    Brooke - I just had a look at Maya's website and signed the guestbook. The photos are great and she is beautiful. You have got me motivated to put more on Amy's website now. Poor Maya getting her needles but she was so brave. Amy has hers soon and we are only getting the one combo that does everything. It doesn't have a live polio and it will cost us $117 but it is less needles. Hope you had a good night watching Dan play.

    Deb - Hope you got some sleep last night your poor thing. It does get better soon.

    Hayseed - So glad you are feeling better. From what my SIL went through with the gallstone pain, she was glad she had the op to remove her gall bladder. She lost 10kg prior to pg and had to have a strict low fat diet after.

    Megan - Finlay sounds like he is going well and he is a good boy for sleeping through the night. Wow 12 hrs that is amazing! Yes AF for me and it is really heavy.

    Juliette - I hope you are doing ok today. I will have a look for that book today, sounds interesting.

    Have you got the baby bonus yet? We got ours about two weeks ago. Finished our budget yesterday, just makes you realise how many bills there are when they are written down. Getting a $7k bonus from work in Sept so looking forward to that. We are off to get some photos done today. Catch up with you all later.

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    Just a quick update on us. I've read all the posts, just can't remember who said what!

    Well Makenzie is now on formula. She is definitely doing much better - more settled, sleeping better, happier when she's awake etc. I feel a bit sad as I b/f my two boys for 13 months and 8 months. Obviously my milk wasn't sufficient for whatever reason, despite doing things to improve it. I started comp feeding and then a few days ago stopped giving breast (plus she'd lost interest in it even more). I am still expressing a couple of times a day, just so I don't get mastitis (just getting over that last episode) and am gradually decreasing how much I am expressing each time. I feel so much better myself now too, as I know she's getting enough milk and also I can get some sleep as I can go to bed at like 8.30 or so and DH will give Makenzie her late evening feed so I can get 6 or so hours straight.

    She's still not sleeping through the night though. She does have days where she goes 6 hours or more between a feed but it hasn't sort of happened in the middle of the night yet. She had a bottle at 6.30pm last night and then DH came to bed about midnight as she hadn't woken, and then she woke about 12.30 for a feed then again at 4.30am. She was very overtired yesterday though as she would not go to sleep, she was fighting it so hard. But overall she is much better and we don't get the constant crying/colic/screaming like when I was b/f.

    She hasn't had her needles yet. I have to book her in for next week.

    Oh no, gotta go, Cooper's on an excursion and they just called to say he's really, really sick and to go pick him up.

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    Sep 2004
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    Lisa - Oh no poor cooper i hope he is ok. Im glad to hear that everything has gotten better with Miss Makenzie since you have started only formulae feeding. It must be hard to let go of the breast but you as her mother know what is best for her and her obvious change shows that for some reason the boob wasnt doing it for her.

    Gemma - we are also getting hendrix the all in one immunisation shot. We are having it done on monday and DH also cant come as he has to work, but my dad is giving it to him (as he is a gp) so it will be like having someone with me.

    Hayseed - i hope that the u/s on friday shows whats up and that there will be a simple solution to the problem.

    Deb - i really hope that your sleep situation gets better soon. I went back on your site and looked up the new shots. I showed my DH and he was also really entertained. Alexander really is a handsome boy!!

    Brooke - hope you had an awesome night out. What does Dan call himself when he is DJing.

    Well bless Hendrix's little cotton socks!! He slept 9.5 hours last night from 7pm till 4:40am and had a drink then went back to sleep till 8am. I really am feeling so well rested but am waiting for this pattern to change. But fingers crossed it stays like this for a little longer.

    Im going to get a massage today ( a gift i received when hendrix was born) and am so excited. I havent left Hendrix yet so this is my first hour away in 7.5 weeks. Mike is taking him on an outing while i go and he is due for a feed at that time so he will have a bottle of EBM will be intersting to see how he goes.

    Will catch up later

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick post. How is it that life is so busy? I was never this busy when I was working... well I was it was just a different sort of busy.

    Thanks to those for asking, my milk problems have now all gone. In fact I had to stop taking the Fenugreek after only 4 capsules - 48 hours. I had so much milk Blake was choking on it and my bb's were exploding! Now, 48 hours later it's settled back to 'normal' and we're feeding beautifully.

    Lisa, I'm glad you're sorted Makenzie's feeding out. I know how you feel about b/fing as that's how I was starting to feed when I was having problems. At least Makenzie is so much happier, and that's a good thing all around. I love all the photos of her on her website. I think I better make sure I take more of Blake cause they change so quickly and they you miss it!

    Gemma you are so organised with your budget, and lucky you for getting a $7K bonus. Is that with your new job or the current job you had? Have you had your interview yet? How did it go?

    Just thought I'd mention that Kmart have 20% off toys this week, starting today. I was umming and ahhing about getting the Fisher Price Kick and Whirl Carnival yesterday but didn't. But now with 20% off I'm going down to get it! (brings it back to about $62. Gotta be happy with that!)

    Have a great day, I'm off shopping

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    Nov 2003

    Hey everyone!

    It's been ages since I've posted in here. Have been so busy lately and for some reason Kynan always seems to wake just when I've logged into BB LOL. And can you believe in another week Kynan will be 3 months old so I'll be moving on to the 3-6mnth thread! He's growing up so quickly!

    Fantastic that more bubs are sleeping better now! Sounds like there are a fair few who are sleeping through the night (or close to it!). Hope the other bubs aren't far behind!

    Hayseed, OMG you've had a bit of a rough trot lately haven't you! Glad to hear things are a bit better for you though, and fingers crossed you won't need an op for the possible gall bladder thing.

    Lisa, glad to hear Makenzie is doing better! Hope Cooper's okay.

    Heather, hope you enjoyed that massage! How did Hendrix go with the bottle of EBM? DH has tried Kynan on EBM several times now but he won't take the bottle. He'll have a few sucks just to take the edge off his hunger and then won't have any more LOL.

    Kate, that's a lovely pic of Kelsey on your ticker! How much does she weigh now? Hope she starts putting on more soon!

    Brooke, bummer about missing your mothers group. That's a silly time to have it though, 10am! My MG just started on Tuesday at 2pm - much better time for it! Gorgeous pics on your site... Maya is sooo cute! Have you tried giving Maya a massage after her bath... dunno if that might help her sleep more?

    Well Kynan's still sleeping well, 11-13hours for about 2 weeks now I think it is. He's having a lot less feeds because he sleeps so long so maybe I'll get AF back soon and we can really start TTC again. CHN reckons it shouldn't be long before I'm ovulating again so fingers crossed!

    Better go... little munchkin's awake LOL.

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    Nov 2004


    Welcome back Angel, it is great Kynan is sleeping 11-13 hours you must be so pleased and rested! I ovulated about 2 weeks ago and AF is heavy but so happy that she has returned so soon. IKWYM about logging on to BB, Amy is the same they seem to know.

    Brooke - Glad you had a good night out watching Dan, I'm sure he would have loved it too. Holding mothers group at 10am doesn't make much sense, ours starts at 2-4pm. Hope you caught up on your sleep! We are also trying to adjust Amy's sleep pattern, she doesn't like to sleep much during the day and still has a 11pm and 2am. Have you tried cluster feeding 2 hourly in the afternoon to build up the calories for night? Maybe start the extra feeds a bit earlier?

    Kate - Have you spoken to your OB or GP about TTC in 6 months? I have my follow up Ob appointment next week and I will ask him then. I actually didn't think seriously about it until Hayseed mentioned 6 months. We conceived on our first try so we both have to be sure next time, still trying to convince DH but is is loving being a daddy. He is making jokes that our kids will be in the same grade at school! It's great that Kelsey is smiling. You are doing a great job balancing her food and I hope she puts on more weight soon.

    Rachel - Glad to hear you milk is good now and Blake is feeding well. We bought the Kick and Whirl last week at full price!! Hope you had fun shopping. My interview went well and it was for a promotion. The bonus is for the work I did in the last financial year. Should find out in a few weeks if I got the promotion. We still have to catch up, our streets are walking distance from each other.

    Heather - That's great that your dad can give Hendrix the shot. Hope you enjoyed your massage today, what a great present.

    Lisa - I hope Cooper is okay. I was only bf for about 10 days and expressing for only 3 weeks (only 10-20ml each time had a breast reduction years ago so not much milk). I didn't take anything to dry up the milk and still have a few drops when I express in the shower and have not had any problems, but your supply is probably better then mine was. Amy is doing well on formula. You will love the extra sheep with your DH doing the night feed.

    Anyone been to Pixi Photos??We had a session with our 'free' photo coupon I was given while shopping in K-Mart. She took some beautiful shots and said that will be $400 for the package which I was not expecting. Thought it would be about $100 and should have looked into it. Will have to see how they turn out.

    Chat tomorrow, Amy is asleep can you tell by my post?! Bye

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Hi All! I'm off to Brissy tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be online again 'til I get back on Tuesday next week. By then my little darling will be 3 months! I can't believe it! Her 3 month birthday is on Sunday.

    Anyhow! I have to make this short...I am trying to put her down to sleep...she's still grizzling. Fingers crossed she sleeps tonight because I have a long drive ahead of me in the morning...

    Hope everyone is well!!! See you in the next thread when you get there!

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Jules, drive safely....can't wait to see you and Hannah again on Saturday! Good luck with your studying tomorrow.

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    Sep 2004
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    Morning girls

    Juliette - have a great trip and see you in the next thread in about a months time!!

    Gemma - im glad your interview went well. Fingers crossed for that promotion.

    Brooke - my mothers group was at ten also!! We have finished the formal meets now and are meeting ourselves from monday onwards but still early - im with you on sleep over socialising!! Im meeting with my other mothers group today and we sensibly meet for lunch at 1pm.

    Kate - you can tell shane that mike really didnt want to go away. He took our digital camera with him so that he could look at his little man!! Very cute. When he came home i got a quick kiss and then he went straight to hendy and didnt leave him all day. I hope that little Kelsey starts gaining a bit more weight, hopefully the poor little darlings reflux starts to go away in the near future. I love the picture on your ticker!! Beautiful.

    Well my massage was bliss!! The massage therapist was so nice as it was a voucher for an hour massage and she gave me an hour and a half!! I was in heaven but secretly was looking forward to seeing hendrix!!
    My next time away will be Saturday 3rd as we have a hens night!! woo hoo!! im so looking forward to it and again mike and hendy are spending the night together which mike is really looking forward too.

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    layla Guest

    Forum Name: layla
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 19th July 05
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Sarah Ashlee
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/skbub/
    Health Concerns: Wearing a harness to correct a shallow hip socket.
    Notes: 10 days early by planned c-section due to breech presentation.

    Can I join in?

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    Feb 2004

    Welcome to Vanita and Dion!

    Welcome to Layla and Sarah!

    Happy 1 month to Dion and Sarah.

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    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Welcome Layla and sarah - look forward to learning more about you guys!!

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    Jun 2004

    Brooke, I recall thinking a weeks or so ago that your mums group seemed early int he day for new mums! By 10am I'm not even dressed most mornings! My mums group is at 2pm which I think is much more civilised. Our MCHN purposely made it at that time to get more new mums to attend.


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