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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, December '04

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Such cute photos!!! Iris I love the photo of Alana at 7 weeks...so cute...
    And Grace & Olivia Grace too!! So beautiful all the girls... like Snowy I'd better go & update Matilda's site...LOL

    We went to DH's Xmas party for work last night & left Matilda with her Godparents to look after, she did okay but being a hard baby to settle pulled out all the tricks for them... #-o plus the overstimulation earlier in the day...D'OH! But then she woke up during the night around 6 times just having painful guts....damn reflux! She had a few vomits too... I hate changing the sheets at 4am!!! So I'm extremely tired now... hopefully our neighbours will be hanging out today so I can have a nap...

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ok so it hasn't been a good day so far either.... after I posted that Matilda started showing tired signs, so I went to start settling her... she was being very active & needed to settle a bit so I put her in her cot with a toy & dummy... all was quiet for 10 minutes and then screaming hysterically that lasted 15 minutes!! I tried everything rocking, skin to skin, dummy, bonjela, bottle.... nothing until she just fell asleep exhausted in my arms & has slept now for almost an hour... ](*,) I just don't know what to do.... there was no apparent reason for it, she wasn't hurt, there wasn't anything that could have scared her.... :-k dunno... [-o< for a better start after this nap....

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    spiddles Guest

    Poor Matilda...Maybe she was just over tired???

    Had a look at all the new photos on everyones website...They are all so gorgeous its making me want to have more!! *lol*

    Its such a beautiful day. Has been bucketing down all morning. Days like this you wish DH could take a sicky and say at home and snuggle *lol*

    So no washing (might do some later and put it in dryer) or walking and diet has gone out the window today *lol* Is so chips and gravy weather.

    Liam had been awake for 4 hours straight this morning wasnt really grumpy but put him down for a nap and fell asleep so might get a couple of hours to myself. He woke at 3am this morning and was babbling to himself. DH was like do we leave him he might go back to sleep by himself but I couldnt put up with the noise so fed him and went straight to sleep.

    Still hasnt been drinking much. When given formula only about 120mls. He is usually a guts and wolfs it down so not sure if teething. He does have red cheaks and has been grabbing his ears alot carmen and you can see bubbles on his gums.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm off home to visit my family as Dad's birthsay on Sunday. My brother and his wife will be up with their kids. Can't wait to see my neice who has just turned 1. Havent seen her since Liam was 2 weeks and she kept trying to steal his dummy *lol*

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    carmen Guest

    Thanks for updating the websites of Grace and Alana - they are both so cute. Isn't it great how we can show off our babies with these websites.

    Hope that everyone has a great weekend - I am going to the BB meet in Albert Park on Sunday so I might see some of you there.

    Take care

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there everyone

    must check out all the updated websites.

    well looks like a few of our bubs are in the process of cutting teeth (boo hoo they grow so quick). lani looks like she is also cutting her bottom two (wouldn't surprise me ds cut first two at 13wks and i didn't even know lol) you can actually see lani's two coming up, not many symptoms off her food a bit i have struggled to get 3 feeds in so far today, and she is shoving both fists in her mouth constantly and dribbling everywhere, other than that she is just such a happy bubby.

    i had her playing on the floor on her activity mat and i decided to mop the floors i came back and she had wriggled 180 degress first i thought ds had moved her but he was outside playing - i can't get over how every day they grow a little more.

    snowy sounds like wolf is sleeping well for his age. lani first slept 10pm to 6am at 7wks but after a few nights started waking again for a feed around 3am, the last week she has gone from 8pm to 6am and only times she has woken is when she unwraps herself.

    dummies - lani actually cries if i try and feed her and she just wants her dummy and bed lol, she has not fallen asleep on the boob since a newborn and snowy speaking of feeding one side - lani has done this also since she was born however i can alternate sides i never thought she would get enough one side but she does (i must be a good cow lol).

    grr at this melbourne humidity i hate it - one reason i wouldn't move up to qld to be closer to family (it was contemplated at one stage) but after going up there every christmas for the last 13 yrs we decided the humidity was a bit yuck

    well i am going to check out the lovely bubs

    have a good weekend.

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    Marcia Guest

    Have just been looking at all the bubs websites and we have some real cuties in here! Just a quick question for those of you with babies online sites. Are they free, and are they easy to set up for someone who is bad with computers/internet? We finally bought a digital camera, so I am dying to show off my boy lol!

    Well, won't do personals because I am feeling really yuck today in the stomach, so just popping in quickly. Went to my mums group today and we were discussing swimming lessons for the boys (can you believe the entire group has boys lol) Anyway It sounds like we are all going to take them next year when school starts back! I'm really excited about it, should be great. Re: dummies, If Hudson didn't want one I wouldn't bother giving him one, but he goes off to sleep so well with it and I don't think they hurt, so we will let him have it until he is a little bit bigger. He doesn't want it while he is up, only to go to sleep, so we'll try to keep it that way.
    Mooshie- I hear you on the unwrapping caper lol! Hudson is a little houdini and wakes himself up once he gets his arms out. He used to sleep through from 8pm to 8am most nights but not anymore! He wakes at least once during the night now for a feed, but the other times he wakes I'm sure its just because he has woken himself up with his arms flinging around.
    Spiddles - Just read that comment on hot chips and gravy, now I want some !!! YUM!

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    spiddles Guest

    *lol* @ hot chips and gravy!! sorry hehehehe........Yup website is free Marcia and is pretty self explintory when you sign up. You shouldn't have any problems.

    *lol* @ Melbourne!! Everytime I have been there its always 4 seasons in one day!! DH use to live there for about 6 months and got sick of it and came back to QLD (mainly cause I was here well entirly) . Car insurance and rego was soooooo expencive (over $1500 extra a year than QLD) and the traffic is madness. Dh would never live there again but its always a nice place to visit.

    Liam wont nap. Is happy after giving some bonhela but he is sucking his fists too and drooling everywhere. Better go check on him.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope that you're all well and so are your bubs.
    I've been checking out the new websites. Grace and Alana are both so cute, Alana has such long hair!! Bon, I love that photo of Grace and Harry on the front page. I'm going to have to get around to doing one of my own especially now I have a fab new computer and don't have to share DH's stupid laptop.
    Yasin and I had our six week checkup at the Dr's on thursday and it went really well. Yasin weighs 5.25kg now (in the 90th percentile!!) so he has put on 2kg since we bought him home. She didn't check his height but we have an appointment with the echn next week and she will check it. His heart and so on were all spot on and I've healed up just fine so it was a good visit.
    DH wants to go shopping so I don't really have time for personals. I hope that the teething babies push them up quickly and don't get too grumpy and you all have a great weekend with lots of sleep.

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    Marcia Guest

    Just a quick =D> for me! Hudson slept through last night from 10pm to 8am!!!! YAY! He hasn't slept through for at least a month now and I was beginning to think he was just lulling us into a false sense of security when he originally started sleeping through at 8 weeks. Heres to hoping that it continues!

    Spiddles- thanks for the info re websites. Think I will try to get on there soon and set one up. Will be good once the IL's move interstate in January as they can check it out when they want instead of emailing all the time.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello girls! I hope you all had a great weekend & your little ones were well behaved!!

    Matilda slept until 4.30am and then I got up & rocked her & she fell back asleep until 7am??? \/ AFter over a month of 5am wake ups I was pretty excited! I feel great today!

    We had a pretty huge weekend & she coped really well...the little trooper...

    one HUGE Milestone... at my works Xmas party she was on a rug & decided to get up on all fours, reach for a toy and crawl two steps forward!! In front of everyone! YAY for the milestone, NNNNOOOOO!!!! from mummy!!!

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    Mar 2004


    Hope everyone had a good weekend. On Friday night Grace slept from 9pm to 4am, yay! I think she is gradually dropping the night feed because when she does wake up she only drinks about half her bottle before going to sleep again. I am taking her for her checkup tomorrow so it will be good to see how much weight she has gained. I am thinking she is around 5 kg now.
    Has everyone got their chrissie shopping done? I wish I did cos the shops are getting crazy, but we still have a few more things to get. At least it gives us a reason to go to the air conditioned shops!


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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Christy Congratulations on Matilda's milestone! Looks like it won't be long and she will be crawling all over the place.

    Alana got weighed today. She put on 260g in two weeks. So now she weighs 4.385kg. Even though she put on weight it really wasn't enough. (in the 10th percentile). Its sad, especially when you hear of little ones like Dachlostar's Yasin already 5.25kg. By the way thats a great gain. You must be thrilled!

    The enzymes are not really doing their job. They are meant to help digest her food, but she still has loads of fat in her poo, which basically means what ever I put in her mouth is coming right out the other end. So now we are experimenting with Zantac. Her DR says that sometimes they have a lot of acid in their gut and its basically dissolving the enzymes before they can work. If that doesn't work, than we have to change medications to a stronger one. Anyway we have one week to see how it goes.

    Also her thrush and nappy rash is still the same. At least now her Dr agrees with me that its definitely the fat in her poo irritatiing the area. So for the moment she is still red raw.

    So I feel a little defeated today, but I know by tomorrow that I will be okay and ready to beat this problem!!

    Hope everyone is well and lots of cuddles for the Bubbas.

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    awww...Iris...how hard this must be for you! You are doing such a fantastic job!! I thought reflux was hard... btw the zantac helped Matilda heaps so I hope it helps Alana as well! Good luck with your week trial, and YAY for some weight gain!! At least its going up!

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi everyone

    I hope that it is OK to post here - it was recommended that I do by someone in 2nd tri thread.

    I live in Brisbane and am currently having real problems getting a childcare place for my bubs (who is not born yet) next year in Sept. I am starting to get a bit upset about this and was wondering if anyone had any advice, success stories, other options to consider etc.

    Any comments are welcome and if this is not the right place to post this - please let me know!

    I will look forward to hearing from you all...


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    hi Megan I responded in the 2nd trimester...LOL! I just said I am on a waiting list for Matilda and its 15 months... thats at a community centre... otherwise you could try family day care as it was recommended to me & has a smaller waiting list... the only thing with family day care is most are fantastic & some are average so the best thing is to go & hang out for an hour or so and see how things are handled....Good luck!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI everyone,

    Doesn't time just fly Christy, Matilda is really moving along in leaps and bounds, you better start getting more sleep, I think you may need it with her getting around.LOL

    Good news about wait gain Lara, but not so good about the other things, I really admire your attitude, some days must be harder than others but you are so positive it's great. Hope the zantac does something.

    I have updated Jessica's website and also have one for Jemma if anyone is interested it is www.babiesonline.com/babies/j/jemma3rd

    Jessica is good as usual after a hectic weekend, I am sooo tired for some reason. Jemma has diarrea, and when she poos is on the floor in pain, I can't do anything to help her though. I was at the drs today but they said to just make sure she's drinking etc, there's heaps going around.

    I am off the zantac until friday when I am having a breath test to check for a tummy bug. After that I am going to be taking another medication, and if that doesn't fix the problem then I will have the gastroscopy, as you can't take medication for 4 weeks before. My symptoms are mild for the last 3 days, so we'll see how we go.

    Must go am going to bed early, although kids are still up as Arron put lights on the house and wanted the kids to see, and then lost track of the time Typical, he was playing with them like it was 4pm.

    Cheers Michelle


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    Pietta Guest

    Hello, all!
    I hope your feeling better soon Michelle!! and poor little Jessica! Ouch.
    Iris- keep up the good work sweet- I hope little Alana puts on a little more weight for you.
    In regard to child care I dont know what to do with Ryley as yet coz we are on a waiting list at the uni but I dont know whether he will get in this coming semester... have been on the waiting list for a year- since the moment i found out i was pregnant!

    Ryley got checked last week and at 13 weeks he had a head circum of 42.5 height 66cm and weight 8.2 kgs so my little fella isnt small anymore!! He pushes/crawls backwards and he can pull himself almost upright using his lower back! He is laughing heartily now and it is sooooo cute!! He has his own little dance routine now- he moves his shoulders from side to side and his head and wiggles his hips all in unison- what a co-ordinated bubba!! Still sleeping not too bad but we think he is teething coz recently he has only been comforted by Bonjela so it must be teeth.

    I am finished my chrissy pressies! well i finished in november!! lol and I got my pressie from DH today- a new LG mobile with an mp3 player and video etc!! I love it heaps! also got my secret santa of who i am in love with!!! got such great pressies!!

    I hope everyone else who i missed is doing well. Take Care!!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Pee - Ryley is so gorgeous!! What a big man!! but don't worry too much... Matilda is over 8kg and Aidyn's been a big boy from the beginning too! He sounds like a mover as well...

    ahhh...Michelle I hope it stays settled for you! My mum has had two endoscopes and one colonoscopy and they still don't know whats wrong entirely... they thought it was pyloric...(can't remember the rest...) but now they aren't sure ](*,) so frustrating!

    Matilda had another good night slept until 6.15am!!! So much better than the 5am wake ups!! [-o< I hope it stays this way!!I am so much happier with the one extra hour in the morning!

    Well..off to go turn the air con on at 8.30am!! its already 31... yuck...

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