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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, December '04

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    Mar 2004

    Hi all

    Wow Snowy that's great growth for Wolf!

    Lara - I'm so glad to hear things are looking better for Alana, it must be a relief for her and you.

    Dachlostar - I can't believe there are such long waiting lists! I haven't even thought about schools yet for either of my munchkins. I had no trouble getting Harry into daycare though, when he went.

    Re sleeping, it does make life easier if they settle on their own but I don't have a problem rocking Grace if she needs it. Harry was really good at settling on his own until a few months ago when he started getting really upset at bedtime if I left him. Now I have to sit with him until he goes to sleep, but I don't mind, I figure he needs the reassurance of having me there. I think Grace is too young for things like controlled crying and Harry is too old, because he can open the door to his room!

    Grace had her first immunizations today, she was fine, had a little cry but soon got over it and has had no reaction at all which is good. I gave her one dose of panadol soon after having them but she hasn't needed any more.

    Only 4 sleeps to go! There are heaps of sales going on at the moment. Stephen went to kmart yesterday and got Harry this big megablok castle - it was marked down from $99 to $30 and they were selling them off auction style. He was all proud of himself for getting a bargain. I'm hoping I can avoid the shops now that all the present buying is done, it gets too crazy this time of year!


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    Marcia Guest

    Wow! I've missed so much again, but it sounds like everyones bubbas are doing really well! =D> for all the rollers, and a big =D> for Alanas meds working!

    Have been busy with lots of family stuff here, with lots of DH's family arriving for xmas from overseas and interstate. And lots of family dramas on my side #-o . Always the way at xmas time. Not doing great with the whole reflux/constipation thing atm. Hudson is back on the regular formula, but the vomiting is back with a vengance too. I actually forgot how bad all the vomiting was, so the thickened feeds must have been working well even though he was still bringing up a bit. I want to start him on solids soon too, but his appetite seems to be diminishing instead of increasing. I'm starting to get a bit worried about it, as he is not a big bub to start with, so we don't have a lot of room to move with weight gain. We are also thinking about taking him to see a chiropractor to see if they can help his reflux. We have been avoiding it really as DH and I both thought it sounded a bit unrealistic that they could fix it, but at this point we are at out wits end and willing to give anything a go! I'll be smacking myself in the head if it does the trick lol! Think I might try to get an appointment with the CYH nurse after xmas just to weigh him and put my mind at ease. Being a bit of a paranoid mummy at the moment and worrying that there is something drastic wrong that is making him vomit and not eat much. Probably is nothing, but I just can't help but worry atm :roll:

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls
    we are really busy getting oganised for xmas here, but also very excited.

    Lara, at least Frank is agreeing with you about hem not looking after Alana, and excellent news on her meds etc. Hope the weight gain comes next.

    I have lost track of everything everyone has said so sorry there isn't many personals.

    Hope Hudsons probs clear up soon Marcia, anything is worth trying though, if it helps, so fingers crossed.

    ANyway must go and get ready, have to drive 30mins to pick up the santa photo. Jessica and Joshua sat on his knees and Jordan and Jemma sat on the floor, almost didn't get Jemma in it as she was so scared.

    Best wishes michelle

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    carmen Guest


    I thought that I should post to let you know that I am still alive and kicking - I have no idea where my days go!!!

    Congratulations to all of the babies who have reached milestones, rolling, crawling and less fat in the poo!!!

    Luke was weighed on Friday and he is now 5.9kg and 61cm - his weight gain has slowed and he has started waking more in the night so I am going back to 3-3.5 hourly feeds during the day rather than 4 hourly to see if that helps.

    Re: b/f in public - I never thought that I would be able to but I just whip it out now since I figure that my priority is Luke and if he is hungry then I would rather oblige than put up with the screaming. I find that people tend to be pretty good and D/h says you can't see anything becuase Luke's head is in the way (LOL!!)

    Take care everyone, sorry that there are no personals but I have missed too much.

    I will try and post before Christmas but have a great time if I don't get chance.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    =D> =D> for all the milestones!! WOW!!

    Re the not wanting to eat... after talking with girls here & the CHN & friends I've found that a lot of babies go through phases where they don't want to eat as much for a few days and then they are back to normal, sometimes its them being tired & fussy & sometimes its their teeth moving around in their gums which cause them to not want to have a bottle in their mouths... :-k all I know is on those days I just get what I can into her & not worry too much... HTH!

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    spiddles Guest

    Re: Not wanting to eat....agree with you there Christy....Liam went off his food for a few days but is back to normal. (think because of teething. He would scream at a bottle but would feed from breast but I worked out if I put bonjella on gums around half an hour before a feed he would take the bottle like that.

    Weighed Liam at the chemist on Monday was 7.76kh (with a nappy on) so am guessing around the 7kg mark and 68 cm long. He is very tall and lanky.

    I hope everyone and their families have a wonderful christmas and a safe new year. Remember to take care on the roads and always buckle up!! Am not looking forward to going back to work in the new year. For one I will miss Liam and 2 the car accidents I will have to deal with can get a bit emotional and depressing especially over the new year.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    Christmas wishes to all of you. We will be heading to my parents' place on Saturday (530km) ... arrg.. but I'm sure Wolf will be asleep.

    Yeah on Alana's poo-results (people should hear us talk.. the stuff we get excited about, hey?)

    Wolf slept for 6 hours last night! I couldn't believe it - I ended up waking him because my boob was exploding. Unfortunately it was from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. and I could't sleep, even though I tried ... doh! There was an opportunity and I couldn't use it.. :roll:

    I finally received the books i ordered: Kid Wrangling, Baby Love and How NOT to be a perfect mother. I adore Baby Love - it's so encouraging!
    I also have Baby Wise and it's just not for us I have decided. Leaving Wolf to cry himself to sleep does not work at all. Instead, he works himself up to being totally incosolable. If I actually feed him instead (even though the 2.5 - 3 hours Baby Wise suggests haven't past) he actually falls asleep after a few minutes of happy wake time. Forcing a routine on a 5 week old is just not working for us... maybe later in life..

    What's everyone's strategy with sleeping/feeding? Do you demand-feed? Control crying? Parent Directed Feeding?


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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Oh, PS I finally updated my websites, so for those who want to see photos:


    (click on the Photo Gallery to get to my Yahoo website with oodles of pictures)

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls

    Glad to hear you are fine Carmen and hope you have a great xmas.

    Spiddles, what do you do at work?

    I had all these other things in my head to say and have been in the 3rd tri forum and lost my train of thought.

    2 more sleeps, how exciting, Arron and I are having a bit of friction lately, something to do with, him being tired and grumpy, alcohol and acting maturely etc etc. Why do I have to listen to him whinge when it is xmas?
    I will pop in tomorrow but if nobody else does,

    i wish everyone a lovely xmas and hope Santa is good to us all.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Snowy I had such a hard time figuring out what was best for Matilda... I really wanted to do attachment parenting but she so didn't respond. In fact she would scream for hours and nothing I could do would help settle her. I wound up going to a sleep school program which did a sort of control crying, yet they didn't encourage really doing it until they were older than 4 months... but I have sort of twisted it to work for us as I wasn't happy with leaving her to cry for even 2 minutes.... I decided when we went that if I totally disagreed with what they did then I wouldn't stay, and then if I didn't totally disagree I would give it a good go. And it did wonders for getting us into a routine, building my confidence and just our time together... now as for letting her cry... She would settle heaps quicker if I didn't go near her, but I couldn't stand to hear her cry, so I gave her the dummy & that worked wonders. Now I actually go to her room when she shows tired signs, read her a book on the rocking chair, give her a cuddle for a song on her cd and then put her in the cot and say see you later my little love... and then if she fusses at all I go back and pat her bottom & see if she wants the dummy or not and just stay with her for a few minutes & leave again... next time if she fusses I wait a minute and then go back in... and do it over again... usually I only have to go in twice & with the story & cuddle it lets her know that its settle down time & mummy with be there with her through that... not just leaving her to settle completely on her own...this is what makes both of us happy now & where she used to never fall asleep in my arms, she only screamed...now she does. & I love it!

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    spiddles Guest

    Michelle - I work in insurance claims for an insurance company. So when you have a car accident or your house floods I deal with it.....can be very heartbraking and emotional at times. When I was PG was very stressful and tiring. Could always tell if I had a bad call and people kept telling me to breathe as they didnt want to add midwife to their job discription *lol* In the end they ended up moving me and put my desk as close to the toilets as possible because I was going about 3 times an hour.

    Liam doesnt really have a set routine. It seems to work best for him. He knows that in the morning when he wakes up has a feed play then shower or bath then nap. From then on if he wants to sleep 3 hours straight during the day I let him otherwise he will get cranky plus gives me time to get things done. He is really good at settling himself. Usually if he is tired will fall asleep (will be on the playmat happy gurggling away next minute passed out) or will grizzle a bit and rub his eyes and if you give him a cuddle will go to sleep. When he is hungry he looks like a gold hish and will puff his checks out and open and close his mouth. Of a night will usually fall asleep anywhere between 7:30 and 9:30 which I dont mind as am usually awake untill 10:30 - 11 anways. Of a night if he is wqide awakew and wont sleep I put him in his cit with the aqaurim going and his mobile bouncing. Tuck him in give him a kiss and say mummy will come and check on you in 5 minutes. If your not asleep can come back out with mummy and daddy. Usually within the 5 mins he is asleep. He hardly ever cries (hs probably done it twice this week because of teeth but bonjela fixed that) only grizzles I don't think it has kicked in how great a child we have. (now that I say this he will prolly start playing up *lol*)

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    Mar 2004

    Hi. I hope bubs and mums are all well.
    I wrote a long post this morning and then Yasin woke up and by the time I got back to the computer I had been logged out and I lost it so now I have to write a new one.
    Mooshie, I bet you miss having Lani in your room. I know I will miss Yasin when its time to move him. He's about to grow out of his bassinet so it won't be long now . DH thinks that we should just move him into our bed until he sleeps through but although I bring him in in the morning and for a nap every now and then I don't sleep so well when he is in the bed, also I'm not sure that he will be so easy to move back out of it. I'm thinking of getting a hammock for him. Does anyone have a hammock? How does your baby like it? Which brand is it?
    Bon, I'm glad to hear that Grace got through her first immunisation OK. Yasin is due for his straight after christmas. ouchy. How is Harry? I hope his leg isn't bothering him too much. What a bummer of a time to have a broken leg but then again I geuss that christmas is a good distraction.
    Marcia, I hope you get Hudson's reflux/constipation sorted out soon. I've heard of some people getting great results from a chiro so maybe its not so whack as it sounds.
    Spiddles, Yuk at having to go back to work. Will you be full time or part time?
    Snowy, I have BabyLove and Kid Wrangling too. I think that they're both great books because niether of them have unrealistic ideas about what babies should be doing and they are a bit more humane than some. I agree that leaving a little baby to cry is a bit mean, after all if an adult was screaming for help you wouldn't ignore it would you. I'm not saying that I'd never try controlled comforting if Yasin has sleep problems later but for now I think he's a bit young.
    With feeding I demand feed. I eat and drink if I'm hungry or thirsty so I think that Yasin should be able to too.
    My strategy with sleep is to get as much as possible . For Yasin I try to follow a feed, play, wind-down, sleep routine. At night I cut out the play and he doesn't usually need the wind down. At the moment, during the day, I usually put him down to sleep about two hours after he wakes unless I see tired signs first and then I put him to sleep asap. It usually works but of course some days are more restless than others. I try to do things outside the home when he's more alert.
    I have just started giving him a bath at night in the hopes that it will encourage a longer sleep and work as a sleep trigger as he gets older. Also we've been getting into a bit of baby massage. He loves it, especially on his feet. He gets a big cheesy grin which is really cute.

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Snowy I have let Alana work out her own routine. So far it has worked out really well for the both of us. I let her wake when she wants and go to sleep when she wants. I can tell the signs when she's tired when she rubs her eyes etc. I try to get Alana to bed before she falls asleep, as I think if she wakes up later she's not shocked to be somewhere else. I'm lucky with Alana that she can fall asleep by herself in her cot. She doesn't need to be rocked, have her dummie etc.

    I never allow Alana to cry for any longer then it takes for me to get to her room. Most of the time I don't pick her up, but I console her by rubbing her tummy or her forehead, or maybe give her the dummie or play music for her. Do you wrap Wolf when he goes to bed? I have found this to be the best way to put Alana to bed.

    As for feeding I demand feed. And again this has worked well for the both of us. Alana has about 4-5 feeds a day. Her last feed is at around 4 or 5. She then has her bath and her physio. This usually take a 1 1/2 -2 hours. She goes to bed and then wakes at around 2-2:30am. Apart from these two feeds the others I generally feed, then she plays until I notice her getting tired. This all up would be about 1 1/2 -2 hours (thats feed, play, change nappy).

    I have tried directing the feeds on two occasions and it just did not work. I say do what you feel confortable with.

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    spiddles Guest

    Lara - It sounds like Liam and Alana have the same sort of tempriment.

    Dacholstar - I am going back to work full time for the time being (will see how it goes) Can't really afford not to and the childcare centre he is going to doesn't do half days. I usally bring home more than DH with wage and bonuses. DH is on a base wage plus commission. Some months he might tie with me or bring home more. He should do well over Chrissy with all the present buying. We really want to buy a house and get debt free car etc. Think we will start trying for another baby when Liam is about 3 and plan our money so can maybe take a full year off as Liam wouldnt be in school.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls hope you are going well and have finished all that shopping lol.

    spiddles - i used to work for zurich insurance way back - i finished up in 1998 and have been a sahm since (i am so lucky my hubby has a good job and we can manage (just)) before zurich, i used to work for a broker. i never did claims (hated that stuff) i used to be an underwriter and also dabbled abit in the accounts.

    michelle - your house will be soooooo exciting christmas eve and day with the four - jay is so excited and has been counting down since 1st dec lol - it is certainly helping him to count backwards lol.

    dachlostar - i sooo miss lani next to me but she has settled lovely in her cot and she gets to come into bed with me in the mornings which i love.

    snowy - if you hunt around in the general discussion board you might find a post i did a while ago re routines which our health nurse gave me.

    generally with lani - i demand feed and i don't let her go more than 4hrs, however if i feed her any less than 3hrs she tends to throw it back up. but our day sort of goes awake around 7am and in bed with me she feeds and we both doze off till around 8 or 9am (have to stop that next year with the 8.30 kinder starts) then we get up and i finish off her feed and she sits in her rocker watching abc kids with her big brother whilst i have a shower, buy around 10am she is ready for a sleep and i put her down awake with the dummy however she only sleeps for around 1hr which suits me as i get a bit done and ds gets ready and when she wakes she might have a feed (depending on where and what we need to do) and she just goes with the flow and sleeps in car or pram whenever she wants to. am always home around 3pm which she has a feed then goes down about 3.30 or 4pm and sleeps till around 6.30pm which is great to get dinner done and eaten, when she wakes she gets one boob then she plays whilst i clean up and get bath ready then into bath and a massage, a play and finish off feed with other side, then she gets wrapped up and we have our cuddle till she gets drowsy then down to bed around between 8 and 9pm.

    lani's tired signs are redness above the eyes, a high pitched yell and clenched fists held up to her chest waiting to be wrapped up.

    i also tried lani on cooled boiled water from a non spill cup today and she loved it.

    so there you have it - our day lol so for the epic

    merry christmas

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,
    well I managed to get back on as Arron wentr over the road to the night racing and I had to check emails, so I'm back.

    I do much the same as lara and the other girls, when my babies show tired signs I put them to bed, wrap them and give the dummy and leave, if they cry i go back, put the dummy in maybe pat them if they are crying a little and leave, normally only need to do this once.

    I guess they are trained, they don't really like to be held when they are tired but would rather be put to bed. Each baby is different and I guess you learn to read them and do what works.

    Did i miss something? Did someone break a leg?

    I found out this arvo that Arron's cousin in USA is expecting a baby girl very soon, which is exciting, it is their first and the wifes 3rd. they are going to call her Hannah. Xmas is such an exciting time to have a baby.

    Spiddles, we all do what we have to work wise and I think your plan sounds good. It's a good idea to set yourself up by the time the next one comes along.

    2 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps! Our house is buzzing Michelle, although Josh is being very naughty so if Santa was going to be any longer by rights he should have no pressies.

    Jessica is almost rolling, and I can't believe it. Not fair! SLOW DOWN! is what I say to her.

    Anyway must go and check the other forums.

    may be on tomorrow but if not have a great xmas day everyone
    Best wishes Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    lol at josh being naughty - jay is the same i say santa is watching he won't come and he turns around and says yes he will. he is sooooo cheeky and soooo ready for kinda he will be 5 in may so really really ready and he seems to have lost his manners somewhere, we have been looking around the house all day lol he said maybe he left them at grandma's lol - i never had the terrible two's with this one but i am getting it now - at least i can reason with him easily and he understands more now.

    it is so sad stop growing up so quickly jessica - my girlfriend was around the other day and she said how she thinks as each day goes on it is one less day her baby will be her baby and she is not having any more. good on jessica for rolling tho, lani goes from tummy to back and try's back to tummy she crains her head way back but not going over yet thankfully.

    i am going to try and get some sleep in this heat yucky goodnight

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    Mar 2004

    Michelle, Harry broke his leg on the evil trampoline at grandmas

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