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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, February '05

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    Apr 2004
    Sunbury, Vic

    Forum Name: Shazbails
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 23/12/04
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Kane Jayvyn
    Baby's Website: www.babiesonline.com/babies/k/kanejayvyn
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic)
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) one day early going by my dates, posterior delivery (OUCH) with ventouse, forceps & rather a large episiotomy (double ouch), 7lbs 12oz

    Hi everyone,
    Have had a bit of trouble getting the chance to get on for a good chat. Was going to get on a couple of days ago but there was about 14 pages to catch up on so thought I might as well wait till the Feb forum started!!

    Beth I was having trouble with Kane too, he has only now started having some daytime sleeps. For weeks he just didn't want to go to sleep unless he was being held or in the sling. Then occasionally he'd have one day where he'd sleep most of the day to catch up!! Not really sure what the answer is for you. He settles at night without any hassle (once he's decided he's had enough booby - though this sometimes takes a couple of go's). During the day I let him sleep whereever. I would try putting him down in his cradle but he would just wake up squawking so I don't push that. I have been reading a really good book written by an Occupational Therapist & a midwife on Understanding your baby's sensory world and in it they said that if you're baby falls asleep on his tummy it is fine to leave him there providing you are close by to keep an eye on him!! Thank goodness for this as Kane loves being on his tummy. (and of course everyone else tells you not to do it) So now I usually give him one sleep during the day on his tummy, just on a playmat in the loungeroom. I feel safe enough with this as he has been able to move his head from side to side himself from very early on. And he gets a really good sleep, usually for a couple of hours.
    I find just patting his bum and repeating sshhh seems to work for getting him into a drowsy state.
    Does Kaleb sleep in his carseat? Maybe you could take it out of the car for him to snooze in - at least give you a break!

    Tegan, I had a dream with you in it the other night! You and your partner were running a B&B - how weird!!

    Anyway better go and will try to get back on later as I have a very grumpy little man here now!!!

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    Jul 2004

    How annoying! I do a massive post last night and just as i was about to hit the send button, the power went out :evil:

    Ok so i will try remember what i said.

    Jess, glad your appt went well. My tear is still healing up too. It gets a bit tender every now and then.

    Iris, what a cow that lady blaming you for her running into you! How rude.

    Snowy, hope you enjoy your trip back to Oz.

    Michelle, ouch at Jemma falling. I hope she's ok.

    Mooshie, yay at Lani reaching 6kgs. That's great news.

    Sharon, welcome to the 1-6mths forum! Wow, you had a dream about me? How odd. What is a B&B though?

    Well Lily has her 2 month needles next Monday. Not looking forward to it I feel sooo bad!

    Yucko at this weather. We keep getting all 4 seasons in one day. Yesterday morning was stormy and cold, then through the day it was hot, humid and sunny, then at night, stormy and humid! I'm sick of this tropical weather. I wish it'd make up its mind.

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    i just had a similiar thing happen - typed a message then the page disappeared!!

    im very excited as eliana just rolled over - i was playing with her on the bed & she was rocking then just rolled on to her tummy though her right arm got in the way - she was very happy with herself!!

    hope everyone's day has been good & that the weather hasn't been too bad

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there everyone

    i am soooooo tired - i have to nip this night waking of lani's in the bud. she has been waking during the night about 3 or 4am since my supply went low last week so i have been feeding her and she would go off alright, however my concern is she might be getting into a bit of a habit, i tell you have a few months (well since start of december) of sleeping 12hrs straight, the night waking is terrible the broken sleep much worse than when first born as you do get used to it. anyway last night i gave lani a rollover at 10.30pm (every time i have given her a rollover she has been unsettled during the night)yup and last night it was awake at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am and then up at 7am am i tired or what, ds said he heard her and she woke him as well as the rain so he is tired to, she is asleep now so hopefully she will stay asleep for a few hrs so i can have a nanna nap. i am seriously thinking about giving her formula for her last feed at 7pm i have some karicare gold sachets my only concern is ds was dairy intolerent (which i did not find out until 9mths) so i have a bit of a resistance about giving her formula and then having to be up with her all night and i am just tooo tired to express. also the expressing is getting a bit hard with 8.30am starts for kinder, i barely have time to be out of the house as it is boys being so slow at eating and dressing etc.

    well that is my beef today hope everyone in ol melbourne town are keeping nice and dry.

    see ya

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.
    re the daytime sleeps, I usually follow a similar routine during day and night except before his big sleep at night I give him a bath, a feed and read to him. Last night I skipped the bath because I had bathed him in the morning and he still smelled nice and fresh but after half an hour of whinging I gave him a bath and read to him again and he crashed out straight away so I geuss that following the routine helps him know what is happening. Its funny how fast they learn. I used to sleep him in the lounge through the day so that he could learn the differance between day and night but now I'm not so strict about that. Sometimes he sleeps in the lounge and sometimes the bedroom. I have usually used the feed, play, sleep routine although in the early days I was a bit more flexible about it and if he was restless I would feed him to sleep.
    Michelle, congrats to Jay on being such a good boy for his first day at kindy and hooray for Lani on her weight gain. She certainy is long and lean. I hope she starts being kinder to her mum and lets you get some more sleep.
    Iris, bugger about your car, what a cow!! Sorry to hear that you've had to skip mothers group maybe you could try and get into contact with a few other mums in your position through the hospital and start your own mothers group. Goodluck with the solids. I think that the reason that they recommend the rice cereal is the for the first week or two you can make it really sloppy so it is easier for the to cope with and you can mix it with formula or breast milk so it tastes familiar. Also it is iron fortified and iron deficiency is an issue for a small number of breast fed babies. I hope you manage to catch that first roll on the camcorder.
    Michelle, I hope Jemma's fingers aren't still bothering her. You both must have had a big fright.
    Snowy, ouch at having the wisdom teeth out. Did you puff up. After I had mine out I looked like one of those old style dolls with the really fat cheeks. The girl who said that Yasin sounds like a pig has a daughter who is really fat (the echn said she is overweight) and always wears pink so I think she resembles a pig more than Yasin (not that I'd say so to her mother :-$).
    Bon, how annoying that the women in your mothers group were so lacking in empathy. I think that toddlers are so cute when they try and kiss babies and its not like you weren't there to supervise him.
    I took Yasin to a playgroup yesterday, one of my friends didn't want to go alone so I went with her. He fell asleep half way through but until then he really enjoyed watching the other babies so I think that we'll keep going.
    Jessica, I'm glad to hear that you're healing ok and your six week checkup went well.
    Tegan, what a shame you're not enjoying the weather. I don't mind the tropical thing myself just so long as a storm comes along and cools everything down, just so long as its not too big and crazy, yesterday's storm was a bit scary.

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    mooshie - i know exactly how you feel - eliana has been waking up every few hours the last few nights & i feel like a wreck. normally she will go straight back to sleep if i feed her a bit but the last few nights i spend half the night walking around. fingers crossed she will sleep better tonight

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    Jan 2004

    Hello all,

    Beth- I too have quite a few problems with Cara!
    She loves to be held and will usually go to sleep after a feed.
    But as soon as I set her down, she wakes up instantly or not long after.
    When she is asleep on me I will even catch her opening her eyes every once in a while to see if Im still there!
    Usually it takes a few tries before I'm successful.
    And it can be frustrating especially if you are really tired,like I have been and want to catch some zzzzz's too.
    As for getting anything done --- well!!! Because of this I dont always get as much food as I should either.
    One day she might be fine and the next... I will have to work out some routine for us though. Thats for sure.
    Have you worked out this problem yet with your bub?


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    Jul 2004

    Yay at Eliana rolling over Mel!

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    Feb 2004

    LOL Carol at Cara opening her eyes to check if you're still there - that's exactly what Kaleb does! And I find it hard to get to eat too! I'm trying to persist with the settling in his cot like I do at nighttime but it's pretty tiring and not working too well. It's just frustrating cos it works great at night, why is it so ineffective in the day? Meanwhile I just keep carting him around all day in the sling. I was feeling really bad about this, but today I read a Pinky McKay article called 'Velcro Baby' which describes Kaleb perfectly & made me feel better about what I was doing! How does Cara sleep at night? I hope things improve for you and you get some sleep (and food!) If you come up with any solutions, let me know!

    Mel, that is so cool about Eliana rolling over, well done! I hope the sleeping improves for you! LOL Dachlostar, you seriously crack me up when I read your posts, you have a wicked sense of humour! I said hello to an old lady who lives in our street at the bus stop this morning and she said 'Do you live at no. 2' and I said 'yes' - she said 'I heard you had a new baby, but I thought that can't be you because your child is huge'. Ah yes, tact and diplomacy is alive and well in my neighbourhood. Mooshie, I hope Lani lets you get some sleep! Tegan, I too am dreading the needles, Kaleb gets his on Valentine's Day - what a horrible way of showing my love for him! Hey Sharon, good to see you in here and glad to hear Kane is doing well. The carseat only works sometimes for some reason!? Hope everyone else is well!

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    spiddles Guest

    Well I am officaly buggered. Thank gawd I had to look after Liam tonight as DH doesnt finish until 7 or more overtime. Am doing 2 hours overtime tomorrow though. Has been flat out with storms in NSW and VIC have gone into emergancy responce mode and people from other departments have been helping us!! Has been good though. We all got a boost juice delievered to our desks tofay and pizza for lunch tomorrow supplied by the company. Some people were waiting on over an hour to get through to us. I think by 2pm today had answered 3500 calls since 6 this morning.

    Liam is doing great!! Still only 2 chompers. Is happy as larry!! never heard back from the doc about the poo sample should check. Think it musta just been teething.

    Sorry no personals. Anyhows am off to relax. Have been looking at a computer screen all day!!

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    Colleen Guest

    Forum Name: MummyLovesJaykob
    State: NT soon to be VIC
    Baby's DOB: 15-12-04
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Jaykob Brian Anton
    Baby's Website: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~jaykob/gallery.html
    Health Concerns: (e.g. eczema, reflux, colic) nope...
    Notes: (e.g. 9 days early, breech etc.) C sec. 10 days early & growing VERY fast

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    spiddles Guest

    Welcome MummylovesJaykob!!

    Gawd I swear Liam and Jaykob are twins!!!

    Check out Liam's site if you get a chance!!

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    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    Hi ladies,
    haven't been here for a long time. Just floating around the site. I have real problems trying to keep up with the posts not being able to log on often. Thought I would just touch base.

    Things are going well for us. Amelia is rolling from front to back and almost back to front. Sleeps on her tummy a lot of the time now. Not so sure about this.....
    Had her weighed on Mon 6.6kg. 66cm and head 43cm. Haven't started solids yet so we are still enjoying the b/f.
    sleeps 2.5hrs each sleep and if I let her go at night she sleeps from 10.00pm till 9.00am.
    She has been teething on and off but no teeth yet. ds was like this too.

    Hope you are all well. I do miss chatting but just don't get the time.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    so many posts ... I wanted to say so many things but I am just soooooooooo tired - which is weird because Wolf slept from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. and I got about 4.5 hrs consecutive sleep, which is a novelty. Maybe my body is spoiled now and wants more sleep... I can't wait for him to sleep until 7 or 8 a.m. ... it would be nice to get 7-8 hrs consecutive sleep myself... I forgot what that feels like... I actually woke up at 3 a.m. because my boob was engorged, wondering when the heck he'd wake up, lol.

    Hello to our new members, Sharon & MummylovesJaykob.

    My cheek luckily didn't swell up, it just felt really sore the next day and chewing was a bit hard (none of that chewy German brown bread for me).

    Wolf will get his first vaccination on the 9th.. not looking forward to that at all. Ouchie!

    I went shopping for some clothes for OZ yesterday and almost cried in the change room. None of the tops fit over my gigantic left boob. I ended up buying pregnancy clothes - isn't that funny... if I had known I'd still be in pregnancy clothing 2.5 months after the birth, I would have splurged some more on clothes during the pregnancy... well, I figured now at least I have plenty of clothes for the next pregnancy.. :roll: I am still seriously considering buying a silicon boobie to stuff into my right bra... I just feel like such a circus freak with one boob more than twice the size of the other...

    I hope Jemma is doing better after that fall. That must have been scary.

    As to the routine: well, the first month Wolf had no real routine to be honest. He would often be awake for long stretches and then sleep for hours on end. I tried and tried and he finally settled into the feed/wake/sleep routine about 2-3 weeks ago. So don't stress, it will eventually happen. I found when I stopped trying is when it happened... doh!

    Okay, it's not even 9 p.m. but I think I might go to bed... soooooo tired


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    Jul 2004

    Welcome MummylovesJaykob.

    Snowy, oh no about not finding any clothes that fit! Hope you gets some good sleep tonight.

    Michelle, i hope Jemma is doing alright now.

    Well must go feed Lily. Will come back later for more catch up!

    Take care,

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    Mar 2004

    Tegan, congrats on member of the month, you deserve it!

    After reading everyones replies to Beth, I have realised that Aidan has naturally gone into the feed, play, sleep routine... yay. Although he does like to fall asleep in his bouncer next to me, which is fine but eventually soon I would like him to sleep during the day in his basinette in his room. Just before he went to sleep this morning I tried putting him in his bed and he started squawking. I'll just keep trying. Right now he is snoring next to me in the study. Yesterday he had his first 'crying for no reason' session, although having said that I knew he was overtired but he just wouldnt sleep. For some reason he eventually fell asleep lying on the couch next to me leg.

    Sorry for no personals, there is so much going on in this forum that I am still getting my head around 'whos who'.


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    mipsy Guest

    Hi all, long time no write!! FInding it hard to get on the computer lately. We have big news, Ashleigh had her first night in her cot in her nursery last night!!!! She coped with it much better than I did and went straight to sleep. I on the other hand sat up unitl 10.45pm, then finally went to bed and tossed and turned for 45min.
    She woke up at 12.30 because her Grobag got caught under her feet, then did the same at 4.30am. I have a feeling she would have slept through from there but I made the mistake of touching her cheek to see if she wanted a feed and she started to cry!!! As I was in pain from being such a long time between feeds I gave her a feed anyway. She didn't wake until 7am!!!! Maybe a full nights sleep is just around the corner - now I've totally jinxed myself!!!!!!
    someone is squeaking, must go

    Snowy - can relate to your last!!! Although you want the sleep it's like please feed!!!!!

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    Apr 2004
    Sunbury, Vic

    short one this time as grumpy baby on booby so typing one hand!! will NOT sleep today so very tired, only settles with boob when he's like this even though only just fed but otherwise he screams till he looks like he'll pop!! will have to video him one day & play it at his 21st - narky bugger

    Tegan - B&B is Bed & Breakfast

    mummylovesjaykob- have you always been in NT or did you grow up in vic? your face looks very familiar (pics on website)

    better sort this kid out - gets it from his dad !!!

    xx sharon

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