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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, February '05

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Girls,

    Welcome to mummylovesjaykob and Sharon, good to see new faces (ykwim)!LOL

    HI Rose, good to hear things are well, was wondering how you were, hopefully you can pop in from time to time just to let us know how things are.

    Well the storms knocked our power out for16hours yesterday and I was highly stressed. Jordan and Josh went to school (no power there either) but at least they could see the other kids and not be bored at home. Jemma totally didn't get that videos tv and heater don't work. When the kids got home they trashed the house playing, and Arron was helping his dad cut down trees which had fallen over the driveway, one just grazed his car, a small dint in the roof, he was very lucky. Someone ran up the bum of my brothers car and he has whiplash, but other than that he's ok. The power came on after I cooked dinner, we ate by candlelight, I washed the dishes by hand and sterilised the bottles by boiling them. Oh and after we lit all the candles we could find. Lucky for us the power did come back before bedtime as I have 2 that sleep with lights and that was going to be a huge problem. It went off twice throughout the night but was on again in the morning, thank goodness.

    Josh finished his first week at school and also got a gold ticket (positive reward) for being tolerant of others, so I am very proud of him.
    We went shopping for my Mum's 50th bday pres today, I brought her a crystal vase and I also got Jemmas bday pres which means I don't have to go back to the shops before her bday on the 21st of Feb. I brought her those gorgous sheepskin boot but I gave them to her now, and I got 3 tops, 3 pairs of pants and a gorgeous cardigan, walked out of the shop $175 poorer though, but kids need clothes and presents LOL!
    Tomorrow is Mum's bday so we have her party to go to at 6pm. Dad also found out today he has diabetes, which was a bit of a shock, he won't know yet about managing it until next week but he is pretty upset about it as it is a whole lifestyle change.

    Arron took Jordan and Josh to the races across the road from us and so I am home at the moment and the girls are both asleep.

    Jemma's fingers are very black and still sore and she has a graze on her nose too. She was very sad for the next day.

    Spiddles I don't doubt that you have been busy as the storms were just terrible, heaps of trees down everywhere too.

    Michelle- great news for Lani to be 6kgs, she is very long!

    Sorry there are no more personals as I have forgotton what everyone said and I am so tired.

    Good night all

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    spiddles Guest

    BTW Michelle depending on who you are insured with you maybe able to claim for spoilage of food. Write down a list of food and estimates. Where I work is $500 max limit - xs amount!! I bet you lost heaps having such a large family and the power being out that long!!

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    we were lucky that it was so cold, the freezer still had ice and the fridge was starting to heat up, so we got an esky and some ice and didn't lose anything. Thanks for the advice though, it's nice to have a friend on the inside looking out for me! LOL.

    Arron was happy to make it up and get more food, but I couldn't be bothered going through it all when we didn't lose anything.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Pietta Guest

    My goodness!!
    It has taken me 1/2 hour to catch up!! I wont do personals coz I dont have time (I will start posting more frequently so that I CAN do personals!)

    Ryley update!! He is 9.4 kilos and 69cm long- yep he is a big boy and guess what!! He is rocking and rocking and is about a week away from crawling i think- eeekk!!
    He is gorgeous though and he keeps being beautiful. He slept at his new daycare today from 10.45-1.15- so obviously he likes it there!!

    I am having a lot of problems which i think is post caesar but i could be wrong. I cant sit still for long coz my uterus area hurts and when i play sport my uterus area hurts and when i stand too long... you get the picture!

    So i am looking forward to knowing what is wrong with me.

    Anyway I am off- hope all is welll and will do personals later- we graduate in 4 weeks to the next forum so i will enjoy it while i can!!

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    mooshie Guest

    well hello everyone

    welcome to mummylovesjaykob hope things are going well.

    lani is being a right pain in the you know where lol - it is so painful when they sleep through then all of a sudden they don't. i have had about a week of night waking now ](*,) yesterday she only had 2 x 45 min naps she was buggered - i was exhausted and teary - dh was at a golf day with work - must of been night golf aswell as he didn't get home till 3.30am grrrr. ds said last night don't worry mummy he gave me a hug whilst lani was just laying down screaming and said to me mummy you just go into your room and have a lie down and i will settle lani ohh so cute - i didn't do it tho, just persevered gave her a bath and feed and she zonked on the boob about 7pm, then i thought well that is not much of a feed she will probably be awake all night, so i gave her a rolloover at 10pm she stirred at 3.30am so i put dummy in put she was going crazy chewing it so i put a bit of bonjela on it and she settled - she then woke up at 6am so i fed her in our bed and she slept till 8am which was good, so at least last night i didn't have to keep feeding her - i feel better today, have a funny feeling that maybe she is coming up for a big milestone - they usually do things like that lol, i also feel that maybe her napping in the morning and early afternoon followed by a long 3 - 4 hr sleep in the arvo might be a problem - think i will go back to feeding her 3 hrly and making sure she has no longer than 2hrs sleep at a time during the day - hopefully that will help.

    i am going to cruise the other forums - sorry no personals hope all is going ok with everyone

    see ya

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    Colleen Guest

    Hi everyone..

    Shazbails - yes i grew up in vic but not in sunbury, ive only been up here for 5-6 months. My mums family are from sunbury....but ive never even been there lol

    Jaykob had his checkup yesterday. They are shocked that he is fully holding his head up at 7 wks 2 days old.... but he is a big boy and quite strong.... lol 16lb now .. no wonder my arms hurt!

    He has a very snuffly nose and ive been using saline drops ( im too chicken to use a bulb syringe) its been keeping him awake (hasnt napped during the day in 3 days & 5-6 hrs at night!) when he does doze off he wakes up after 10 mins because the muck is going into the back of his throat....

    We'll get thru it soon i hope! lol

    only 2 weeks til we hit the road! yay!!!!

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    Pietta Guest

    Poor little Jaykob. It must be horrible for him. I hope it all gets better soon. Bet your looking forward to the big move!!

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope that you're all well.
    I hope Jakaob's cold clears up soon, poor little mite, colds are so yuck!! I can identify with the sore arms, Yasin, feels really heavy after I carry him for a little while, he's a really squirmy baby who like to wriggle around stickybeaking at everything which doesn't help.
    Michelle, How sweet and considerate of Jay to offer to look after Lani so you could have a rest. He's going to make someone a great husband one day. grrr at your DH, maybe he was playing golf with Stevie Wonder.
    Pee, good to see you back with us. I hope you find time to post a bit more in febuary. I was kind of wondering where you had got too.
    Rose, its good to hear from you too and I hope you can let us know how you are from time to time. Your so lucky having ababy who sleeps for so long through the night. I dream of the night Yasin sleeps so long. Last night he slept from 9pm to 5am which is the longest he has slept since he was about 2 weeks old. I had really sore boobs when I woke up from missing the 3am feed
    Michelle, I hope you had fun at your mum's birthday party. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I used to love blackouts when I was a kid because it was the only time we got out the candles and lamps but now I think about it my mum must have hated them. congrats to Josh on his gold ticket.
    Anna,clever Ashliegh, getting through her first night in the cot with nos stress. I've still got Yasin in my room and I'm so not looking forward to having him in a differant room but I geuss that he will grow out of the hammock in a couple of months and then he'll have to make the big move
    Tegan, congrats on member of the month.
    Snowy, I think you should definately buy the silocine booby thing, then you'll have two huge boobs \/ . I think that when I finish breastfeeding my boobs will be smaller than they were before I was pregnant
    Spiddles, I never thought about all the people who would have to work extra hard because of big storms. It must have been exhausting for you. I would find it a bit sad talking to people who have lost alot, espcially if they have lost the things that you can't replace.

    I'm quite excited because we're going to rearrange the house so that Yasin has his own big room instead of having to share the study. We're putting the dining table and chairs in the garage and one of our booksheves too and moving all the rest of the grown up stuff in Yasin's room to the dining area. I'm going to move one or two pieces of furniture from the lounge to the garage too so that we have less clutter.

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    mooshie Guest

    dachlostar - lol at playing golf with stevie wonder, you make me laugh (believe me first laugh i've had in a few days) i have really cracked it cause i left dh a voicemail on his phone on friday around 5ish when i was stressing and lani wouldn't settle etc etc - do you think he called me back - nope - said he was at a work function and mobile was in the car - yeah but he went out of the work function afterwards and did check his messages but did not bother to call me - fair dinkum i have had just about enough of him, am ready to throw him out on his ear lol - ah well just a little rough patch i suppose - i swear men get their af more than us lol - just realised this should have really been in the punching bag.

    lani is still night waking - is ok to settle but tonight took me quite a while i actually had to sit in there stroking her forehead in the end - i think she may be hungry dunno but she has always cried if she has had enough on the boob (like her way of telling me enough is enough) and she is feeding quite quickly i am wondering whether she is just getting the watery foremilk and not the nourishing hind milk - it made me wonder today as when she burped and spat up a bit it was quite watery and not milky hmmm :-k maybe ah dunno - i think i might start supplementing her night time feeds with formula - i have stopped the expressing as i have to get a wriggle on in the mornings for 8.30am start at kinder and it is getting a bit hard - not to mention with the night waking etc etc i am getting really tired - well i will plough on through.

    see yas

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    I am with you on the husbands, Michelle, Monkey has this new habit of waking me when he comes to bed, which just drives me crazy because I get such little sleep as is. He gets all upset but if he really wants to talk to me, why doesn't he do it during the day/evening? Why does he have to do it when I have just fallen asleep at midnight?

    I think I might try those silicon thingies, dachlostar. lol on the big boobs.. It's funny, I always wanted to have big boobs when I was young (do you remember Sabrina who sang "Boys, boys, boy" - she was my role model when I was 12), but now that I know what they feel like (oh, well, one feels like), I just want my small A cup boobies back!
    I can so relate on the squirmy baby - Wolf just throws himself around sometimes. This morning he flopped over backwards and scared himself to death. I was holding him tightly at the legs so he was safe, but he was crying and crying after ... well, that might teach him not to throw himself around like crazy!

    Tegan, congrats on becoming Member of the Month!

    Anna, yeah on the long sleep! I hope it will be the break through. For Wolf it was unfortunately just a one off. He is back to waking at 2a.m. and then at 5 a.m. DOH!

    Michelle, sorry to hear your dad has diabetes! Is it age-related or did he just not know he had it? My grandpa had the age-related diabetes, but refused to change his diet or take any medication and he died when I was 1 yr old. Don't mean to scare you, just make sure he does what the doctors recommend because it can be quite serious! My dad got gout a few years back and it was the best thing that could have happend to him, because it forced him to change his lifestyle and he lost 25kgs and does lots of sport now and he's so healthy (unfortunately he didn't give up drinking though but he figured meat was enough to give up). I hope it will all be fine with the right diet and medication/insulin.

    Okay, someone is getting grumpy, so sorry if I missed anyone but got to dash and give someone his lunch!


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    Pietta Guest

    Hey girls- Just to let you know I have updated Ryley's website.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Oh Pee, he is so cute! Which reminds me - I so have to update Wolf's Yahoo website...

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Very handsome man Pee!! I love his sunglasses! Does he keep them on now?

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    May 2004
    Scarborough, QLD

    I cant believe I finally have a chance to log in, it seems like its been ages.

    Things have been so chaotic here, we moved into our new house 4 weeks after hannah was born and the a week after that My mum and Dad came to stay and we started renovating. its totally crap timing but my Dad was a builder and as he is only in NZ for a few weeks we had to make the most of it. We are nearly done now with a new laundry, kitchen and extended living room, its just bits of painting and laying the floating floor to go - one more week should do it.

    As a result though I have had big problems with my milk supply and have had to top Hannah up with formula and now I think she prefers the bottle to the boob, Im gussing its just easier for her. Im persevering though in the hope that things will settle down and I can keep breast feeding. Has anyone esle had to do the top up thing? If so did you top up each feed or try and replace one feed with a bottle of formula? She seems to sleep for longer with the formula.

    The poor little munchkin gets REALLY bad colic, Saturday was a day from hell, she just cried and cried and I tried everything from boiled water to giving her a bath to going for a drive in the car but she just wouldnt settle. I hate seeng her like that.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI girls,
    Well Mum's party went well, topped up by my sister ringing me Fri night and asking me to pick her up from the airport sat morn as she was flying in as a surprise for mum's bday. Grrr at the parking inspectors who gave me a ticket at the airport. $66 for parking in a bus zone, which was poorly signed, but if I had of been in the other area I still would have been booked as it is only 1 min parking, how ridiculous, I should have gone in the short term carpark, the $10 would have been cheaper, hind sight is a glorious thing.
    Dad doesn't have all the info yet for his diabetes but I am sure that he will do what he is supposed to, sounds like it will be tablets at the moment, but he is really devastated. He is only 55 and so it's not really late onset diabetes, but a total lifestyle change and he needs to lose 15kgs, so it is pretty hard thing for him to come to terms with.

    Now firstly sorry to Anna, who I keep calling Anne, can't blame preg now, just didn't read properly. Hope Ashleigh is doing well.

    Michelle- maybe you are right and lani isn't getting full from your breast milk. Hope you work it out soon so you all get more sleep. Grr at DH, they are so good at doing stuff like that, mine included. And Jay is a darling!

    Dasch- good to hear things are going well, extended sleep sounds like a good sign. I can't complain as Jessica goes down between 8-8.30 and wakes for feed between 6-7.30am. Not that I don't still feel tired though.

    Snowy- I would get the silicone booby too. Just for halping to feel comfortble, people looking can be a real pain.

    Pee- I can't believe how big Ryley is. He must be aiming for almost 7foot tall. You and DH are tall though aren't you?

    Colleen- where abouts in Vic are you moving to? Hope Jaykob gets better soon!

    Who did I miss? Congrats on member of the month Tegan, hope Lily is going well.

    Sorry if I missed anyone

    My stomach is playing up and my reflux is terrible at the moment, making me feel like my throat is blocked and I can't breathe, which I can but it is really scary to have that feeling. I still have 2 weeks before I see the specialist and then prob a month after that till the gastroscopy, this has been going on since Oct and I have had enough.

    talk again soon

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Mimo,

    lovely to hear from you, I sympathise with the renovating, it seems we are constantly renovating here! Bummer on the b feeding, I can't really give advice as I am a bottle feedr, but hope it all works out for you and Hannah! The bottle is much easier for babies, different sucking and not so hard, so you could be right about that. Have your parents left yet?
    Michelle(mooshie) may have some advice for you!

    Have a great day

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    Apr 2004
    Sunbury, Vic

    hi again everyone
    Congrats to you Tegan

    MummylovesJaykob - I grew up in Gladstone Park, thought you may have been from round that area. If not you definitely have a twin somewhere around!!

    Michelle- isn't the airport a bloody ripoff. I hate paying for parking at the best of times, and the airport is sooo expensive. We have times when we go there a lot as most of our family is overseas or interstate so we seem to be frequent flyers of the airport carpark!! It's too late for you now obviously but what we do if we are picking someone up (if they are interstate flyers, not international flyers) is get them to go up to the top deck (departures) to be picked up as it is much easier than from down the bottom as I don't think you can drive right next to the terminal there. It's good from Sunbury as we get them to ring as they get off the plane and by the time they have collected baggage we are there waiting. Bit further from Kilmore of course

    Welcome back MiMo. I was reading something the other day on supplemental feeding and I'm pretty sure it said that you can do either - top up after each feed or replace a full feed with the bottle (expressing to keep milk supply up) Have you tried gripe water for Hannah? A friend said she would put it on her baby's dummy to help with colic. It would be awful having bubs like that, with nothing you do helping. Kane has had a couple of bad times but nothing like poor Hannah (and poor you!)

    Caddie (if you're around in this forum) thanks for signing Kane's guestbook

    Hope everyone else is going along mighty fine
    After saying Kane WON'T sleep during the day, he had a good couple of hours sleeping in the pram yesterday. I couldn't believe it. I had a lovely time doing some gardening while he slept. Have been dying to get out of that bloody chair (LOL) and dig some earth!
    Cheers till next time

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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    just a quick update on the lovely lani and her night wakenings - still the same last night was 1am (after giving her a rollover at 10.30pm) then it took till 2am to settle her, then she woke again at 5am so i just gave up and bought her back into bed with me.

    i dropped jay at kinder this am and popped in to see health nurse as i notice lani has a little rash on her tummy - all is ok just heat related, i mentioned the sleeping thing again (i did also last week) she said to start her on solids maybe a little bit of pumpkin at around 4pm today, am a bit confused as last week she said she would rather me put her on formula before solids - this lady must be loopy she was good, has gone a bit funny lately ah well - i will try the pumpkin for 1 week and if that is of no help then i am going to start topping her up with formula for her last feed at night around 7pm hopefully things will work out soon.

    sorry no personals - and sorry to mimo i don't have any advise re supping with formula - i never did with my other two and it looks like a new experience for me with lani - however i have a strong feeling that lani will prefer the bottle than the boob as she has never really relaxed on the boobie - i suppose all i can say is just do what you feel you can cope with and remember that giving formula does not necessarily mean they will sleep through - but it better lol or i don't know what i will do - maybe run away to some nice secluded island - oh i am being silly now :-#


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