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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi All!

    Pee- My girlfriends 16month old girl doesn't even weigh that much. She's very short. Last length was 66cm. Some of the MHN can make fast assumptions. Anyway from what Alana's dietition has said, the first type of solids that you give babies is there to just fill them up. They don't necessarily have any nutritional value. Its the formula that would be doing all the weight gain.

    Dachloster- I do similar to Spiddles. We also use dummies. Alana settles quite well, we generally don't need to do much. Sorry not much help.

    Spiddles- Alana's not even 5kg yet, so Ryley doesn't sound to bad. But he's very tall. Does that run in the family?

    Marcia- Yay for Hudson! Soon you will be chasing him all over the house!

    Anyway Alana is doing well, which is more than I can say for her mum. I have been feeling really down lately. I'm having trouble sleeping as I can't stop thinking! I have found myself crying at the drop of a hat. DB parents are driving me nuts, and it causes me huge anxiety when we see them. I find that I can't sleep the night before we see them. And because I am feeling so stressed I have become so saddened by Alana's CF. I was handling everything so well and now I feel like I could just pack a bag for Alana and me, and run away. Things weren't meant to be like this. We have a councellor that we can contact through Monash, so I was thinking that maybe I need to talk to her. I've never needed to do councelling before, so I feel a little weird about it. But I just don't know what else to do. I just don't feel happy at the moment.

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    Oh Lara :hugs: I would definitely be speaking to your councellor. I know it is a different scenario, but mum had a councellor on call when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and it wasn't till she was cleared that she ended up phoning her as that is when it all hit.

    Give the councellor a call it will definitely help to chat about things, and you definitely wont be a weirdo


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    mooshie Guest

    hi there everyone and happy new year to all

    everyone seems to be doing well.

    i just wanted to pop in and encourage lara yes go and see the counsellor, i have had counselling alot (mostly over the phone) we started when jessie was first diagnosed with her brain tumour and have continued ever since, it is good to just poor out your emotions. it really frustrates me how some people perceive that i must be a really strong person as when jessie was sick and subsequently when she passed away i sort of ran on automatic pilot and to tell you the truth i didn't and still haven't really grieved. people also think i am ok as i have had lani and we must be moving on with our lives. but i have alot of down days, it is awful and thats when it helps to just pick up the phone and have a chat to my counsellor it makes me continue on a bit more - a bit like waiting to go back to your ob to hear bubs heartbeat when you are pregnant it keeps you going sane until next time around.

    sorry i don't have much more to add as alana is in a different situation than what our daughter was and our outcome was poor at the time of diagnosis but i just really wanted to encourage you to do some counselling.


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    Pietta Guest

    Oh Lara i know it can get too much. Please call the counsellor because getting it off your chest really makes things easier. I hope everything starts looking brighter. Remember you are doing a good job and your beautiful girl loves you.

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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Huge :hugs: Lara... Please don't be down on yourself for not coping as well as you first thought you were. You are doing such an amazing job, I am in awe of you! Although you say you would feel weird, I think speaking to a counsellor could be a big help. It really helps to have someone to confide in who is reassuring and non-judemental of you. I have had a counsellor in the past and it is quite a relief to be able to offload onto someone else who isnt entwined in your day to day life.

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    Marcia Guest

    Oh Lara, big :hugs: to you. As the other girls have said, definately give the councelling a go. If you hate it then you don't have to continue, and you may find you only need to go once or twice before you are feeling more positive about things anyway. It is always good to talk about things I think.

    Bon - Yes, that's the part that scares me! Our house is not baby proofed at all yet!! DH is away for a couple of weeks so hopefully Hudson will hold off until he gets back and we can spend a day baby proofing. Oh what fun lol.

    Not much has changed here except that now Hudson throws a tanty every time he is on his belly because he is trying to crawl and can't quite do it yet lol. He did this with rolling too, so I shouldn't be surprised. He has a couple of trys, and then starts to cry, but keeps on trying anyway. I have to pick him up every five minutes or so just to give him a bit of time out to calm down, or he totally loses it. He is one determined baby once he decides he wants to do something, so I give him about 2 weeks before he has the hang of it. I hope I am wrong, but he got the rolling thing down in the space of a week once he decided he wanted to do it (with a lot of screaming and tantrums in the process lol).

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    Pietta Guest

    Marcia- LOL at the tantie! Taht sounds like Ryley! That is how he was inspired to roll over.. he got angry and then just had this look of - right this sucks!! and then he rolled, freaked himself out and started to cry hehehe. They are so cute!!

    I have to think about babyproofing too- eeek!! I love the little bubba stage- mind you this age now is wonderful- Ryley can almost sit up and he grabs things and he recognises us but cant move too fast!! KWIM?

    Lara just to answer your question- I am almost five ten and hubbie is six foot but all the men in my family are six three or above and DH's family are all including females five seven or taller.

    I hope you are feeling better. Hugs

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    spiddles Guest

    Oh Lara *hugs* I know how you feel. I was exactlly the same a few months back. Exhausted and couldnt sleep. Would lay there until 2 and finally drift off and Liam would wake at 5 and all I wanted to do all day is sleep and then when you do drift off Liam would wake again. Thought I might have had PND as altered sleeping is one of the signs but never got it checked out as after a few weeks seemed to get better. You know we are all here for you and it might be worth while seeing a counciller.

    Lara - My dad is from a family of 11 kids but isnt that tall Maybe 5"10" but some of his brothers are over 6 foot. My mum is from a family of 6 kids and she is 5"3" but brothers are 6". I'm 5"4" DH is 5"11" but Liam was 10 days early and DH was 7 days late and 3 cms shorter than Liam and a pound lighter so will be interesting to see since is already 70cm+.

    Got a busy day tomorrow. Going to the bank for car loan then off to the doctors for his immunisation. Mum was suppose to babysit while we went to the bank but now has to work and I donno if we wiill have a chance to come home after the bank and tomorrow night his cot will be ready to go in his room YAY!.

    I so dont want to go back to work. Liam is learning something new each day and am going to miss it. On Saturday DH taught him how to blow rapberries properly and sat there for over an hour doing them. Last week he started to lift up his shirt and start chewing on it. Whenever you pick him up now he always grabs cloth nappy on the way up and carries it around everywhere. Last night was so hot so had him in a singlet and nappy. Went to check on him as had started cooing and his nappy was off!!! Donno how he did it but think he might be a little stripper as chewing on his shirt and lifting it off and taking off nappy. Its going to be so hard but he will only be in daycare for 4 days and if we want to get ahead and give him the best oppitunities in life its a sacrifice we have to make. If DH earnt more maybe I could have stayed at home.

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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you're all well and bubs too.
    I just found out that therer was a gymbaroo class in the suburb next too mine so I'm thinking of enrolling Yasin in the non-mobiles next term. (starting feb) hopefully by the end of term he'll graduate to the creepers. I'm hoping that SIL will come with me, her baby is two months older than Yasin but she's not yet creeping so they can be in the same class.
    Spiddles, LOL at Liam being a stripper. Yasin is a little nudie baby too. He gets sooo happy when he gets naked for his bath or nappy free time that I hate to dress him again. He blows really dodgy rasberries with lots of spit in them but they are fully cute so I put up with spit.
    Lara, big hugs (from Yasin too), I'm not suprised you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, you've had alot on your plate.
    Marcia, how exciting, a milestone just around the corner!!

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    sorry for my long absence but was at my parents' pace from Christmas until last Sunday.

    Lara, I have never had counselling but I believe it's a good idea to get all the help you can. I hope it works for you. Sending you a big hug and hope things get better. Maybe you can get som in-law free time? You should try telling DH how you feel ...

    Dachlostar: when Wolf is unsettled and it's nothing of the obvious (hungry, needs to poo, etc.), I give him some naked time in the warm bathroom and give him a gentle baby massage. A lot of the times that does the trick - though not always. That's of course just for day time unsettled-nes. At night, he is usually fine but when he has a rough night, I am also clueless as to what to do. One time I sang and danced with him over my shoulder and he fell asleep like that - though sometimes I think it's just that they need to cry for half an hour and whatever you do at the point they get tired seems to be the thing that works, when really he has just passed his point of grumpiness and tired himself out. (that's at least my theory to the observed randomness in why things work sometimes and not other times).

    I had a good but quiet NYE. Spent it with my brother and his family (2yr old and 2.5 months old). We managed to stay up until 2 a.m. much to everyone's amazement since we had all been falling asleep at 10 p.m. the previous nights. All in all it was just a normal night, really. I have to add that I hate NYE because it always turns out to be a disappointment so I have stopped having high expectations about that night.


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    Marcia Guest

    Grrrr at my naughty little baby LOL! Hudson has been so full of beans today. He only slept for about 2 1/2 hrs in total all day, and then I put him to bed at 8pm (around his normal bed time), and thought that was it for the night. Boy was I wrong! He woke up half an hour later, and I have only just got him to go to bed at 11pm! I swear he knows his daddy is away and is just giving me a hard time lol. Funny thing is he hasn't been overtired and cranky, just full of beans and wanting to talk and play. Oh well, at least he was happy and not screaming. Just hope this doesn't continue for the next 3 weeks while DH is away, or I will be going insane by the time he is back. Needless to say, got nothing at all done today besides the essentials, but I guess I'd rather play with my little boy than clean anyway . Ok bed time now before he wakes up again!

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    Hi all!

    Just popped in to get a little feel of this place as my baby will be one month old next tuesday! The time has gone so quick, it only feels like yesterday that she was born. Can't wait to be here and look forward to chatting to you all!

    Take care,

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks everyone for your incouragement to see the councellor. I think I'll give her a call and set up an appointment.

    Snowy I have tried to talk to DB. His comment is always that he doesn't know what to say or he doesn't say anything. It makes me feel very alone. He didn't even say anything when I told him that I wanted to make an appointment to see the councellor.

    Marcia I hope you got some sleep!

    Spiddles I could imagine it is difficult to go back to work. I don't go back until April and only part-time and I am already dreading it. Its a shame that there isn't more assistance to allow at least one parent to stay home fulltime. I guess we all just have to do what we can to get by and do the best we can for our families.

    Thanks again everyone for support.

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Oh forgot to say Hi to Teagan and see you here Tuesday!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all just a quickie from me today.

    went to health centre this morning and good news is lani put on 420gms in 3wks (great for her) and she is nearly 6kg, her height is over 60cm can't remember just now

    bad news is looks like the lovely lani has hip displacia (sp?) so had to go to dr for a referal and she is getting an ultrasound done 10am friday. i just burst into tears - i know it is not a real serious issue, but to be told that about lani it bought back memories of my dd jessie when i took her to the dr thinking she had an ear infection but to be referred off to neuroligists etc and then told she had a brain tumour and with only 8wks to live. so i was a blubbering mess at the health centre all the emotions of when we were told jessie wasn't well, she was great and talked to me at great lenghth.

    so hopefully by friday we will know somewhat is going on, most likely after ultrasound i will be back to the gp then referred to a paedeatric (ahh sp?) orthopedic specialist, and lani may have to have a brace on for a while - it will not affect her development but i imagine she will be slower to crawl and walk - we will see, hopefully they are wrong and it is loose tendons as they said that maybe a possibility.

    anyway my day is shot am having a real emotional one today think i will cuddle up with lani and jay and sleep

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    Pietta Guest

    Iris- I am glad you are going to give the consellor a call. Let us know how it goes- if not well hey you still have us. Also i know males find it hard sometimes to show their emotions. I dont think they realise that we as females may be able to give birth and do a hundred things at once but we are still human and we need someone to be strong for us every now and then. I really hope your DP realises you need some extra love and support. BiG HuGS

    Mooshie- That must be so hard hearing things like this all over again. I am sure Lani will be fine and if she needs a brace then that is just something else to add to her. Sometimes trials are put in front of us and we dont know why, but I hope the cuddles with your babes helped. BiG HuGS

    Marcia- I hope that Hudson really gets some sleep for you!! I can only imagine how hard it would be without DH there. I would go crazy without his help and Ryley is a piece of cake

    Well not much to share with us- Ryley has taken to sleeping on his belly- hates any other way so i have to go and roll him over all the time. He is also trying so hard to sit up. When he is laying down he gets to about half way up and pikes it!! So cute. I am glad that even though he is a big long boy he is at least up with or before the expected date of things. He rolled early and everything. We woke up this morning with Ryley crawled backwards down the cot and stuck his legs out so he was hanging with his bottom half out of the cot!! looks like we need a full cot bumper- funny thing was he wasnt crying he was playing with some toys!!

    Hope everyone is doing well.
    LoVe Pee

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    spiddles Guest

    Am so furious!!! Liam had his injections today...all 3. Poor little guy!! The doc just gave them to him and he was so upset I started walking him around and started to give him a feed and he basically kicked me out!! He screamed for the next 30 mins straight which I have never seen him so upset. Didnt weigh or measure him!! All he said was Geeze he is a big boy and I said he is hardly eating much these days and said they have days like that. Think I should change doctors. Last injections he had another doctor cause this doctor was unavalible and was way nicer. Weighed and measured him and made sure he was calmed and settled by the time I left. I managed to get him to sleep about 12:30/ Woke again around 3. Had a feed and is still sleeping.

    Well we should find out today or tomorrow morning if we have a new car!! Loan has been approved but has been has been reffered because of amount. Would be so good to not have a 2 door car anymore!!!

    Mooshie *hugs* Am sure everything will work out fine. Must be so hard for you!!

    Looking forward for you joing us Tegan!11

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Oh what an awful doctor! He should have become a butcher instead, hey?

    Michelle, I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like (and what it still is like) for you when you found out that your girl was going to die. I think there is nothing worse in this world than losing your child. I hope all will be well with Lani and that it's not hip displasia. Wolf had his u/s just after Christmas (it's standard here to do that) - that should give you a definite answer.

    Tegan, welcome! Great to have you here now! It's amazing how quickly time goes, isn't it! I can't believe how big Wolf is now - it seems like yesterday I came home from the hospital with our little bundle.

    Lara, maybe DH didn't think you were serious about the counselling? I think guys are real clutzes and just don't have the relationship radar women have. Men tend to think all is fine unless presented with ultimatums.

    Having my own issues with DH at the moment - biz is going terribly and I just don't know how to handle it. He is doing all the wrong things but just keeps on doing them over and over again, making things increasingly worse. I have tried reasoning, crying, shouting ... nothing works.. I feel very helpless especially since I can't be depressed with the little baby in my arms and have to stay a happy mom for him when I just feel like crying since it looks increasingly like we will lose our house. It's amazing how little I care though ... it's just property...


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