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thread: 1 Month to 6 Months, January '05

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    mooshie Guest

    hi all

    phew another hottie here today so i took the kiddies to myer stocktake sale, they have an extra 25% off the reduced prices so got myself a $100 pair of shoes for $45 and bought size 1 summer stuff for lani for next year a little dress with big red flowers and a matching hat, and red surf pants and matching top and a spiderman t-shirt for jay all for $48 gotta love the bargains and it was soooo nice and cool in there.

    dachlostar/christy - absolutely correct in the flying thing i have flown a bit from melb to qld over the years with the kiddes as i have a lot of family up there, they need to suck (i suffer from terrible ear problems flying) so am well aware of it, best time to start bottle or breast is just as the plane is lifting its wheels off the runway and continue getting them sucking until the plane flattens in the air ykwim hopefully, when landing the sucking should start as you feel the plane descending this is around 20mins before landing i know when to do it cause that is when my ears play up, with ds he just chews lollies and i tell him to chew like a cow it looks hilarious when he was younger (over 12mths tho) i used to give him a dose of panadol and demazin 1/2 b4 the flight on drs instructions and i have never had a problem.

    bon - good to see grace's head circ is increasing hope it keeps up, i also started lani in her cot for daytime sleeps around 6wks and finally when she had grown out of the bassinet at around 13wks she went into the cot at night and i still miss her awww

    jessica - welcome i hope you are enjoying your mothers group - when i had my 1st i was adament (sp?) i was not going to a mothers group it wasn't me but hubby convinced me = that was nearly 7 yrs ago now and out of the orginal 13 there are 7 of us who are the closest friends we have all had 2 or 3 children, they were fantastic support to us when you daughter was diagnosed with cancer and i go away with them once a year to daylesford for relaxation, we play volleyball once a week, see each other at the gym, i went out for dinner with them last night and we always meet up on a friday with the kids - parks houses whatever, originally we all joined a playgroup but the kids started getting to big for it but these girls are the greatest friends and i can really rely on them love em all.

    i am going to have an icypole

    see ya

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    yes i too have AF and it is heavier than what i am use too.I just finished bleeding from post pregancy.I'd like to go swimming at the beach at some stage or in mum and dads pool but so far this summer i havnt been able too.At what age do baby's go swimming?
    I havnt been able to join a mothers group yet,noone turned up to post antenantal class party.I think in feb the health nurse orgagnises one so i hope i meet somebody! If not i have you girls.AWWW
    i am tired today as millana slept from 6pm to 1130pm and then had a feed.She woke again at 3pm had another feed and decided it was time to play.What do you do in these circumstances.Let her go for a while and hope she will tire? 5am she went back to sleep! and then this morning my husband woke up and our fridge lights had short circuted and melted the fridge,it stank and dad came over to look at it for us and it caught fire again.Lucky it didnt do worse.We are naughty and dont have fire alarms so i will get some this week.

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    spiddles Guest

    WOW sooo much going on so hard to keep up!!

    Dacholstar - Liam had teething symptoms from about 3 months too but tooth only cut last week. Is gradually getting out further and further. Still only the one. Hows Lani going with the teething Michelle.

    YAY for Alana thats great news about the weight gain. Keep it up!!

    Welcome Jess!! Glad to have you here with us!!

    Well I am, still absolutly exhausted. Was daddy day today and asked him to do some washing since he was at home with li-li all day. He managed to put ion on and when picked me up from work remembered that he forgot to hang it out . GRRRRRRR!! So is in dryer. House looked more like a pigsty than what it was b4 I went to work. Even when I was home all day I managed to get more done. So have been frantically cleaning all night and unpacking groceries and playing with the boy. Ended up ordering pizza cause I couldnd do anymore.

    Li-li is trying so hard to crawl/ If you put him on his back now he will roll straight to he belly and sit there happly for 15 mins trying to move and chewomg his hands.

    Caddie - Liam use to do the same be wide awake sometimes in middle of night . I would tuck him in and go back to sleep. He would drift off on his own or soon tell me if he wanted something.

    Sorry for those who I have missed. Hope everyone is well and Jessica feels better soon!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    oh, so many posts to catch up on! Sorry for not posting for ages but I got the dreaded Japanese bronchitis. It started when our friends from Brisbane where here. The next day DH came down with it as well. Really nasty stuff, 39.3deg fever, horrible cough, etc. I was sooooooooo worried Wolf might get it but he didn't. Gee, that mommy-milk is some powerfull stuff! Wolf seemed to know that mom wasn't well because he was an absolute darling. He actually got me worried that he was sick because he was so docile! I kept checking his temps every 2 hours but he was always somewhere between 36.2 and 36.6. phew! It took DH and I a good week to recover from the virus and then my parents came on Thursday and left yesterday morning so no time to post either. It was good to have my parents here since my dad could take Wolf for walks and my mom helped with cleaning and doing dishes.

    The info re. flying was really helpful. We are flying to Oz in 3 weeks and 3 days so I am curious to see how Wolf takes to it. It will be a bit of a pain to try to time his hunger around a 24 hour flight... hope it works.

    I went to the dentist the other day and it turns out my formerly perfect teeth have gone to shambles... needed a root canal treatment (which meant I had to pump milk for the first time - which worked well) and have to go again tomorrow for more fancy work... sigh... not a financial expense we need right now but not something I can skimp on either.

    You should have seen how happy DH was when he fed Wolf! Such a huge grin on his face... Will have to do it again tomorrow just in case I need a strong anestetic. I hope I won't and it's just a small hole on the other side...

    Would love to do personals but too many posts since I last posted - have read them all though.



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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Its good to hear from you Snowy! Oh that sux that you all got so sick, but what a relief Wolf did so well!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Oh no Snowy, you poor thing, having a root canal! That must suck, and getting sick too. Luckly Wolf was ok though. Good to see your still around.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    should really be cleaning the house but lani is asleep and jay is watching spiderman he really thinks he is spiderman, last night he asked when he is going to start growing web shooters in his hands lol - funny little boy.

    caddie - bummer about af, i still have not had it yet as i am b/feeding hopefully i won't get it for a while, when i first fell preg in 1997 i got only one af after before i fell preg again in 1999 it was sooo good, although my af seems to be alot lighter since having the children.

    spiddles - men ahh what do they do all day, i seem to be able to get heaps done during the day and manage to spend time with the kiddies but when dh has them nothing gets done lol. and no lani's tooth still not through, i can see it though and touch wood the last few days she hasn't been chewing as much so maybe a few more weeks. i gave her a suck of some watermelon the other day, she went crazy for it i had to pull it out of her mouth before she broke a piece off - it was nice and cool on her gums - she cried when i took it away.

    snowy - good to see you back on deck - bummer about that flu sounds awful. just remember when you are flying on a long flight to request the seat where you can have the bassinet (i think you should do this when booking), they are great seats lots of leg room and wolf would still be able to have some sleeps in a bassinet. don't worry about working out a feeding time during the 24hrs just pop him on for a suck when you are taking off and landing, i find they will go for the boob whenever it is offered (like a free feed - lol) it is only the sucking they need for there ears or you could try the dummy to as long as he sucks.

    i am going to cruise around the other forums and see how everyone is going especially being heavily preg in this heat yuck.

    take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hey everyone, finally got a chance to post, hope you're all well... Snowy, hope you're feeling fully recovered, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to be ill at the moment! Jess, Aidan is absolutely gorgeous! Glad to hear mother's group went well. I missed out on the first one of ours cos I haven't been able to drive, will try and join the 3 month one. Am so scared to take Kaleb out anywhere though as he is so unpredictable & difficult to settle once he starts crying. Got my 6 week check up tomorrow, all should be well, can't wait to be able to swim again, pool has been taunting me!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone thanks for such a warm welcome.

    Today was a mixed day, Aidan is doing great, it's me I need to worry about! Aidan now weighs over 5 kg's! but me, well I think I have an infection as it hurts SO much to pee and to top it off it hurts even more to do a poo. Dr said it wasnt hemarroids (sp?), but still just told me to get hemarroid cream??? And as for the infection, took a urine sample so I have to wait. It hurts sooooo much I cant wait!! I have been drinking Ural - is that OK during breastfeeding?? And I am using rectinol - is that OK? I cant find any info on the net.

    Beth, I hope Kaleb settles a little for you, Aidan seems to be a very 'good' baby and it is still totally stressful going out. I was at Baby Target without Aidan and there was a baby crying and it soooo didnt matter, people are concentrating on other things so the baby crying was pretty much unheard.

    Snowy, hope you are better soon.

    Hi again to everyone else, look forward to chatting heaps with you all.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Jess, maybe it hurts to pee coz you have grazes from when you hade Aidan? Coz that happened to me and it hurt sooo much for while, just a thought!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hey everyone! Ours floors are finished and we are finally back home. My parents a great but theres nothing like your own home. The floors look great. The house was in a complete mess. It took DB and I the entire day to clean up and put all the furniture etc back in its place. We were exhausted.

    Alana had her Paed appointment and he was happy with her weight gain. On his chart he has her now in the 25th percentile. So she's gone from the 10th to the 25th in two weeks. He has put her meds up again, to now 1 1/2 caps as she seems to being pooing alot still. Hopefully this will fix that. Can't see a huge difference yet, but I'm hopeful. But my little girl is going in the right direction and she just looks great. We don't have to go back to see her Paed for 2 months.

    Anyway there have been so many post since I was last able to post, so sorry for no personals. Now we are back home I can get on the computer whenever I like and not have to sneak on when Dads not on!LOL!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Well i was just talking to Lily, when I said "Mummy loves you" and she gave me the biggest, cheesy grin i've ever seen!! Oh, my heart just melted right then and there. It was so adoreable!!

    Beth, i hope everything goes well at your 6 week check-up.

    Hope everyone else is well.

    Take care,

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi all,

    Good to hear from you Snowy, bad luck about being sick and your teeth. How cute Dh loving feeding, that's the thing I guess with breastfeeding, dad's don't get that bonding that mum's do. Nice that he has had the chance.

    Great news for Alana, Lara. She is doing so well, and re being home, that is so true as well. If only messes would clean themselves.

    Spiddles- don't be too tough on Dh, I hate it when Arron comes home and it looks like I haven't done anything and I have but the kids are tornado's. I know Liam doesn't make mess, but your DH would find it much different to the norm being home by himself and he also won't see the things that should be done (a man thing!). Maybe just on Daddy day you will need to grin and bear it! How are you going with working and keeping up with house stuff? That was always something I found hard, and I ended up knocked out tired just keeping up with washing and cleaning!

    I have been sick for the last few days, had aches, pains and a mild fever. On top of Jemma having a temp and Arron being away until 9.30pm from the funeral and him having a huge fight with his mum bc she wouldn't bring him home. He was so angry as he told her Jemma had a temp and he needed to go home and in front of everyone she said "I don't care about Jemma, all I care about is being here for my friend". The wife of the man who died looked amazed as she said that. Sometimes my MIL is such a mean selfish cow. Arron was so upset he was even crying.

    She rang yesterday morning to wish us a happy anniversary and asked about Jemma (her guilty conscience coming through). She also told BIL (her son) that if it wasn't for him being drunk xmas day she would have got to see the guy who died again before he died, but she could have visited anytime b/t xmas and last week and didn't. I reckon she just wanted to blame someone for her not going to see him. GRRRR!

    She is still minding the kids tomorrow though so i am not getting involved, otherwise we won't get our night away. We pd my cousin $20 to watch the kids while we had dinner last night, as the 20th is our actual anniversary.

    Heard from a uni friend today and she had a baby a month ago, we are going to catch up mid feb, I am so excited!

    Hi Beth, glad to hear from you too. Hope all goes well at your 6 week check, and don't worry about Kaleb and going out, nobody gets annoyed if little bubs are crying. Ouch! hope things clear up soon, it's hard to look after bubs when you don't feel good yourself.

    Caddie sometimes our bubs just decide to do things that aren't nice for us. I try not to stimulate jessica at feeding time, and straight after she's done I put her back in her bassinette and leave her. I would just give the dummy until she settles, so she gets the idea it is sleeping time. Lucky about the fire, you better get some alarms!

    Well better go, prob won't be back until Mon as heading to Shep tomorrow.

    Hi to all those I didn't reply personally to, sorry in a bit of a hurry as Jess has woken for a bottle

    Best wishes Michelle

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    Forum Name: melbee70
    State: QLd
    Baby's DOB: 11/11/04
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Eliana Annestacia
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: colic?
    Notes: induced on due date because of size (arrived next day after emergency c-section) weighed 11lb 4oz - happily adjusting to motherhood

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    mipsy Guest

    Finally a chance to jump online again. DH is immersed in online gaming as we finally have broadband here. What is it about grown men and computer games??!!!

    Ashleigh is doing really well, up to 4.82kg, we will both be having our 6 week check up on Mon so should go well. First mothers group was fun, great to meet with other mums who are going through the same troubles and laughs that you are. Just like this forum!!!

    We've had excellent and normal sleeps since last my last post. Had another 1.30am wakeup which is brilliant, and now had 3 nights in a row where I can put her down after her 7pm feed, and she goes straight to sleep. What a little legend! Now I've said how good she is I'll never get her to sleep tonight...... 8-[ . Ashleigh has started to smile now and there is the start of a little laugh there as well.

    cheers for now,

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    spiddles Guest

    What an exhausting week!! Am glad its over. Hope not too many of you were affected by the storms. I think all I did today was lodge storm claims for home/motor. Phones were running hot!!

    Turned Liam's car seat around on wednesday as is over 9kgs (well think so anyways DH weighed himself then put liam on his shoulder and was 9kgs difference) He wasnt a happy chappy!! Didnt cry or anything just looked grumpy for the first few days but is use to it now and loves trying to look out of the window from the middle. I finally get to sit in the front again YAY!!! Maybe he wasnt impressed because I wasnt sitting in the back with him no more as I had to when car seat was reversed.

    Liam is beeing a fuss pot again. Instead of 5 feeds is have like 7 a day. 100 mls b4 daycare about 400 mls in total at daycare over 4 feeds plus has morning and afternoon tea of farex and fruit puree and then another 100 mls when gets home and 150mls before he goes to sleep. Doesnt seem to like having big feeds anymore....just wants to graze. His tooth is still coming out further and further.

    Everyone is always comenting on what a big baby he is. He isnt fat or anything just soooooo long. Saw a 1 year old boy the same hieght and weight as him!!

    Anyhows am off to bed....Have a great weekend guys!! Will try and get some personals in tomorrow!!

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    Hey spiddles, was just wondering why you had to sit in the back when the car seat was rear facing ?? I never did with my boys so was just curious


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    spiddles Guest

    2 door car astrolady!!! couldnt put it in the middle and had to go behind the passengerside front seat and chair was right forward!! Could sit in there if you wanted you ankles around your neck *lol*

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