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thread: 12 Months - 3 Years, August '05

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOL Kellee- you are naughty, putting off your work, it's so easy to do. Don't feel bad about Charlie falling out of the high chair, we all do things like that sometimes. That's what happens when we are thinking of a million things at once, and he's ok so no need to worry. He'll end up doing what jemma does, when we get in the car she yells at me to do her up (I forgot one day in the buyness of getting everyone in the car, and I drove about 500m with her unbuckled). She won't let that happen again!LOL I will email you tonight bf i go to bed.

    Forgot to say hi to Yvette earlier, Hi Yvette and Angus! Hope you are all better from your cold very soon, almost time for the twins to make an appearance and don't want to be sick for that.LOL

    Hope Christy and Ambah and JEn and KElly and Mystifying and Kathryn and Katanya andwhoever I have missed all are ok and have had a nice day.

    Cheers michelle

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    We are all good.

    Just busy atm (I shouldn't really be online 8-[ ) Have 100 catalouges for a bulb fundraiser we are doing for playgroup on the kitchen table and I have to write the playgroup name, address and the return date on each and everyone of them PLUS staple a little note to the front ](*,) Can someone remind me whose idea it was again LMAO and I have only done 8

    Ahh well back to it I guess. After i finish checking BB of course LOL


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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oopsies... seems I have missed a few days in here! 8-[

    Michelle - DP came home anything BUT sober from that farewell... when he got home at midnight he spent a good hour puking, with me lying in bed voicing my annoyance at him - he got NO sympathy whatsoever! lol.

    So what time does your flight arrive in Brissy again? (sorry, I am too lazy to look back)... and what time should we think of meeting up then? Christy would probably be the best one to set the time cause she should know how long it will take from the airport to Roma St (20-30mins maybe?)
    It will be great to meet you (and you too Kellee!) I just hope Aidyn doesn't go all feral cause he will be stuck in the pram for a good 1.5hrs before I even get there... maybe I should aim to get there early so I can take him to the park and let him run around and burn off some energy.
    I will also PM you my mobile #.

    Kellee - don't worry about Charlie's tumble out of the highchair - it doesnt make you a bad mother at all!
    Aidyn has fallen off our bed before when he was about 9 months old... so I know how you feel though.

    Goodluck with getting your catalogues done Kat... sounds like fun!

    Yvette - I hope you and Angus are much better now. LOL @ Angus posing for the camera - how adorable!! I wish Aidyn would do that, but all he does is squint (in anticipation of the flash).

    DP was home from work sick yesterday, so I havent been online much. I've managed to get to the gym for the last 5 days out of 6 though, now I just hope I can keep it up!
    Cooked up a huge batch of vegetable, chicken and cheese mash for Aidyn yesterday too, so now I have almost 2 weeks worth of meals in the freezer for him.
    Aidyn and I still both seem to have a very mild cold or something, but thankfully it hasnt gotten any worse for either of us. Just a scratchy throat and a very mild cough... hopefully it will go away soon though!

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    hey there girls!! Things have been pretty tiring here...things with Mum aren't entirely great & she's staying in the room where our computer is so its hard to get on.

    Ok...long story short, she's my mother LOL

    She just keeps telling me I look fat, sloppy, tired, not happy, am I depressed? How do I expect to keep DH if I am not perfect when he gets home...AND judging every little thing I do with Matilda, its too cold & I don't dress her warm enough is why she's sick all the time, we give her baths in the evening & that would make her sick too, I don't look after her well enough, having dogs in the house makes her sick too.... the lists are endless & I am over it. I appreciate the 30 minute breaks she gives me taking Matilda to the park...and the cleaning up she is constantly doing, but I just want to relax and enjoy time together not worrying constantly about her judging every move I make...urgh.... I know she's just being a mum.... 8-[

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Gosh Christy... that sounds pretty rough to have to listen to from your own mother!! I'm sure she just thinks that she is just trying to help, but it sounds like she needs to be told that her judgements and opinions are far from helpful, in fact they are quite likely to be causing big blows to your self confidence...
    and that comment about how are you meant to keep DH if you are not perfect when he gets home.... well what is that supposed to mean?? In the real world NO woman is (or should have to be) looking and feeling perfect for their husband when he gets home at night.....
    As long as you dont take any of what she is saying to heart... cause I'm sure its not true anyway... but yeah, IKWYM when you say she is just being a Mum....

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    Chasing Daylight...

    Hi girls

    Finally got a chance to get back on here after being away all weekend at Mooloolaba beach (veerrry nice spot). My DH was away and so I took the kids around to my grandmother's unit for a couple of days.

    First night there my daughter Gabrielle ran/fell into the edge of the hallway wall. A huge egg came up immediately and I could see the skin straining to split open on her forehead, so I stuck some ice on it and called some medical centres til I found one still open (only 6pm but they were all shut!) The skin was soft and squishy because of the amount of blood under it, so I thought she'd cracked her skull for sure. But after a quick Doc's visit and a huge dressing to keep the skin closed we were off home again. Her face from her nose up swelled up like she'd been bitten by a bee. It's still swollen today and the bruising extends down from the lump itself over her eyes and into her cheeks.

    Very glamorous. It was heart-in-your-mouth stuff for me, but she's fine. The good news is that Zeke behaved impeccably while we were at the Docs and while I was tending to Gabrielle when the accident first happened (he still sometimes freaks out a bit when we go to the Doctor's surgeries, even though I'm sure he can't literally remember being in hospital when he was a baby).

    I'll sit down and read back through everyone's news later tonight. I'm exhausted as I took the kids to the show yesterday, and my darling son has decided he doesn't want to be in the pram so I didn't take it with me. Of course he got tired and asked to be picked up at about lunch time while we were in the showbag pavillion with tens of thousands of others. He promptly fell asleep so I had to lug him around for about 25 mins #-o

    Luckily Mum was there so she was able to hold onto Gabrielle's hand in the crowd for me.

    Speaking of mothers, Christy.... sorry to hear yours is frustrating you a little bit at the moment. I guess you've tried gently explaining that her comments are not helpful? (and totally unfounded judging by what I've seen of you on Matilda's website )

    To all you other wonderful ladies... hope this evening is restful and all our kiddies have a long and deep night's rest.

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    Nov 2003
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    Mystifying- Big huge OUCH at Gabrielle's head, so glad she's ok. ANd good on Zeke for being good in a crisis!

    CHristy- I see my Mum almost everyday, and I can def relate to annoying mum's. LOL She isn't being very tactful is she, and she is obviously not very worried if she hurts your feelings, prob just thinks she's your mum and entitled to an opinion.LOL How long is she over for? I think sometimes as ladies get older they lose their tact and diplomacy! has anyone else noticed this? I hope you do get some time to really enjoy each other too, maybe she is missing home?

    Ambah- got the mob no. thanks. I will pass the info on to Kellee and Melissa too if she's interested. I lol about the non soberness of your DP, I mean what would you expect really LOL. At least he was sick, that is just desserts! LOl at being too lazy to read back, flight gets in at 2.15 as i think you may know by now, the time sounds fine too. good idea for a play in the park for Aidyn. they do have trouble sitting still for too long.

    Jillian- sounds just like my darling Joshua, have you tried timeout? We have started (should have thoughtof this yrs ago) sitting Josh in the laundry (just inside the door, door open on a chair) and we set the timer, and he must sit there until the timer goes off. Lately, thanks to a little friend of his that is a bit of a ****, Joshua has been saying things which to me are unacceptable, like I'm an idiot, and telling me to shut up etc. And the time out works a treat. They say you need someone with no toys and Josh hates the laundry.

    kathryn- hope the catalogues went well, things sounded good at the time didn't they? I have to address all the 1st bday invites, so non have been done yet. Gotta do it tonight so better hurry up here.

    Anyway gotta go as I said 50 envelopes to address.LOL

    Cheers Michelle
    Ps I am so excited about Thursday

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    OMG @ 50 invites Michelle !! that is going to be some shin dig LOL.

    Only ended up doing just over 50 catalouges yesterday morning, but finished them off last night.

    Not much really to report here with the boys, Kameron has been begging for playgroup since 7am. He still has 45mins to go yet LOL. Lachlan fell over walking yesterday and put his tooth through his lip but there wasn't much blood and he hardly cried so that was all good.

    Christy - hugs to you about your mum. That is the last thing you need, just tell her to pull her head in

    Misty - OMG @ Gabrielle how terrifying. Well done to Zeke too for being a trooper for you thoughout it. I hope Gabrielles bruising clears up soon.


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    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Mistyfying - Oh that is terrible about Gabrielle! That must have been really scary... I'm glad she is ok though. And well done to Zeke for being an angel at the Drs.

    Argh... I woke up feeling a bit worse this morning... But dont worry Michelle, I will still be able to make it tomorrow! I will just be loading up on Cold & Flu tablets if I still feel bad tomorrow, lol... nah, I reckon I will be fine by then anyway, I just hope that Aidyn doesnt get it any worse - he seems to be completely fine today which is good though.

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    Hello all!

    Oh Misty how scary!! I [-o< all is better for Gabrielle!

    Thanks girls for your well wishes with Mum... I have told her that I need her support right now, not her negative comments, and while I understand she's trying to be constructive & find out what the problems are, I really just need practical help atm. To that she locked herself in the room for 2 days. (Sunday-Monday).... But yesterday went better after I explained that I wasn't trying to pick on her, I am just at the end of it myself. She just didn't say anything and still hasn't :-k I guess she's probably counting the days until she leaves on Sunday....

    Which leaves me to be able to go out tomorrow with some BB girls!

    WOW michelle at 50 invites!!

    Kathryn I hope you all have a lovely day at playgroup!

    Today is a public holiday in Brissy so DH & Mum just took Matilda to the park so I can have a shower, lovely....I better get to it LOL

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    Ph Christy- tension like that is terrible isn't it. Your Mum has been over for awhile hasn't she? Maybe she is ready to go home, I guess it is hard even when visiting you and Matilda to not be a little homesick. I think it was good to talk to her though, no point just sitting back and letting her make you feel sad. Hope you enjoy the shower!

    Ambah- I hope you feel better and that Aidyn is ok.

    Well done at finishing all the catalogues Kathryn, maybe delegating those jobs to someone else is the way to go LOL. Gotta love it when kids are dying to go to playgroup though, that's just great.

    As for the party well it is bigger than Ben Hurr as usual when it is all the family. 87 adults and 32 kids invited. Hopefully not all will come, esp since it is a sunday arvo at 1pm, and some of the rellies live a bit away. Arron questioned me about it being on a sunday, it was partly bc of Jordan's netball and Arron's footy (Arron's team aren't in finals so that didn't matter in the end.) But also because it is a 1st bday not a huge **** up where peple hang around all night, so this way a couple of hrs and they'll all leave LOL. Seems mean sort of but I'm the one that has to do everything, Arron will just drink, so I get the say. I am doing finger food cos I don't want to stuff around with salads etc. it's easy for Arron cos all he does when we have salads and stuff is cook the meat. Not falling for that again. I am going to some factory outlets for food so i'll save money that way, and I'll do sandwiches etc. Its all good from my point of view. I addressed all the envelopes and have to post today.

    Anyway gotta get moving, Starting to pack my clothes, but I'm waiting to here from my sis about if I need anything specific first.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello ladies! Wow, I'm going to have to check here more regularly - you're even faster than the 9 - 12 month girls!

    I have to very quick because I'm on a 'study break'...

    mitch - only one day to go until you visit! It's been lovely weather here, but a little bit windy at times (it is Ekka time, after all!), so maybe throw in a couple of jumpers. Hopefully it's nice for our little get together. I certainly CAN make it tomorrow, but I will probably only be able to stay for about an hour - I have a rehearsal tomorrow night so I have to be home in time to help get Charlie ready for bed and get ready myself (it's sad when a band rehearsal becomes a social outing! The singer has 2 kids, so we both get so excited when we get to rehearse...). I have your mobile number, so I'll sms you if there's any problems. I'll sms you my number and maybe you could text me when you get there with an exact location. I'm really looking forward to it!

    Christy - sorry to hear about the situation with your Mum. Where does she live? I hope that she continues to NOT say negative things. It's really hard when mothers do that - I think the thing is to realise that the reason she's doing it is probably because she has insecurities of her own that she needs to deal with. (Of course, I'm saying this without actually knowing you, so tell me to shut up if I'm being inappropriate.) A friend of mine is having similar problems with her mum, eg. she has lost a lot of weight recently and her mum hasn't said anything to her about it even though she's lost more than 10 kg! It's because her mum has her own weight issues... she's the same with issues about the kids. I hope that things improve for you, and if not, you can have a good whinge about it tomorrow!

    Ambah - sorry to hear that you and Angus aren't feeling well. This flu really is doing the rounds this year, isn't it? It seems everyone I know has it. Glad to hear that you're both starting to get better.

    Kathryn - Poor Lachlan hurting his lip! Glad to hear he's ok.

    MistyFying - You and poor Gabrielle! You must have both had such a fright. Glad to hear that her skull wasn't cracked, and I hope that you were able to have a nice time away regardless. There must be something in the water - our bubs are all hurting themselves atm!

    Jillian - sorry, I can't help you there. Charlie has only in the last couple of months started to be defiant too, but he's a bit young for time out, so I'm at a loss as well! I hope the other gals have some suggestions for you.

    So much for my "short" post! I'd better go otherwise I won't get anything done.

    See you tomorrow mitch, christy and ambah! Should be fun.

    Have a nice day everyone,

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    Yay Kellee
    see you then
    going out for tea now
    See ya tomorrow girls

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    It is so quiet in our house at the moment Kimberley is away until tomorrow at DH's cousin's house so i could have a break.
    DH was walking around the house last night looking a little lost and he said it is too quiet.

    Kathryn - Hope Lachlan's lip is ok.

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    Hello there girls! It will be great to see a few of you tomorrow

    Michelle LOL at your DH looking lost, mine does the same when Matilda is out of the house with mum on a walk...he just wanders around.

    Jillian I forgot to mention that Matilda does the same thing... sort of...she will do something she knows she is definatley not allowed to do, like stand on the coffee table & jump off, and just as she's thinking of doing it (so standing next to the coffee table with one leg ready to climb) she looks at me & shakes her head no... if I look at her she laughs & climbs up, if I ignore her she sometimes doesn't do it. Its frustrating. Now whenever she thinks she's doing something naughty (and %90 of the time she is) she giggles & shakes her head no.... ](*,) I went to a "strong-willed" child seminar recently which gave me heaps of ideas, but most of them are for older children.... and the strongest suggestion was "time-out" for defiant behaviour. HTH

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    katanya Guest

    Hey I just popped back in to see what I missed, is it tomorrow that Michelle is coming..oh damn..what time??? Not sure we'll be able to make it bummer

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    Aww I wish I was in Brisbane for tomorrow !!!

    Ohh speaking of Brisbane there is a very good chance I will be in Brisbane this time next year. Our Assoc that we are in is having their AGM in Brisbane next year and Andrew has never been to Brisbane (I have) and we have never actually been to an AGM so we are really considering flying up there. It will be the last family holiday outside of school holidays that we will take for a long time.


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    HI Girls
    my last post before I leave for the airport, really should be dressinf the kids but....

    Katanya it's 3.30 Roma St parklands.

    I got your email Christy and am all set, hoping I have everything and feeling sad about leaving my babies.

    See you girls soon and hello to everyone else.

    Best wishes michelle

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