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thread: 12 Months - 3 years, June '05

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Christy - they are great birthday photos!!! I love the one with her holding the cymbals, and her on her new little couch too!!

    May I ask, where did you get that couch, and how much did it cost? We have been looking for Aidyn, and the ones at Kmart were $120!! I think this is because they were actual Disney ones and you have to pay for the brand name... but yeah, I'm dying to find a cheaper one somewhere!

    I'm so sorry to hear that she had such a bad time having her needles... Poor, poor little possum Its such a hard thing to have to go through, watching them like that...
    How has she been tonight?? Much better I hope...

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hey girls Matilda was okay last night, only 5-6 wake ups #-o but she wasn't feverish or painful, just uncomfortable and all we would have to do was pop the dummy in and give her a pat & she went back to sleep.

    Michelle its okay, a dedication is sort of like a christening. Its usually done when they are newborns, but we decided to wait until Matilda was older and we could make her birthday a very special occasion (rather than having two in one year ) DH & I wanted to dedicate ourselves as parents and Matilda as a growing child to the belief we have as Christians. Without getting too "preachy"? LOL... I could probably go on for hours as it was something that took DH & I a long time to decide whether or not we were going to do at all. Only because we believe that it is free will for the individual to choose what they want to believe, however, we believe that as a family its important to grow together.

    New subject 8-[ The couch We got it at kmart too... there were carebear ones and bob the builder ones too and we got the incredibles because it was DH's favourite LOL It was $40

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    katanya Guest

    Hi again everyone, just a shorty, I checked out the birthday pic, LOVE the drum you got Matilda, I expected a fisher price one..that one looks professional! :shock:Love the bubbles shot too!
    I think the dedication sounds beautiful, I think the fact that you and Pete put so much thought into it makes it all the more special, it is only natural that your family introduces you to their ideals, moral and faith, and of course as an adult you are free to choose which way you go, which Matilda will either way..
    Hope she is feeling better those needles sounds scary!I have to get Felix's overduiones done..the MMR scares me too..

    I can relate to the chinbese laundry Michelle and Kathryn, mine never seems to be over, maybe it because I use cloth nappies, or maybe because I am slack..god imagine howI'd be with 4 kids..the house would be full of clothes only!

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    May 2004

    Christy - love the pictures of Matilda so is sooooo cute. I just wanted to give her a big hug.
    That drum kit looks like fun

    Washing never seems to be over in this house i have my machine going everyday now. Just hard to dry withit raining and not having a dryer.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    LOl Katanya- you hit the nail on the head there, that's exactly what it's like atm cos the washing/drying cycle never ends so ther are always clothes somewhere.

    Christy- the dedication was a very good idea at the bday party, gets everyone together in the one spot for 2 purposes. Arron and I wern't christened at all so non of our kids are. I understand your feelings about the choice cos that's why I was christened, cos Mum was a catholic, but dad wasn't and mum always felt that she would have liked to be able to choose not have it thrust on here, esp cos my Nan never went to church with the kids, just sent them.

    Michelle- how's kimberly today, hopefully everything is back to normal in that respect at your place.

    Cheers Michelle

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    May 2004

    Hi Michelle,

    Kimberley seems like a new child since MIL left. Yes we do have the small tantrum but that's what we had before. She has been wanting hugs and kisses one thing she stopped doing while MIL was here.
    The best thing is she even had a nap today at the shops the other day she sat in the pram with no problems and when i let her out she stayed with me the whole time just hope the running off has stopped.

    How are you all doing ?

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    Jun 2003

    I'm still here! Mum flies out to NSW tomorrow to stay with my Nanna for a week or so so I will get some more time to come and post!

    Asha's party was great but she was a little upset by all the people. Will come back and tell more on the weekend!


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    Hi Girls

    We are all going well. Lachlan walked about 2 metres by himself last night so his confidence is continuing to build

    Great to hear that everyone is going along nicely as well.

    Christy the photos are gorgeous !!!!


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    sticking my nose in to say, I WANT SLEEP!!! :sleeping: definately going to bed early tonight. Matilda's been up for hours in the middle of the nights now for a few weeks & its starting to really get to DH & I, walking zombies today & teary. So We've booked in to the sleep school again, and hoping to get in there in the next few weeks. I have so much to do before then, but hey..sleep is too important. We had two sleep throughs amongst all this giving us false hope....but last night was bad. 5-6 times we were up & to her & one of those times lasted over 2 hours. So I think thats what made me call them at 2.30am crying for help...Thank god I had someone to call.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Oh Christy you and Dh must be exhausted, you poor things. a 2 hr block in the middle of the night is no good at all. Hope sleep school does the trick for you.

    Kelly- I remember when Jemma had her 1st bday she was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people too, it's hard when you are a little tacker and there are what seems like hundreds of giants I am sure LOL

    Michelle- that is so good about Kimberly, nice to have your little girl back I bet. I have finally got over my cold and seems I have passed it to Josh and now Jemma. the poor dear is coughing like a dog, very chesty and had a temp at bedtime. It has broken though and she is sweaty, which I am very grateful for. Jordan and Josh both had febrile convulsions and so far *touch wood* Jemma hasn't had one. The others were 12 asnd 13 mths when they had their first and Jemma is 2 and 4mths so it's looking good that she won't have one. Then I heard Jessica coughing a little bf and I am dreading her getting it.

    Kathryn- your boy is almost there, it is so cute when they take off , and the look on their faces is priceless.

    Anyway muct fly, lots to look at and bed is calling.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Michelle that would be so scary!! I was fearing that when Matilda's temp was near 40... I've seen heaps of animals have febral convulsions but your own baby would be different.

    We had a 1 1/2 hour lot last night, but only one other wake up, so I got 5 hours straight sleep!! YAY! I did go to bed at 8.30 though.... but thats okay because I desperately need some straight sleep, then DH got up at the 1.40 wake up and then she woke up from 3.00-4.30am But its getting better. We are both trashed, but she's in day care and this morning I dropped her off, came home had a coffee & a shower & tried to sleep but it wasn't happening so I cleaned...now I'm getting tired again and will have a lay down before I go and pick her up. Hopefully get another hour in before I get her. Last time just before we went to sleep school she got better, so maybe just the threat will work, but I'd like to get her down to one very short wake up at night & then we will be happy... all the way through is a dream....

    Kathryn is he still climbing heaps? or has he concentrated on walking...

    Kelly I hope you have a relaxing week after your weekend!

    Michelle thats great about Kimberley settling again into her routine.

    I'm sorry to those I've missed I hope you are all going well

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Oh Michelle i hope Jessica doesn't get it too! There's heaps of it flying around up here on the Sunshine Coast atm too. Everywhere you go people are coughing and sniffling.

    My 4 yo has had it, but so far Zeke has escaped it. It is slightly amusing to me how he's always so disease-resistant. He had heart surgery when he was a baby and he's part of a hospital research study for cardiac kids because they usually get heaps of bad respiratory illnesses. I have to fill out illness reports every month and send them in.... but in his 2 years he's only had one bout of illness (RSV so it was pretty bad and he was hospitalised for a week with it when he was about 4 mths old).

    Christy sounds like Matilda's working you hard at the moment. It's really tricky when they don't let you sleep, hey. I wish I could offer some fail-safe advice, but I can't. Zeke gets up at 4.30am each day ](*,) I'm hoping (perhaps naively) that he'll grow out of it.

    Anyway, hi to everyone. Off to cruise the rest of the forums and see what's been happening in BB land.

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    Mar 2005
    Carrum Downs VIC

    12 Months to 3 Years List - June '05

    Forum Name: Marisa Man
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 18/06/04
    Gender of Baby: Boy / Girl : Boy
    Baby Name(s): Kayne Stuart
    Baby's Website: - slack have not done - maybe cos I dont know how!
    Health Concerns: Nothing
    Notes: Kayne has 3 older siblings. Sarah 14 Emily 12 and stepson Luke 14

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Welcome Marisa and Kayne- how did the 1st bday go?

    Christy- hang in there! It's very hard to be sleep deprived. I think you guys have done a wonderful job, cos I don't know how I'd cope myself. I topo wish there was just an easy answer but...they are all differnet, your next bub could be the total opposite ! LOL When is that by the way ? *joke*

    Mystifying- Jessica woke this morning witha cough and a mild temp by lunch time, but I am thinking the temp is teeth cos it was only mild and the gums are very swollen. I have my fingers crossed that she doesn't get as sick as Josh was and Jemma too. Although both of them are a Little better today. Isn't it funny about Zeke's health? You just can never tell who will get sick and who won't. I remember when I 1st started teaching I got so sick for the first yr but after that I was more resistent, thank goodness, cos kids are always coming down with something.

    Anyway gotta go, hope everyone else is well
    Cheers Michelle

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Marisa I've updated the front page for you, you were already there, but I put your new notes in

    NEXT ONE?? LMAO! DH & I talked about it last night actually and I said "if we were to have a second one, we may as well do it now because then we can get all the sleep deprivation over with at once..." He laughed and said he'd rather not have sleep deprivation at all....

    I guess I've been too afraid to have another... it means we'd have to move, I'd have to face labour again (which is a huge fear now), we might have another reflux bub... things like that so we haven't really talked about it yet.

    Misty thats really good that Zeke's been avoiding the illness' its so going around right now.

    Better night sleep, only 2 wake ups and the last one was only 30 minutes!! whew... BUT then she woke up at 6am... I know heaps of little ones wake up then, but we just got her to wake up at 7am and my body enjoys getting up when the suns out....ah well. I let DH sleep in because he's been on night duty the last two nights. And I've been going to bed at 8pm

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    Hi Girls

    Just a quick one as I have some online paperwork to do... christy should know what I am talking about LMAO.

    Welcome Marisa & Kayne, great to have you with us. We sure are getting busy now

    Aww at letting your DH sleep in Christy. I can't wait for Sundays when I finally get to lay in LMAO. I kick poor Andrew out of bed to tend to the boys O, and in response to Lachlan climbing. Yes he still is doing it heaps need to get up in the roof but we fear he may climb up after us roflmao.

    :hugs: to all the sick ones. I think it is finally leaving this house now YAY. Haven't had to wipe Lachlans nose as often and Kam just has a bit of a cough when he wakes up but it has been very cold in the mornings too.


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    babies Guest

    Can I add to you?

    I'm Ely, I'm italian teacher and I have two children: Serena and Gabriele.
    My children are born on the same day, 6th August, but not in the same year! Olso my brother are born on 6 th August. It will be genetic???

    Now we are near summer holidays and I'm very happy. I'll have time only for children, I'll see the seaside and then the mauntains.

    Serena next october will frequent the nursery school. She likes children!
    Do your children frequent nursery or infant scholl?
    What do you think about nursery school?


    Forum Name: babies
    State: Italy
    Baby's DOB: 6 th August 2003
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Serena
    Baby's Website: no
    Health Concerns: none

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Buon Giorno babies! & welcome to BellyBelly

    I have added your details to the front page of this thread.

    Matilda goes to day care which is like nursery school. She loves being around other babies too. Summer holidays would be nice.... here in Australia its winter, I love summer so I'm jealous right now.

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