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thread: 3 Months to 6 Months, March '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    Hi everyone
    Eliana & I have been busy with catching up with family & friends plus trying to organise her christening (it's a logisical nightmare)
    She has now really found her voice & has become very noisy - half the time I have to check she is ok as the squeals sound scary!!!
    Hope everyone is having a great week
    I'm off to sort through all her clothes - she has way too much

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    MPM and Platinum Member

    Mar 2004

    hi all, long time no posts but time just flies and before i know it a couple of weeks have gone.Millana is now 14 weeks and last week she vfound her voice.Loads of gooing and gaaring at me.She also loves sucking and my hand and shoulder is a favorate.She also wants to sit up and stand and will cry if she doesnt get her own way! She is sitting on my lap watching me type.My sister is back from america for 4 weeks and loves playing with millana.This week i was able to have my eyebrows and lip waxed and we did each other's pedicures today.It is good to have her home.I have beengoing to mothers group,last week we had it at my place.The babies all took it in turns in the fisher and pykel aquarium swing.Millana is becoming impatient so i need to go.ps:she almost rolled over today and will move around on her back sliding around.SHE IS GROWING UP SO FAST.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi Suzie,
    Katayna in the 6 month forum was taking that Fenu whatever it was for breastmilk, maybe you could ask her where she gets it.

    Michelle- hugs for your hard time at the moment, hope things settle down for you guys. And I will see you in a week in the next forum, I too am very sad about being there but the girls are really nice so it's all good.

    Cheers Michelle

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Long time, not post. I always seem to forget this thread!! Bad mummy!

    I think Lily is going to grow to be able to talk under water. We have lovely 'conversations' most of the day. Today i said wow in a high pitched two toned voice and she copied the exact sound! I was so amazed. Lots of cooing, gooing and gaaing. Lots of laughs and smiles too!

    Caddie, i hear you on the sucking shoulder thing. Mines constantly wet! But that may be due to Lily teething. That's right, your heard me, TEETHING! At not even 3 months old, she's hitting this milestone! The poor chook.

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    katanya Guest

    I am just sticking in my head in for Suzie, Michelle said you were wondering where you get the Fenugreek? You can take it either in tablet or tea form, I took the tablet form, just from a health food shop. The bottle says 1 tab 3 times a day, but the naturopath said just take it according to what you need..a lactation consultant said to take 3, 3 times a day to someone.
    I actually eneded up not needing it, I just wanted to make sure my milk was okay, it made my breasts so full Felix vomited after a morning feed. I would definately pump after feeds so you maintain your supply( that is the best way to increase supply, pump often)..good luck, it you want any other tips post in the Breastfeeding thread and heaps of people will come to your rescue..
    DON"T give up! I would definately do the tongue tied operation, my DP is tongue tied and he used to drink EBM only, my MIL said she would have done it if she knew about it when he was baby..
    *going back to my own forum now*

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    Pietta Guest

    Well ladies- although i didnt post much in the last month I want to bid you a fond farewell and iwill see you all in the next forum!

    I cant believe my little man is 6 months!!

    When did that happen and where was I??

    See you all soon

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    mooshie Guest

    jeepers it is getting quiet in here - i suppose we are getting ready for the influx of the new ones - welcome first time dad - wow nat on being 1mth already time flies when you're having fun.

    i have come to resign to the fact that i think little miss lani will skip this rolling business all together - she rolled from front to back at around 6wks - and has only done it a few times since - she looooooves being on her tummy, no matter what we do she has no interest whatsoever in rolling from back to front - my other two were doing this before 5mths and lani will be 6mths next week - she spends most of the time on her tummy creeping around it is so cute - she can creep in circles and even creep over to reach a toy it can take some time and she does get a little frustrated but she does it. she is also going to have fantastic abs lol the crunches she does to try and get herself up are really to be admired (hmm reminds me i must get back to the gym) - oh and she can also sit unaided for around 30 secs to 1min before flopping sideways - so yup i think she can't be bothered with the rolling thing.

    and hip hip hooray = i think maybe just maybe she has sorted her sleeping out - she is back to 12hrs fingers crossed it keeps going - i must say the last month has been very trying with the sudden night waking. she also did a matilda - she was teething it popped up but it has disappeared again ](*,) well it will come when its ready lol. she still looks little but feels heavier - she is petite - can't wait for her next weigh in that will be end of this month.

    well am going off to congratulate trish in the birth announcements finally she has done it.

    hope all is well with everyone

    see ya

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    Stacey Guest

    Dr Browns Bottles

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know where to purchase Dr Browns bottles for my reflux bub ??

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Stacey I use Dr Browns bottles. They are FAB!! If we don't use them, Alana gets such bad tummy pains. Anyway, we got them originally from Target, but they don't stock them anymore. I do know of an Aussie website where you can purchase them if you want me to email it to you.

    Hi Rob. Welcome to the forum. Its usually alot busier in here, but I think we have alot of busy mums at the moment.

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    firsttimedad Guest

    I sire it can get quite busy in here Iris, but knowing how my Wife NAe is running around with everything going on can see why there are patches of quiet times.

    Anyways things are going well with the new family and litel nathaniel is so cute...I love him to bits...If you haven't seen his website click on site link in signature and please sign the guest book.


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    Stacey Guest

    Forum Name: 1 month - 6 months
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 5-11-04
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Anna
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: reflux, colic
    Notes: 2nd "C" and it was great

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    firsttimedad Guest

    Welcome to the 1-6mth forum stacey hope you enjoy BB as much as I have in the past months.......rch


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    Stacey Guest

    Thanks Rob, and yes this site is great !!! which i knew about it 4 months ago lol

    Thanks Lara, and yes can you please email me the site where I can order Dr BB's for future orders as I think these bottles and teats will be real hard to find ......

    You wouldn't believe what happened to me ..... I contacted Dr Brown's bottles in the US asking for distributers in Aust ..... then I found out that babies galore stocked them in Chatswood .. so rushed out there yesterday and bought them ... they are FAB ... my bub has never looked so contented after a feed ... after the 1st feed with the Dr B she looked up at me with a huge smile and then feel asleep in my arms which has never happened before ... i just melted into happiness ......

    Anyway then I get an email from Dr Brown saying they don't have any distributers in Aust for a couple of months but they would send me free bottles in the mean time .... WOW now thats service !! ... they are so expensive I could only afford to buy 4 bottles which just about broke my bank acct .... so anyway im a very happy mum right now and so is ANNA !!!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    I have never heard of Dr Brown's bottles - what are they?
    I'll try anything to get Eliana to take a bottle - I'm going to a concert next Wednesday night & hoping she will take a bottle if hungry.

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    Stacey Guest

    Hi Eliana,

    there is a website that you can get info on these bottles .... www.handi-craft.com

    they are great bottles very soothing for bub ... have an air vent thingo in the bottle which stops nipple collapse and helps with colic and reflux and great for bf mums too ...

    What concert you going to see ??


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    Hi Stacey
    I just searched for them in yahoo & found that site - it looks like a great bottle - hope they will be getting some in Brisbane soon.
    I read your signature quicky & thought you had 10months between your girls!! Lucky you have a much bigger gap than that

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    Stacey Guest

    Hey Melissa,

    I previously posted to your daughter lol ..... had my dd on my lap at the time .... lol

    LMAO I must update my profile I have a 14 year old daughter and now a 4 MONTH .... a bit bigger gap than 10 months lol

    Did the site on yahoo .... let you purchase online ??? what is the site ???

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Stacey glad you were able to get the bottles. I have had Alana on them since about 6 weeks. They are expensive, but so worth while. I would recommend them to anyone. Its a shame that Target stopped stocking them. We were so disappointed. Anyway if you give me your email addie i will email you the sites or if you google Dr Browns Bottles (australia only) it should come up with the websites.

    Rob I love the photo of Nathaniel wearing his sunglasses. We did the same thing! LOL!

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