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thread: 3 Months to 6 Months, March '05

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    Feb 2003
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    Hey guys,

    Just adding new threads in this forum to help split up the load that is about to start hitting Lovely to see so many babies about

    Myself or a moderator will move over your details if you wish, but if you would prefer to keep chatting in your current group this month, that is okay. Next month we will split the groups indefinitely though.
    Kelly xx

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    Hi Girls

    Since this is now 3-6mth I have sorted out the names at the top to reflect that and they are now in baby birthdate order so person at the top will be the next to graduate to the 6-9mth forum


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    stacey - i too remember the wiggles when some of them were the ****roaches & i used to go see them at newport arms in sydney - a few years ago i was at a wiggles with a friend & her son - we were checking anthony out but of course now he is married!
    i looked at your photos & your girls are gorgeous (i was born at royal north shore too)

    hoper everyone has a great weekend - we are going to relies this afternoon to celebrate a few family birthdays - don't really feel like going as i think AF is on her way back!

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    Stacey Guest

    thats great news that Im not the oldest new mum in here .... and you too knew the ****roaches ...... hmmmm and yes I wasn't going to admit that I had a crush on Anthony ....... they look less crushable now though .....
    have a great weekend ... I just got back from riding my horse .... now thats yummie ........ \/

    I loved the RNSP hospital experience ... felt like I was in a Hotel not a hospital .... with Tarryn I did the public hospital which was okay .... just thought I see this time (as its my last) how the other half lived .... it was a great experience ... but having my 2 daughters arrive safely was the BEST [email protected]!!

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    have just read that you live in wahroongha - my grandparents lived in billyard avenue next to the priory - i grew up in killara & st ives

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    Stacey Guest

    Do you GP's still live in Wahroonga ??

    It's funny my Parents live on the gold coast now, my brother in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, the only relative near to me is an Aunt that I don't get on with !!!

    Oh and my Mum lives in America .. could'nt get further away than that ...

    I have asked her to buy the house next door which is up for sale ... to come back to Oz and be near her granddaughters ..... hope that may happen ... but probably wont....

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    Jul 2004

    Hi girls, hows everyone getting on? Just an update on Lily. She rolled from back to front for the first time today. She's scaring me at how quickly she is learning!! :shock:

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    Stacey Guest

    Hi Tegan, lily is gorgeous just visited her web site ..... front to back thats great guns .... After a feed Anna has so much energy her arms and legs carn't keep up with themselves .... if she could walk she would be running ......

    Our little family is great just getting over another horsey weekend ..... Anna touched a horse for the first time ... and today one of our horses touched Anna for the 1st time ..... very gently, kissing her toes ... it was very cute ....

    I have an aching back from all the lifting and carrying of items around the paddock and of washing bub and the horse .... ugh im getting too old for all this [email protected][email protected]!!

    Hope you had a great weekend ..


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    Mar 2004

    hi everyone, I hope you're all well and your bubs too.
    Yasin has a bit of a cold/sore throat and his breathing is a bit funny. We took him to a Dr yesterday (it wasn't his usual one because it was sunday and she wasn't working) and she seemed to think that it was ok but if it hangs around I'll take him to his normal Dr. Other than the wheezy breath he seems his usually self. He gets noisier by the day, I think he's going to be a huge chatterbox because he never shuts up.
    He's trying sooo hard to crawl now. He can get his bum right up into the air while he shoves his nose into the ground or he can push himself backwards or forwards with his arms he just can't seem to co-ordinate the front and rear ends.
    Stacey, how many horses do you have? I love riding, I learnt to ride at the same time as I learnt to walk and the only reason that I would ever move to the country is so that I could have horses. DH and I are thinking of moving to somewhere that we can have some acreage in a year or two so that we can get a pony for Yasin. My sister has a couple of really nice childrens ponies and her own children should have outgrown them by then so we can have them Its so hard to find really good childrens ponies so we're lucky that we can just inhieret a couple.
    Yasin likes TV but I usually don't let him watch it. I'm one of those mean mummies who hates tv and playstation.
    Mr Noisey has just woken up so I'd better go and amuse him.

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    Colleen Guest

    I cant believe hes 3 months old..( well almost) .. its gone waaaay to quick.... even if he is the size of a 6 month old lol. Still travelling at the moment, in coober pedy at the moment and down to adelaide tommorrow.... then across to nhill and finally.......


    Forum Name: mummylovesjaykob
    State: In Transit to Vic from
    NT currently in SA haha
    Baby's DOB: 15-12-04
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Jaykob Brian Anton
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: born by c sec, needed some help to get breathing at birth, but a very big and healthy boy apart from that
    Notes: 10 days early (was due xmas day)

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    mooshie Guest

    well i am off to the next forum in the morning - can;t believe the lovely lani is 6mths already sigh they grow way to quickly.

    anyway i guess i will see a few of you over there soon - i will be popping in to see how your littlies are growing.

    see yas

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2004

    Wow Michelle! Has it been 6mths already?! Time does go really fast hey? We will be there in 3mths But i bet that will go quickly too!

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    firsttimedad Guest


    Tell me about this growth thing, Nae and NAte went to Nae's dad's from Sat arfternoon to last night and I.m sure he grown heaps since then...surely he couldn't have been that BIG when i last saw him on Saturday. Boyt he's growing fast. I'll update you weight and length on Thursday night as he got health nurse checkup on thursday, as will have the net onb at home tomorrow..yahoo..

    Also updated NAte's Website with more photos at his cutest.....hehe


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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    I haven't been in here for ages. I see they have changed the organisation of the forums!

    Well Grace has 2 teeth now on the bottom. They came within a week of each other and I have to say it was a surprise as Harry didn't get teeth until he was 6 months old, so I wasn't expecting Grace to get them at 4 months old! I am learning not to compare Harry as a baby to Grace though because she is quite different!

    Dachlostar - Grace is trying to crawl too, but she hasn't worked it out yet. She can get herself around on the floor by rolling and wriggling though, and she tries to go for things like her toys or Harry's hair!

    Rob - IKWYM about growth. People always notice Grace getting bigger, even if it's just been a week since they saw her last. I don't notice it happening because I am with her all the time. Stephen really notices it because he is working away atm and doesn't see her for maybe a fortnight.

    Anyway gotta go feed my starving child

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Michelle we are not long behind you. 6 months..WOW!

    Rob I know what you mean about them growing. Alana does these amazing spirts of growth. Can't wait to hear about his growth. Alana has her weigh in on Friday.

    Bon I can't believe Grace already has two teeth. It feels like Alana has been teething for ever, but no teeth. She has been really bad today. Very grumpy. She has very low tolerance level for people when she not well. Like her mummy!LOL!

    Anyway, I have put some new photos of Alana on her website, if you want to take a look.

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    Stacey Guest

    Hi dachlostar, girls,

    I have 4 horses, one for DH, one for DD1, one for me, and a retired horse. Not sure what suburb of Sydney you live, but we agist our horses at Peats Ridge ... GV .... near gosford ... only 20 minutes away from where we live..... It is a great place for horses .... plenty of grass .. you don't have to feed them daily which means you can go on holis and leave them unattended.. If you are thinking of owning horses and still live in city it is possible. The place has great riding and camping areas I have agisted there for period of about 12 years and just love it.. My 14 year old daughter has grown up there ..... lots of friends and horsey lovers .... campers and the great feel of the out doors .....

    I could go on and on about horses ... but I won't bore you all .....

    Back to babies ....... my little one seems to be teething ... it is good to hear stories about young bubs and teething .... my family think i'm mad saying that she could be teething ... but she is showing all the signs ... running poos, smelly wees, dribbling, chewing and showing signs of discomfort .... I hope its teething but I guess its a long wait ..... can this gone on for months ?????? hope I can be proved right and not feel like an other anxious mum as usual ...


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    firsttimedad Guest

    Parents are anxious from the day their children are born until their dying day. dosen't matter how old the kids are 2mths or 20 yrs...or so my mum says...though i know i still cause her some grief...hehe


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    LOL...Stacey I used to ride up at Peats Ridge when I lived in Sydney... I loved it there. We didn't have our own horses, but got to know the ones we like best quick

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