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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, May '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004

    Tegan, congratulations on DP's job and the move!! How exciting.

    Nell, member of the month, well done! Look forward to seeing you in here soon.

    Beth, thanks, I should find out tomorrow so I'll let you know. I go through stages of thinking I REALLY want the job and other times I'm not so sure... how annoying!

    Snowy, yeah, who knows, but I do know teeth are more than possible. A baby at mothers group has had 4 teeth since she was about 5months and the first 2 cut at 4 months! It just goes to show all babies are different. Aidan loved the vegies, he is still learning to swallow but he is eating all I am giving him (about 1 large teaspoon for dinner). I am going to start Farex tomorrow for lunch (I figured lunch would be easier than brekky as I just whip the boob out for brekky and dont want to change that little routine that I love). I am trying the flavoured one though as we tried the plain one a few weeks ago and lets say Aidan was not impressed!

    Aidan woke at 12am last nite, very strange and out of routine, I cant put it down to anything, just hope he wont do the same tonight!

    Does anyone remember before Aidan was born there was another girl in our forum who was due the same day as me and she also was giving birth at Dandenong Hospital? Its so frustrating I cant remember her name but I do remember she 'disappeared' around her due date so I expected to see her soon after but she never 'reappeared'. Hoping someone might remember so I can look her up and see if she has logged on since December?


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    Mar 2004

    Just been looking through the archives, her name is Cathy but she hasnt logged on since December, so I guess she aint coming back. I just hope it all went well for her...

    It was funny to read us all in the last few days of pregnancy before our beautiful bubbas were born - its made me just a bit clucky!


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    Jul 2004

    Jess I did the exact same thing just the other day, going back through the last days of pregnancy. Brought back a lot of memories.

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    Feb 2004

    Snowy and Jess, thanks for your congrats I do appreciate it! SnowyI am always chasing you!

    Tegan - that's great that Jacob got the job, well done to him and yay for you moving!

    Jess - are you going back to work? hope everything goes okay.

    I am being cheeky posting in here before I am due to... but I just want to know what I am in for - IYKWIM!

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    Jul 2004

    Nell, you are welcome here whenever you want. It is good to hear from you! How is Matthew? Less than 2 weeks to go now and you will be in here, it has gone fast hey? Lily is 5mths old next Wednesday and for me that has gone way too fast. Before I know it, she will be turn 1 *wahh*

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    Welcome Scarlett to the 3-6mth forum !!!


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    Feb 2004

    Tegan, congrats on Jacob getting the job! Woohoo, another QLD girl!

    Jess, any news on the job yet? I think I know what you mean about wanting it and not wanting it at the same time. I've just got my first clients for my biz which I'm really excited about, but I'm kind of nervous about leaving my little baby world too!

    Congrats Nell on member of the month!

    Yeah, Kaleb is back to only waking once at night, thank goodness. For the previous month he was waking 4 or so times a night, it was pretty tough.

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    Mar 2004

    Tegan congrats on the move - must be so exciting, and Qld is a great place to live! \/
    Good to see everyone is going well

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    Jan 2004

    Hi All,

    Just re-posting this since not alot of ppl had a chance to respond due to it being the last day and all!
    Here goes:

    Just wondering if any mothers had walked and rocked their babies to sleep?

    And if you did how did you set bub to falling asleep on their own? Usually if she suddenly wakes up smiling in the middle of the night I can place her on her side and pat her bottom until she falls back to sleep, but during the daytime this doesn't work!

    Any feedback would be appreciated...
    Did take bub to the eye specialist the other day and there is only a 20% chance now of her eyes righting itself. At the moment one is usually always turned inward.
    It may be that near her 1st bthday she will have an op' to correct it and will need a more as she goes through her childhood:-(
    At least we'll get her eyesight right eventually though. Other than that Cara is a very happy bub:-)

    I hope every1 is doing gr8...


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    Mar 2004

    Happy Mothers Day!!

    Well I got the job, but there's a 'but'. It's only casual until mid-July. At first I was disappointed but now I think it is a blessing in disguise as no doubt by then I'll be sick of the travel (in traffic its about 45mins from home). So I had the weekend to think but I will accept the offer on Monday and start on Wednesday!

    Beth, good luck with the biz, I'd love to hear all about it?!

    Carol, sometimes yes, I admit to rocking Aidan to sleep. He just seems to like it so much more instead of getting dumped in his cradle! I'm lucky as I have never had any trouble with him waking up once I've put him down - once he's out, he's out! Hugs to Cara!


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    Colleen Guest

    Forum Name: mummylovesjaykob
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: 15th December 2004
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Jaykob
    Baby's Website: in my signature
    Health Concerns: none so far
    Notes: 10 days early, elective c sec, blood trans due to difficulty lifting large baby out (delayed) 10lb born almost 26lb now!

    Hi Everyone!
    I havent posted for a while now, we have only just re-settled back into Melbourne. Had a few mishaps on the way back from NT but finally made it.

    Id have to say Jaykob is one of the most well travelled babies, hes seen NT -SA - NSW - VIC . He was out at Ayers Rock at 3 months! He travelled really well, I have to admit that I have been very lucky!

    Jaykob is almost 5 months now, still most people think hes 8 or 9 months hahahaha, hes almost 26 pound. but also very tall / long.

    Oh and last sunday we headed down to a baby show, (maybe some of you were there ? ) Jaykob got Junior Master and a few ribbons - Mr Muscles was one hahahaha

    Anyway I still have soooooooo much unpacking to do.... I havent had a chance to read everything yet... Sorry


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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    hi everyone
    sorry i have been so slack since my last post - i have come in & read things but didnt have the time to type back
    eliana is doing well - loves sitting up though has been a bit clingy since we have been away so much
    ive just about finished organising everything for her christening this sunday (mum cut up her wedding dress & made a gorgeous really long dress) so once everything settles back down ill post more but then she will be 6 months & we get to graduate \/
    hope you all had a great mothers day - especially if it was your first

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    Scarlett Guest

    Hey guys, well Em is 3mths now so figured I would come over and check out this forum. Hope all is going well with bubs and i look forward to chatting with you.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Welcome Scarlett!!

    Welcome Colleen!!

    Nice to see new faces in here (just as I'm about to graduate to the next group..)

    Carol, re. the rocking to sleep: no, I don't do that. Wolf is really good at self settling. I think I also made a conscious effort not to go there because I have seen my brother and SIL and their 2.5 yr old is still unable to go to sleep without a parent present, stroking or holding or cuddling him. And with 2 children that means the other one is getting hardly any attention I have maybe rocked him to sleep on 2 occasions or so, when nothing else would help. I just put him in his cot, read him a story, sing him a lullaby and then give him his bear and turn on the mobile and he puts himself to sleep. If he is tired, it will be 2 mins, if he is a bit hopped up it can take up to 1 hour. He doesn't cry, he complains sometimes, especially now, that he is rolling around and can get himself wedged in between the bars, but I put him back, stroke his head and leave again.
    Sorry to hear about the eyes. I guess at least there is something they can do about it - even if it has to be an operation. But fingers crossed that it doesn't happen and you are one of the lucky 20%.

    I had a great weekend. We had visitors and then after they left I met up with a Kiwi girl I used to work with at Lehman Brothers 3 years ago. We actually never talked then but we got along soooooooooo well yesterday! Made me a bit sad we never managed to chat back then... I guess we were both too busy hating our jobs... he he..

    Wow, Colleen on all the travel!! I found that Wolf travelled really well until he hit the 3 months mark and then car trips have been really taxing with him. Plane trips no problem, but he seems to hate his car capsule now but maybe once he faces the travelling direction that will change (fingers crossed). Congrats on Jaykob winning all those ribbons. I can't believe he is 26 pounds!! Wow!! Is he still fully breastfed??

    I am looking forward to really starting Wolf on solids - not just a little bit of fruit here and there, but to actually replace a b/f-meal... will try some rice cereal when he is 6 months - curious to see how that goes!

    Melissa, how nice of your mom to cut up her wedding dress!! You will have to post some pictures - I am curious to see the dress and pics of the christening! Wolf will be christend the last weekend of May.

    Wolf is getting more and more mobile. It's so fantastic! Everyone on the weekend was commenting on how happy he is and they all couldn't believe that he never cries and is just smiley-happy all day. I think we must be very lucky if everyone keeps commenting on it...


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    Mar 2004


    Jaykob is a big cutie! I'm trying to get my head around 26pounds - how much is that in kilos?

    Forget I asked, I just worked it out myself to be about 11kg (my husand told me about 18kg's so I was.... freaking out!). Aidan was 8kg's at his 4month check up, so Jaykob is just a big boy like my little (or big) man! Where in Melbourne are you?


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    Colleen Guest

    Hey Everyone,

    firstly, I'll answer those questions then I have one for everyone...

    Snowgirl, yep still fully breastfed . Ive had one doctor tell me I'm lying and that a breastfed baby could not grow so rapidly ... I laughed and walked off.

    26 pound might grab you as heavy and while he is big, it suits his frame because he is very tall ...

    He trully just looks like a 7-9 month old lol

    He does still have the beautiful rolls on his arms however which I love. hahahahaha

    Jessica123, Im on the Mornington Peninsula....you?

    For anyone in the area there is a baby show on May 25th at Stud Park too.

    Now my question, Does your baby have godparents? I have godparents my DP doesnt. So Im not sure whether to do it, it may upset his family he thinks eg - they will look after jaykob in case of emergency.... hmmm When I read it back I sort of think I shouldnt worry about it, Maybe Its not worth the hassle / upset.

    Hope everyone has a great week


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    Mar 2004

    Colleen, I am in Berwick, my parents live in Rosebud! I am about 10mins away from Stud Park, I may go for a look??!!

    Re the godparents thing, I always thought it was more a 'religious' thing than anything else. I think whats most important re the care of a baby if something happens to the parents is whats in your will.. which reminds me I really need to get my butt into gear and start thinking about one. Thats what I thought, but I dont know much about these things...


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    Colleen Guest


    If you get to stud park, come say hello!

    Im not really thinking of the godparents thing from a religous point of view but more so that I have such good memories of having two important people in my life, sort of like an adopted aunt and uncle. IYKWIM

    and it would be nice to make it official that two particular people are really important, i dont know, its hard to explain. I know that alot of people are really important in his life but yeah... Im confusing myself now lol

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