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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, September '05 #2

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    May 2004

    Well done on winnng your game Fi =D>

    Shannon - How awful that must have been for you this morning, Hope you are ok now.
    The doctor did not tell me anything about Alex's condition other than that his kidneys have dialated (sp?) more that is why they are bigger than last time. I think Alex can have surgery but the junior doctor last week told us they will not do anything until Alex is 4years old. Not sure how true that is and what would happen if Alex got worse. I know deep down it will be ok but some days it is so hard. Only 20days to wait till we see someone.

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    Nov 2003

    Kynan rolled for the first time today!!! Woohoo! Such a clever boy. I think it was an accident though - he just happened to have his arms and legs in the right position. He's been desperately trying to do it again but he can't figure it out LOL.

    Anyway just popped in to share that! We're having a bit of a dinner party tomorrow so I'm getting everything cleaned up and ready. Will get a chance to do personals later hopefully!

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    Aug 2004

    Yay Angel! Back to front or the other way, or over and over and over? Once they figure it out, its all go. Joy!

    Hi Brookey! Yay on Maya's sleep.

    Just walked into town and back, my knee is KILLING me. And we nearly got caught in the rain. I want to open a bottle of wine, have some potato chips and watch Alias from last night. My idea of a perfect evening!


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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Little voice inside your head Fi
    "Don't do it""It makes you feel ill"
    Ahhh I just lost the hugest post in the world.
    Going to stew for awhile and will come back and post

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    May 2004

    Bec - Grrrrr @ a long post being lost don't you just hate that when it happens.

    Well done Kynan on rolling over =D>

    Brookey - Yay on Maya's sleep.
    Alex has to be on his antibiotics until his next ultrasound in December and then we will find out if he needs to stay on them.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Brooke - woohoo @ Maya's fantastic sleep. Hope her head sorts itself out soon. Sounds like she is going great guns tho.

    Bec - grrr @ your post going missing!!

    Fi - sounds like a plan! Lauren and I just watched last night's Alias and, once again, it didn't disappoint. We had choccy tho (gotta go out in sympathy with Lauren iykwim?? ). I am going to try and get Gabby down earlier from now on (since she has shown me what she can do). It all depends on her day time sleeps. Like today, she was up at 3 so ready for a sleep again at 5pm. I can't really string her out until 8pm from 3pm so, yeah... an extra nap it is.

    Angel - yay for Kynan! What a clever little man!

    Michelle - here's hoping those 20 days go fast for you matey.

    Shannon - oh no @ the egg!! Ouchies!! You are not a walking disaster area! You are a stressed mother of 3 not getting as much sleep as she needs. Anyone in that situation is bound to explode an egg or two (hek... I would and I only have one baby to contend with!!). Yay for Jessalyn's good sleeping last night - though I am sure another couple of hours would have been nice, hey? Hehehe... yep... almost up to the 3000 post mark (unless one of the mods clears out one of the threads... 8-[ ).

    Had MG this morning and it was good. It's amazing now that all the babies are moving around the place. When we first met, they all just lay on the floor and didn't do much!!
    Then I spent the afternoon keeping poor Lauren company. I hope I helped her. I just listened to her and tried to talk about other things. She said she did ok with her exam but she rocked up and realised she had forgotten her pencil case and the assignment that she was meant to hand in (that she completed 2 weeks ago). Thankfully her lecturer said it was ok and to just email it to her tonight. She's in for a rough few weeks I imagine.
    Not much happening tonight. Neil bought me some mid-strength Jim Beam cans. Yum! Will have a couple of those. And they don't taste any different from full strength ones.

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    Aug 2004

    I'm definitly off wine. Half a bottle and I wake up with the dries at 3am. So what is my new limit? 1 glass?? I thought I would be OK with a couple. Darn it.....
    And I didn't get to watch Alias. I taped the wrong channel, so instead I have 2 hours of the footy show. Man - that sucks!! Deb, can I borrow your Alias? Did you get both of them?


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    May 2004

    I had a better night last night with Alex. He took 250mls at 7.30pm woke at 11.30 so i gave him some warm water he took 30mls then went back to sleep his eyes kept closing while he was drinking then he woke again at 4am and the just after 7.30.
    Hope this keeps going this way and he gets fed up with the water soon.

    Hope you are all having a lovely day.

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    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne

    Hey All

    Just thought I would post now while I have a few minutes.

    Its time for me to move to the next forum, its very quiet in there compared to here, LOL!

    Hayley is 6 months old today!!! Time is moving too fast!

    Michelle - I hope that Alex is doing okay and that he continues to change his routine so that you get a decent sleep.

    Fi - Amazing isnt it how alcohol gives horrible hangovers after birth. I still have trouble Gotta hate taping the wrong channel, very annoying!!!

    Deb - I hope that your sister is doing okay, its not easy but at least she has you to help her through it. What a brilliant lecturer she has! Lucky!

    Angel - YAY @ the rolling, gotta be a proud moment!

    Brookey - Great on Maya's fantastic sleep, hope it continues for you!

    Shannon - Hope that you are okay after the exploding egg, horrible isnt it!

    Sarah - YAY on the crawling, wont be long now then, is the house childproof?? LOL, mine isnt as yet.

    I am doing okay. Hayley is changing her routine again but I think she just likes watching the footy on tv, so she went down later but was awake at 9am, so not too bad. She isnt rolling yet, but I think she is just lazy, but she is on her hands and knees a lot, so maybe soon, better get moving on the childproofing!

    Had a horrible day yesterday, Shannen and her friend went for a bike ride and Shannen got hit by a car reversing out of a driveway without looking, grrr! Thankfully Shannen is okay, very bruised though but the bike looks like a writeoff, will find out for sure on Monday.

    Hayley is having her 6 month needles on Wednesday night so that will be fun, but at least DH is having Thursday off in case she has a bad day! Girls are on holidays so that is really nice and I am going to try and get all the work done, like repainting the cot, Hayley will be out of the cradle very soon, so I better do it!

    Okay enough rambling from me. Hope that you are all doing well and I guess most of you will be moving in the next couple of weeks, so I will see you in the next forum!

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    Nov 2003

    Deb, yay for over 3000 posts! Hope you enjoyed your Jim Beams!

    Fi, bummer about taping the footy instead of Alias! How's your knee going? Hope it's feeling better.

    Michelle, great to hear that last night was better for Alex.

    Dinky, congrats on moving on to the 6 month thread! OMG @ Shannen being hit by a car! How scary!! Glad she is okay though.

    Shannon, wow @ all those shoes! Bargain! You won't be needing to buy shoes again for ages LOL.

    Well Kynan hasn't rolled again but I don't think it's too far off before he's doing it consistently (tummy to back). He tries so hard poor little thing and he gets so frustrated when he can't do it LOL. But at least now he really enjoys being on his tummy (thanks to the fitball).

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    May 2004

    Happy 6months Hayley.

    Dinky sorry to hear about Shannen's crash hope she will be ok.

    Brooke - Alex has a flat head and keeps it more to one side we also had to see a physio I just have to give Alex more tummy time and try and get him to move his head to the other side. He's getting better head control as he gets older.
    It is hard to make them stay on a side they do not like much. I found Baby Einstein on the telly will help him move his head as he likes to watch it. Good luck when you see the physio.

    Shannon - Well done on Corey buying you all those shoes.

    Angel - Hopefully Kynan will roll over for you again soon. Alex has only done it the once but keeps trying.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - happy 6 months for Hayley! OMG @ Shannen being run over! Glad to hear she is ok. It must have scared the living daylights out of you to find out about it tho! People have to watch where they are going - esp. when they are reversing. I bet the person that hit her will be more careful from now on.

    Angel - that's great that Kynan enjoys being on his tummy. Gabby doesn't mind being on her tummy so long as she has something to look at. If it's just her and I at home, she cracks the poopies whenever I try to leave her on her tum for long. Fuss pot!

    Shannon - yay for Corey's bargains at the adidas factory! Not bad at all. LOL @ you being like Terri Hatcher - I wouldn't mind her figure, I tell you what!!

    Michelle - good to hear that Alex had a better night. Hopefully the water trick will be just what he needs to get the idea to sleep longer at night.

    Fi - Oh dear @ your wine intake being limited.

    We went to a 2nd birthday today down at the carousel on the foreshore. Gabby had such a good time. I put some pics of her having a ride on a horsey on her site. She's having a spewy and "I don't wanna sleep longer than half an hour" kind of day today. :roll: Can't win 'em all I spose!

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Hey girls, Just a quicky from me at the moment. Dinner is just about ready. In between my puter crashing I have been able to put my pics of our little meet up on Tehya's page.

    Tehya is covered in a spotty rash on her face, belly and back. I took her to the GP this afternoon and apparently it's just a viral infection and I should expect her to maybe get a cold or something soon. She has had a temp on and off for the last few days and came down with the rash yesterday, doesn't seem to be bothered by it though so that's good.

    Fi, so now your a cheap drunk hey. Welcome to my world.

    Dinky, poor Shannen. I hope that she is feeling ok. So are you going to make the guy buy her a new bike??

    Angel, yay on Kynan liking tummy time. Tehya still isn't huge on it. She isn't a big roller either so don't stress too much about it.

    Shannon, sounds like Corey snapped up some bargains there. Good for him. Teri hatcher hey, I'm with Deb, I'd love to have her body. (and her boyfriend )

    Michelle, good to hear that you had a better night with Alex. Fingers crossed tonight is a good one for you guys.

    There are a lot of babies around now with flat heads. I saw a little girl at Tresillian and I swear her the back of her head was as flat as a piece of paper. A few people actually commented on the fact that Tehya's head isn't flat and asked me why. It's because she sleeps on her side and not flat on her back. She has done since birth.

    Better go, homemade hamburgers are ready. Thanks Mark.

    Take care

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    May 2004

    Woooohoooo Alex only woke up once for me last night.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day today.

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    Sep 2004
    Inner West, Sydney

    Morning gals!

    Well Hendrix and i move in today!! I cannot believe we are already here, it feels like yesterday that we were moving into the 1-3month!

    Mods here are my details - they differ a little from the last

    Forum Name: heather
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 26.06.2005
    Baby's Stats: Weight -3120g, length - 49cm, head 33
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Hendrix John
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/h/hendrixjohn/
    Health Concerns:Wind
    Notes: 5 days early, 4.5 hour labour, natural vaginal water birth

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    Feb 2004

    heather - welcome to you and Hendrix - details all added!

    Sarah - yay at Zander crawling! WTG little man!

    Angel - yay at Kynan rolling over - its great when they do that!

    Michelle - great stuff from Alex

    Oh no - Matthew has just woken - gotta go, check back with you all later.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    The photos are great, Trish. Little Zane looks so small up against Zander and Tehya! 3 little cuties! Tehya looks like a real little girl now - not so much like a baby.

    Welcome Heather!!

    How are you going, Nell? Feeling a little better?

    Michelle - YAY for Alex only waking once! What a good boy!

    Hehehe... I made Neil change Gabby's nappy this morning cos it was a pooey one. Gosh I had a good giggle listening to him: "Ewwww... that stinks! Oh Gabrielle, that smells!!" LOL

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    Aug 2004

    Deb - I've had 3 pooey nappies this morning!! Darn it all! I think she had been saving them up for the last 3 days. I got hit with the first two, which were the gross ones, and then gave shane the last one which was pretty harmless.

    Yay Heather and Hendrix. Isn't time rushing by!!

    Angel - Clever little Kynan, I missed the first time Jenna rolled B to F. It was in Rarotonga, and I had left her on her back - cam back and she was on her stomach! Felt like a bad mummy. Knee plays up cause I busted it up 20 years ago. I got hit by a car. Netball and walking (and cold weather) flares it up.

    I'll have to check out the photos Trish - they sound great. And not so much a cheap drunk, just it hangs around more than it used to!! Jenna is getting a couple of spots too, god knows what it is, I'm not too worried. I say that now, lets see if when she has a temperature and is screaming I'm quite so blase.

    Happy 6 months Dinky and Hayley. I still remember you were due after me...... And now there's no stopping that little one huh? See you in a few weeks. Hope Shannens bike is salvagable.

    Shannon - super yay on the shoes!! Hope they all fit. I'm guessing there wont be exchanges. Well I'm size 7.5-8 if you have any shoes to throw this way


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