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thread: 6 to 12 Months, November '04

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    injection went off without a hitch. Didn't cry didn't grizzle. That's my boy. no more for 6mths now YAY.

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Brandon says mum all the time, but he says Dad a lot more often. He even said dragon this morning, though it sounded more like drago, but I knew what he meant.

    IKWYM with the poos! We started Brandon on carrot the other day, and having been getting green with ornage bits. Ewww! But at least he doesn't seem to be so constipated now he is gettig real food.

    We also upgraded to progress formula, so bigger bottles, but only 4 a day. Which gives me more time to get real meals in too.

    Our immunisations are next week, as is his MCHN app. I've been meaning to go to the young mums playgroup she hosts on Tuesdays, but just never seem to get around to it. I'm not so worried about the ages of the mmus in the group, I just want him to have kids his own age to play with, so if the kids aren't in the same age range, I'll have to find another, as MCHN wasn't very helpful on the topic. Kepp picking groups based on my age.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Woohoo and WTG Lachlan!! What a brave little trooper!!

    Argh!! How annoying with the dog, Kathryn!! There's no way I would end up getting any sleep having to put up with that! :mad:

    Whats with your MCHN Susan?? I thought 'young mums groups' were for under 20's (well I think they are in Qld anyway)
    I agree, its much more important for Brandon to be playing with babies of a similar age. What is her problem, not referring you to another Mum's group!! If you don't have a problem with the other womens ages, why should she?

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Poking my head in to say good luck moving Ambah this weekend!!! I hope it all goes really well for you!!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Thanks Christy
    The move has actually been pushed back to Tuesday, as settlement was delayed by a a day or so.
    DP is having the whole week off work next week which is great.
    We are in for a very busy weekend though, still lots of packing to do...

    We had a really hot day in Brissy today. I met a friend at Southbank for a few hours which was nice. I guess she is more an aquaintance than friend... she is actually one of DP's work mates who was pg the same time as me, and her daughter is 2 weeks younger than Aidyn. Such a cute little girl she is!! Can't believe how light she is compared to Aidyn though!! LOL

    Poor Aidyn is constipated again
    I think it is the new 6month + formula... I guess his system still has to get used to it!
    Might try the brown sugar in water trick this time...

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    Poor lachlan has conjunctivitis again. In his other eye this time and about 5 days after the first lot clear up GRRRR.

    That is all my news LOL.

    Love :hbeat:

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone, hope you don't mind if I jump in here! I'm Mel, mum to 6.5mth old Adara and 7wks pg with #2.

    IKWYM about not being sure if they're talking or not, she said daddy with arms reaching for DH just before she wsa about to turn 5mths old but I put it down to a coincidence. Then she said it again 3 days later calling out to him while I changed her nappy so I thought it must be her first word and got so excited, told all our family etc. but she hasn't said it since! How do you know for sure??? I like to think that when she's really upset she's crying out mum, if you concentrate (or imagine really hard!) you can hear it!

    We're moving house too Ambah, in early Jan. Goodluck with it all, I can tell you I'm really not looking fwd to it! Any advice or tips you have to make it a bit easier would be great...


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    mama mel Guest

    Oh, but she has started calling out 'bo' for her favourite friend - Bronx our dog, yet still no mama..! :smt022

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    Hi Mel

    Welcome to our little group. Kamerons first proper word was "light" he would say mum, dad & bub when he felt like it but would say "light" constantly. ](*,)

    Lachlan has gone off milk atm, I am wasting a good half a bottle each feed and it is driving me insane, probably a mixture of not feeling the best and hopefully teeth. So I am going to drop 1 bottle a day and give him 3 a day instead of 4. I looked it up in my Heinz feeding book that I used to live by with Kameron said they recommenc 700ml of formula or breastmilk a day and if he has 4 full bottles a day he is over that anyway. So will cut back to 3 and introduce more solids.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hi Mel, and welcome!!
    IKWYM about hearing them say it (mum) if you concentrate hard enough. I sometimes think when Aidyn is upset and stuff that it sounds like he is actually calling me... but it is really hard to tell. I cant wait for that first clear word though! (hopefully when he is not crying, so I can be sure!)
    The only tip I have re the moving, is to start packing the stuff you dont need as early as possible. I started gradually packing 3 weeks ago, and now we've got only 2 days left and still have a bit to get through. However it has been manageable just doing a bit here and there each day, and still being able to play with and look after bubs properly.

    I also KWYM about the bottles Kathryn... Aidyn is doing the same... and a LOT of formula is getting wasted cause I am making his up at big 250ml bottles, yet he is not drinking more than 150ml at a time...
    I guess I should start making smaller bottles... though as luck would have it, if I offered him less he would probably want more, and that will probably lead to extra washing & sterilising (which you know I HATE, LOL)

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Just quickly... weighed Aidyn at the chemist yesterday... or should I say I tried to weigh him, but their scales stop at 10kg. So we think he is just over 10kg... bloody unbelieveable!!!! :shock:

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    OMG at him being over 10kg Ambah, what are you putting into those bottles. LMAO.

    Well Lachlan ate all his breakfast and drank his whole bottle this morning, so now wondering if they first tooth that finally broke thru yesterday morning has anything to do with it :-k will see how he goes with the rest of the day. I have put him back onto his antibiotics as he has been coughing during the night and my GP said that they were still good for another week before I had to ditch them, so to start it up again if he isn't doing too good. Great back to yellow poos LOL #-o


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    katanya Guest

    Well Felix and I are finally in the big babies posting forum! I just read the last 5 pages, at least I may be able to keep up with this one!

    He turned 6 mths yesterday, I would have posted except my bloody phone had a fault and bloody testra wouldn't fix it till this afternoon!

    Well plenty of news, today Felix had his first try of solids! It was rather uneventful, he just sort of sat there with it oozing out of his mouth..and then he put his fingers into it and put it into his hair..mmm..I realise that He really isn't that excited about it, and I could wait longer, but I figured that I may as well try him daily with a little bit..

    Yesterday was Clinic 6mth appointment, clinic nurse found that his eyes are slightly out of alignment (referal to GP) and talked to me about his weight, which in the "big picture" she said is fine, and he's still growing height wise and developing at a normal rate so it's okay.
    He still only weights 7.25 kgs..did I read that Aidyn weighs 10kgs..OMG..how different can babies be..they are only 2 weeks apart!

    Today was immunisation and check-up , we have a referal to an eye specialist for Felix's eyes and DR said weight is fine too but she wants to see him continue to gain well now..

    He only cried while needle was being put in and stopped straight away, it is definately getting easier each time!

    Anyhow, we are working on extending his feeds again now (he's breastfed for those who don't know us, and recently I was increasing feeds to help him gain more) and he is happily feeding every 3 hours, I tried to go to 4 hourly yesterday, but it was too much..I think I will try to work towards it gradually..

    Anyhow glad to be here!!

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    Welcome to the clan Katanya. Sounds like Felix is doing really well. Lachlan was around the same weight at 6mths old.

    Too tired to write more do more later LOL

    Love :hbeat:

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    katanya Guest

    Wow everyone is very quiet in here, I was off the internet for a few days due to Testra bungling and no posts..hmm maybe everyone gets a life after 6 mths? Or becomes an experienced parent so need to ask a million questions or debrief? Or maybe everyone is too bus chasing crawling babies or toddling toddlers...

    Felix is still stationary so I am posting while I can!

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Kathryn that's so cute about the word light, hehe little buggers!

    Ambah, you must have a big little man! Atleast you don't need to worry so much if he gets sick, and chubby bubbies are gorgeous.

    Hi Katanya, I don't think you should be too concerned about his size. Adara only weighed 6.8kgs @ 6mths and they said that was good (around 45% mark). I dunno, could be a big difference in size btwn boys and girls..? Every baby has a different build and proportions though, just like every adult does.

    Don't expect me to be post here every day, any spare time I have ATM is spent napping. I just hit the exhaustion phase in my pg and bubs has decided that it's about time she started waking 3-6 times EVERY NIGHT!!! I can't believe it, even when she was a newborn she'd sleep for 4-6hrs at night. I'm still BFing her so I'm wondering if it's because I'm pg and my milk quality has dropped. I think it'd be better for her to switch to formula but she won't have even have EBM from a bottle, let alone anything else. I've tried so many things but no luck with it yet.

    Atleast she's started enjoying solids now, until last week she'd only have a couple of spoons full (with that ending up all over her!). One day last week it suddenly changed and she's gutsing down 2 tblspns of cereal mixed with nearly as much fruit puree for breaky and veggies for dinner! Now when she wakes up and sees that it's daylight she gets so excited and won't settle again until she's had her cereal (she's not a morning baby!).

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    Hi Melanie

    OMG at waking 3-6 times a night !! No wonder you are so exhausted. Lachlan wakes once during the night and that is once in a blue moon. Both him and Kameron are dead to the world in their chairs lmao.

    We were supposed to goto the circus today and it said on the website that the show began at 2pm. We got there at 1.30pm found somebody cause the place was deserted and were told that the show started at 12pm !!!! just as well they are there for one more week so will try for next Saturday arvo now.


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    mama mel Guest

    Yeah I know... A very rude shock after being used to her sleeping for 10-12hrs straight through the night since she was 2mths old! Maybe this is just temporary to let me know how good I had it! [-o<

    Shame about the circus, I'm sure Kameron's old enough to have gotten excited about going there today... Atleast you can go next week.


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