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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, December '04

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Happy 6 Months birthday to Matilda!!!!!
    WOW @ the pics of Matilda crawling!!!!!!!
    Christy - would you believe Aidyn hasn't gotten up on all fours again since that day!?!

    Geez this place is livening up a bit!!! I try and post once a day, but that doesnt seem to be enough to keep up anymore! LOL

    Katanya - it is good to hear that you are sounding much more positive. I will be thinking of you all, and keeping everything crossed come tuesday.
    Felix's diet sounds really yummy, and =D> for him eating it all too... let me know how you go with feeding him the chicken...
    Aidyn just doesnt seem to like meat!!! ...or even vegies anymore for that matter! #-o But I am trying to steer clear of custards etc as a lot of it is just empy carbs, and he really doesnt need to put on any extra weight!! i dont know why he wont stop growing so fast... he hasnt been weighed in a month, but last time he was over 10kg, so now I suspect he is bordering on 11kg.
    We went to a picnic of my sisters friends yesterday. There was a little girl there that shares Aidyn's birthdate!! She is quite advanced - commando crawling everywhere, plus she knows how to wave!
    There was also an 11month old girl there, ... yet Aidyn was taller and heavier than her too!!

    What a good little boy he was this morning... he slept in until 8.30!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would have to be the latest EVER!!! I didnt know myself, I managed to get a decent 8hour sleep in!!! So tonight I will be doing the same and not putting him down to bed until about 9pm.

    Eeks, the 2 boys (DP included) are calling for my attention... I'd better go!!
    Hope I havent missed anyone/anything!

    Oh yeah, poor little Felix (& you, Katanya!!) It gives you quite a scare doesnt it!!!

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    Yay @ the crawling Christy. Lachlan is getting up onto all fours now and rocking, so proper crawling wont be far away, although he gets around quite fine with commando crawling. One minute you see him the next you dont

    We are also into the waving now have been for a couple of weeks. Sticks his arm in the arm and open and shuts his hand so cute !!!

    We also had 3/4 of a large jar of sweet potato, rice and something tonight too, so that is the most he has ever eaten off a meal. Must be getting ready from his christmas turkey and pudding


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    Well we have had such a busy weekend. We went to stay with Ryan's Mum & Step Dad on Saturday night so the kids could get their presents before they leave tomorrow. Today we had Christmas lunch with Ryan's Dad and his Grnadparents and of course the kids got spoilt rotten and got so money to spend too. We also got my Mum's birthdya present sorted today. My Mum will be 50 in January so I wanted to get her something special, not just run of the mill kinda stuff IYKWIM ... anyway we went to this place that takes photos of the kids and then uses a laser to etch them into crystal!!! They are also going to add the kids names. Cost $150 but Mum doesn't turn 50 everyday LOL! The hardest part was getting Asha to sit still enough to take the photo. I can't wait to get them ... hopefully on Friday.

    Asha will be venturing into the world of dinner this week. She has been having breakfast for a couple of weeks now and this week has moved up to the 6mths plus cereal!! She loves it and gets upset when it is finished. She has fruit mixed in with it and is happy to eat fruit on its own too. I have tried her on a few savoury meals for dinner but she wasnt interested at all ... so I think that I will just puree whatever we are having for dinner ... at least when she is ready to eat table food she will be used to what we normally eat. I want her to eat lots of vegetables ... like Emma and Jack used to, although now that they are older they are very fussy about what they will eat and what they wont.

    We had Christmas present opening tonight as the kids fly out tomorrow for 3 weeks. I got 3 new charms for my bracelet which I am taking in to get fixed now!!! I also got some perfume. Jack made a snow globe at school but the santa came off and the lid is glued shut ... he laughed and said oh well now you can just shake Santa around. They got their joint present from Grandma and Grandpa tonight as well ... a soft serve icecream maker!!! They cant wait to try it out.

    Well I had better get some sleep ... have to pack the kids stuff in the morning and then try and smile through the rest of the time before I drop them off at the airport.


    P.S. Sorry this was such a me post ... I really needed to jsut talk about the weekend ... will come back tomorrow for personals.

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    Sounds like you all had a great weekend Kelly. The etching into crystal sounds lovely !! i hope it turns out well for you. I did have to laugh about just shaking Santa around with Jack's snow globe. I can't wait for the kids to make stuff and bring home from school.

    Not much going on here. Just sitting trying to work out what I need to buy on christmas day. For some reason my grandmother said she would take the list of who is bringing what (why i have no idea) so now I have no idea of who is bringing what LMAO. If I ring I am going to be on the phone for the next good hour or so and just don't have time for that

    Hope everyone else is doing well !!


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    LOL at the who's bringing what...thats why I'm so happy its just us this year!

    WOW Kelly...what a full on weekend, that was great you got some special time with the kids before they leave...how hard that must be!

    Well we went out last night & I got so frustrated with DH...usually he is the most attentive father with MAtilda but I asked him to watch her for 10 minutes and I turned around and he was talking with a guy & Matilda was around 5metres away going out the door!!! ](*,) I was running around but I stopped & brought Matilda back to the rug in front of DH & just said hey I'm really busy could you just keep her near the rug? And he did it again!!! So I asked him if he was okay because he is usually so good and won't let anyone else even hold her, and he said yep just a bit relaxed so I said give her to one of our attentive friends who would love to play with her & then you can talk without having to be so distracted with her I don't mind our friends would love to spend time with her, so I go and ask a friend & DH just basically dissappeared for the night hanging out with his friends & chatting, which was fine but he hasn't snapped out of it yet.... I wish I could just phase out for a night & not be on constant alert...so this morning I really let him know about it... I don't mind him phasing out but not when he is supposed to be watching her...

    Oh!! BTW....on Sat Matilda crawled straight of the bed #-o DH called me at work really upset & she apparently just gave a call out & her had her in his arms within 30 seconds & she wanted to get back down & play, but he was so upset...I actually laughed & said not to worry all the girls on BB have had similar experiences in the last month...LOL!!! He was so relieved!!!

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    katanya Guest

    Kelly that crystal etching sounds amazing, what a great thing something like that will last forever, a beautiful gift for your Mum's 50th~! Asha sounds like a great eater, perhaps she can give Felix a few tips!

    Kathryn sounds like Lachlan is getting into his food too, those large jars are HUGE.. I think perhaps they better all get into Felix's ear and tell him to eat up!

    Ambah to let you know Felix does not like chicken, and the only good food he gobbles about from custard is avocado, but nether the less the clinic said can take an average of 15 tries to get a new food accepted so I'll keep persisting..I bought those motherly cubes as I had to work on the weekend (in home respite) and I didn't feel like cooking up chicken and pureeing it..DP wants me to do everything from scratch, and I said if you want to cook it then you go ahead..the motherly cubes are organic and free range chicken so really great food, I tried them when I was at the baby expo and they taste really great, I didn't bother feeding him anything else after the trial..just boobie juice, I figure it's going to take us a few days at least to work ourselves into a new meal routine..

    Don't worry about the weight thing, if Aidyn is tall and weighs alot then it's probably his natural weight..it's so hard isn't it? they have to be a certain weight, but not too big etc..we are all diffrent shapes naturally. Aidyn might lose some weight when he is crawling full-on..we will have to get them together so he can convince Felix to put some on! Do you realise that they are nearly 4 kilos apart? that is a newborn baby? WOW, it only highlights how skinny my boy is! 8-[

    Christy IKWYM my DP thinks his job is playing and if he is busy, running late or feeling yuk he hands him back..not to mention I might be going through the same..it's hard sometimes being the primary caregiver..as you know what they need and cant just ignore that..
    Your poor DH with Matilda ending on the floor...it IS really scary, I can't believe they don't break an arm doing it! I just came up with a solution today that will save us rearranging our furniture, I pulled out the portacot and I'm going to try to get him to nap in that..we'll see since he is so used to the big bed! Then hopefully we can use it when we go out to MIL or he stays with my Mum..

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    Oct 2003
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    Well...yesterday Matilda had her needle & didn't even cry!! Wow... She didn't even act like something had happened... then when we got home she slept for 2 hours was only awake for one & went back to sleep... very sleepy... Then this morning she woke at 6am and at 7 started crying & I finally put her back to bed because I was really in a grumpy state and didn't want to pass that on and she went straight to sleep :-s . Maybe this is her reaction to that needle...strange though...

    She lost 150gms in a week though so thats a bit strange for her...she's gone from 95% to 87% of her age group in length & weight.. the Dr seems to think that is normal when they start crawling to loose a little bit & then they start eating more to make up for it...so I'll go with that theory .

    Our friends came by last night who we have hung out with quite a bit in the last few weeks & she saw them stuck her arm up in the air and made the noise like we say "hello" she didn't get any syllables out or anything just like the notes iykwim?? We all cracked up laughing as she hasn't even tried anything like that yet and thats the first thing that comes out... LMAO! Then she was imitating the dogs barking as their dog & ours play really hard and make funny noises which she laughs at and now imitates.. oh dear she'll be barking before she talks!

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    LMAO @ barking before she talks. What a cack !!!

    No time to chat much this morning have so much housework to do and only 4 days to do it in eek


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    katanya Guest

    Christy, Matilda is such a clever little girl, I love the idea of her learning to bark first, well perhaps she'll be able to talk to animals!, wouldn't be that surprised for you as a mother being such an animal lover!
    Wonder about that reaction, though Felix has done the same thing this morning, woke at 5:30 am and then up for a qucik play and then back asleep at 7:00am..and been asleep for almost and hour now, I am really happy as we have the Paed visit today and I wanted him refreshed!

    I'm sure her weight loss is due to her extremely active lifestyle now! I wish I could blame Felix's on that (hmm..that would mean he'd be crawling properly..nah..I can wait for that )

    On the rolling nap issue, I had a bright idea last night, I pulled out the portacot and set it up in Felix's 'dressing room' (he sleeps with us remember and his real cot is only half as it is on the side of bed) and thought I'd start trialling if for naps..well so far first trial and he's been asleep for nearly and hour in there!!!! It is his first sleep in his room! I thought it would be a good idea for christmas day too as we can't just stick him on grandmas bed like normal now..how exciting!! Hope this continues to work!
    he just woke up but with a little squak but not a full blown cry so very good! He was peering through the mesh on his tummy, and didn't seem bother by the change, so fingers crossed! It's about time something was a bit easier again!

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    mama mel Guest

    Hi everyone

    Katanya, so glad you didn't take the egg comment the wrong way... I'm not one of those ppl who needs to 'teach' other mums how to look after their own babies! You know, I was getting more cereal for Adara the other day when I noticed Farex has a banana custard for babies if you were concerned about the sugar and stuff. Not sure if it'll be as yummy though! It's great that you have such a good attitude about everything that's going on right now! You're right, no point panicking untill you know what the whole story is but I'm sure it'd be hard not to worry! Hope he keeps sleeping in the the portacot for you.

    Christy, =D> to Matilda!!! What a clever little baby!!!! LOL at her crawling off the bed! Glad she's ok. Maybe next time you're out DP will be more attentive to her b/c of that though! It does seem like a lot of weight to be lost but I guess she is still well and truly above the average so maybe that's why the Dr's not too concerned... I have heard that it can happen when they get lot more active though. Was she weighed on the same scales both times? LMAO at the barking!!!!

    Wow Ambah, Aidyn sounds like a big and healthy baby!!! Maybe he's stopped getting up onto all fours b/c it takes a lot more strength for him to be able do that! Hope his new routine works out for you.

    Kelly, your weekend sounded great and that crytal etching would be beautiful! What a great idea! You poor thing, I couldn't imagine how you feel about your kids being away for Xmas...

    Kathryn LOL at not knowing who's bringing what now. Are you having everyone over at your place? Good luck getting all your house work done!

    Ok, as for us.... Adara's still been sleeping all through the night \/ She's really a lot more energergetic and happy again which is great but at the same time shows me exactly how much this whole thing has affected her. I knew she wasn't herself but as it happened so gradually over 9wks or so, I didn't realise by how much. I'm pretty sure that it's slowed her development too. She was commando crawling just as she turned 5mths and from 5.5mths (at the time I conceived) she was sitting herself up from her tummy and rocking back and forth on all fours. Although she has been mobile and has taken around 3 crawling steps fwd at time before she'd sit up again, she hasn't done anything new since she started losing weight. In the last couple of days though, she's done so many new things. She's started crawling around a lot further than she ever has (still a bit cacky-legged though), pulling herself up trying to stand, waving bye-bye and pointing at things when I ask her where they are (like daddy in a photo, etc). =D> Could well just be a coincidence as she has a habbit of having 'milestone spurts'. Even if it did affect her I don't think I need to worry about her development too much, she's always been ok with her milestones. I'm just so happy still that my baby has come back again!

    Oh, for weeks now I've wanted to see how she sits up in her cot as she usually slides backward a little first and used to get her legs caught in the bars... Well, this morning I finally snuck in and caught her - she slides her legs out to either side and pushes back until she's doing the splits perfectly and then just pushes her body up with her arms and brings her legs around to the front!!!! ROFL :smt005

    Take care everyone!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    This is going to be a bit of a selfish post as I dont have time to reply to everyone just yet.... but I need

    For the past night or so I have only realised that we have a few 'issues' with Aidyns sleeping habits.
    Over the past few weeks he has woken up intermittently through the night, usually 2 or 3 times a night, every second night or so. And he would cry or cry until I let him settle between us in our bed.
    Now I used to put these wakings down to sore teeth or gums, or being too hot, or thirsty or something.
    Now I am beginning to suspect that he is only crying when he wakes up because he realises that he isnt in bed with Mum & Dad.
    Lastnight after his night bottle I lay him in his cot, he was still a little bit awake, and he started screaming. We left him there to scream for 10 mins but he was working himself up into the worst state. So I gave in and settled him in our bed then transferred him when he was asleep. 5 mins later, more screaming. So I picked him up and rocked him in my arms to sleep, then put him down... and you guessed it, MORE screaming. This must have happened another 5 times during the night.
    So you may wonder why do I not just let him cry himself to sleep. Firstly, I cannot bear it as he is getting himself into such a state of even throwing up that I feel like a bad mother to leave him. And secondly, because DP has to get up for work at 5am, so continued screaming through the night really, really ****es him off.
    We cant have him sleep between us as we only have a double bed, and there is just NO room for us to be able to sleep comfortably... I usually am stuck on my side and cant roll in either direction, and that is just no fun for me trying to get a good rest.
    So anyway, I presume all of this has come back to bite me, after always letting him sleep on our bed during the day for so long...
    does anyone have ANY sort of suggestion for me, or been through anything slightly similar??
    I am going to trial settling him in his cot for naps today, but I dont think its going to be pretty, LOL. It just cant keep going like this though... he needs to learn that he has sleep in his own cot overnight... but how do I manage to do it without the screaming and distress?? :smt102

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    Hi Ambah

    Sorry matey I can't help you out with that one. Both of my boys were in their own beds from day 1. Kameron in his own room. Lachlan in our room in his basinette till 4wks old.

    Mel - Yep we have the whole family coming to our place this year for the first time ever. 13 for lunch and 9 for tea we think (might only be 12 and 7) as some ppl still haven't confirmed. Not that it matters much as there is always enough to feed the army.


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    Oh Ambah I soooooo hear you!

    We are having the same problem with Liam at the moment and indeed had the same problem with Cairenn at a similar age.

    It is indeed frustrating, but all I can suggest is that it will eventually end. With Liam, I am letting him sleep with us until he is in a deep sleep, then I transfer him to his cot again.

    We did the same with Cairenn, and she sleeps in her big girl bed now with no problems, although, she does come and try to get into bed with Mum and Dad every now and then, and I just take her back to her own bed or, if it's past 5am, I let her hop in because I know she will sleep through for a LOOOOONNNG time!!

    Do you have a spare bed or a blow up mattress?? That might be a solution so you have more space and you don't disturb your partner.

    I just reckon they want to know that they are protected, loved and safe and as frustrating as it does sometimes become, I want them to remember when they are older that their parents are there for them always.

    Sorry to rabbit on, just this topic is very close to heart at the moment for me too.

    Hey, just thought of another solution that my sister did. Do you have enought room in your bedroom for the cot?? If so, can you put it right up against your side of the bed?? What my sister did was put the cot up against her side of the bed with the side rail down. Bubs then was easier to settle, knew Mum was there and you don't have to give up room in the bed.

    Hope this helps - please PM me if you have any more questions or just want a BIG hug!

    Hi to everyone else - hope you're all ok.


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Ok, well I am attempting to get him to nap in his cot atm... I have given him my flat pillow which he normally lies on in our bed, plus his blankie and dummie. He's been in there for 15 mins so far and no screams... he is just chatting to himself... I am [-o< ing that he will talk himself to sleep, LOL!

    Ok, time for some personals!

    Kelly - sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Can I ask, what sort of place did you go to, to get that crystal etching done? It sounds like such a beautiful idea... I would like to hint at DP to get it done for my next birthday, LOL!

    Christy - Well done Matilda for not crying at her injections!! =D> and ROFLMAO at her barking like a dog!!
    Oh dear... in the space of about a week we have had 3 babies fall out of bed!! Maybe they are psychic? Glad that she was fine though.

    Katanya - good luck with your visit to the Paed today... my thoughts and best wishes go with you and Felix.
    I am also using the Motherly cubes... they smell (and taste) great dont they! DP will come into the kitchen and ask me what am I cooking that smells so yummy! However I am having trouble finding the chicken ones, they always seem to be sold out at our local Woolies!
    That is fantastic that you got him to sleep in his portacot first go!!! WTG Felix!

    Mel - It sounds like Adara is doing really, really well now. That is just fantastic that she is sleeping through the night as well!
    OMG that is so hilarious, the way you described her sitting up by herself! What a crack up!!! :smt005

    Kathryn - Woohoo at Lachlan, eating 3/4 of that jar!! (they are Big!!) How are you finding him handling the texture??
    All of the food I offer Aidyn that is 'coarsely pureed for 6 months +' is too chunky for him. He seems very cautious of it, and gags on it sometimes, so I may try pureeing it a bit more first in my blender.
    Goodluck with your housecleaning!! Try not to scub any more floors though... you will need your arms for cooking remember?!?

    Ok... this post has taken me over an hour to write. I am having mixed results with trying to get Aidyn to sleep in his cot. He eventually did drift of, with me sitting on the floor next to him, holding his hand through the bars LOL, but he woke up only 15 mins later, crying, so I calmed him down, but now he is just talking to himself again. 15 mins to too short of a nap for him... his usually go for 45mins... not sure whether to take him out of the cot now and try again later, and leave him to see if he will sleep more...

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hey Kelli, thanks for your response!
    I too have thought of putting a spare mattress on the floor next to our bed, however our spare matress is in the garage, and the bottom end of it has gotten soaking wet from the recent rain!! #-o How annoying!!!
    I thought of the 'cot against the bed' option too, but I dont think DP will be too keen on that one, as I think he wants the option to put Aidyn into his own room if we need to...
    I have tried waiting for him to go into a deep sleep too... that usually works, but lastnight it didnt, which freaked me out a bit!!

    I will keep perservering with the cot, and let you know how it is going.

    Thanks for your suggestions

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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    bugger dp I reckon!!

    He's not the one trying to get bubs settled all the time 8-[

    bugger about the mattress too.

    Best of luck - gotta go try my luck now with 2 kids lol!! What am I going to do with 3????

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    katanya Guest

    Hi I am back from my appointment, instead of write everything here I'm going to write a post in the general section in case anyone can give me tips..it's nothing much to report really more tests, and the potential of even more in Brisbane..

    Ambah: I'll start with you because I received something in my baby updates (sent from another site) the other day that relates to EXACTLY what you are talking about..
    The beginnings of separation anxiety
    If your baby is anxious when he's away from you during the day, his concern will be compounded at bedtime. When he wakes up at night, even for a moment, he'll know you're nearby and will be vocal about trying to get your attention. You'll feel torn between the strong urge to scoop him up and take him to bed with you and the voices of those who tell you that to do so is to spoil him. Don't worry: It won't hurt to indulge him occasionally — not always — by bringing him into bed with you. When the separation anxiety disappears, you can teach him to sleep by himself again. Of course, if you've opted for the family bed, you'll always be close at night

    I don't think you are a bad mother for chosing to put him in another room, nor leaving him to cry, I just thought this might help you understand what he is going through and feel guiltless about him sleeping with you previously. As you know we believe in the family bed for babies and very young children, but I also know that it's not possible for everyone to do it and get their own much needed sleep.
    I firmly believe every mother needs to do what they feel is right for them and their baby WITHOUT any guilty "I should have feelings" because this parenting game is all about trial and error, what works for one set of parents doesn't for another, and our babies don't understand what they "should" do, some of them take longer to do what others find easier. Anyhow HTH!!

    Mel I absolutely appreciate the comment as I am pretty clueless when it comes to this solids stuff, it is all a steep learning curve for me as I planned on introducing them VERY slowly, and still am being cautious.
    I am so happy that Adara is doing so well, please don't feel like you have slowed her development, she sounded VERY advanced before and still is so don't even worry about that. I have had the same thoughts such as WHY didn't I ask someone about his breathing earlier before this weight problem, but I didn't but now I am, so it will hopefully get sorted from now on. I didn't want to be the OP parent freaking out over every little thing..your return with adara give me hope everything will work out okay!

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    Hey Ambah

    I am Kathryn not Katanya LMAO. As for the food I am finding them not too bad actaully, he is taking them really well. Kameron used to choke on them all the time

    Took pics last night of Kameron feeding Lachlan lmao. Argh Lachlan is screaming now after a 30min sleep !!! Probably Kameron's fault as Kam has been in a bit of trouble today so he has been having tantrums etc.

    Looks like not much housework is going to get done. Can hardly move with the sunburn. Spraying aloe vera onto it every couple of hours to get some movement happening.


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