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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    katanya Guest

    Mel Just looked at Adara's site..wow So much personality!!LOVE that pic in the box, and the mischeif one AND the carpet burn on the knees! I have to say compared to Felix she is chubby! And YOU look like one of those Avatar dolls I quite like the fact that my online self is slender and able to wear pink pants that I wouldn't fit one thigh in!! But you actually look like that!
    yep Adala is Autistic, she is 12 in many ways but loves the wiggles
    Adala is pronouced exactly the same way(with the "L"), and is a BEAUTIFUL name, and suits her she is a stunning looking child, non verbal with enormous aqua green eyes and olive skin. I must say I looked at similar names but since she is like one of the family couldn't call a another child something similar. We call her Dala for short..

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    Love the photos too Mama Mel too cute. Chrissy is so gorgeous, and Ooer at your Jeep Cherokee pram. I nearly brought one exactly the same the other week LMAO.

    Katanya - you are right about the avatar. That first pic is definitely an Avatar pose and avatar clothes LMAO


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    katanya Guest

    Mel I hope we don't offend you about the Avatar doll comments, I just think you look incrediably good in that photo (even in the one just after labour!) and a bit jealous that someone actually looks like an avatar doll because I don't

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    WOW so much to catch up on... we were out most of yesterday so that would be why...LOL...

    We really enjoyed that bottle of red...

    Kathryn is responsible for the fantastic avatar!! Thanks heaps!! very cool

    Matilda woke up today, was only up for an hour & went back to sleep... now we have to wake her up to go to swimming... #-o but thats fine with me!!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    ok back from swimming...thought I'd finish that original post LOL

    DH had such a blast taking Matilda swimming, and there were all dads there today...it was good because in the car park next door to the swimming complex is a huge farmer's market so I went to the market & got heaps of fresh food & then when I got back they were finished swimming...nice HOT but nice

    Mel, I forgot to say the site is great and what a cheeky girl! How cute she is!!

    Ambah thats great that Aidyn is doing so well with sleeping =D>

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Wow... I just have to say that the last few days with Aidyn have been phenomenal... its like someone has clicked the 'on' switch in his brain to 'full on'!! He is just into everything... clapping, waving and he has just gotten sooo intelligent all of a sudden. He is also only a couple days away from full on crawling, he did 2 forwards crawl steps on all fours today (he can do backwards really well)
    And it is like he is so excited by all of these changes in him, that he doesn't need or want to sleep as much anymore... so my sleepy little boy has gone. He has only had 2 x40min naps today instead of 3 or 4x hour long ones. He is sitting up from lying down really well, and has just gotten the hang of his body so much... (so much so that he wont lie down to sleep anymore, argh!!) It is just amazing to watch him grow like this!
    No wonder he has been so hungry... his little brain and body are burning so much extra energy now.

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    awww that is so cute Ambah. We have had a couple of good days with Lachlan, but still no top teeth LOL.


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    katanya Guest

    Christy the swimming lessons sounded great, even better with a market for you next door! I am starting Felix swimming lessons today, with 5 others from my mothers group, it is $10 a lesson, should be fun!

    Ambah WOW @ Aidyn sounds like something has clicked for him, Felix has been commando crawling for a few weeks now but no signs of all fours crawling yet, he prefers to pull up and stand or step..I woud prefer the crawling myself, much better for brain development! Interesting about the sleeping going backwards, they do say they sleep less when they are heading toward milestones..so obviously he's been doing that? I think they must start getting frustrated so it's enough motivation to propel them forwards!

    Well Felix is doing okay, we are still working on the transtioning from boobie sleeping to sleeping via pat or getting himslef to sleep, we have our good times and bad..it's easier when it's only me, and at night is going REALLY well, he actually feel asleep on his own in his cot after only a few pats from me, and he was still awake, eys closed but his legs was thumping..so we're getting there. i think nighttime is easier because we have a set routine, whereas in the morning, if DP starts later our routine gets thrown out..it was a real battle to get him to sleep this morning, but I wanted him to have one due to the swimming later.

    We also discovered on the weekend that when Felix cries (full-on cries) the area around his mouth goes blue, which means lack of oxygen, does this happen to anyone else because it might be worth meantioning to the specialist otherwise?

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    mama mel Guest

    Thanks for all your comments on Adara's web page guys! No you didn't offend me at all Katanya! I am a little embarrassed now though! You're right, it's probably a bit too much to have those photos of us on there, I just thought it might be nice to see who you're chatting to... Oh and if you noticed I put BC (before children) pics of us on, there's a reason why there aren't ones of us now after I put on the 30kgs with Adara!!!!!

    Kathryn, the pusher's great... Has certainly helped out when she's grumpy with all the music and the horn! I was lucky with that, I was going to get one the black one's but held off as they're around $350, then saw that Target had the blue one's (same but w/out a bottle warmer thing on the side) which we got on special for $150! Hopefully I'll find as good of a bargain for a double pusher soon!

    Ambah, glad to hear Aidyn's sleeping better for you. I'll keep my he gets easier to settle too! How wonderful he's developing so amazingly quickly lately =D> From what you've said I'm sure he'll be crawling everywhere really soon. Adara does the same thing and sits up in bed when she's protesting about sleep but I've noticed that if I let her cry for a little (no more than 5mins) she'll put her head down and sleep on her tummy. Isn't this a gorgeous age, as we're seeing them develop and grow into little people? I love it!

    Glad to here Matilda's still improving with her sleeping too Christy!

    Katanya, I'd definately bring that up at your next specialist appt! The only time Adara ever went blue around the mouth was when she had wind as a newborn. Great about your routine working, sounds like Adara (again!) who needs a solid routine to cope throughout the day and sleep well at night. Hope it keeps getting better for you! Have fun at your swim lesson, hope he loves it!!!!

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    mama mel Guest

    Oh Kathryn, could you remove Adara's Health Concerns from the front page and add her web site: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/a/adara, please?

    Also, I was wondering if it's not too much trouble if you could tell me how to create a link to her site from her name in my signature, as I'll create a site for the baby as soon as I find out the sex and can name him/her.

    Thank you!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    When you go into your profile and signature, move your mouse over the URL button on top and there is directions there so for instance it might be:

    [url=blahblahblah]Adara[/url ]

    does that make sense? I also added a space after the last url to make sure it didn't show up funny...


    Well, we've had a full on clingy morning thise morning...those teeth are making her miserable, not eating, not sleeping, and hates being out of my arms, which I could normally cope well with if it wasn't for the fact that we had to go to work, & walk there as the car is being repaired (again...I won't even go into that...) and it was raining and I'm exhausted now... as soon as she gets to sleep I'm napping...

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    Mel all done and I have added the link for you in your signature thru the admin panel Just saves you the trouble.


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    mama mel Guest

    Thank you Kathryn! (and Christy!)

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    mama mel Guest

    Kathryn, just tried tried to look at Kameron and Lachlan's sites but they seem to be down for the moment... I'll try again soon!

    Christy, Matilda is gorgeous! What amazing eyes she has, I love that 'blue steel' photo!!!! I can certainly see that cheeky adventurous side to her in the photos! What a cutie...

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    Yeah they are Mel. We had to renew our domain name and we had 5 days notices. 2 of those days were a weekend and the other a public holiday and they only accepted CC (which we don't have) or cheque/money order. Should be back online by Wednesday


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    katanya Guest

    Mel: SO glad you weren't offended, I wrote it first and then looked and it read like I was making fun of you, I was just amazed how amazing you look! (BTW in the labour shot you look just as gorgeous) It's great to see what you look like, please don't remove it! I had a feeling the blue around his mouth when crying wasn't great, it's only recently when he's hurt himself on adventures that I've seen it. Just didn't want to make a big deal about it if it was normal!

    Christy hope Matilda's toothypegs are better tonight! They've got to rear their ugly heads soon!

    Kathryn how annoying with your domain name, i hope it gets sorted because those sites are so cool!

    Well Felix had his first swimming lesson (well second actually but the other one was so long ago it doesn't count) and he LOVED it!! He was splashing and giggling..a real water boy. I think with the prospect of him having a respiritory issue that swimming will be very important for him as time goes on, as other sports may not be as possible (a lot of olympians have bad asthma)
    Also he was SO hungry afterwards and ate REALLY well!!! So a good day!

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