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thread: 6 Months to 12 Months, January '05

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    ARGHHHHHHH.... what a HORRENDOUS afternoon/evening!! It starts off with me finding out that MIL is about to come over (I had NO notice!).
    We ended up going out to dinner, and Aidyn started choking on some mashed potato... he must have breathed it in or something, but his face actually started to go purple so DP threw him over his shoulder and I thumped his back, and the peice came out... and then he threw up about 2 minutes later... That was soooooooooooooooooooooo scary... from now on he is only going to be having the tiniest amount on his spoon.
    Then we get home and realise that we have locked the keys inside the house, and there is no way for us to break in, save smashing a window. So we had to wait an hour for the locksmith, Aidyn was tired and hungry, and we were all getting eaten alive by mosquitos. And now we are out of pocket $100 to the locksmith #-o ... Time to hide a key in the garden somewhere I think!

    Just a question... babies dont have a growth spurt at this age do they?? Cause I mentioned the other day how I had managed to replace one of Aidyns bottles with solids... Well that didnt last long, cause now for the past 2 days, he has gobbled down 3 Large meals of solids plus 4 250ml bottles!!! He's like an eating machine atm!! He even woke up at 5am this morning because he was hungry, and had a full bottle then and there, when normally he wont finish a full 250ml until after 10am!

    Katanya - yeah, he said Mumma before Dadda. His vocabulary consists of ba-ba, and Mumma atm.... with lots of other strange sounds! lol!
    Well done on the shopping, sounds like you got some great bargains!! I havent been to an op shop since before Aidyn was born... but I really want to go now!!

    Hey Jodie, that Ladybug themed wedding sounds AWESOME!!! I too have a thing about ladybugs... I have been collecting quite a few knick-knacks over the years! Maybe it stems from the fact that my childhood nickname was Bug... LMAO!
    Glad to hear that your U/S went so well too

    and all I have to say now is YIKES @ Liam walking, Matilda's crawling, and Lachie climbing!!!! :shock:

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    Ladybug Guest

    Hi Girls,

    Thankyou for making me feel welcome,
    I have always had a thing for ladybugs since I was 15 so it was natural that my husband just had to put up with it,
    Yes with bubba number 3 on the way I am very tired especially since
    Bianca has been crawling , Ryan 3 has had a cold, Today I ended up at the
    GP'S (cause what I thought was a combination of teething and a cold ) for bianca I ended up finding out she had cloged lungs so $100 on medication
    and $100 to the Ped I had to visit, ended a very expenive day.
    and my poor sick baby girl can still manage a little giggle in between her crying.

    Katanya - good buy on the clothes , my friend works at a local op shop and told me after a season whatever doesn't sell sometimes goes to op shops so she has often called me to tell me when the pumpkin patch clothes come in and Target ones its good when you can get brand new clothes still with the tags on for under $5,
    I love shopping for my littlies but find it heps expensive full price.

    Ambah - Congrats on your kiddies reaching some fantastic milestones.

    I really love being pregnant but hate the back hurting so much,
    I will start pre-natal yoga next week so hopefully that will help.

    I also decided to focous one day a fortnight to rest day with out my
    littlies before the new addition comes I want to focous more on
    my Jewellery designing as I won't get much done after birth for a while

    well thats enough out of me

    from Jodie \/

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    LOL Jodie - those kiddies I was referring to at the end of my post are not mine!!! LMAO, heaven forbid I should have 3!!! Aidyn is my only child atm
    Matilda is Christy's daughter, Lachie is Kathryns son, and Liam is Kelli's son

    Awww that is terrible, poor little Bianca, I hope she is feeling better very soon!
    I hope the Yoga helps out your back too...
    That would be such fun to do jewellery designing! I make my own beaded jewellery and stuff, but have never really gotten much more into it than that!

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    LMAO you can have lachlan anytime juuust kiddding

    OMG at Aidyn choking !!! I remember my mum always telling the horror story of my brother choking on a 20c piece and they had to tip him upside down and slap him on the back as well.

    Glad he is okay, grr at the locksmith too but I know how you feel with our walk to the shops today to buy a new car battery LMAO.


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    Ladybug Guest

    Hi Girls,

    Sorry Ambah for thinking you had 3 kiddie (if you eva want to baby sit for them then you would have more the one kiddie LOL )

    It's still really a hobby my jewellery but hope to make it more since I sold a few designs so I will see how I go (I think a hobby keeps me sane)

    from Jodie

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    katanya Guest

    wow..busy busy in here!

    Firstly well done to Lachie for pulling up on the coffee table =D> that is too cool..only a step away from the W.... word Kathryn!

    Hey Christy sounds like you have been VERY busy with Miss Matilda...she's a crawling machine! Your wedding sounds GREAT $2000..you are an inspiration! Love the Doc's under the wedding dress ROFL! fantastic touch! I started having woodland fairy theme thoughts last night but I think it will knock the price up, and DP may not appreciate being dressed in tights

    OH Ambah what a evening, that would have been SO scary for you, and then after that to have returned and couldn't get inside to your house! Hope today is a better day for you!
    Not sure about the growth spurts, your boy is a eating power machine!
    That's so cool about the Mumma, because Felix is obsessed with Dadda, dad, Daddy etc..no Mumma's to be heard

    Jodie that is no good about poor Bianca and her clogged lungs, WOW that is so much money for medication 8-[ I hope it clears up soon!
    You are very lucky with a friend at an op shop, that would be so handy! The op shop I found these at is a church one, not lifeline/salvos etc.. hence the very cheap prices for the great quality..I don't often shop at the others anymore as they are so overpriced!
    The prenatal yoga sounds good, my back has been cahing too, not from preganacy I am going to have to find an osteopath or something I definately feel like I'm out of wack from Felix's birth!
    The jewelry designing sounds great, good luck finding some time to yourself!

    Felix bit my boob today again after ages of not doing it, he wasn't really hungry but decided he wanted a feed after watching me expressing, I tried a different techinique(read in a book) where you bring them closer and bury them in the breast TMI!! apparently they let go after that..well he did and then chomped down again and again..I have a bleeding bite, a bruised one and two indents..not trying that one again.. my poor breast ..

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    Hi Girls

    Just a quick one to let you know i have updated Lachlan's website with his xmas pictures !!

    Click on his name in my sigature. Xmas 2004 1 and Xmas 2004 2 are the link in the sidebard you will be after.


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    katanya Guest

    Oh wow Kathryn just looked at Lachlan's pics, SO cute, he looks like he had such a great day! Love the eating photos, he looks like a mini santa..! He posed with Santa! That is so cool! Well done they are beautiful!

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    awww thanks Katanya


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    Apr 2003
    Western Australia

    OMG AMBAH!!!! Hope he is ok and so are you (no doubt you were in shock too!!).

    NAUGHTY BOY FELIX!! Um marrrrr - mummy will be vewy vewy cwoss with you (said in an elmer fudd voice!!).

    Kathryn - your boys sure are cute!!

    Liam is refusing to sleep - Mark is getting the brunt of it lol!! He's like "dadda dadda dadda" and being really really cheeky!! waaaahhahhahahahahahah!!! Now we'll see who has the "easy" job!!


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hello girls...

    oh Ambah how scary!! Thank goodness he's okay!! The last time Matilda gagged on food she went on a vomitting spree shortly after, so it may have been caused by that...

    Lachie's pictures are so beautiful!! I love the one of your dog in the background chomping on her chrissy present as well! LOL!!! How cute!!

    katanya the woodland fairy sounds very cool...

    Now if Matilda's tooth would only come back out!! Its been on the verge for 2 weeks now!! & its driving both of us crazy!!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Oh no!!! You poor, poor thing Katanya!!! Ouchies!

    Kat - I also love the pic of Lachie with Santa... soooo cute!!
    I never got a chance to take Aidyn to see Santa.. not that he would have cared anyway, its more for the photo value!!

    I hope Liam ended up getting to sleep ok Kelli!!

    Christy I sure hope Matilda's toothie cuts through soon... its such an agonising process isnt it!!

    Well I'm keeping this post short tonight. I HAVE to go to bed... lastnight was a SHOCKER with Aidyn not sleeping. I was awake with him at 1am, and then from 3am to 6.30am... I'm not even sure what was wrong with him, but its likely he's got new teeth coming up which are bothering him...#-o(is there no end to it?? )

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I hope you got more sleep last night Ambah!!!

    Ouchies big time katanya!! I hope he stops that quickly...ouch ouch ouch... just the thought of it!

    Well our friends left yesterday and we had a great quiet one last night, until Matilda woke up 3 times in the middle of the night to have to resettle again...but she didn't do that while they were here...maybe all the extra noise etc stimulated her so much she was too exhausted to wake up? hmmm

    Now to catch up on laundry & shopping etc... things you don't want to do when you have visitors...

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    katanya Guest

    Wow teething and waking up all night long seems to be our main agony's lately don't they? I am used to the wake ups during the night as I have a baby that hasn't slept through the night since 3 mths old (ahh the old days ) actually I found that when you are used to it, it's not so bad but when they wake up out of the blue it feels worse..
    This weekend I decided that I wouldn't get up when Felix woke up and let him play in bed with me until he's ready for another feed and then he falls asleep again..it was WONDERFUL! he slept from about 7am til nearly 9am..
    My breast is looking like a war zone from yesterday's biting spree, but he's not doing it at the moment again, although offering him that breast was like sticking your foot into crocodile infested waters.... I notice the gums of one of his top teeth had broken through but can't see the tooth yet, so maybe that's what caused it? Yes it was ouchy big time!

    Got to get off the computer as DP has the whole weekend off, he's currently educating Felix to his favourite music (he played it to him in my belly button while I was sleeping when pregnant) and they are watching Rob Zombie video's together.. 8-[

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    Well as I said this morning Lachlan never got up till 8.30am We think it is cause he might have gone to bed later and didn't have much sleep during the day yesterday cause of the heat.

    I hope you girls have a better night tonight. Specially you Christy you poor chook!!


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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Lucky I still had my window open for this thread.... here are all of the lost posts for the last 19 hours!

    Lulu2 wrote:
    Forum Name: lulu2
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 6 June 2004
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby Name(s): Mitchell Patrick
    Baby's Website: One day when I have a minute......
    Health Concerns: None really
    Notes: Mitchell is the lightest sleeper in the world. He has 2 modes - 1-charming the birds from the trees, 2- throwing massive tanties. Only one or the other and nothing in between

    Astroloday wrote:
    Hi Girls

    Been quiet here the last couple of days. Not much happening on this front. Lachlan is still rocking when he is on his hands and knees but doesn't do to much more than that LOL.

    I hope your poor bitten boob is starting to heal Katanya !!

    Christy wrote:
    Hello there! LOL at the rocking thing... Matilda does that constantly & then takes off in a blur...LOL! Went to work today when Matilda was tired because usually she just goes to sleep there, but not today, refused to sleep, I even tried driving around in the car, walking around the block in the middle of what I was doing... finally finished work came home & she was asleep just as I was putting her into her cot.... so she's overdue her normal sleep by 2 hours, and usually she's only awake 2 hours...hmmm... maybe she's changing her routine??? She usually sleeps 4 times a day the first & last are only 30 minutes and the two in the middle are an hour & half to two hours... maybe she's starting to drop one of her early or late sleeps?

    Astrolady wrote:
    She could be Christy. Lachlan only has two naps a day.

    Gets up anywhere between 6.30am-7.30am. Back in bed at 9 or 9.30am where he will sleep thru till 11am. He is then awake till around 1.30pm-2pm where he will sleep again till 3pm or 4pm depending on what he has done in the last few hours.

    Ambah wrote:
    Welcome Lulu2!

    Yay for the morning sleep in Katanya!! Feels fantastic doesnt it?!
    I hope your breast is feeling better too btw!

    Hmmm... I wonder if Matilda is changing her routine?... I have had a few days like that where Aidyn has skipped a nap and I was worried he didnt need it anymore, but thankfully he still goes back to the same routine in the end.

    Went to my parents place lasntnight for a post Christmas BBQ. My sister, BIL and their 3 kids have just returned from Tassie and have stopped here in Bris back on their way up to Townsville. Aidyn had a ball with his 3 cousins around him. And DP is AMAZING with the 2 older ones (4 and 2.5yrs) He was so patient and tolerant and had so much fun with them... I know Aidyns going to have the best time with his daddy when he is older!
    A dampner was put on the evening though, as Pollyanna had to go back into hospital (I dont know if yous remember that she was dignosed with gallstones and pancreatitis when she was here last month) She is not going to be able to wait until they return to Townsville to have the operation so she will be having it here in Bris in the next few days.

    anyway, time to go for now... my house looks like a brothel, it is sooooo messy, better get some cleaning done before DP gets back!

    Katanya wrote:
    Welcome to Lulu2! Hope you join us for a chat soon, look forward to knowing more about you and little Mitchell!

    Christy Matilda used to have 4 sleeps a day AND sleep through the night??WOW! Lucky you, but then I remembered when she's awake she's pretty full-on ATM so maybe I won't swap babies afterall

    Ambah, great to hear your family BBQ went well, I know my DP can't wait till Felix is old enough to run around with him either, and since he works with kids I get to see what he is like with kids all the time, must say he's pretty amazing too...
    That isn't good news about your sister, I hope everything goes well with her and the operation!

    Actually Felix is really out of routine altogether ATM, I think we might have to spenda few days at home so we can get back on track, he's been up late and overtired during the day...think we'll be home tomorrow!

    Hope everyone is well!

    Christy wrote:
    well... not exactly sleeping through, but getting really good...

    She's awake around 5.30 (which makes mummy & daddy really really sad) and then used to nap mostly four times a day and then around 7.30-8pm to bed, she will wake around 3 times during the night for a resettle but we don't "usually" have to resettle her too much just a quick cuddle and pop the dummy back in and she's asleep. Every once in a while we have a time where she is awake around 10pm I think because we used to give her a dream feed then, and don't anymore... if she does wake up we make up a small bottle for her to have & she usually only drinks around 30mls and is back asleep... so yep she sleeps pretty well when we can get her to sleep... the hardest thing was we would spend an hour settling her for her short sleeps to sleep only for 30-40 minutes and I wouldn't have even recharged by then... but now with two bigger naps I have time to recharge as well... this may be a great thing!! She's been asleep for two hours atm, and I've almost finished dinner...YAY!!!

    Katanya wrote:
    Christy at least I know Felix isn't the only one over 6mths that doesn't sleep through! A girl from my mothers group told me all babies over 6 mths should sleep through the night (obviously somebody forgot to tell Felix and Matilda that )

    Felix usually has 2 naps, 1 from 9-about 10-30 and another in the arlye afternoon, sometimes he'll sleep more (he tends to have catch up days) but generally that is the best for him..through the night it's another story. He gos to sleep at about 6:30 then wakes usually when I get into bed about 10, then wakes up through the night, and has at least 1 big drink throughout the night, I couldn't tell when that is because I'm not fully awake. The clinic advised me to try to space his feeds out to 4 hourly but it doesn't work with him, he likes to feed around 3-3.5 hourly to get him to sleep through, but I'm not inclined to knock him back ATM.

    He has gone down for his sleep, but he took ages to get there asI think the weekend and late nights have thrown him out!

    Christy wrote:
    Last night was a shocker!! Matilda woke up at 11.30pm, 12.30am, 1.45am, 4.00 and 4.45am at which time I finally gave her a bottle and she drank the whole thing and then slept till 6.30.... urgh.... but at least these wake ups take 5 minutes of our time rather than more... and we took them in turns except the 4 and 4.45 were all mine...

    oh well... I prefer to feed her in the early morning & have her sleep a little later than get up at 5.30 every morning...LOL...oh well...we went for a walk this morning & I got some coffee into me so hopefully things look up from here on.

    Work just offered me more work from home protocol writing, which is good, but it means less time for Bellybelly well.... really it means just checking before & after I actually do work... hopefully I'll get some done

    Katanya wrote:
    Christy: you poor thing what a shocker!! Nothing quite like being disturbed so frequently through the night! That is great about the work at home, not so great about the less time here, but I'm sure we'll hear from you at some point.. hopefully?

    Astrolady wrote:
    Urgh Christy I feel really bad for saying that Lachlan slept in till 8.30am I got up at 8am and saw all the bottles were still in the fridge. I said to Andrew "has Lachlan got up yet" and he said "nope" I said "have you checked on him" and he said "nope"

    So went in there at 8.30 and he was just happily laying there.

    Kelli D wrote:

    That's NOT fair!!

    What are you doing different to me??? LOL

    Liam was up at sparrow's again.......

    SOOOOOOO feel for you Christy

    Felix - hope you are keeping your teeth to yourself!!

    See y'all

    Astrolady wrote:
    Last night Lachlan had his bottle late and didn't end up going to bed till around 8.30pm. I was expecting him to be awake early but he slept probably cause he didn't have a great deal yesterday with it being so warm.

    Ambah wrote:
    Just a quick one cause Aidyn has been screaming for the last 2 hours because of his teeth... poor little chook Atm he is frantically munching on the teat of a bottle with icy water... he's still grumbling, but probably with a bit more pleasure now, lol! praying he will go to sleep soon.... we have been trying for so long! Uh-oh... here come the screams again, write more later.

    Ambah wrote:
    [email protected] he managed to pull the top off the bottle and drenched himself and the bed!!!

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    LMAO Ambah aren't you a legend.


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    katanya Guest

    wow Ambah that's an epic post even for you
    just kidding, thankfully you were able to save it, what happened??

    We've been having a good sleeping day too, spent most of it apart from a quick trip to the library mid morning..he's back to his routine, was very keen to go to sleep tonight!

    Kathryn that is amazing..what I wouldn't give for 1 day like that!

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