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thread: 6 Months - 9 Months, July '05

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hey Snowy, how did the u/s go? Hope you got to see your little bean!

    Dach, how's the cot transition going?

    Bon, great to hear from you, woohoo on Grace clapping hands!

    Tegan, hope you're well and enjoying life up here!

    Kaleb is doing the pulling-up-to-standing-on-furniture thing, it's freaking me out because he fully loses his balance and knocks his head but what can you do besides surround him with pillows? He is sleeping in till 6:30am these days, it is bliss!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    oh yeah on Kaleb sleeping til 6:30. Wolf still wakes once or twice at night and recently has taken to waking at 5:30... arrrg... and I'm sooooooo tired all the time...

    The U/s went well. Saw our little bean. It waved it's webby little hand at us. It felt so good - I almost cried. It makes it all so much more real now. I keep looking at the print out the doctor gave me (it's a bit blurry... but hey.. it'll do) Next appointment is in 3 weeks. Can't wait to see our bean again!
    The obgyn also recommended that I see a specialist about the dysplasia... I guess I better... my pap levels are high again, just as they were with Wolf (a little less high though than when I was p/g with Wolf). It went away last time so I guess I'm kinda hoping it will all disappear again on its own but considering my grandma died of cervical cancer, I better go and get this sorted out...

    I am getting the weirdest cravings... currently it's curry...
    made myself a pot of rice and lots of curry sauce for lunch... lol..


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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    snowy - i used to live in one of those houses right on the beach at warana when i was married, it was great there though never really took advantage of living right on the beach - kind of took it for granted. lol at wolf walking on his hands, you will have to video it - glad your little bean is doing well

    dash - have you surfaced from reading harry potter? i also keep forgetting to ask how selling your place is going? hope yasin is doing better with his move to the cot

    beth - i know what you mean about having pillows handy - someone needs to make a padded suit for exploring babies!

    we had a great time up on the sunshine coast - eliana loves playing with her cousins though wasn't too sure about being on a trampoline. she has been waking up alot at night & out of frustration i have been taking her to bed with us - it had gotten to the stage where she wouldn't even sleep in her cot - i was like a walking zombie cause i didn't sleep well with her as i was scared of something happening - so yesterday enough was enough - i looked about self settling & sleeping strategies online & sent DP to the library last night - we were prepared for a lot of crying as eliana has never been put to bed at night awake - i always feed/nurse her to sleep - after a few cries (nothing dramatic) she was asleep in 20mins. she woke twice during the night & i put the dummy back in & turned her music on & she was back to sleep in 5min - no more walking the hallway with her - it was heaven so hopefully it will be the same tonight. her photo is in the sunshine coast paper today for cute kids (we won a family pass to australia zoo but already have yearly passes)
    anyway im going on & on - better go do something!

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, Yasin is asleep in the cot at the moment. he doesn't seem to understand that its a space for sleep and as soon as I put him down he stands up so I waited until he was aslpeep in his hammock and snuck him in there. He's going to be furious when he wakes up in there but I'm hoping that after I sneak him in a few times he'll start to understand that he can sleep there.

    Mel, I finished harry potter on sunday afternoon. I would have finished earlier but DH started nagging me for attention so I had to put it down for a few hours.
    woohoo for a good nights sleep. There must have been something in the air because Yasin slept through from 11pm until 4 am!!! \/

    Snowy, I'm so glad your scan went well. How cute that you got a wave. I'm not so happy to hear about the dysplasia. I hope it all sorts itself out.
    =D> congratulations Wolf on walking on hands.
    I'm kind of glad to be pregnant again before I fully got my figure back because I would be kind of annoyed to put all that work in and then get all fat again.

    Beth, its horrible when they fall over and cry isn't it. I geuss its just part of growing up but its hard on us mamas.
    I was reading about the Cruise and scientology in New Idea at the Dr yesterday and scientologists believe in silent birth because they think that noise will cause lasting, long-term trauma for the baby :shock: . You can tell a man invented it!!!

    Tegan its great to see you. I hadn't forgotten you at all. I was just wondering where you had got to a few days ago. I hope you're enjoying QLD.

    Bon, good to see you again and woohoo for Grace clapping her hands. How cute!!

    oopsie.. Yasin's awake.......

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    grovedale Guest


    I'm new to this website & am not very sure how to use it, I'm sure I'll work it out.

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    Mar 2004

    hi Tash, welcome to belly belly. I'm sure you'll have a great time. I geuss you must have a baby who is around 6 months. How old is s/he? what is his/her name? have you reached any milestones lately? do you have any other children? feel free to ignore all my questions. I'm kind of nosey.

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    Colleen Guest

    Hey Everyone!!!!

    Welcome Tash... Dont hold back here, everyone is friendly and plenty of good listeners!

    Dachlostar - lol @ being nosey, its 'curious' I hope yasin is going well with the cot changeover.... Jaykob sleeps in his but had a few weeks getting used to it because we travelled so much and he either slept while we were driving or at the hotels, he was in with us.

    Melbee... I agree about the padded suit!!! That would be a great idea... I cant imagine what I will be like when jaykob is bumping & falling, I accidently bumped heads with him the other day and he giggled.. i was almost in tears because I felt bad...
    woohoo about Eliana being in the paper and good to hear that you had a good time at the sunshine coast...

    Snowgirl - How cool you got a wave!!!!!! Im so jealous... Id love to be looking at the u/s again.... One Day!!!! I hope wolf is sleeping a bit better for you

    Beth - Lucky you for the 6.30 wake ups... and woohoo on kaleb standing , but like I said we really need to invent padded transition crawler to walker suits!!!

    Hi Tegan, Bon, Jessica, Mel, & anyone else I missed!!!!!!

    Hope all the bubs are really well & sleeping well for their mummies!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    hello girls,

    mel - I know exactly what you mean. We have a house on the beachfront in Manly and when we lived there the first year we hardly ever went to the beach/swim in the ocean. It was really silly. Everyone kept saying "Oh, it must be so wonderful. You guys must be on the beach all the time" but we weren't. So the second year we made a conscious effort to go for a walk every day along the beach and enjoy beach life a bit more. But like you said: you look out the window, it's there.... you can go tomorrow... lol
    Sorry - I meant Wolf is walking by holding my hands, not on his hands (bad English...) that would be a trick! Though he is good at doing the yoga downward facing dog
    It's so great Eliana went to bed like that. Well, we tried the 'controlled crying' / 'self settling' last night. Wolf also went to sleep after about 20-25 mins. But he woke twice last night at 1:30 and at 3 and at 3 was totally inconsolable and really clingy... couldn't get him back to sleep and had to b/f him to sleep... arggg.. won't give up on it though. They say it takes 3 days, so hopefully tonight will be better.

    Dachlostar - well, you do have a point... kinda would be wasted effort to get your figure back only to lose it again, but I just haven't worn any nice clothes in such a long time because of my different sized boobs, would have liked to look nice for a few months...

    Colleen that avatar is new! It's fabulous! Do you ride motorbikes? What kind?

    The weather has cooled down here and I'm really grateful for it. The house was really quite warm and it was hard to sleep at night.

    I've got a question: who in the group here as given their babies a) meat and b) fish??


    Welcome to the group, Tash! I second Dachlostar on all the questions

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    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    just a quick reply as DP wants to use the computer
    snowy - eliana has been eating beef, fish & chicken since about 6months - not great quantities but she does prefer her savoury food to sweet stuff & fruit

    i'll do some personals tomorrow when DP is at work

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    Mar 2004

    Welcome Tash!

    Colleen, ouchie on the head butt. Aidan headbutted my nose the other day and it hurt sooo much, and he didn't even notice!

    Snowy, congrats on seeing little 'bean'. Is it just as exciring and nerve-racking the 2nd time round? btw Aidan has been trying meat for about 4 weeks now, he doesnt mind chicken, hates minced beef, and loves lamb shank broth (I have a great recipe if you're interested).

    Tegan, I guess cheeky Lily is keeping you busy?!

    Melbee, sounds frustrating about eliana not sleeping, especially when you're not at home. When Aidan was about 3-4months we took him to Bright and stayed in a van with friends - bad idea. I would love to go there again for XMAS/New Years but I am very nervous about changing Aidan's sleeping environment!

    Beth, you must be a new woman with all that sleep! By the sounds of it all your energy will now be used up keeping an eye on the exploring Kaleb!

    Hi bon. My cousin had that same condition during pregnancy so she was pretty much bed ridden (in a private hospital) from when she was about 25 weeks. It amazes me how everyones pregnancy's (and labours), can be soooo different. She ultimately had a c-section at around 34 weeks when her little girl decided enough was enough.

    Hi to everyone else.


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    grovedale Guest

    Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    I have a little girl called Paige who will be 6 months on the 22nd July. She is fantastic, she has her two bottom teeth already & seems to be getting her top ones now. Paige rolls all over the floor and can sit up by herself but not for to long.

    I have no other children.

    I have a dilema as i have to go back to work in 2 weeks and wanted to put Paige in family day care but there are no vacancies so she has to go to a child care centre, anyone else with the same sad dilema??

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    sunshine coast

    welcome grovedale - sorry i can't help with any options for paige - i'm a childcarer & nanny & know it's hard to put little one in care - im hoping to one day do family based daycare myself

    jess - have you thought of taking something familiar for aidan when you go away - ive had great success the last two nights with eliana settling & she has a fisher price underwater crib thingy that i will take from now on whenever i go stay somewhere else

    snowy - i love manly (manly in sydney) but it's good to see i wasn't the only one who never took advantage of the beach - i keep forgetting to ask how you have come to live o/s? how is wolf going with his sleep - eliana let out one little cry & went off to sleep at 8am - woke at 11am for her dummy then slept through to 8am - fingers crossed it stays that way

    colleen - how is jaykob & his bumping going?

    dach - i was sure you would have finished the book by the weekend! how is yasin going with the cot? are you coping with not having him in your room? also hope you are feeling good too

    eliana & i braved the target sale today - suprisingly it was great - i got there at 10am & managed to get everything i wanted except the fisher price incrediblock cube thing which was sold out - the staff were so helpful & their layby system was brilliant & so quick
    we are going to the parents & baby expo tomorrow in brisbane with some other mums so it will be fun to look at all the new stuff

    hope everyone is having fun where ever they are!

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    Colleen Guest

    Hey everyone...

    Just got home from some MAJOR shopping!! a friend and I decided to brave the Target sale and got there @ 7.30am, hundreds of people waiting to get in but it wasnt tooooo bad, got about 2 trolley loads lol and waited in Layby Queue for an hour, the staff were really nice asking if there was anything else they could get for us while we wait and even brought around some mini chocolate bars

    after that I really wanted a playskool ball popper so we went to big w about 10 mins down the road ( their major toy sale started today too for the new catalogue) and it was dead, got in got what we wanted and a few extras and away we went!

    So im super tired now lol poor jaykob really did well, didnt cry or anything - I think he was in shock lol ( i bought him the ball popper and gave it to him today to make up for dragging him through the shops lol) he loves it!!!!

    Target have allllot of stock, so most stuff didnt even run out if you are thinking of heading down....

    Jaykob only bumped his head once today!! and it was a gentle one.... thank goodness, I think he has taken to headbutting IYKWIM he does it and laughs or smiles.

    Well better go, sneak a nap in before Jaykobs awake!

    Hope everyones having a good day - and sorry if theres any typos im like a zombie at the moment!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Hey girls, well, I'm glad some of you had success at the Target sales! I went yesterday, admittedly I didn't get there until 11am, but pretty much everything I wanted was gone, all the Fisher Price stuff! It was just crazy there, people with 2 trolleys full each! The good news is I got one of the half price portacots (we never got around to buying one until now) so we can go away for the night, hooray! I don't know if I'll bother with these mega toy sales again, they seem to bring out the animal in people.

    Kaleb has decided that sleeping during the day is soooo last year... I am lucky if I can get a 40 minute nap out of him at the moment. Maybe that is the price I pay for an extra hour's sleep in of a morning.

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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone

    I just realised that in a few days I will be upgrading to the 9-12 mths forum! OMG time goes too fast.

    I looked at the toy sales at Target today, didn't get anything. I so hate sales now, people tend to get a bit agro (me included) and if you don't go at the crack of dawn on the first day you might as well not bother. Went to Kmart yesterday to put a barbeque on special for Stephen, but of course they had sold out and apparently so had all the other Kmarts around also. Grrrrr...the lady said to me 'Oh you have to get here on opening if you want to buy things on special like that' I felt like saying to her that Kmart should have more stock of items if they know they are going to be big sellers. I mean, it was the first day of the sale. Sigh.

    Snowy, I used to clap hands to Grace and I would hold her hands in mine and clap them together but I didn't really think she was taking it all in. Then last week out of the blue she just started clapping hands. Now she does it all the time - it's her party trick we make her do it for everyone!

    I am starting to think about what to get Grace for her birthday. I don't really want to get any 'baby' toys but at the same time I can't get her something that she is too young for. Too many decisions.

    Both my kids have colds atm and now I am getting one too which is great. Grace is waking up at night because she can't breath through her nose. I have been giving her demazin. She likes the taste but it's awful stuff - it's bright blue and stains her lips and her clothes. What bright spark decided that blue would be a good colour for baby medicine?

    Anyway better go, I seem to be ranting a bit


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    Oct 2004

    Hi everyone.
    Snowy, Jules has been eating basically everything we eat for about a month now. We had a bbq a few weeks ago and she ate steak and sausage cut up into little pea sized peices. She loves roast chicken best and doesn't mind grilled fish either. My SIL is always complaining cos her three kids (the youngest is 5) still won't eat what they eat. So i'm making sure my kids won't be like that. She does eat mainly veggies though.

    Anyway, we leave for the snow in 4 hours and it's really starting to hit me now. I'm going to miss Jules sooo much! I know she'll be fine, but i can't help worrying.

    I'm gonna go spend some time with her. I'll catch up with you all in about a week.

    Hope everyone is well and has a good week.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    Hello girls,

    how cool that your babies seem to take to wide ranges of food quite well. Wolf has basically eaten everything I've made so far, but beef is definitely not his favourite (but he'll eat it) and spinach isn't either. Haven't tried fish yet - will try some time soon.

    Melissa - as to why we're in Europe: it's mainly work wise. Much more opportunity here in Europe for us. DH left Oz when he was 21 and from 2002 we were back in Oz until May 2004 when we went to Germany. Don't know if you're aware but I am German. DH wanted to learn German, so he wanted to move to somewhere in Germany. After a year here though we're kinda done with it (I haven't lived in Germany since I was 19 basically) and we are thinking of either moving to London or New York.
    Wolf & sleeping... oh, big sigh.. he still wakes twice and I usually have to b/f him back to sleep (I really want to fully wean him but just can't let him cry at night and it's soooo convenient to just 'boob him up'). As soon as we move again, I will move Wolf into his own room and try some controlled crying / self soothing at night.

    Mel - I am so jealous you guys are going skiing!! I love skiing... have fun!!

    Jessica - how do you feed Aidan the lamb shank broth? I thought about making chicken stock but don't know if he would eat soup from a spoon without it going EVERYWHERE..

    oh sales... I stay away from them... I just can't handle the crowds.

    well, not much else to report from here. Still feeling very yuck ... I hope it gets better soon. We will most likely go to my parents' place on Sunday and stay with them for a week so I have someone to look after Wolf while I feel crap.


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    Mar 2004

    Hi everyone, I hope that you're all well.

    Snowy, Yasin eats beef, chicken and tuna but I don't give it to him every day because it makes his poo so stinky. He seems to eat just about anything except savoury bottled baby food. I don't blame him. Its gross. I often have to cook him seperate meals because of my chilli addiction but when possible I cook a meal and take some out for Yasin before I spice it up. Usually if I'm having toast or so on he has his own now.
    I hope that you start feeling better soon.

    Mel, you lucky thing. Have fun at the snow.

    Bon, I was going to get Yasin two presents for his birthday. Something really cheap for the day ie a balloon and something more expensive and lasting that I can put away and he can have when he's older. The other thing that crossed my mind was a nice wooden toy box because at the moment his toys are stored in a plastic basket and an old huggies box.
    eewww at the cold you poor chook.

    Colleen, I'm glad you did so well at the sale. I only wanted the fisher price learning table that was half price and it was there so I got it and got out again quickly. Yasin has headbutted me in the nose a few times and it is sooo painfull for me but he never seems to notice.

    Melbee, good on you for doing so well at the sale too. I was thinking of getting the cubes. I might grab some tomorrow since I have to go and collect the table and get DH his birthday present. Hope you had fun at the expo.

    Tash, happy half birthday to Paige. I don't have any child care issues because I'm a SAHM but it seems to be an issue alot of the girls who work. My SIL uses a centre and she's really pleased with it. I'm not sure where you are but in NSW all you need to do to get a family day care licence is pass the criminal record check but to work in the centres you generally need some qualifications so although the care may not be so individualised and homey the carers in centers are often better qualified IYKWIM.

    Jessica, the lamb shank broth sounds yummy. It would be great if you shared your recipie. Please.

    Yasin killed me last night. He woke up at 11 for his snack and then fussed all night until about 5am. I felt like a zombie all morning.

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