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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, July '05

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    how are we all today

    i have heaps to do house is also a pig sty around here lol.

    glad to see you're having fun with sil michelle NOT lol.

    i am having issues with my sil and mil my sil is due in about 4wks and apparently she could go any day, i mentioned i hope she doesn't go on sunday - why was the question. bloody hell that is jess's b/day does everyone forget arhhh not to worry there loss at least my mum and dad remember, we are going to dinner at there house and have cake with 7 candles on it for our dear jess.

    hugs to your jess michelle on cutting her tooth - that is the same one lani is trying to cut atm, should be anyday now - it usually takes around 1wk for her once it starts to cut through.

    well i tried to get lani weighed today at the chemist but hn wasn't there till 11am i was there at 9am straight after kinder drop off so wasn't going to hang around - might wander up to my normal mchn next week to get a quick weigh.

    nothing much else happening here - ohh we are getting the ford territory tommorrow woohoo, i love the smell of nice new cars.

    have a good night

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey all,

    I wrote a mammoth post yesterday, but something happened and I lost the whole thing. Grr.

    Sorry about you both having SIL issues. I even know that it's Jess' birthday, mooshie - are you SIl and MIL stupid? Or just *****es? Sorry. That's nasty, isn't it? Serves them right. Will be thinking of you.

    Hugs to both bubs on cutting teeth. Really sucks, doesn't it?

    Not much time to write, or info to report. Got a bfn on the pregnancy test this morning, but I'm still waiting for af - it's a bit early though, so it might still be possible. Will test again on Friday if sf hasn't come. Damn I hate this!

    Hope you're all well.

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    Pietta Guest

    Hey Kellee it would be great if we got a BFP together although I am not hoping for one

    I am feeling dodgy but okay- For once I am hoping for AF!!

    Sorry all quick one from me today-

    First day at work today. Only worked 7 hours- but working in a deli is much easier than i anticipated and more interesting than i thought so overall I am happy. KNACKERED though!! LOL

    Got my uni results and i had an average of around 68% for last semester (not that it matters now!!)

    I wont be full time until September now- Oh well

    I will be thinking of you too on the 27th sweet.

    Thats all for me! Longer with personals next time.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    kellee - lets hope you tested a bit early and you get your bfp in the next few days. and yes mil and sil are both *****es and stupid lmao even dh thinks so (thats good we are together agreeing on that issue lol) and teething does suck.

    pee - good result on your exams and glad you had a good day at work. lets hope you get your result you want have you tested? how are you coping with all the different smells in the deli - can't imagine if you were pg that that would be good in the first tri, i remember my sense of smell being sooooo strong with all prg lovely when prg and changing a teething toddlers nappy NOT lol.

    michelle - were are you, well i hope, busy i guess with the kiddies being back at school.

    we are not doing anything today, jay has another cold wtf he just got over one lol, he told me about 6 kids at kinder had colds, any wonder he's got it arhh i hate it when people send there kids when not well makes me cranky. i am keeping him home from swimming today, i don't think it would do his cold any good.

    lani is well apart from these teeth she is asleep now she actually should be awake now but she woke up at around 6am this morning and she absolutely reeked she had her first yucky teething nappy ever, all the other teeth she has cut she is constipated but this time it is a bit different. and she is pulling up on her knees everywhere lol i found her yesterday pulled up onto a little shelf having a grand time pulling all this tissues out of the tissue box then i found her in our ensuite playing with toilet paper it was everywhere, i think she unravled at least 4 rolls must keep remembering to shut doors lol.

    got the target toy sale catelougue a few good things but a lot of there toys are more expensive than kmart and big w, they have the leap frog caterpillar there on special for $39 whereas that is the normal price at kmart - was going to get her one for her birthday but think i will wait till kmart has 20% off. they have the gobble n go hippo for $39 which is great so i think i will get that for lani for xmas as i was going to get it with the heinz labels but $39 is cheaper than collecting 165 labels. my neighbour will get it for me as she needs to be out early at the airport so she is going straight to target on the way back - hopefully she can get it. and i hope they are good.

    well i best be doing housework duties lol. can't wait till paul comes home with the new car tonight, i asked him last night if i could have the new car all the time and he has my car lol i don't think is work would appreciate that somehow, at least i will get to drive it on weekends and at night and then in 3 yrs time we will buy it for me.

    have a great day everyone

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    Kellee Guest

    Well, af is here. Damn it. Although I suppose it's for the best - now I will be able to have that stupid x-ray on my wisdom teeth. Once I've had the x-ray and af has left the building it will be on for young and old... I don't understand how I'm not pregnant this month, as we bd-ed almost everyday! The mind boggles...

    Sorry Jay is sick, mooshie. I hate it when parents send their kids to school sick. When I picked Charlie up from Playroom at the gym, there was another mother there who was picking up her child, and he had the worst runny nose I've ever seen. I was so cross - how selfish of the mother! Couldn't she forego her gym routine for one day? The poor kid must have been so upset - not too mention my poor potentially-asthmatic Charlie if he gets sick. SO rude.

    Glad you're enjoying your job, Pee. When are you going to test?

    Not much to report today. Was having a "bad" day earlier - feeling isolated, not important, lonely, etc. But I was able to turn it around and view it as another beautiful (albeit windy!) day to spend with my lovely little man. So we read some books and looked at the birds, and when he wakes up we'll go for a walk to get the groceries for dinner. It's about trying to find the positives in every day sometimes, isn't it?

    Anyway, better make use of my free time while Charlie is asleep! Hope you're all well.

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    Pietta Guest

    Hey all-

    Well i tested today and got a BF.....N!! LOL it doesnt mean squat though coz with Ryley I didnt get a BFP until i was like 6 weeks... Oh well. I am feeling less pregnant now- just more sick.

    LOL about the deli- thats a good point- i was fine in there so i hope all is good. Although to be honest i am a little disappointed in a weird way- go figure??

    For those who are going to the target sale i have a friend who is a manager at my local target. He walked up to me while i was shopping today and said- so are you getting here at 8 tomo Pieta and I said- nope me and Ryley are going to sleep under the gondola!! he laughed and then whispered to me- get what you want take it to lay by and then tell them that i said it was okay. So off I scooted and got a ride on hippo and the $64.50 big peek a blocks toy cube. So i saved like $100 and didnt have to fight off the crowds!! HOORAY!! The hippo looks awesome as does the cube.

    Sorry that you got AF the evil witch Kellee- sometimes no matter how hard you try things just happen in their own time. It must be fun all this trying though?? Good on you for turning the day around though. I need to spend more time with Ryley reading and going outside. Atm all we do is wrestle as such and laugh, not much outside time. (Mind you tho weather is so Melbourne in Perth atm!!LOL)

    Cant see why you cant have the new car with the little ones?? LOL- Poor Lani with her teething and Lol at the tissues etc. I can vision Ryley doing that!!

    Hope your doing well Michelle- just not that same without you!!

    Take care all- i bought the Harry Potter book today so I am going to watch BB (I think David will go) and then read until i fall asleep.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    sorry kellee about getting af hugs to you. hopefully next month. i also so kwym re feeling isolated, i have been a stay at home mum since 1998 and i can tell you i go through a "phase" every 6mths or so - it sucks lol. am sort of going through one atm eg today didn't take jay swimming so had a whole day at home decided to take the kids for a walk and the streets were so quiet even jay said it's quiet, i felt so alone and BORED, well tommorrow will be better.

    pee - that is exactly what i want for miss lani however i don't mind to much if i don't get it, i know i will find something else i will want for her lol - i think i want so much for my two that when the time comes for people asking what to buy the kiddies for xmas i will have said nothing they will have it already lol gotta stop myself.

    oh pee am also sorry and glad for you re bfn - sorry cause i know the disappointment but glad that you can continue along the path you wanted originally.

    michelle - where are you - busy chasing miss jessica around i can imagine.

    well paul came home tonight with the new car LOVELY - jay was sitting my the window since 3pm till 5pm waiting for him lol - it has the really lovely new car smell oh i can't wait to drive it - it's black and yummy lol i know its only a car but i am imagining in 3yrs time when it will be mine.

    talking about pg - i am due for af tommorrow no symptons what so ever yet. paul did mention my boobs had grown last week. i am a little curious as we do not use protection we just try and be careful around ovulation. i doubt very much i am prg as it does take some time for me and not just a stray swimmer, i just find it weird that i have no af symptoms, i will probably be greeted with her in full force tommorrow.

    have a good night all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Thanks for missing me girls, it's cos I talk so much isn't it?LOL

    Pee- bad/good news on the BFN, gotta love it when you have a friend on the inside, I would like one of those cube things too, but I was at Target last yr for the first day of the sale and it was total madness! So I thought I might go on Friday and if they don't have any then I won't worry. Sorry your results weren't better. When were you looking at returning to study? Hope you feel better soon. I can understand the disappointment in being BFN too Pee, cos everytime I have mine I think oh well it didn't accidently happen so I'm not having anymoreLOL. I wish I had the Harry potter book, and Yeah David went good predicting, I like Greg better so I am happy with that.

    Kellee- sorry about the BFN, it is strange isn't it how you can bd everyday and not fall in, but how do you know if you even ovulated? I think that when I first came off the pill to ttc for #2, I ddin't ovulate the first 2 months and then I fell in the 3rd month. I say relax and bf you know it BFP!!!! Glad the day turned out better than it started and good luck with the wisdom tooth, I should go to the dentist one of these days. It must be the week for AF cos I got her too, but I guess I cheat cos I am opn the pill and i just keep taking it until I can be bothered having af, I HATE her!

    Michelle- Your MIL and SIL are off their heads, fancy not remembering and/or not feeling bad about not remembering. I think it is such a lovely idea that you share a cake for Jess at your Mum's. I'll be thinking of you all on that day. Hope Jay gets better soon. I actually didn't enrol Josh in swimming this term for the simple reason that he will miss half the lessons cos he will be sick, I learnt that from Jordan when she was little. So I refuse to enrol 3rd term, but the others are ok.

    I was mia as it was ebay day at mum's Tuesday and then it was my aunties bday and we went visting her last night, didn't get a chance to get in here. Today I was a cleaning machine LOL, I had energy for some reason and achieved some stuff, although there is always something else. I must remember to put the next load of clothes in the dryer or Jordan won't have any school pants. I was going to buy her another pair of pants tonight but the shop that I can get some from was closed for renovations, very annoying!

    jessica took 15 steps after standing herself up at the highchair, she looks so cute, this little tiny thing walking. I am going to try and video it tomorrow. I was thinking about going to the Target sale but no! Oh I already told you that up higher.DER! I am thinking I better do the BAS statement and get all the tax stuff ready so we can do our tax return. Arron has already earmarked the tax money as a condrete slab around the side. Great! i could think of way better things. I also need to book my flights to QLD, must remember to go to virgin happy hour tomorrow at 12pm and hopefully get them really cheap. Could have got return for $218 the opther week but didn't really have the money.

    My back is so sore atm and so are my chest muscles, I mopped and vacced and with picking up 14 kg jemma and 8 kg Jessica, I am stuffed. Prob gonna be sore again tonight as I washed walls and vacced the house today. I moved Josh's winnie the pooh stikarounds into the study and put his Collingwood stuff up tonight, the planb is to go throuigh the toy box and cull the toys bf xmas, cos I can't justify the crap he has. Some of it's good but enoough is enough!

    Anyway hope you all have a lovely day. Vanita had her baby today and so that was very exciting! And for those of you who know Shannon and have been following Jessalyn, I posted Shannon's message about Jess's op in her thread. She is ok had a blood transfusion and the op was very big but she's doing ok.

    Now where has lara gone?
    Best wishes Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi michelle

    phew you did have a big burst of energy today didn't you. i love those days but unfortunately they don't come around too often. i went for my 5km walk tonight with my neighbour - we are going 3 times a week now, although i did a 3km one today with the kiddies and yesterday i walked up to kinder cause lani wouldn't sleep (luckily she slept in the pram) and that walk was around 1/2 hr up and down hills so i reckon once the week is up i would have walked at least a good 20km fast paced - hopefully i can shed around 5kg then i would be happy. i really should by some new scales threw the others out cause they were constantly reading 30kg lol - i know i got down to around 65kgs about 1mth after lani born but ideally would like to be around 55-60kgs and no flabby tummy.

    i am going to target toy sale - my neighbour is going first thing as she will be out and about and she is going to try and get the hippo and the cube thing but no biggy if i don't get it. i am going to try and get a new bike for jay and i loved that little push around car thing with a tea set on a trailer - too cute.

    omg at jessica walking holy moly she certainly is racing along isn't she - how cute. have you updated your website - i should check it out.

    oh btw we got tax back today (rather paul did lol) i sent it in via snail mail 1 1/2 wks ago so around 10 day turn around pretty pleased, we only got a little bit back but at least it will cover the flamin vet bill.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Michelle- you sound like a walking machine, you will lose that weight in no time the way youre going. remember to tense and release all the muscles in your tummy and bum as you walk and you tone them up. Worked for me! And coupled with not smoking you'll be feeling like a million bucks!

    Hope you get the stuff you want. Jessica has the hippo and it's cute, although she hasn't used it much, the others have though, no wonder she never gets a go.

    Some tax money is better than none. I am assuming we will get something, although it won't be much prob, cos we have the business and may have to pay again, but I did tell centrelink to hold a payment incase we went over, so if we don't I will get that in a lump sum.

    ANd .......I am a very naguhty girl, the website will be next weeks priority, I have to do the books and then I'll do it, I promise. I still didn't upload the portrait pics and they were gorgeous.

    Not enough time in the daySaw Lara's post in Alana's thread, Alana is being a bugger and not eating and stressing her gorgeous mummy, which is why we haven't heard from them. Be good Alana LOL

    Cheers Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    did anyone get to the target sale for some goodies lol

    my neighbour was going first thing so she said she would layby the hippo and the incrediblocks cube thingy for me, then at 10am a g/friend called and said she and my other friends are putting in for lani's birthday and buying them how cool is that, my neighbour still got them on layby but her cousin will buy them.

    i went down whilst jay was at kinder at got his bike and a basketball ring so thats it all finished BUT i have worked out i have speng $460 on jay and $150 on lani my gosh my kids can get awfully spoilt but hey what the heck when they get older the pressies are more expensive and jay really isn't into toys and stuff just things like sporting equipment and anything remote controlled.

    whilst at the shops i bought a HPT as af is due today and she still hasn't arrived plus dh mentioning my boobs were bigger arhh it has been 28 days on the dot since af came back at around lani being 6mths bar one 35 day cycle. anyway the hpt came back neg so am cool with that although to tell the truth i did feel a wave of disappointment but i am not really ready just yet, hope af comes tonight, don't want my cycles going haywire just before we start to ttc.

    thanks for the tip on the walking michelle i will remember to do that with my tum and bum.

    have a good night all - i have a cranky baby but who could blame her really with teething and only being home for a little bit this morning for her nap - hope she goes okay tonight.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    HI Michelle

    yay on the pressies for Lani's bday, that worked out really well. My Mum brought Jessica the learning chair thing for her bday and then remembered she was buying a bracelet, so Jess is getting the chair for xmas. Mum went to the sale and refused to stand in layby, so now she's the layby for my brother and I. She brought the $229 Barbie ride in car for my niece from my brother and she got the robosapien for $20 cheaper for me and the incredicube and a powertouch baby for Jessica, plus games for it and some games for the interact tv i got for Jemma, so I now have a $300 layby with her LOL.

    It is so easy to spend heaps of money. I do try to even mine out so ea has about the same spent, although if they have app the same no. of things then it works out. Jordan will cost more than the others this yr as being older things are more expensive. I wanted to get out of it for $500 ea. See how I go!

    Jessicas tooth is about to pop, the gum has a dint where it is almost pushing through, hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow.

    ALl you girls testing, makes me jealous! It's funny how you don't plan it but when you get the BFN you are disappointed, I am disappointed everytime AF comes LOL, I think I just hate herLOL Preg means none of that so it is good! Then again you have all the rest of the yucky stuff, but so worth every second.

    Better go I'm trying to book flights to Qld.

    See ya

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    michelle - i just love christmas for the kids and i really don't mind spending the money on them - i did without alot as a kid and it is nice to be able to do a little bit for your own if you can afford it.

    well am back from another 5km walk it was even drizzling but that won't stop us lol, my neighbour was telling me to imagine in summer we can walk in tiny bike shorts and singlet tops i just had to laugh

    lani has cut number 5 tooth hooray and number 6 is now bothering her ](*,) she seems to cut one tooth and as soon as it cuts through the gum the other one starts up so generally i have around 2wks of crankiness.

    she has been shocking today woke at 5am i couldn't settle her so i thought i will bring her into bed then once she is asleep i will take her back to her cot, well as soon as i laid down she screamed so i thought stuff it i will give her a bottle she drank it all (then i remembered her last bottle was 6pm not 7pm and she didn't drink it all) put her back to bed and she woke at 8.30am but she has only had 2 x 45min naps today ](*,) she just wouldn't get back to sleep, and tonight i put her down she was fine and she started crying after 5mins so i waited 5mins before going in, i went in and made it bloody worse she was really cranky i just thought i have to let her go so i told paul i am going for my walk, apparently she didn't cry for too long. i hate letting her cry like that sometimes, but really someday's it is the only thing you really can do. am i the only one that feels like that :-s . now i have an attack of the guilts and hope she isn't coming down with the rotten virus jay has - his temp was 39.9 last night and took over 1hr to come down to 38.8 after panadol - he has nearly lost his voice and his nose is runny (thankfully clear) but he still wants to play auskick tommorrow ](*,) the hawthorn players are visiting, he seems to be fine in the mornings but by afternoons he is stuffed - grrrrrr i hate this time of year.

    hope you all have a good night

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    Kellee Guest

    Hi all! Sorry I haven't caught up with you recently - I have a gig tonight and we've had rehearsals all week, so I am waaaay behind on all of my forums. :evil: Not happy. And I don't have much time to write atm because Charlie is due to wake up any second.

    Thanks for making me feel better about af. I am still charting, and we will still bd (yes, Pee, it is fun!), but I will try not to stress about it all. I think that the 'powers that be' will decide when I'm ready to have another one (I say that I'm ready now though!). I have to trust in fate a litle bit and let go of my 'control freak' tendancies! Will let you know how it all goes.

    Sorry Jay has been sick, mooshie. The poor little thing. Hope Lani doesn't get it. Good on you for all the walking! I wish we lived closer so we could be walking buddies. You must be feeling wonderful!

    You sound like you've been busy too, Mitch! And yay for Jessica walking! That must be so gorgeous to watch. Maybe you'll have a little athlete on your hands!

    Anyway, sorry it's short, and I'm sorry if I missed anything/anyone. Will hopefully have a better chance to write tomorrow night. Hope you're all well.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi guys

    wow kellee you sound super busy. and your attitude is good re getting pg. good luck

    just a quickie from me today, jay seems to be better he is back to his cheeky self but dh has now got it so it is the end of the world. he was meant to go to the footy today but he cancelled and he is in bed asleep.

    it is a rotten virus thingy basically the flu, aches and pains and high temps - so i [-o< lani doesn't get it, although she is quite clingy today so i hope she isn't coming down with it arhhhhhhh. i hate winter and all the ills definately a flu shot for us next year i reckon.

    i read in the paper today that the royal childrens is chock a block full of kids with winter illnesses and viruses, they have even had to cancel some elective surgery's and apparently there is no sign of it getting better - roll on summer i say i have had enough lol.

    have a good day all

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls

    Kellee- gig's sound really exciting, where does Charlie go when you are at a gig? Relax with ttc and it will happen...LOL Good attitude, just have to tell your brain that, and that's not easy I know from experience.

    Michelle- Bugger Paul got sick, end of the world is near. Hope Jay is feeling much better, did that mean jay missed out on AUskick? Josh's is on Sunday. Arron will take him at 8.30am and then his party is at 1.30-3.30pm. We only invited 5 kids and 1 got the chicken pox and the other had a family function, so it means only 3 are turning up, plus Jordan and jemma are here, so it won't cost much that's for sure. I have brought 20 saus rolls, 20 party pies, a pack of chips a pack of cheezals. We are making fairy bread, and cupcakes and lastly there will be icecream cake. Food n stuff last night cost $40, and that all won't be eaten now with another kid down. You are doing so well with your walking, well done, and I am assuming all is well on the quitting campaign as well? I feel for Lani cos Jess has been cutting her 3rd tooth for 6 wks and it's not fun for them.

    But the best thing is, today it is through!! Yeah, the one next to it looks like about to pop through too, so it's all good. I am amazed it took this long, her 3rd tooth at 10 and ahlf mths.

    Anyway Arron is at footy, we have a 21st tonight in Wandong (10 mins away) and I think Ill drive, not really interested in drinking big, don't really know the people so....But we were paying my cousin to baby sit and then Arron's mum said she was doing it. I called my cousin and she was unwell and happy to hand it over to MIL, but can't babysit next week so next week we are stuffed! That's the hardest thing about having 4 kids! I will have to look into if we can take the kids over, it is the $10,000 draw and I know the presidents kids were at the midseason ball so maybe the kids can come. There is no smoking in the club so..... Arron won't want them there cos he wouldn't be able to smoke cos they will see (he doesn't smoke in front of the kidsLOL)

    Oh well I weekend at a time!

    have a good day tomorrow.
    Cheers Michelle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there

    michelle - hope you have a great time at the party tonight. ikwym re babysitters, i used to find it hard until my mum and dad moved back from qld. when jess was 4mths old (she was sleeping pretty much through the night) i was breastfeeding but expressed as well, i asked mil if she could babysit her, we were going to a party - get this (a woman who has had 5 kids) turned around and said she's a bit young WTF i thought i will never ask her again and to this day i haven't asked her.

    jay did go to auskick as he is fighting fit today - paul just didn't help out today he just watched whilst shivering - the hawthorn players according to the timetable were to be there today but apparently not until next week - lets hope shane crawford is injured and he comes over - dunno why i love him i just do lol and i barrack for the blues oh wooo is me lol.

    paul has surfaced for dinner and has gone back to bed so it feels weird the house is all quiet - should have got myself a good girly dvd - there is always scrapbooking but i can't be bothered getting it out.

    it will be interesting to see if paul will let me stay in bed all day as i will probably inevitebly get it, but we are the ones that have to solider on lol - i have dosed myself up on vitamin c today, had a garlic souvlaki for dinner and am drinking lemsip - i feel a bit achey but that could be due to af - however my taste is a bit funny - ah well i'll be fine.

    poor jessica and lani with there toothy pegs - hooray jessica's popped through today, lani's popped through yesterday i think and number 6 is cutting through so that should be through by next weekend she will then have 4 up top and 2 bottom ah well only 14 more to go lol.

    have a good night all - i am going to spray our bedroom with glen 20 before going to bed lol.

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    Kellee Guest

    Hello there everyone! Phew... am I ever glad that my week is at an end. I had that gig yesterday, which was great fun. The ABC was going to record it (it was part of the Queensland Music Festival) but they had double booked themselves, so it didn't end up happening. Was great though - the audience was fabulous, and I got to wear a sparkly blue sequinned number which is actually my formal dress. Then DH and I went for dinner, which was very nice. My brother and his fiance looked after Charlie for the time that we were out. His fiance couldn't stand to hear Charlie cry (he seldom does when he goes to sleep at night) so she got him out of bed and cuddled him in the rocking chair until he went to sleep. I wasn't very happy when I heard about that - something tells me that they didn't do what I suggested, which was to be very calm and relaxed when they put him into bed. I would say that they played with him until the last minute, which would have hyped him up, so no wonder he wouldn't go to sleep. I wish she had just called DH to talk about it first - he would have told her what to do. I doubt he was crying as much as they say he was - they're just not used to kids and wouldn't have expected him to cry. Oh well, at least we know what to tell them next time.

    Had a nice relaxing day today. We just hung out at home, I did a bit of housework and DH got to spend some time with Charlie. Now I'm waiting for my yummy roast dinner to cook, and then we're having brownies (homemade) for dessert! Don't I just sound like a domestic goddess today? LOL I assure you that this is not common practice!

    Sorry you have babysitting issues, Mitch. I can't imagine how complicated that would be with four little darlings to take care of. I hope you were able to have a good night, and I hope that you find someone to look after them next weekend.

    Stupid MILs, mooshie. Yours really sounds like something else! I wonder how she handled 5 kids if she couldn't look after a darling little 4 month old for a few hours. Mine's not too bad, but I think sometimes we just have to take BIG deep breaths and sigh and wait until we can vent with some of the BB gals! DHs never understand... :evil: I really hope that you and the rest of the family are feeling better today, and I'm thinking of you today and saying a prayer for little Jessica. I don't really know what else to say as I can't imagine how you feel, but I hope that you got through the day as best you could. Huge, big, ginormous hugs to you.

    Anyway, will write later. Dinner calls. Hope you're all well...

    (BTW, where is everyone else? I seem to remember that around this time in the 6-9 month forum it was the Michelle and Michelle show too! LOL)

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