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thread: 9 Months - 12 Months, July '05

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    So Lara what did you buy? It seems to be ok at these sales if yuou want to buy stuff it's when you want to layby you have a problem.

    As I said I think you were looking great when I saw you, and the poor self image thing is almost a given isn't it. I always thought I was fat, had fat bits LOL and after I had kids I realised that I wasn't at all, and I missed out on being skinny and happy about it LOL DAMN!

    Oh well what do you do. I will be so glad when school is back in cos I can feel normal again, the trick is for Arron to ring and let me know he's on his way home and then clean up just bf he arrives cos if I clean up too early it is all messy again and I have wasted my time.

    I have this pain in my lower back on the right side, I am thinking kidneys? Is that the right place for them, I am bad on body organs. Sorry about the TMI here, but I haven't had pain weeing but sometimes a lack of sensation and feeling like it takes forever to empty. I know I have to go to the drs but finding the time? It's almost imp[ossible atm.

    Anyway I was planning on going to the expo (Parents/bubs/kids) but can't be bothered getting up early, I am going to The state Netball and Hockey centre tomorrow arvo for the presentation after Jordan's netball camp and I have to be there at 3pm so I think I will just relax in the morning.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Cheers Michellle

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    mooshie Guest

    hi girls

    well just a quick post before bed - sorry no personals i am bushed lol

    i went back to kmart tonight without the kiddies and grabbed a gloria jeans and a trolley and strolled around it was lovely and quiet and i got everything for xmas spent around $600 but to justify that it is for jay and lani xmas, lani's birthday and 10 neices/nephews xmas pressies - i had everything pretty much picked out what i wanted and got it all bar 1 so am pretty happy. all i need to do for xmas is get a bike for jay and that will be all - i didn't seem to get much but it is all good quality type stuff not cheap plastic junk that you end up throwing out after a few months.

    oh michelle - you might be able to help me, i want to get jay a car racing track thing for xmas from us but am a bit stuck, he had a cheap tonka one last year which he loved but as soon as he pulled it apart and tried to put it back he wrecked the silver bits so that was a waste. i was looking at the hot wheels type ones with big loops and stuff and thought they might be okay but wondered about storing them hmmmm - do you have any suggestions?

    well i am off to fountain gate tommorrow with some g/friends and their kiddies to see a spiderman show jay will love it, may pop into kmart their and see if they have this puppy thing i am after for lani's birthday it was a real cute fisher price learning puppy for $20 - half price apparently they pretty much sold out quite quick - i want 3, one for lani and 2 for pressies - hopefully more will come in.

    am off to bed - good to see amazing race wasn't on tonight so i didn't have to rush home lol

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    Kellee Guest

    Hey hey! Sorry, been v. busy, but more on that in a mo. Will be very quick.

    Congrats to Pee and Lara on your weight loss! It's a big deal, I know, and a lot of hard work. You guys deserve all the praise you get!

    I wouldn't worry about Jess' weight, Mitch - Charlie was in the same boat, but I know everything's fine because he eats like a horse. It must be all the moving they're doing - like when we lose weight by doing lots of exercise. Makes sense, huh? Wish it was that easy for us! Hope your pain clears up. Maybe you pulled a muscle? I hope it's not more serious than that - let us know.

    You lucky ladies being able to take advantage of the sales. I'm jealous! I wish I could go, but $$$ is tight at the moment. Hopefully there are still some sale items in a few weeks because I will have to start thinking abou Charlie's birthday! It's coming up so fast...

    Like I said, I have been very busy lately... physio appts, gym appts, people over for dinner, DH rehearsals, organising my own rehearsals, and in between all that, trying to find some time to make our next baby! This is probably the most stressful thing I have ever done. I am a perfectionist and I know that every time AF appears it will break my heart and I will feel like I've failed. For example, I have started using a new themometre to take my temp and I couldn't get it to work yesterday morning. This morning my temp skyrocketed, so I'm wondering if yesterday was my O day and I missed it. We have dtd almost every night (sometimes twice) for the last few weeks, and of course last night was THE ONLY night that we didn't. So I feel like a complete idiot. This is so tricky - I wish it was like last time - totally unplanned. So now I'm stressing about it and I have told DH to get into bed as soon as I finish feeding Charlie for the night. Sorry, TMI! Anyway, wish me luck!

    Doesn't help that Charlie is being way too cute and standing for a very long time at the moment. I think he's going to take off soon! Mum bought him a Fisher Price walking thingy (with handles that you push around) and he loves it. I think this will probably encourage him to walk too, and it's great to watch him playing with it.

    Anyway, must dash - Charlie's bedtime. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Sorry if I missed anyone - I'm writing very quickly!

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    Kilmore Vic

    The shopping sounds lovely Michelle- wish Iw as closer to kmart and could do the same. Instead Mum and I were there with the klids this arvo. I did a xmas layby, a baby born for Jemma and a care bear bike+ Robosapien for Josh and some leap pad cartridges. And a bday one, dolls and a pram for Jess and a game, 2 bratz and a fur real pet for Jordan (Ithink she's too old for the fur real thing but she was whinging.) Also got Josh's bday present, laser shooting game and simpsons pinball machine. So josh's bday is done, Jordan's bday is done and just got to get some clothes for both Jess and Jordan,. so I feel good about that.

    As for the storage, atm Josh's is still in it's box, they are very big assembled and Josh really needs a container for it all. I wasn't going to buy one cos it can't be left set up and so will hardly get used, but Arron knew best.

    Kellee- try to relax with ttc, I say from experience that it's very easy to drive yourself nuts. i remember ttc josh and it was all I thought about and wouldn' t you know I was a wreck after the first month and no pg. I gave myself a stern talking to and stopped being so over the top and the third month wahlah! And it is ok to bd just bf ovulation and/or just after so don't stress! Sounds like there is just heaps going on atm too, which sometimes means that you won't fall in while things are stressed.

    I am going to tell you girls this, but you have to promise not to tell anyone OK..........I have been very seriously thinking about no.5 baby. I think it is just bc Jessica has grown so quick and I love babies so much. Arron says definitely noway and I think I know deep down it's not a good thing cos things work out so well, but I guess it is hard to let go, I love being pg, I love the whole experience and esp the labour, the whole miracle! I am having to work very hard to stop thinking about it tooo. I have even been getting Jess to say "One more Daddy!", in my voice of course. In a way i am hoping Arron keeps saying no cos if he says yes it's all over and prob not the best thing for us. *sigh* there got that out, now I can get on with stuff.
    I thnk it's prob a good idea for Arron to get fixed.

    Anyway gotta fly

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Kellee I do hate saying this to women who are TTC, as I do know how stressful it is, but do try and relax. Like Michelle said with so much going on and also stressing about getting preg, it may not help. And if you don't get a BFP this month, you have not failed (said in my very stern voice). Maybe also give the temp thing a rest. It can drive you nuts. If you know when you O than just make sure your BD before and after. I will keep my fingers crossed though that you get a BFP this month.

    Michelle number 5! :shock: But I can understand. I think that because you love babies so much and you are a great mum, you will always feel like that, whether you have number 5,6 or 7. Maybe once your lot have gotten older you can find yourself a job working with babies.

    Well talking about all this baby stuff. Frank and I have also been talking abit lately about another baby. Its very hard because we have to weigh up the CF thing. We are almost certain that it probably wouldn't be the best for us or Alana. I stress enough about Alana and only trust my Mum to look after her. What would I do if I had two with CF. I know you would just cope with it, but is that the best? I even said to Frank, that even if we had one without CF, I still don't know if that is the right thing. I want all my focus on Alana and making sure she can have a great life. But I also want Frank and me to have a great life too. I must admit I just wanted to cry, but in the same time I felt relieved. We are seeing a genetic councellor in a month to discuss it a little further. So it may end up just being the three of us.

    Oh but I said to Frank that if we decide to not have another baby, then we are getting MARRIED!.......soon.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there girls

    um firstly

    kellee - i totally agree with michelle and lara don't stress too much it will happen. it took me a long time to get pg with lani (over 12mths) and i must admits my emotions were going all over the place when i tested each month yup each month (even days before af was due lol) i would get the bfn and then be relieved then 5mins later really sad. when i fell pg with lani i ovulated on a thursday and we did not bd (cause we were arguing lol) it was until the following tues and wed that we did bd and i remember thinking well there goes another wasted month lol and even if i was pg it would probably be a boy (nothing totally against boys i adore them i just needed to have a little girl in my life again) and bang just around midnight new years being 5 days overdue i secretly tested and it was a bfp and along came lani so it can happen at the strangest of times. i set up a fertility friend thing for temping but i have stopped as i am not going to stress atm hopefully will start ttc in a couple of mths and if i look as tho it may take a while i might start up the temping again.

    michelle - go for it more the merry (i know easier said than done lol) i really believe you know deep down in your heart when you have finished with the children you still have years left (you are only 30 right) and you have the big car and your house can accomodation one more - even if aaron says no well there is always a surprise i am not condoning getting pg without partners knowledge at all but really after talking to a few midwives after i had lani (and me saying how paul would kill me if i told him i wanted another) i was amazed by their responses practically saying if you want it so badly then hey why not (partner doesn't need to know - a few even admitted they did it :-s ). i guess it doesn't help being on bb with all the pg and births happening, i read most of the threads and i get all emotional sometimes when i read what is happening with everyone. good on you for getting some shopping out of the way it feels so good - i know myself i can relax about xmas now just gotta figure out what to buy paul and my parents then i will be done.

    lara - hugs to you and your decisions you have to make. talking to a counsellour is a wonderful idea. i don't have the same experience as you do with alana however having had jessica a perfectly happy little girl then suddenly to be told when she was 3 that she had a brain tumour that was inoperable and she was going to die in the next 6-8wks really turned our worlds upside down and around and to tell you the honest truth if we didn't have jay (he was 18mths old at the time) we would probably have never had any more children. i worry all the time about my kids and i try not to rush them off to the doc often i try and trust mothers instinct and i do remember once talking to my gp and she said to me the worry would never leave - you just don't know what's around the corner like when they are 18 and are driving, when they are teenages and mixing with the wrong crowd etc - you just cannot control fate. whether or not you have another child is totally you and franks choice but try not to feel if you did that you would not be there for alana - amazingly we have the power to spread ourselves evenly amongst our children and you do give them the same amount of time and love. i remember saying to my dh when we were discussing ttc #2 (jay) that i would never have enough love for another child but you do. talk to the counsellor and be honest with all your emotions - i can imagine it would be hard if you had another child with cf - can you get the testing done - i don't know if you would approve of it but personally if it was me i would go down the track of gene selection - i am so sorry if this is out of line but that is me personally. when i went to dr lam for my first visit when pg with lani and he asked me about my thoughts on my risks of downs etc i said if a test came back positive that i would unfortunately have to abort, i have experienced 4mths of hell looking after a terminally ill child and for one i could never go through something even remotely like that again.

    once again i am so sorry if my opinions seem to strong and if the mods want to delete this please do - but that is how i feel and i am being totally honest and i do not want to offend any of you.

    well on more day to day issues - it is a yucky day here today - raining good but not good ykwim paul is at work and kiddies are driving me crazy lol no they are good but lani decided not to sleep but she is happy playing on the floor - she pulled up on her kick and whirl carnival today and looked a bit happy with herself - atm she is watching the rain fall outside. am going out for dinner tonight with our friends thai food can't wait. mum and dad are coming over to babysit so it should be a nice night - who knows may even have a glass of wine.

    i will stop now this epic post - once again i truely hope i have not offended anyone.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Alana- it is a very hard decision for you and Frank to make and one that I guess none of us can know what we would do unless we were there. What again are the chances of another CF baby? I think the counselling is a fab idea as you really do need to work through it. If you did have another babe with CF you are right, you could do it, but i guess the prob is the emotional toll. I too worry about my kids all the time it's a parent thing I guess, but even more difficult with ch'n with illness. I think the getting amrried thing is a wonderful idea regardless of the decision you make LOL.

    Michelle- I am not offended by your opinion, I think it is fair that we each can have our say. As for the just getting pg thing........I just don't think I can. Maybe if I was on my 3rd and Arron said no, but he has very valid reasons for not wanting the 5th and I understand and agree with the reasoning too so I guess the prob is that I am always going to be clucky no matter how many I have LOL. What if 5 then isn't enough? I do want to be able to do things when my kids are older, like travel and stuff, cos we were parents at 19 yold. And that does affect the way you live as a young adult. I guess we both feel that when the kids are old enough we can just do our thing. The more kids we have the less time for us at the other end. Then I think....I really want an office and I wouldn't have it cos the 5th child would have that room and lots of other things. I know in my heart that I have enough children, it is just hard to come to terms with that part of my life being over, prob esp hard cos so many people are herre having bubs and ttc. Prob makes me want it even more LOL

    I guess when Jessica is toilet trained and not a little baby anymore then I may change my mind. Oh why is it so hard to just make a decision and be happy with it.

    Did you see Dasch's ticker?

    Anyway going to midseason footy ball tonight and have to go get organised.

    Have a great weekend everyone and have a lovely dinner Michelle

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    Pietta Guest

    Wow you chickies talk!!

    This is just a quickie to say Ryley was in emergency AGAIN on Friday. High temp, vomitting, coughing etc etc. i take him in there and it is like- oh well it is a virus cant do anything for him- there is no wheezing.. (Um okay i thought he had asthma??) so i said- well can you write me out a referral to an anstham and allegy pediatric specialist coz this is Bull$hit. (sorry but i am so ****ed off at the docs atm)

    I made an appt on Thur arvo anyway for this specialist that asthma wa referred me to. I didnt even have a referral but i am sick of my poor little boy being sick.

    Today he is pretty good- smiling and laughing again- that makes me happy.

    Poor dh has to start work in a suburb about 30 mins away AGAIN at 4.45 in the morning!! We are used to being uni students!! LOL

    I finished my induction at Coles so should start soon and i spoke to Target and he said he might have a job for me in a few weeks so fingers crossed!!

    Lara- I havent had a sick bubba but i can understand how hard it must be for you. Trust your heart and your instincts insead of your head. hugs to you

    Mich- Number 5!! Holy moly I am contemplating number two coz i hated birth!! LOL.

    Kellee- make sure you get some pics of Charlie when he does start walking!!!

    $600 is great for all your pressies!! I got Ryley one of those dogs and it is BRILLIANT!! I cant stop playing with it myself- hehehe. I only got one coz it was in the middle of a shelf that someone had decided not to get.

    Anyway off to make dinner- Ryley and DH are asleep on our bed. Ryley is laying facing DH in his nook and DH's arm is around him and DH is facing Ryley and they are breathing at the same time- it is so cute!! if i wasnt worried about waking themI would take a picture!!

    Have a good weekend all!!

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    Aug 2003
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    Mooshie I am not offended at all by what you said. I had thought of it and even though I know I would consider termination for a severe mental or physical disorder, I just know that I could not do it for CF. Even though I know the health concerns are huge for Cf'ers, they still have a normal, productive and fulfilled life. Alana can still go to school, go and get a job, live by herself, get married and even have children of her own. I'm just not sure that its the same.

    But like you said Michelle it is the emotional side of it that is the hardest.

    I guess if we a questioning whether to have another or not, its probably best to wait. You never know in a couple of years we might change our minds and it might be a better time for us.

    Thanks guys.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi everyone

    lara - i forget woohoo on tying the knot - when will it be, and wouldn't it be lovely for little alana to be your flower girl how cute will that be. i should clear up a few things from yesterdays post (after rereading it i think i might of been in another place somewhere in my head iykwim) like you said lara i would never abort a bubs with cf - and i truly do know they leave a fulfilled life, i think i have mentioned to you before i worked with a girl whose best friends dh is a cf sufferer and i remember when he had a double heart/lung transplant and i also remember when the had twin baby girls it was so wonderful to hear and even now when i hear of people suffering cf i always think of him.

    michelle - i know what you mean, i think i am the same i have a fear i will never know when to stop having babies - i think i am addicted lol. i know in my heart that if i do have another one then i would probably want more lol - i suppose i am on the closer side of 40 than 30 will be the natural way of stoppping lol.

    pee - how scary with ryley at emergency and good on you for standing your grounds to get him to a specialist. i remember the stupid idiot gp that told me my son had asthma and i asked what he was allergic to he said nothing he just has it cause it is in your family (my mum is an asthmatic) i asked him for a referral to see a allergy/asthma specialist and he didn't give me one so i went to another gp and got one. stupid doctors grrrrrr.

    and yes i did see dachlostars announcement how exciting for her - wow her and snowy from the thread behind us what are we doing girls lol - although i think kellee you are soooooo close how are you going matey on that front.

    had a nice dinner wow the bill was $800 for 16 people - alot i reckon for thai food but it was a lovely night out - got home at midnight and the kids behaved themselves for mum and dad so that was good.

    have a good day all - i am being a domestic goddess today lol

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    Pietta Guest

    Well I am off to my Docker's game (I am a member) hopefully we actually do okay today.. 8-[

    I know what Hawks supporters felt like last year!!

    Hope your all well!!

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Michelle I hope I didn't worry you about what I posted. I knew what you meant.

    Oh and when we tie the knot. Who knows!LOL! But I tell you as time goes on and on and on and on......I think I will just say we are getting married on this date, so make sure your there.LOL!

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    Kellee Guest

    I just wanted to pop in and say that I AM reading all of your posts and love reading what you have to say. I am not offended at all about anything you've said about ttc - it's actually really great to talk about it with you guys - men just don't understand! But I haven't got time to respond to you all personally because this is a flying visit. Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to sit down for longer. Being able to read about your lives and have a connection with other mothers is really special and I thank you guys for that. I miss being able to write to you tonight!

    But I will soon. Hope you're all well (and that the sick bubs are feeling better).

    - Kellee.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi there everyone

    i have been watching i am sam - but it is too sad i keep crying.

    don't think jay will be going to kinder tommorrow he has had the runs all day - dunno why, he says he doesn't feel sick it's just his poo is yucky. i guess i will wait until things go back to normal for him there for a few days before sending him off. i absoutely hate it when parents send their sick kids to creche/school/kinder etc whats a few days at home with mum anyway they need there mum when not well. you wouldn't know he wasn't well he is running around and mucking around as per usual. let's hope it's not catchy and has something to do with eating 3 rollups yesterday ](*,)

    i have had a weird emotional day today, i was sitting down this arvo and i just started balling, just thinking of jessie, to be more specific of the time when she died, gees it just really creeps up when i least expect it, her birthday is coming up on the 24th july - she would have been 7, i can't believe her last birthday we celebrated she was 3 and it was all about winnie the pooh, she loved him and it was hard to find winnie in the shops back then now he's everywhere even on the bloody huggies nappies - anybody know of another good nappy i could use at night - cause i really can't handle seeing little old winnie the pooh and his mates in my face on lani's nappy. hmmm i wish this winnie the pooh phase would go away it's really hard for me.

    okay enough of my doom and gloom i think i might get a chocky bikkie and hit the sack am pretty tired tonight.

    oh pee hope you had a good day at the footy

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    Pietta Guest

    hooray we finally won a game!

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    Mar 2004

    Mooshie, I noticed in the chemist today that they still have some bulk sized box of huggies in the crawler size in the old style. Would you like me to buy a box for you so you can have 90 pooh free huggies? Now that I've mentioned it I'll probably find them sold out tomorrow but if not I'll ask the lady who works there to hold one for me.
    Have you seen those things that are like pads that go in babies nappies. I think they're called bebes - I saw them for the first time a couple of days ago. They're meant to boost the absobency so I was thinking of buying some and putting them in snuggies. Its only $5 a packet so it would probably save me quite a bit of money if I used them.

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    mooshie Guest

    morning all

    well i feel better emotionally today - don't know what was going on over the weekend.

    dachlostar you are such a sweety thx darls, i actually think that is a really good idea re those pad things to put in the cheaper nappies i think i may actually go down that track and see how it goes - will make things cheaper to.

    also dachlostar - i think i remember reading your concerns re having two close together and how little yasin will cope - you will be fine. i remember saying to my dh when pg with #2 saying i don't think i can have enough love for another but you just do - it is hard with a toddler and a newborn i found i tried not to goo and gaa to much with the baby when jessie was around - she was fine a great little helper. she had a little doll that was her baby and she would breastfeed it when i was feeding ds (although she put her dolly on her belly button how cute) yasin and your new baby will grow up nice and close i think it's lovely.

    well i am off to do more chores. just cleaned the loos. i kept jay home from kinder today he says he is fine but poo is still a little runny (sorry tmi) it is so hard explaining that you can't have to much milk or whatever, he is very hungry which is good and has had toast and cereal this morning - he is sad about not going to kinder so hopefully he will do a proper poo today lol and should be right for tommorrow.

    okay the floors await me lol.

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    Kellee Guest

    Congratulations dach! That is so exciting! I'm really happy for you that you've conceived so soon - hopefully I'll be joining you in the not too distant furture. Can't wait to hear about all of your pregnancy happenings.

    Sorry you've been feeling bad, mooshie. This must be a hard time for you - sending lots of big hugs your way. Hope you get your chores done - I can't imagine how much fun that must be for you (not)! DH and I dropped Charlie off at Mum's yesterday and spent the day cleaning. Was very unfun indeed, but at least I have a clean house. Let's see how long it stays that way...

    Not much to report. I went shopping and spent an obscene amount of money on stuff for a birthday cake and party hats and balloons and a lovely dinner for a friend of mine. I'm throwing her a little birthday dinner tomorrow night and I'm making the 'drum beat' cake from the most recent edition of the Women's Weekly Kid's Cake Book (she's a drummer). I've never decorated a cake before, so I hope it turns out! I'll put a pic of it on my website when it's done so that you can see how badly I did!

    Anyway, better go. I'm going to set up a play tent for Charlie (out of sheets and chairs) - I only just remembered the other day how much I loved that as a kid.

    Hope you're all well.

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